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November 11, 2012


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Miachiesnnekai Nov 11, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Hi everyone!^^I decided to do requests again, but I will draw a limit of three requests, since the last time I had too much homeworks at school and too much requests to do.

Here's my drawings :[link]

(Sorry, but I don't have commisions, I mixed requests and commisions...I don't know how to delete a post on the forum...-_-

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Devious Comments

Could I get a request? Or is this closed?
Miachiesnnekai Dec 10, 2012  Student Digital Artist
It's not closed, but I do 3 request limit. But if I finished my other drawings, I'll take yours!^^
Great! Here is a list of Original Characters I have:

1) Ms. Candy:
Ms. Candy has a special disorder. She has a VERY large sweet tooth that can never be satisfied. So she decides to dress up in a eatable outfit so she suck on it through out the day instead of going insane without sugar. Her real name is Catherine Sugar which is pretty ironic considering her disorder and from her attire she gained the name Ms. Candy. She is far form innocent as she fights the sugar craving monster from rising and eating anything that has sugar. This includes humans as humans have sugar in their blood. From this fight she gain natural blue cotton candy colored hair, a smirk that never seems to be innocent and give people a chill when seeing it and eyes that are now a very dark ocean blue from the tainted years of fighting and hardships she has had to go through. Her eyes used to be a light sky blue while her hair was a light brown. She likes to eat candy and to play/mess around with people.

In Regular Outfit: [link]

2) Sunny:
Susan Helen Greenfield is her real full name. She is a lacrosse player and is the best in the team thus the team making her the captain. She tries to be the cheerful supporting friend in the team when they are having problems but in reality she is the one who needs the supporting and everyone of her team members know it. You see, her parents are divorced and she is living with her rich mother and four sisters. Lilith Jasmine Greenfield is her mothers name (Look for her name in this list). Susan is considered the black sheep of the family and ever since she started to play lacrosse her family started to verbally abused her. She likes to spend time practicing her skills at lacrosse and she loves to hang out with her not rich friends who like her for herself.

In Lacrosse Outfit - [link]

3) Lilith Jasmine Greenfield:
Her nickname is lily but only her good friends call her that. She has five daughters and one of which she dislikes the most. Lilith is a bossy, gossiping snob. She will spend most her time at balls, gossiping with her friends and other women, flirting with men or spending her money for her four daughters. She doesn't consider Susan as a part of her family since she befriended those poor people and when she decided to play lacrosse. Her other daughters she spoils rotten making them all snobs just like her.

In Ball Gown- [link]

4) Roy:
Regular Outfit - Profile: [link]

Choose which ever one you like!
102vvv Dec 10, 2012  Student General Artist
hello, is this still open? ^^
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