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READ BEFORE POSTING - Politics Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Britain needs a First Amendment intermetal
1d 18h ago
115 Saffireprowler
1m 57s ago
Two Gunmen Killed Outside Free Speech Event VorpalPen
11h 45m ago
56 Saffireprowler
33m 39s ago
What's up with people circlejerking about Sweden's immigration policies? SprinkleKrisKris
4d 17h ago
208 VorpalPen
53m 43s ago
UK politics explained through Game of Thrones RhynWilliams
15h 28m ago
26 RhynWilliams
57m 44s ago
80% of Democrats support the legalization of cannabis for medicinal use... infinitetolerance
Mar 25, 2015
71 LizzyChrome
1h 13m ago
Why do people even still fall for Neo-liberals and neo-conservatives anymore? SharpGuard
16h 17m ago
11 CrimeRoyale
2h 1m ago
Black Police Affirmative Action would serve justice well. Greatest-I-am
6d 14h ago
101 LizzyChrome
2h 20m ago
Oh you wacky Germans I love you. Adelaidejohn1967
12h 30m ago
10 vonRibbeck
3h 54m ago
Two shot outside Muhammad Art Exhibit in Texas TheRedSnifit
12h 56m ago
5 siantjudas
4h 14m ago
So they want the right to discriminate? How is this fair? Adelaidejohn1967
3d 13h ago
7 Maxi-Moran
7h 23m ago
Muslims escaping more violent Muslims, thew Christians overboard... intermetal
5d 20h ago
225 AbCat
9h 40m ago
Interesting take on copyright. Adelaidejohn1967
3w 4d ago
48 Princess-Amy
12h 8m ago
Was Jimmy Carter a better person than Ronald Regan? Morals2liveby
4d 14h ago
22 Morals2liveby
12h 19m ago
Bernie Sanders seeking the Democratic Party's nomination for president in 2016 CouchyCreature
4d 7h ago
181 Saffireprowler
13h 12m ago
Vladimir Putin, good or bad? Internetexplorer968
3d 14h ago
90 DefineDeviancyDown
13h 51m ago
Trans girls donate their penises to trans guys? KaizenKitty
4d 23h ago
115 kitsumekat
13h 53m ago
If you had to vote Republican TBSchemer
Mar 31, 2015
283 Dark-Mage-13
14h 42m ago
Is alcohol worse than weed? infinitetolerance
Mar 4, 2015
185 qattle
19h 15m ago
Does racism exist against African Americans in the 21st century United States of America? evilwraith666
Dec 5, 2014
432 AgentA122
20h 53m ago
Black racist thugs attacks police Valzeras
1w 1d ago
104 EdenianPrince
22h 46m ago
1600 die at shipwrecks - nobody cares thanks to the teen rightist siegeonthorstadt
3d 15h ago
9 OuroborosCobra
1d 38m ago
English votes for English laws Ragerancher
1w 3d ago
7 Princess-Amy
1d 1h ago
Why do people get so offended when they are called "racists" ? evilwraith666
3w 5d ago
43 moni158
1d 5h ago
is obama a dictator? RedWolfRecon
4d 8h ago
110 Mrs-Durden
1d 11h ago
Is the classical depiction of Santa & his elves based off of racism? evilwraith666
Nov 30, 2014
148 LizzyChrome
1d 14h ago
Are corporation cost-cutting measures an act of violence/murder? evilwraith666
Apr 1, 2015
13 esalian9
1d 16h ago
Crime down, revenue up in Colorado, the success of legalizing marijuana infinitetolerance
1w 6d ago
211 jpenn517
1d 16h ago
DNC Chair supports aborting 7-lb, fully-developed baby TBSchemer
3w 4d ago
397 TBSchemer
1d 18h ago
More people killed by cops than terrorism in america hustlerdu
2w 2d ago
237 TwilightWolfCourage
1d 19h ago
Obama is the greatest president since F.D.R. evilwraith666
Dec 11, 2014
207 izeqa
1d 20h ago
GOP takes over the senate, the depravity of the world has increased evilwraith666
Nov 5, 2014
200 evilwraith666
1d 21h ago
are liberals good? and conservatives bad? evilwraith666
Dec 13, 2014
239 evilwraith666
1d 21h ago
The most republican company is.... LizzyChrome
3d 13h ago
16 siantjudas
2d 5h ago
Mar 5, 2015
65 infinitetolerance
2d 6h ago
What the Ways to promote Racial Harmony in World today? izeqa
3w 1d ago
261 TheMisterMan2
2d 7h ago
Yellowstone wolves (Thoughts) ArcaFelidae
2w 8h ago
50 HunterStrait
2d 9h ago
Homosexuals Threaten Violence To Those Who Don't Agree With Them FlipswitchMANDERING
Apr 3, 2015
419 TheMasterButcher999
2d 18h ago
How come people vote for the republicans? I'm genuinely curious. Rovaa
3d 23h ago
83 Rovaa
2d 21h ago
rape laws are stupid toomuch89
5d 1h ago
44 HGWizard
2d 22h ago