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November 18, 2012


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Hello Guys,
here I want to list all my Projects!

:star:Information about it:
Design my Personal Mascot! Win Points! Check out now:

:star:Information about it:
Win Points and Premium Memberships. Check out now:

:star:Information about it:
Art isnt only Points! Art is fun! So help to design a picture for the coming Advent-Calender! Check out now:

:bulletgreen: Features!
:star:Information about it:
To do this all of course I need Points! Please help to keep up my Work!
:sun:Prices to be Feature:
:bulletblue:1-9:points: 3 Days
:bulletyellow:10-30:points: 1 Week
:bulletred:31-100:points: 1 Month
:bulletgreen:101-500:points: 3 Monts
:bulletpink:501 and more :points: 6 Months and Longer

Donate :points:-> ~Love-and-Points

:star: Information acout it:
Thank you to all who Support me :heart: I love you!:star:
:sun: Visit my Side and earn points.

:bulletgreen:My Group
:star:Information about it:
Join. Share your Art. Win Points

:bulletgreen: Questions
:star:Information about it:
If you want to ask me something send me a :note:

Thats all! Thank you for reading.
Have a nice day :heart:


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