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November 16, 2012


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Big -end of the year- raffle!

Raiira Nov 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Some think that the world will come to an end before Christmas, and some think that this is just plain stupid. I agree to the "stupid" part. However, I'm hosting an end of the year raffle to celebrate the end of 2012, and to welcome 2013 to the world.

This raffle is no ordinary raffle, and you actually have to put some effort into it. You will be able to score points from the quality of your entry, and these points will come in handy if you really, really want to win.
What are you talking about, Raiira? :B
Aha, I'll explain! When you enter the raffle with your entry I will give you points (not DA points, sorry). The number of points you get equals the number of times I'll put your name into my secret little box. If you give me a great entry, your name will be put into it more than once.
Lowest amount of points you can earn: 1
Highest amount of points you can earn: 5

The raffle is in 2 parts, and you have to do both right to be able to join. I will reply with a tiny form that I've made where I'll tell you if your entry is accepted or declined, and I'll tell you the amount of points you have earned.

Maybe I should tell you what this raffle is about now. This raffle is meant as an improvement raffle. It's to help both you and me to grow. I will help you on your way to make a proper critique, and you will give me critique on my work.
Some of you might remember this journal entry about critiques: [link]
Want to get a little kick start? Read it! :meow:

Over to the things you have to do to be able to enter:
First of all, you have to be a watcher of mine. Don't try to fool me. Someone tried that last time, but I don't bite it. I actually check if you are watching me or not :stinkeye:

First part of the contest:
The journal
- Make a completely new journal entry with the title "Feature and art raffle".
- Put my avatar/icon in it.
- Post 3-5 of my pictures that you like.
- Tell people why you like my art.
- Link back to this journal.
- End the journal with "Good luck to everyone!"

Second part of the contest:
The critique
- Make a note with the title "Big end of the year raffle".
- Link to your journal entry.
- Look closely through my gallery.
Fill in this form:
What I like about your art:
Why I like it:
Examples from your gallery: (my gallery that is, show me what you like)
What I think need improvement:
Why I think it can be improved:
Examples from your gallery: (my gallery that is, show me the drawings)
Tips and hints to make it better:
Tutorials, examples, etc etc:

The second part is the most important one because it's supposed to help me. I decided to make it like a form to help out those who don't know how to make a helpful critique. If you are a pro at proper critiques, feel free to ignore the form and do it your way. You are also free to make redlines on my drawings if you prefer that.
The more helpful and proper your critique is, the bigger amount of points will come your way.

You probably want to know about the prize now?
I will try to nag a little on my friends to make them throw in prizes as well. This is an end of the year raffle after all :meow:
The prizes from me will be:
- 1 Pixel doll
- 1 Full body/Full background

The contest is running on both DA and FA!
I draw both manga and anthro!

Contest end on 1.january 2013

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Devious Comments

sounds like a great idea rai! Hope you get lots of participation. :aww:
Raiira Nov 16, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Take part in it, that's an order c:
idk how to list your submissions in a journal :(
or i wuld do just that.
Raiira Nov 16, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's supereasy! You open a drawing you like and scroll down to you see two boxes. Then you copy the code which says "thumb", and then you put it in your journal c:
hmn... i didn't know that could be done. learn somfin new everyday :aww:
Raiira Nov 16, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Now you have no excuse to not join o3o Woop woop!
*puts on to do list when i come home from work*
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