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November 15, 2012


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LWG's Point Commissions

Lyran-Wolf Nov 15, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Hi guys, so, I have done this before many times actually and was wondering if anyone would be interested in commissioning me with points for some art. :)

I need a good amount of points in order to give away some subscriptions, and was hoping you guys could help me get that goal :)

Right now, the spots will be unlimited, though the prices are set. There is no changing them, sorry!

Here are my styles and prices :)



EX: [link]

Headshot - 50 points

(will be transparent unless bg is requested)

Full body - 100 points



EX: [link]

Headshot - 180 points

(head shots will be transparent unless bg is requested)

Full Body - 400 points


Soft- Shaded:

EX: [link]

Headshot - 50 points

Fullbody - 100 points


Semi- Realistic

EX: [link]

Headshot - 400 points - Or 5$

Full body - 1200 points - Or 15$


Alright the next ones will be new additions to my list, I hope you look into them ;)

: Digital Comic Pages :

Black and White Comics - (pages will be in black and white)

1 page - 100 points each.

Colored Comics - (pages will be in full color with detailed backgrounds)

1 page - 400 points each.

With these pages you must have a scripted story, or at least some idea to work with that has a beginning and end...and a middle. haha.

It can be an original Story you made up with your own characters or it can be a fan-comic like of Naruto or GDW or something to that effect.


Running Animations (quadruped animals)

100 points - sketched

200 points - lined

300 points - flat colored

400 points - shaded


1 minute of animations - 2000 points

2 minutes of animations - 4000 points

3 minutes of animations - 5000 points

4 minutes of animations - 6000 points

These will include backgrounds, no shading, shadows on the ground animation.

See my Youtube videos here - [link] (I haven't updated in a while, but you get the idea)

Remember that 80 points is equal to $1

My Do's and Dont's of drawing....


- Humans

-Fantasy Creatures

- Canines, Felines, Equines, etc any animal you could think of I can draw it.

- Pokemon

- Fan Characters

- Some Mecha (as difficult I could go is a metal limb, but an entire body is a flat out no.)




Sexual Themed images

Anything that is considered either soft or hard porn in any way, I will not draw.

If you are interested, either comment here and let me know and I will say if I can do it or not then you can note me :)

I require payment beforehand, as in the past I have been jipped before and I do not like that. I however will keep you updated on your stuff and I livestream quite a bit :)

I hope you do order from me as it will not only be helping you, it will be helping me a great deal.

When I get enough people to order, I will close this :)

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Devious Comments

Vixenoflight Nov 15, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Hi! May I possibly have one black and white page of a comic, just a very short scene (three/four frames, not sure how many would be on one page, it might spill onto two!) illustrated with two of my original characters (a knight and a lady violinist)?
Lyran-Wolf Nov 15, 2012  Student Digital Artist
sure! note me the details and do you possibly have refs?
Vixenoflight Nov 15, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Great! I do so I'll send it all over! :)
Lyran-Wolf Nov 15, 2012  Student Digital Artist
yep! ^^
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