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November 21, 2012


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Looking for 2d artist/writer/level designer for SRPG game project

Hi Guys,

One game is out at the app store and now the next project must be on. I'm looking for some talents who love SRPG genre (i.e. Fire Emblem and others) and want to make such games.

The project is the planned sequel to Partia the Broken Lineage.

The game at Apple appstore: [link]

Our website: [link]


This is an unpaid work, unless you are so awesome at making games you must get paid for your contributions. Otherwise, it'll be for a good experience and credit working with a proven developer (me with +10 years professional programming background) and for a project that's already done once.

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I'm a writer and might be interested in working on this. I'd like to know a little more about that would involve, though. The main things would be:

1) Do you need your writer to already be familiar with Partia? I'm guessing any knowledge of it would be a bonus, but if it's vital then this would probably rule me out.

2) What do you need written? Do you already have a plot and just want writers to produce dialogue/subplots, or is there an opportunity to actually shape the main plot of the game? Or both?

3) How much work would be involved? :p I don't want to sound unenthusiastic, but there are only so many hours I'm willing to put in for "experience and credit" alone.
Sorry about the late rely. Only just discovered I had a note.

The original game is doing relatively well in US, ranking under 30 in RPG section and making the 'New' list. I'm not sure how familiar you are to the SPRG genre, but you like it, I suggest you to try out the game.

Now, to answer your questions:
1) It is a pretty generic fantasy world, but yes, you'd need to know at least what happened in the first game.
2) Major plot is already written. As you said, it is for creating dialogs and subplots. You can introduce your own characters to the plot though.
3) It is really up to you. However small it is, if what you've written goes into the game, I will credit you, and you'll see your name in the product.

Hope that answers your question. If you have any more, please let me know!
As much as I'd like to give Partia a go, I'm afraid I don't have an Apple device of any kind. :shrug: But if it's just a matter of writing dialogue and subplots, I'm pretty sure I could get by with a quick summary of what's happened so far and what's needed now. I'm familiar with SRPGs in general.

I'd also be willing to do some proofreading. The text in the Broken Lineage trailer looks alright, but the writing on the website could do with an editor. I know that doesn't necessarily reflect the games, but even just typos in bits of dialogue can make it all look a little unprofessional.

Anyway, if you're happy for me to provide some writing, or if you just need someone to edit what you've got, let me know. :-) I'd be happy to get involved.
Nice! I will send the game script so you can give a read and see what you can come up with.

You can email me to:

Thank you!
Just wonder are you going to pay the artist if the game sells well?
(I saw your post on job forum)

And what kind of artist you searching for?
(Because the one on your game trailer are full of pixels)
Hi, for the original game team members had options from payment, percentage, or a mix of the two. The percentage was determined by the estimated contribution to the game. For example if you made 10 maps you'd get 5% or get paid a dollar per tile or something like that. Anyways, 5% of nothing is nothing, so most artists took payments, and I encouraged such way as well, except now that I'm pretty broke so can't afford to pay.

Now the artist I'm searching for would be pixel artist for making maps and some more units, and illustrator for things like characters and backgrounds.

Thank you!
I'm interested with the illustrator part though.
But if there is tight deadlines, I guess I'll past for now X_X

Also, pixels is used to compressed the game?
Is it possible to make sprite like [link] instead ?
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