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READ BEFORE POSTING - Politics Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Turkey just moved it's borders without anyone knowing...really? bcrbuio3tvrbvt
2d 22h ago
49 Ragerancher
48s ago
Turkey 3 Russia/Assad 0 EbolaBearSoda
4d 23h ago
129 IstvanSzaboIfj
8m 42s ago
Waffle House Murder EbolaBearSoda
23h 56m ago
46 Saffireprowler
20m 1s ago
How is ISIS NOT islamic? yuukeievening
14h 2m ago
32 61021376
29m 34s ago
Irony: Turkey starts WW3 on Thanksgiving Novuso
5d 9h ago
122 EbolaBearSoda
37m 29s ago
The Muslim Problem JamesQLewis
1w 6d ago
329 JamesQLewis
54m 7s ago
Black Friday... Ragerancher
2d 7h ago
22 Ragerancher
1h 1m ago
A warning to Pro-Lifers... AspiePie
1d 19h ago
63 Smkiller
1h 53m ago
So... Processed meat causes cancer? Cyraina
4w 1d ago
129 Underdell
1h 59m ago
One Man Freedom fighter is another man's freedom fighter ChillSamurai
5h 18m ago
4 ChillSamurai
2h 33m ago
Ben Carson idiocy... Ragerancher
3w 3d ago
416 DefineDeviancyDown
2h 43m ago
Hate crimes against Muslims increase by 300% in Britain Valzeras
5d 3h ago
103 Madikitsu
3h 45m ago
So if Race is a social construct... rich-incel-quan-boy
3d 19h ago
49 Mixideath
4h 20m ago
france bombed ISIS elementary school and killed 28 children tetrazene
4d 3h ago
73 Kell0x
4h 39m ago
Russia winning hearts and mind in the West. Torran08
3d 3h ago
18 illuminatior
4h 44m ago
Open or Die intermetal
23h 25m ago
9 iBottle
5h 30m ago
Remember the crusades rich-incel-quan-boy
1d 21h ago
21 61021376
9h 6m ago
A return to white Europe? Valzeras
Sep 21, 2015
556 IstvanSzaboIfj
11h 53m ago
Millennials Want To Ban Offensive Speech Valzeras
4d 5h ago
60 Maxi-Moran
12h 54m ago
Black Lives Matter? JamesQLewis
1w 2h ago
115 JamesQLewis
13h 25m ago
Donald Trump says he would not rule out a Muslim database Ragerancher
1w 2d ago
219 yuukeievening
14h 9m ago
stupid Turkey is ruining everything!!!! evilwraith666
Aug 1, 2015
127 yuukeievening
14h 10m ago
Do you think a massive deportation is going to happen? Rhapsodna
1w 6d ago
256 yuukeievening
14h 14m ago
Is Bombing ISIS Really the Answer? Crecious
1w 3d ago
227 yuukeievening
14h 16m ago
'Diversity drives' contribute to white genocide? intermetal
3w 1d ago
307 thatwierdmusician
17h 37m ago
The contradictory arguments for Multiculturalism. intermetal
1w 2d ago
102 qattle
19h 38m ago
Tired of staying quiet Dooodlebug3000
1w 5d ago
144 JamesQLewis
20h 12m ago
Liberals Think Halloween is racist FlipswitchMANDERING
Oct 30, 2015
218 FlipswitchMANDERING
23h 31m ago
The Rosewood Massacre: White people destroying a could-be great Black community Mixideath
1d 3h ago
1 Mrs-Durden
1d 3m ago
looking back at what white people did, it seems they're the most insecure race out there Mixideath
1d 3h ago
17 Mrs-Durden
1d 4m ago
Seems Migrants are not the helpless refugees or peaceful immigrants the media portrays them as bcrbuio3tvrbvt
Oct 7, 2015
610 bcrbuio3tvrbvt
1d 2h ago
Feel The Bern!!! DefineDeviancyDown
Oct 20, 2015
78 DefineDeviancyDown
1d 3h ago
Will Chechnya have it's Independence ChillSamurai
1d 20h ago
2 DanielSmith300
1d 20h ago
People who say all liberals hate guns ChillSamurai
3d 1h ago
25 Saffireprowler
1d 23h ago
Isis beheading ChillSamurai
2d 4h ago
7 Clockblockers
1d 23h ago
Anti Islam protest in parts of EU and USA Valzeras
6d 3h ago
85 SpaniardWithKnives
2d 1h ago
French ..BackLash! greensap
2w 1d ago
306 SpaniardWithKnives
2d 1h ago
Westerners keep sucking Bathist cock ChillSamurai
2d 4h ago
2 ChillSamurai
2d 4h ago
The best way to end free trade deals and outsorucing is to boycott local made/brand goods Valzeras
4d 8h ago
21 blackbook668
2d 9h ago