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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
stupid Turkey is ruining everything!!!! evilwraith666
Aug 1, 2015
115 DefineDeviancyDown
4d 22h ago
Israel to execute stone throwers on the spot with sniper fire Valzeras
2w 6d ago
322 Koshej
5d 5h ago
Does the term "libtard" refer to liberals or libertarians? Taran13573794
3w 4h ago
26 kitsumekat
5d 7h ago
Presidential candidates poisonenemy
1w 4d ago
9 Saffireprowler
5d 10h ago
How Can You Be Pro-Life and Against Health Care for All? JanellaIfy
2w 5d ago
14 Rizhnir
5d 11h ago
Marriage Equality Undergr0undFurry
Jul 5, 2015
1,110 evilwraith666
5d 12h ago
An American Beheading..... By a Christian Extremist hooded-wanderer
2w 1d ago
31 evilwraith666
5d 12h ago
Are Dress Codes at Public Schools a Violation of Freedom of Speech? JanellaIfy
Sep 7, 2015
46 sonigoku
5d 18h ago
MEDICAL marijuana: How can you NOT be 4 it? infinitetolerance
2w 1d ago
11 Skvaderflight
5d 19h ago
Isis Rhapsodna
Aug 16, 2015
212 360DopeScope
6d 1h ago
Syrian boasted to have been with Isis in germany Rhapsodna
2w 3d ago
11 360DopeScope
6d 1h ago
Are corporation cost-cutting measures an act of violence/murder? evilwraith666
Apr 1, 2015
53 mondu
6d 5h ago
Racism against white people Bobby-Studio
Aug 22, 2015
295 OctarinePegacorn
6d 5h ago
Refugee/Migrant Crisis in Europe SprinkleKrisKris
3w 2d ago
319 Valzeras
6d 6h ago
Racists inadvertently advocate deporting themselves - then backtrack AbCat
Aug 24, 2015
170 joedunphy
6d 8h ago
Here's why conservatives hate immigrants TBSchemer
Jul 22, 2015
320 kinjakahn
6d 8h ago
"Racist" Horse Removed From Carousel- Is This What We've Become? YA-YA2001
Aug 1, 2015
106 JamesQLewis
6d 8h ago
So racist are apparently so stupid they can't figure out the difference between Muslims and Hindus AspiePie
1w 1d ago
83 joedunphy
6d 9h ago
Liberals Believe Blacks Can't Be Racist FlipswitchMANDERING
Sep 5, 2015
253 bcrbuio3tvrbvt
6d 9h ago
The Uptight Young Farts Strike Again!(Leftists) FlipswitchMANDERING
3w 5d ago
73 Akyura44
6d 10h ago
Oath Keepers At Ferguson FlipswitchMANDERING
Aug 11, 2015
60 evilwraith666
6d 10h ago
GOP takes over the senate, the depravity of the world has increased evilwraith666
Nov 5, 2014
245 evilwraith666
6d 10h ago
So russia and china are now involved in Syria's war Valzeras
1w 4d ago
73 greensap
6d 12h ago
Is peace/mending bad relations impossible in today's modern world? Internetexplorer968
1w 1d ago
9 Saffireprowler
6d 13h ago
U.S. has more immigrants than 48 Latin, European nations combined FlipswitchMANDERING
1w 6d ago
37 Ragerancher
6d 15h ago
Minsk Conventions should be canceled KunYKA
6d 17h ago
5 Valzeras
6d 16h ago
Does Europe as a whole suffer from narcissistic personality disorder? siegeonthorstadt
Sep 4, 2015
447 360DopeScope
6d 17h ago
Mahmood Ahmed - 9/11 financier afterthedream
3w 6d ago
52 360DopeScope
6d 17h ago
Not all lives are worth saving Valzeras
3w 6h ago
24 360DopeScope
6d 17h ago
If Obama Could Run Again Would He Win? JanellaIfy
2w 4d ago
32 360DopeScope
6d 17h ago
Does torture violate the eigth amendment? iluntasunaeder
4w 15h ago
45 360DopeScope
6d 17h ago
9/11----------9/12 PennsyltuckyXTimes
3w 5d ago
39 360DopeScope
6d 17h ago
Can't we just ship illegals out of the country by mail? VorpalPen
Aug 31, 2015
227 360DopeScope
6d 17h ago
Is the United States Not a free country anymore? ArtRock15
Aug 22, 2015
214 360DopeScope
6d 17h ago
Jamaica wants the British to pay for slave repatriations Valzeras
1w 1d ago
77 360DopeScope
6d 17h ago
Islam taking over America Valzeras
4w 1d ago
245 360DopeScope
6d 17h ago
Why is this happening? xXSerena-CrosseXx
1w 2d ago
96 xXSerena-CrosseXx
6d 17h ago
Do you agree or disagree? N7Lancelot
2w 11h ago
49 evilwraith666
6d 21h ago
The Racist Problem TimLavey
Aug 17, 2015
1,595 Dracoxus
6d 22h ago