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November 7, 2012


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Anyone up for drawing any number of OCs / scenery for free?

discommodious Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012
A very poor, struggling writer here - looking for inspiration through any sort of visuals of my characters, creatures, and environments.

I've got some drawings already, but am always looking for more interpretations, styles, and representations! Anyone up for doing free sketches / art of my original characters? I know it's asking a lot... so anything is much appreciated. (I may be able to offer a little money... but I'm not positive and it may not be a lot - probably in the $0-20 range.)

My main characters I've got visual references for here:

The others I haven't any references of, so it'd be a bit more of a challenge! I do, however, have lengthy descriptions written out to the best of my ability. I'd actually be really excited if someone were up to giving that a go from scratch.

In general I'm not too picky on particular style. But as a heads up, the theme of my story is dark, very nature-adventure-insanity-oriented, and full of humans (most male) who wear medieval-esque clothing and some wielding forest-crafted items.

As for the creatures, they are entirely fantastical, mixture of humanoids and beasts - and not very kind, either.

If you're into environments / scenery, it'd be a very dark, dense, not-too-much light forest I'd be interested in, and/or a small town secluded in an environment like this.

Anyyyway, I'm going on here. If you've any interest in this, please let me know. If you want details of the creatures & environments or further details on my main characters, don't hesitate. Thanks all for taking the time to get through this, if ya did. :)

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discommodious Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012
I added more information regarding my creatures, my characters (that are visually referenced), and my story setting. If interested it's all here:

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