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READ BEFORE POSTING - Politics Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Convicted Killer: Family of Victim Should "Get Over It" Ironhold
1w 3d ago
95 Fullmetaboy
21m 49s ago
Isis Rhapsodna
2w 10h ago
189 qattle
44m 38s ago
Homosexuals in the middle east are being exterminated DadofKids
1d 3h ago
50 RochambeauFR
52m 49s ago
Marriage Equality Undergr0undFurry
Jul 5, 2015
943 Undergr0undFurry
58m 46s ago
Signs of a dying culture DadofKids
5d 10h ago
86 LookBacktoFour
1h 8m ago
Wow.. you entered the Politics Forum. Run while you can! JoanLuck
1w 2d ago
103 TRbox
1h 41m ago
Birthright Citizenship - Anchor Babies awake1
1w 2d ago
131 RochambeauFR
3h 13m ago
Ex-reporter murders journalist and camera man on live TV 5-7x28mm
4d 9h ago
208 EbolaBears
4h 21m ago
will Donald Trump get nominated as a republican candidate? AnimalMother-getsome
4d 7h ago
57 GarbageHuman
4h 25m ago
Opinions on gender wage gap? Matteo-Da-Vinci
3d 18h ago
45 dragonestea
4h 55m ago
Regarding the rebel flag Badgercheese1994
2d 4h ago
163 RochambeauFR
6h 24m ago
"Slovakia will only accept Christian refugees" RochambeauFR
1w 2d ago
209 RochambeauFR
6h 35m ago
How does Europe expect to pay for all the immagraints? madnessmountains
4d 5h ago
77 RochambeauFR
6h 38m ago
The Racist Problem TimLavey
1w 6d ago
1,526 RochambeauFR
7h 1m ago
Are young people liberal/progressive simply because their brains aren't fully formed? VorpalPen
6d 11h ago
121 IstvanSzaboIfj
8h 9m ago
Racists inadvertently advocate deporting themselves - then backtrack AbCat
6d 3h ago
149 Kebabkrusher
8h 45m ago
Is the shooting of Deputy Goforth a terrorist attack? razdave
13h 1m ago
8 61021376
9h 21m ago
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15h 6m ago
4 morbidman187
10h 37m ago
Graphic Video Shows McDonald’s Supplier Abusing And Beating Chickens Quindayo
3d 5h ago
14 Cethlenn
11h 17m ago
Mar 5, 2015
182 infinitetolerance
11h 54m ago
Racism against white people Bobby-Studio
1w 1d ago
158 TRbox
12h 12m ago
Concerning how Jewish people have full control over the United States of America. LookBacktoFour
23h 42m ago
60 LookBacktoFour
12h 45m ago
Seriously, what goes on in the minds of those who support Donald Trump? tuxedomartyamvhub
2w 1d ago
563 IstvanSzaboIfj
14h 18m ago
Oath Keepers At Ferguson FlipswitchMANDERING
2w 5d ago
37 Maxi-Moran
16h 9m ago
Equality of Opprotunity? Or of Outcome? PhineasJamesVinci
3d 6h ago
34 61021376
18h 28m ago
Here's why conservatives hate immigrants TBSchemer
Jul 22, 2015
256 Ragerancher
1d 2h ago
Does racism exist against African Americans in the 21st century United States of America? evilwraith666
Dec 5, 2014
586 LookBacktoFour
1d 2h ago
July 2015 was the warmest month on record (globally) Morals2liveby
1w 2d ago
103 dragonestea
1d 14h ago
What are the real chances of an economic collapse JJWsmith
1w 2d ago
120 Rhapsodna
1d 22h ago
are liberals good? and conservatives bad? evilwraith666
Dec 13, 2014
286 Botchtastic
2d 4h ago
Another ISIS video.. Warning Graphic... TheMasterButcher999
1w 1d ago
48 hunterN05
2d 7h ago
Donald trump Rhapsodna
3w 1d ago
284 alphamale1980
2d 11h ago
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2d 14h ago
6 KovoWolf
2d 11h ago
Is the United States Not a free country anymore? ArtRock15
1w 20h ago
193 esalian9
3d 1h ago
Why do people get so offended when they are called "racists" ? evilwraith666
Apr 7, 2015
99 SpaniardWithKnives
3d 2h ago
A Christian bakery refuses to bake an anus shaped cake DadofKids
3d 3h ago
2 ToucheElfeAphrodite
3d 2h ago
Holocaust Rhapsodna
1w 2h ago
66 chickslovecats
3d 4h ago
Deviant wquon thinks gay marriage is a horrible thing... and that it's ruined his life? LookBacktoFour
3d 23h ago
4 LookBacktoFour
3d 23h ago
American aid worker was raped repeatedly by Calpih of Islam DadofKids
2w 1d ago
79 joedunphy
4d 3h ago