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November 7, 2012


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Tarot Card Project Models Wanted!

keff- Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
New project!

I have a new big project in mind. I'm planing to do a Tarot card set, witch contains 78 different cards.
They are divided trough 4 main "colors". The wand, the cup, the disk and the sword. Every color has different characters, like every skat or romé card set. Unlike the traditional play cards, the tarot cards give you much more artistic space, where you have to combine important signs and elements in one picture to make them usable at all. It's a very complex theme, where i have to read a lot about each and every card.

now, why am I bothering you with this? I need your help! I need you as a model! Either you have already picture material i can use or we meet up and i make them. Unfortunately this project has to work on a TFP base. TFP stands for Time For Print, which means that you will get your own picture in original side for self use and if there will be large prints later one day, you will get a print of it.

Till now, i'm open for any request on what card you'd like to be. Just follow this link to see all cards. Of course this cards are only a reference. I will not copy them, I'm planing something own.

I would be very happy if I can motivate you or your friends to join this project. I'm looking for male and female models, yound and old. You are most welcome to share this link with your friends. As more people i get, the better and faster I can work.

best wishes,

This Project can be found and shared on FB aswel: [link]

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