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READ BEFORE POSTING - Politics Forum Rules 3wyl
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
American Indepedence Day-July 04, or December 06? SwordOfScotland
3w 5d ago
61 beatnyc
1m 33s ago
Teapartier's Wet Dream Saeter
2d 6h ago
122 RobStrand
2m 48s ago
Am I Still a Feminist? Are You? Chronorin
3d 23m ago
174 meanus
7m 12s ago
What do you think of the US president? Beatles24
4h 18m ago
17 meanus
10m 29s ago
Marijuana does kill afterall. Eman333
4d 21h ago
89 Eman333
26m 44s ago
Is this a joke, if so its not funny meanus
2d 13h ago
76 meanus
26m 45s ago
Russians shoot down Malaysian airliner in Ukraine VomitBear
1w 10h ago
276 TheRedSnifit
55m 31s ago
Why not bring back the guillotine for capital punishment? Ragerancher
16h 55m ago
51 AJGlass
1h 14s ago
Poll: Do you support gay marrige? Jarklor
Jun 17, 2014
292 Draco-94
1h 48m ago
Chaos Everywhere, Looks LIke the Horrors of World War III are Approaching. StephenL
13h 26m ago
22 TortelliniPen
2h 20m ago
Just thought I'd drop this and see what happens - #feminism #debate! TheStrategos
13h 7m ago
31 TortelliniPen
2h 31m ago
Moneyless global society Gray-philosophy
1d 15h ago
59 Shidaku
3h 2m ago
Do you feel safer with the new domestic army now in place in America? VorpalPen
3d 20h ago
57 The-Drunken-Celt
4h 4m ago
Why do people worship reagan? wraithsith
3w 1d ago
66 Beatles24
4h 16m ago
Is war a necessity? Eraezr
4d 20h ago
60 TBSchemer
5h 26m ago
MH17 victims credit cards and phones looted and used VomitBear
1d 4h ago
34 VomitBear
5h 37m ago
The kidnaped Israeli teenagers Sobola
3w 2d ago
258 CouchyCreature
6h 8m ago
NO more lies: Ukraine shot down MH17 not Russia Novuso
4d 21h ago
100 speedingpullet
7h 15m ago
Rape Culture on TYT? CrystalVines
2d 22h ago
74 5-7x28mm
7h 23m ago
Bill’s secret ‘mistress,’ the ‘Energizer’ FlipswitchMANDERING
2d 5h ago
8 FlipswitchMANDERING
8h 6m ago
Drawing lines arbitrarily. Abstract-Mindser
2d 4h ago
42 TBSchemer
8h 22m ago
Hobby Lobby boycott? JesseAcosta
2w 6d ago
272 Trained-Toaster
10h 26m ago
what nation was founded on the enslavement of one race and the genocide of another? evilwraith666
3w 1d ago
369 Trained-Toaster
11h 15m ago
why do the blue states have such a colossal debt? meanus
1d 12h ago
8 meanus
11h 59m ago
Why do a lot of people hate Republicans? Eraezr
2w 1d ago
582 gajus-tempus
17h 59m ago
Why is Southern Culture Treated as Being Equivalent to "American Culture"? Jeysie
Apr 21, 2014
459 ironbrandstudios
19h 51m ago
Do libertarians here support a woman\'s right to abort? CouchyCreature
Jun 24, 2014
136 HerbalDrink
1d 52m ago
Should society reward good behavior? Kiwikku
2w 1d ago
85 UnknownSingularity
1d 3h ago
Was mount rushmore built on a racial premise? wraithsith
2w 3d ago
79 shobonimaster
1d 4h ago
should Andrew Jackson be removed from the twenty dollar bill due to his treatment of native american wraithsith
Jun 10, 2014
369 zeruch
1d 6h ago
environmentalism meets with sex... vut the hell! wraithsith
2w 6h ago
16 TheNecco
1d 7h ago
Black people cannot be racist. TootleToot
1d 10h ago
112 3wyl
1d 8h ago
is pharrell Williams (the \"happy\" guy) racist? wraithsith
Jun 6, 2014
259 wraithsith
1d 9h ago
what do you think about spying on friends? gajus-tempus
1w 5d ago
31 alphamale1980
1d 9h ago
Does it matter now that half of congress are millionaries?( USA) wraithsith
Jun 2, 2014
104 HerbalDrink
1d 10h ago
Let's do the time warp again. Adelaidejohn1967
1d 12h ago
2 TheArtOfCBYoung
1d 12h ago
kiriban prize half given Korhann
2d 5h ago
3 3wyl
1d 15h ago
karl marx was a libertarian? anarchintheuke
1d 22h ago
27 anarchintheuke
1d 19h ago
Israeli fascists attacked left-wing activists in Tel-Aviv hooded-wanderer
1w 21h ago
66 siantjudas
1d 19h ago