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November 16, 2012


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Commissions, adoptions, memes, fan arts... whatever you guys want for 50 points.

grenia Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Well, Ive wanted the premium membership for ages, but never had enough points to afford it. However, I pretty frequently browse several galleries and artists, who are not that famous (I guess same watchers and favs numbes like me) but have tons of points just because of commissions, adoptions and stuff like that. My goal is now to get like 600 points in that way as soon as possible... so tell me, what would you like me to do? Im willing to draw you whatever you want... traditional, digital, maybe even pixel art! (though I would really prefer the traditional way, I havent seen pixels for ages :D)Take a look through my gallery and tell me, what can I do for you to get some points? C: Make an offer, come up with an idea... all down below or just PM me!

And... yes, uhm... veeery sorry for my English. Its kind of crap, I know.

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Devious Comments

sweety-zia Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012
Kejtlýna žije!
grenia Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
proč by nežila? :D žije věčně, jenom si chce změnit jméno, tak potřebuje premium membership -.-
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