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November 16, 2012


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Do you want Chibis?

ToxicCloudz Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012  Student Digital Artist
:bulletpurple: Style 1: 15$
Character with no background.

:bulletpurple: Style 2: 20$
Simple two color background with maybe an accessory in the background

:bulletpurple: Style 3: 50-60$
Full Character w/ Background

:bulletpurple: Style 4: $10

Extra Info:
Style 1: +1 character is $10USD
Style 2: +1 character is $10USD
Style 3: +1 character is $15USD
Style 4: +1 character is $5USD

What I will NOT draw:
-More than 5 characters in an image
-Designing a character/object
-Furry/Anthro (Animal ears + tail are fine though)
-Offensive content (Attacking real people/group, Realistic violence, Morbidity, etc)
-Far from "normal" adult content (Loli, Major body deformation, Bestiality, Gore, Vore, etc)
-Nudes (if their vital areas are covered, then that's okay

What I CAN draw:
-Real people drawn into anime
-Designing a Character
-Personal (anime style) artworks of original/fanart character(s)

What will you get?:

-JPG format of your commission
-PSD with a color palate to play with

What you are agreeing to:
-Full payment upfront.
-No Refunds. (unless both parties decide to cancel the commission)
-Your commission may sometimes be worked on online over at Livestream.
-No major editing can be made.
(Changing colors, small details, or correcting my mistakes are fine, but redrawing parts of the artwork when it's already finalized may not be allowed. Redrawing is best done during the sketching process)

Payment Method:
(I will not take points. please don't ask.)

The Process:

1. Note me with the descriptions you have in mind. (providing images makes it easier~)
2. Once I see it, I will send you the paypal info needed to pay to and you'll be placed on the list
3 When transactions are done and completed, I will get started on your commission. If I'm unsure of what you want, I'll be sending you WIPs of sketches to see if I have the right concept of what you want.
4. Once it's done, I will ask you for your email and you will receive it then.

On a side note...

please please please don't ask me when is it going to be done. I find it extremely aggravating and it puts me in a mood where I don't want to draw. Depending on the list, your commission may take a few days or even a week or two to be done.

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