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READ BEFORE POSTING - Politics Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Shut Up and Put Up Entwinedbliss
19h 17m ago
23 kitsumekat
2m 27s ago
Cops shoot a man lying down with his arms in the air.. Johninadelaide67
2d 18h ago
130 kitsumekat
3m 56s ago
Left wing cucks in the west are just buckets of vomit and excrement JamesT69
3d 12h ago
189 kitsumekat
5m 20s ago
French mother and 3 daughters stabbed for being too lightly dressed Ro-ma-rim
5d 7h ago
271 kitsumekat
6m 14s ago
Define White Privilege CinamonToastCrunch
15h 46m ago
6 Tchaiku
16m ago
Jon Stewart brings the hammer down on nationalists TheMaoist
2d 4h ago
67 RochambeauFR
24m ago
Hillary's Cruel Remark about Some Mentally Challenged Children Rjohnson71
3h 1m ago
2 Poopgoblyn
33m 32s ago
Those who pay for education should consider the benefits of a bonus system for students. Greatest-I-am
2h 47m ago
3 Poopgoblyn
36m 44s ago
Comparing Trump to Hitler is unfair HinemiNeko
1d 2h ago
88 slayerdude677
41m 28s ago
Trump starting World War III? YesImDeadpool
2d 20h ago
74 formatela
58m 36s ago
The EU isn't Europe bcrbuio3tvrbvt
3w 1d ago
569 bcrbuio3tvrbvt
1h 4m ago
White Privilege, does it exist? Aminas-Derpy-Art
4d 7m ago
326 Neko-Majin-Sama
1h 57m ago
Black Lives Matter turns violent in London Valzeras
4d 22h ago
167 AvSkyggene
2h 4m ago
WTH! Police Brutality in the U.S. AfroChica94
1w 12h ago
93 AvSkyggene
2h 7m ago
Do you guys actually think trump has a chance? TheMaoist
Jun 2, 2016
551 AvSkyggene
2h 8m ago
Who is 'WHITE'? Tchaiku
1m 4h ago
230 Tchaiku
2h 33m ago
Disgruntled Democrats Plan Protest Fart-In DefineDeviancyDown
2d 7h ago
28 DefineDeviancyDown
2h 55m ago
#Munich shopping mall attack 97701
2d 4h ago
202 Wolfslicht
3h 6m ago
6h 58m ago
8 Koshej
3h 22m ago
ISIL Raping and killing.. Hold da presses a refugee looked up a woman's skirt! AspiePie
3w 3d ago
52 Wolfslicht
4h 19m ago
Socialized healthcare leads to eugenics and rationing Valzeras
1d 14h ago
6 Poopgoblyn
4h 56m ago
Hilary or Trump? Xentriia
4d 21h ago
244 BugandIggyfan15
5h 35m ago
Should the groups that advocate for abolishing borders be considered as terrorists? Valzeras
8h 59m ago
3 bcrbuio3tvrbvt
6h 30m ago
Duterte called as trump of the east zirukurt01
3w 2d ago
35 HinemiNeko
6h 56m ago
Is Bernie Sanders a reincarnation of Jejus? evilwraith666
Mar 17, 2016
49 The-Kiwi-Gremlin
7h 46m ago
How should we go about removing carbon from our atmosphere? Taran13573794
1w 4d ago
153 The-Kiwi-Gremlin
7h 58m ago
Zike virus epidemic spreads, carried by common mosquitoes HinemiNeko
10h 57m ago
4 HinemiNeko
8h 22m ago
Terror attack on France...again... Valzeras
1w 2d ago
568 CommanderEVE
9h 25m ago
Do you think the black community is going overboard with the shootings? Bobthefellow92
2w 13h ago
253 Crotale
9h 26m ago
David Duke Announces for US Senate Valzeras
1d 13h ago
26 Crotale
9h 48m ago
US To Keep Bombing Syria Despite Civilian Deaths And Humanitarian Pleas FlutterCommunist
15h 20m ago
10 UnknownSingularity
11h 53s ago
Two Face Bernie Rjohnson71
1w 3d ago
45 jobberwacky
12h 11m ago
PC bullshit 97701
1w 2d ago
145 TenaDoge
13h 3m ago
Hillary is being crowned queen SharpGuard
2w 4d ago
14 BabakoSen
14h 15m ago
FBI ‘No Knock, No Warrant’ Raid On Activists During RNC FlutterCommunist
15h 25m ago
0 N/A
BREAKING: Hillary VP pick Diacraft
1d 20h ago
12 Saffireprowler
15h 31m ago
Looks like Trumps plagarising speech writers doesn't exist Ragerancher
3d 2h ago
72 Saffireprowler
16h 16m ago
Erdogan is now the supreme leader of Turkey Valzeras
6d 20h ago
36 kitsumekat
19h 23m ago
What do Muslims add to Western Society intermetal
1w 2d ago
350 Tchaiku
1d 5h ago