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November 12, 2012


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Praise crazy salesmen!!

Praise salesmen who exaggerate on their sales :dummy:

I got a new subscription for my cell phone, jumped from Proximus MTV Generation to Telenet Mobile and I can choose the following options:
A) €15/month
B) €20/month + free smartphone
Both options require a 24 month membership before being able to just leave.

I chose B since I could do with a new phone and decided to pick the Nokia Lumia 610..
Alas they no longer had them in stock, the salesperson than decided to give us the Lumia 800 instead :dummy: That’s a HUGE Difference in price :facepalm: without any extra costs for us.
Just the €1 for the phone and the obvious €5/month extra for 24 months = €120 for a cellphone that otherwise goes for €450-500 :lol:
Talk about a good deal!

So praise good deals and crazy salesmen! :iconhellyeahplz:

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Devious Comments

I had lost my watch and I went to a shop who were offering a 50% discount on certain models. Watches can cost up to R$800 (400 dollars) here so it was a bargain. Lucky enough, the salesman was so smart that he applied a 50% discount on the already discounted price! :dummy: So I took two more, sold 'em on the webs and practically got a free watch.
:lol: Lucky bastard ;D
alucard07 Nov 21, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
i had one salesman that actually opened my front screen door who decided to place a pamphlet on the table,(the main one was open to let fresh air in) and got the surprise of his life when i pulled a gun on him. found out from his employer when i called to complain he resigned that day.
I'm not talking about those salespeople who actually go door to door o.o
congrat I glad it make you happy^^
Praise the tingles in your toes when you feel all warm and cosy!
That's surely worth of praise :nod:
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