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November 3, 2012


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Cheap Point commishes ;)

John--Ace Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012  Student Digital Artist
:star: I am still open for point commissions. :star:

I am not sure if I had announced it in a while, but yup it's true. I am still open for point commissions. :) I am working on my water color, coloring and overall drawing.

I am pretty cheap when it comes to point commissions, so if your looking for something cheap, yet decent, you've found the right place. (Hahahahah look at me advertising commissions ^_^)

Anyways here is what I offer and the prices. Lately I have had some free time, not only that but I would love to fill up some of the pages in my sketchbook.

:bulletblue: I can draw a full body manga character (male or female) simple pose and design (black and white)for just 6 :points:

:bulletred: I can draw a full body manga character (male or female) simple pose and semi-complicated design (in color or black and white) for just 8 :points:

NOTE- I do have simple basic watercolor, colors. Meaning I have purple, orange, black, brown, yellow, blue, red, and green. So if you would like your drawing to be done in watercolor, please note me. I will not charge additional points for water color paintings. :)

:bulletorange: I have started to pick up pencil portraits again, and I am up for the challenge. So I will draw a pencil portrait for 15 :points: I know it's pretty pricy for me, but it takes time, and I will do nothing but work non stop on your work :)

:star: I am opening up 5 slots for now, just to see if anyone is interested :star:

If you would like to request a commission, I would like a reference picture and If it's not to much to ask, I would like the points before I start the drawing. :)

Please look at me gallery to get a feel of my skill level.

Also I do not draw

-> Animals
-> robots

I think that's it. If there is something I forgot, and you requested it, I will tell you that I can't draw it. Or maybe I will just to try something new. :)

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