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READ BEFORE POSTING - Politics Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Heil Hofer! Valzeras
9h 57m ago
9 UncleEbolaBear
11m 40s ago
Brexit won't happen Valzeras
2d 10h ago
26 Diacraft
18m 21s ago
When will these terrorist attacks stopped? GBMelendez23k
2d 15h ago
125 Rhapsodna
2h 54m ago
Can't Vote For Hillary Or Trump In Good Concience gavacho13
1d 5h ago
28 Crotale
2h 58m ago
MUSLIMS CAUSED BREXIT... gayhomosexking
13h 15m ago
17 AgentAW
3h 26m ago
ISIL Raping and killing.. Hold da presses a refugee looked up a woman's skirt! AspiePie
1d 9h ago
15 Legio-X
3h 54m ago
If you're not rude you're liberal ArcaFelidae
1w 2d ago
166 ArcaFelidae
5h 9m ago
Polygamy madnessmountains
May 9, 2016
153 AlexHofstadter
5h 29m ago
Man with truckload of weapons on a "rescue" mission arrested UncleEbolaBear
4d 1h ago
51 61021376
6h 5m ago
Do you guys actually think trump has a chance? TheMaoist
1m 10h ago
368 AvSkyggene
6h 42m ago
The Looming Conflict in South China Sea Poopgoblyn
2w 23h ago
30 wraithsith
6h 44m ago
3 months jail for rape ... Johninadelaide67
1d 19h ago
54 Platypusofdoom
6h 49m ago
IMF conceed that aspects of neoliberalism are stupid... gayhomosexking
May 27, 2016
31 Poopgoblyn
7h 27m ago
Brexit Voting Fraud greensap
1w 1d ago
59 OnlyTheGhosts
10h 14m ago
RIP Jo ... But we still need to Brexit ... greensap
1w 5d ago
242 Pipancake
10h 23m ago
Germany and France to replace Brussels in charge of EU Valzeras
4d 8h ago
35 Poopgoblyn
11h 14m ago
How does a Muslim close a door? Diacraft
16h 24m ago
14 SpaceJunk16
11h 34m ago
Is the classical depiction of Santa & his elves based off of racism? evilwraith666
Nov 30, 2014
242 SpaceJunk16
11h 43m ago
Should "Muslims" become a new race like "Hispanics"? gayhomosexking
May 19, 2016
131 Legio-X
12h 8m ago
It's arrogant for middle class right-wingers to defend cops Aspiringtroll22
2w 4d ago
15 gayhomosexking
13h 2m ago
Duterte called as trump of the east zirukurt01
20h 28m ago
10 61021376
15h 53m ago
IF Politicians could not lie at all for 24 hours. Johninadelaide67
1d 20h ago
11 gekkodimoria
17h 12m ago
Is Donald Trump A Racist? TheArtFrog
3w 1d ago
135 gekkodimoria
17h 17m ago
Britain - Mass deportation coming up next? Valzeras
4d 15h ago
194 Abstract-Mindser
18h 5m ago
Who is 'WHITE'? Tchaiku
5d 9h ago
55 ThePlayliszt
18h 50m ago
Mass Murder of Gays ...who could be responsible for this..? greensap
2w 5d ago
409 BabakoSen
1d 40m ago
the first amendment gives me the right to say that the 2nd amendment sucks. here's why evilwraith666
Oct 3, 2015
125 StrangeAxle
1d 8h ago
Is Boris going to be the UK prime minister? Inastory
3d 23h ago
35 formatela
1d 8h ago
should the republican party abandon the elephant in favor of the swastika as their party symbol. evilwraith666
Nov 19, 2015
116 StrangeAxle
1d 8h ago
Travel Alert: US Border Agents Want To Know What You’ve Been Doing On Social Media FlutterCommunist
1d 21h ago
13 FlutterCommunist
1d 11h ago
There is no "multi" in "multiculturalism". RochambeauFR
May 17, 2016
481 Underdell
1d 12h ago
the effects, or lack thereof, of the patriot act infinitetolerance
3w 1d ago
21 Underdell
1d 12h ago
Equality in The US CinamonToastCrunch
2w 11h ago
69 Tchaiku
1d 13h ago
This Orwellian Technology Automates Censorship And Is Even Worse Than It Sounds FlutterCommunist
2d 23h ago
34 JamesT69
1d 15h ago
For anyone who's gone through the American school system... TheArtFrog
2w 2d ago
92 Anemo-Noir
1d 16h ago
omg like everyones going to start smoking w33d and WE WILL KNOW WORLD PEACE infinitetolerance
1w 2d ago
14 JamesT69
1d 20h ago
are liberals good? and conservatives bad? evilwraith666
Dec 13, 2014
393 StrangeAxle
1d 21h ago
A second mass-murdering of LGBT people prevented. Saidryian
2w 5d ago
59 DemiurArts
1d 21h ago
Are republicans & conservatives to blame for the poisoning of 9,000 kids in Flint,Michigan? evilwraith666
2d 1h ago
15 StrangeAxle
1d 21h ago