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November 20, 2012


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The Cross Alpha Omega Infinity Time Key of Life Protection Control comic project .

Hi alll
My name is Huynh Phu Dat ,I'm come from Vietnam , I have a superhero comic project , my superhero design base on :
The Cross , Alpha , Omega , Infinity , Time , Key of Life , Gene , Scale of Balance , Victory , Laurel , Sun ( Actually , not our Sun ) , Thunder, Universe Creation , Protection , Death of Satan Serpent , Hub of the Universe .
Champion , Power and Glory , Hall of Fame , Lifetime Achievement , Roman Numeral : Number I , Star , Superstar .
Control , Ice , Water , Fire , Earth-Soil-Land-Ground , Poison , Metal , Death or Living Creature , Thunder , Air , Plant , Unnamed Factors ( Underworld Factors ) .
Bars of Court , Judgment , Satan Execution , Severe - Stern , Justice First ,
Control , Universe , 600 Billions Galaxies , Stars , Nebula ,
Big Bang .
Dragon , Phoenix .

I introduce you to my Angel , Nathaniel Angel :

My Angel has a couple of swords :

On the chest , that is the symbol that we know when we go to school , Infinity symbol .

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Devious Comments

Why no one reply me ?
This is the most potential superhero character in this world , the most potential thing in this horrible age .
A successful superhero comic always follow a same formula : a beautiful clothes character , a good looking character ( a clothes that our customers kid , adult will like , Superman , Batman , are examples , Dragon ball , Gundam series , main character of them are good looking character too , … ) + good storyline + artist + comic publisher .
And I think I don’t need to talk about the beauty of this character .

I have storyline for him , in some first comic chapters of this superhero , he will go and collect all the symbol of his swords . When he finish , he can use 1 or 2 magic power of his swords and with his muscle strength too , he just like a normal superhero .
Ben 10 is a character has many transform type , this superhero has many type magic power , just like Ben 10 .
Sometime God will allow he use all 10 or 11 elements power of his swords , the storyline for these chapters are my superhero fight with great boss like Satan , Orochi , Anubis , …. , at the end of the battle , he use 10 or 11 elements skill .

In some chapters , my superhero can use some others weapons like his bow , his Judgement swords , , this factor will make the storyline of this superhero become not to much boring and storyline about him will become plentiful .
The structure of 1 page comic of this superhero is 1 page can contain 6 or 8 small drawings . If you want to reach the maximum beauty of this character – 1 of best thing of him , thing make kid , adult like him , just like suit of Superman , Batman , Spider man , Captain America , …. – I recommend 6 small drawing for 1 page comic .
Character copyright : 835/2011/Q T G .

Copyright office of Vietnam 4th , April 2011 H a n o i , Vietnam
On the link of the video , they have all information of this superhero .

When he don’t use swords , he can fight just like a Superman or Thor . When he fight without swords , he can fight by his muscle strength and a power control Time . He can create a shield energy protect people . The main difference between this superhero and many others superhero is Gene and Key of Life symbol . He can use Gene symbol to heal injury people , with Key of Life symbol , he can go to hell , find the souls of some people and find the dead body of them , then use Key of Life combine the dead body and their souls , bring them back to life . When he fight without swords , his fingers can fire white energy beams at the enemies . Infinity power on his chest is a power he can not control .

When he fights with swords , there is a rule for him : every day with 24 hours , he can use 1 or 2 magic abilities only for attacking the enemies , example if he choose Time control ability then he can only use 1 more magic abilities like Fire or Thunder when he use Swords . From 12h pm of today to 12h pm of next day , Abilities control reset .
If you remember Ben 10 , this character has many transform type so with this character , belong to the enemies and the his purpose , he can use his strength and 2 of his magic power .

This character contain a lot of symbols , and he can pull 2 symbols of his palms and put into the palms of the people he allow to use the power of the symbol , and he can allow some people use his weapons when he don’t use his power except his couple of swords . You will see all of his weapon when you watch this vid .

Who are the enemies of this character , son of Satan and the soul of Satan the first , when this character kill Satan the first , his soul really like the shape of body of Anubis , Orochi so he become that evil , so the enemies of this character will have all the most famous evil of human kind .

In financial crisis , national debt crisis , people decrease money they spend , if your own subject comic series can not give you good profit , you can continue to create comic base on that old subject or can find a new things to create , find a really potential things .
This character is cooler than any superhero you know , he and his weapon are more beautiful than any character and their weapon , your customers , kids and adults will really like this superhero .
I live in Vietnam , I can not find any comic artist meet the requirement standard for create superhero comic series base on my superhero . And Vietnam is not a market for superhero comic . even if I create comic series base on my superhero , I only can sale comic about him in EU or USA , that’s why I really hope I can find a comic publisher , comic artist , comic team intend to find best things to invest . You can compare the beauty of my superhero and all the superhero you know , 1 of the main factor that make Superman , Batman , Dragon ball and many comic series become legends is the beauty
of the main character , and my character is the most beautiful superhero in the world .

In the clip , you don't see where is the place of the Dragon and Phoenix , because I have just add them in .

I really hope I can find a comic publisher , comic artist , comic team intend to find best things to invest because I can not create a whole comic series base on my character , I really need a comic team .
I hope I can find people intend to find something better than any superhero comic series we know because with many power he has , the comic story line about him will very plentiful .

2013 is coming , and if you want best things to invest , best things to spend time to work , you can think about this superhero . My English is not really good so if I said something wrong , please forgive me . All I want is just find some people want to think about a new superhero comic series .


This is the video about this character , if you want to know all about him , you should watch this and open your sound become loudly :


This character I create by 3d software , I have to say I’m sorry first because this is comic project and I don’t draw anything . My purpose is show-off a superhero character to all of you and find a comic artist team , comic publisher want something new and really interesting character .

I design this character , and when I draw it on the paper , it become complex because there are many symbol on his belt .
So when we draw this character on paper , we can decrease all the symbol on the belt except the Time symbol because this is Time control ability of this character . This character have 2 swords , and swords contain control power ability of many elements of this character . This character have 2 fighting styles : with or without swords .

Let me edit it first in some post !!!
Fortress2660 Nov 20, 2012  Student Digital Artist
so whats the contest?
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