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READ BEFORE POSTING - Politics Forum Rules 3wyl
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
Australian gun laws vs American gun laws Eraezr
13h 24m ago
65 Eraezr
1m 59s ago
Donít support laws you are not willing to kill to enforce TBSchemer
1w 6d ago
162 TBSchemer
2m 9s ago
Australian commandos end Sydney cafe siege DoctorV23
4d 7h ago
287 Cethlenn
31m 10s ago
North Korea behind SONY hack... just wow. Admiral-Hotcakes
2d 40m ago
145 Cenaris
1h 43m ago
women are inherently weak and unable to apply physical force which makes them slaves in society siegeonthorstadt
3w 2d ago
105 ZeroBelow00
1h 53m ago
Obama is the greatest president since F.D.R. evilwraith666
1w 21h ago
74 EdenianPrince
2h 4m ago
Why do the terrorists hate the US? infinitetolerance
2w 4d ago
47 ChakatBlackstar
2h 28m ago
another innocent murdered by police in his own home hustlerdu
1d 6h ago
68 Lorhik
2h 40m ago
Alternate names for "ISIS" Rhuen1
1d 6h ago
69 pyrohmstr
2h 49m ago
Does racism exist against African Americans in the 21st century United States of America? evilwraith666
1w 6d ago
217 Shidaku
3h 36m ago
Legalize Cannabis? Really? MrTaxiSock
Sep 15, 2014
195 MrTaxiSock
4h 23m ago
Do you believe there is a large, possibly global conspiracy? Underdell
1w 4d ago
99 Underdell
5h 7m ago
Sony: The Interview NYC Premiere Cancelled; Theater Chains Withdraw Film TheRedSnifit
2d 16h ago
32 AJGlass
6h 44m ago
Is the move to impeach obama due to racism? evilwraith666
Nov 7, 2014
66 TheDayTripper
6h 55m ago
Alternative to waterboarding? silversongwriter
3d 21h ago
45 AnimaImaginez
7h 8m ago
Ah Greepeace.........They are vandals Adelaidejohn1967
6d 22h ago
81 Admiral-Hotcakes
7h 38m ago
So toture is OK if it's the good guys doing the torture. Adelaidejohn1967
1w 3d ago
257 KobiNurdesign
10h 50m ago
Why bother with the truth? neurotype
1w 2d ago
76 neurotype
11h 35m ago
So does everyone get a trophy now, even if they fail? Adelaidejohn1967
2d 23h ago
16 CrimeRoyale
11h 51m ago
My mom is black, problem!? Bblaze-MiKaSa2D
22h 16m ago
15 Mrs-Durden
20h 30m ago
Is the classical depiction of Santa & his elves based off of racism? evilwraith666
2w 5d ago
88 AClockworkKitten
1d 25s ago
Gun rights vs gun ban Internetexplorer968
1w 1d ago
375 RobStrand
1d 25m ago
The rise and fall of America's police state Novuso
2d 16h ago
43 Crotale
1d 1h ago
An alternative to the prison system. infinitetolerance
Oct 30, 2014
155 Internetexplorer968
1d 2h ago
"All the world will denounce the SONY." Cenaris
3d 4h ago
45 Patches67
1d 3h ago
LOL, I love it hunterN05
1d 17h ago
13 3wyl
1d 15h ago
Homeowner Shoots Two Female Burglars SwordOfScotland
Oct 31, 2014
225 SwordOfScotland
1d 18h ago
should 9/11 be made a national holiday? wraithsith
1w 4d ago
52 Princess-Amy
1d 18h ago
What are your political views? FabulousEmma
1w 1d ago
180 Lorhik
1d 20h ago
Did anyone see this on Twitter? Adelaidejohn1967
2d 23h ago
25 AJGlass
2d 2h ago
Marijuana is less harmful than alcohol. infinitetolerance
Nov 10, 2014
151 Admiral-Hotcakes
2d 3h ago
If torture is wrong, then how would you interrogate? silversongwriter
1w 3h ago
219 TheArtOfCBYoung
2d 17h ago
Global Economic solution from a cartoonist badeyedeers
2w 3d ago
58 This-is-no-name
3d 4h ago
Riots and looting Valzeras
3w 2d ago
173 Underdell
3d 5h ago
Seperation of science and politics Valzeras
2w 5d ago
102 DefineDeviancyDown
3d 8h ago
are liberals good? and conservatives bad? evilwraith666
5d 23h ago
76 Sinornithosaurus
3d 16h ago
The mike brown trial results are in FabulousEmma
3w 3d ago
363 NemesisAuthority
4d 9h ago
Ferguson yellowhoodie5
3w 3d ago
632 NemesisAuthority
4d 10h ago
GOP takes over the senate, the depravity of the world has increased evilwraith666
Nov 5, 2014
143 NemesisAuthority
4d 10h ago