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November 6, 2012


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Shaman Chronicles: Warrior-Class & Mage Soul Surge & Ultima Forma

denzel94 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012  Student Digital Artist
In my story Shaman Chronicles, there are four kinds of shamans who exist in the world of Eden:

Animists are shamans which use an animal's spirit as the medium and originates from the Western Forest.

Meisters are shamans which use weapons as mediums and originates from the Northern Tundra.

Warriors are shamans which use themselves as the medium and thus originates from the Southern Desert. (Like logias from One Piece)

Mages are shamans which solely use their Shamanistic powers as the medium, and originates from the Eastern Mountains. (This class is rather uncommon, but not really rare) (Like benders from the Avatar)

Soul Surge for Animists:
1. Thinking of giving Animists the ability to transform individual parts of their bodies to that of their respective animal spirits (for example an animist could transform their arms to wings like that of their animal spirit, and then for Soul Surge: Ultima Forma, animists would simply become a hybrid of themselves and their animal spirits.


2. The animal spirits would simply change their appearance to a more mature, powerful look. And same thing for the Soul Surge: Ultima Forma

Soul Surge for Meisters:

1. Their guardian spirits would merge with their weapons and change, and for Ultima Forma, the spirits would merge with the shaman

Soul Surge for Mages and Warriors............I'm not really sure, so I need help on these two

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