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November 11, 2012


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draw me and bf anime style/normal human style

looking for some people to point commission to draw me and my bf in a good anime style. no chibi style please.
or if you dont draw anime style, i would be interested in normal human too. it all just depends on how you draw! :) so please leave me your prices and info ^^

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RukaisaADOPTS Nov 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Info can be found here
~ [link]

More examples on ~Rukaisa
Iggypuff Nov 11, 2012  Student General Artist
:star: SALE :star:

Point Commission info until the 18th.

15- chibi sketch (+10 per extra character)
30- bust sketch (+15 per extra character)
35- full body sketch (+20 per extra character)
35- chibi coloured cell (+20 per extra character)
40- chibi coloured (+20 per extra character)
60- bust coloured (+30 per extra character)
75- full body cell shaded (+40 per extra character)
80- full body realistic shaded (+40 per extra character)

(2 extra characters max for the sale promotion!)

Animal flat rate-
Small animal- 10
Medium animal- 15
large animal- 20

Examples of my more recent work-


The examples above were done over the course of one week each, give or take. (both Artemisia's done in the same week)

Prices may vary on complexity.
I could do it for you if you wanted :D my prices are here: [link]
and some examples~ :

please tell me if you're interested ^u^
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