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November 2, 2012


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Praise Sweet Home (NES)

Credited as the inspiration for Resident Evil, this 1988 classic was never released outside Japan due to its graphic content, a staple that was common back in the old gaming days. I've managed to procure an English translated rom of the game and after spending literally two 2 nights and finally managing to finished this game, I have to say that this game is truly deserving of its high praise. The atmosphere and tone is rather grim for an NES game, there was a good reason American localization teams wanted no involvement with this game. The Happy Videogame Nerd is correct on one thing, after playing this game for a while you almost forget that you're playing an NES game. Its truly fitting for earning its title as the grandaddy of survival horrors since many elements such as item management and puzzle solving originated from this game. There's two things I love about this game, one its a combination of a classic survival horror with the likes of an rpg (minus the stores and inns). That's right an RPG where you can't buy stuff and there are no safe areas. The whole mansion is indeed haunted. Also this game has some serious balls, there are a lot of traps in this game and its very possible that they might end up getting one of your characters stuck in a certain area and if you don't have the proper equipment you are screwed big time. Heck there are some rooms in the game that flat out murder anyone that enters them and what makes the game interesting is that once a character is dead, they are gone permanently. This is a game where there is no helping hand to guide you toward the next destination, and this game was truly ahead of its time and it needs a western release.

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prosaix Nov 9, 2012
Well thats one big paragraph...
Wow "Capcom" made it? shame they didn't make a remake... (Although i just checked wikipedia and it stated ("Sweet Home served as the main inspiration for the seminal survival horror game Resident Evil") so i guess that's its remake... in a twisted kinda way.
YES! I fucking love Sweet Home.
Just imagine if this game got a good remake just like with the original Resident Evil. Some of the stuff in Sweet Home is rather disturbing and seeing all of that in 3d would be really awesome. Heck we need more horror rpgs in the gaming world, I can only count this one and the first Parasite Eve.
ReptillianSP2011 Nov 2, 2012  Student General Artist
What game are you referring to?
This review does a good job explaining the game without giving away potential spoilers: [link]
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