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February 8, 2013


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I don't consider America a first world country

I don't consider America a first world country.

I think this because in order for a country to be a first world country, it needs equality and a fair justice system, as well as a way to escape and rise above the poverty system.

I don't think America has any of these.

a.) Gay people are hugely treated as cancer in America, especially in the Bible Belt, the south, where gays get it worse off them most other places in world. Gays are not even allowed the common dignity and right to marry, or adopt children. I understand this is changing in SOME states, but the process is moving very slow. I don't understand how these people can watch young boys (teenagers) be hanged on news and think it is good, when those boys could have been their son. Don't they consider how the parents feel? I find myself wondering a lot just the type of person it takes to think homophobia is good thing. Humans are not treated equally in America, so therefore this eliminates equality.

b.) America's justice system is not fair. It is EXTREMELY easy to a corrupt judge get into the court and make the decisions, and get away with it. America also uses the death penalty, where in nearly all of Europe and in Canada it is not. How do the ends justify the means? Its wrong to kill, so you teach that by killing? Its like telling your child not to hit and then hitting them. It just doesn't work. What about in special cases, like an abused wife, for example? And feels like kill is only escape. Also no free health care. Nearly all of Europe and Canada has health care, and is realized as basic right. This gives people the help that they need, when they need it. It eliminates corrupt doctors and finical aid. Poor people can get help they need, when they need it. No waiting for transplants, and no spending hundred of dollars for something as simple as anti-depressants or a puffer. This traps poor people into the poverty system. Poor person can not work, because they are ill, but do not have money to be well again. They trapped. Also, what about all the elderly and special needs people? What happens to them? This eliminates fair justice system and way to escape poverty system.

c.) Another thing I did not mention above. A first world country needs safety for people. America is not safe. People have right to bare hidden arms. You may say its your entitlement, but remember that the constitution for gun wielding has not been updated since it was made. This is back in time when people had to spend ten minutes filling their gun up with gun powder. Now man can buy big military gun that shoots 50 bullets in a matter of seconds easily to kill children with at your schools. We Europeans do not have this problem, nor do Canadians. Why do you think that is? America is not safe place to be, and I do not want to go there. Not safe.

This is why I think America is not a first world country. Thank you for listening. That is my opinion and all I have to say for now. I am interesting in what you say.

Keep it civil. No flaming or trolling. No hate. We must get along well, no fight. Thank you.

Sorry, my English not great.

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RavynneNevyrmore Apr 27, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I don't consider America a first world country.

I think this because in order for a country to be a first world country, it needs equality and a fair justice system, as well as a way to escape and rise above the poverty system.

Well when you make up your own definitions for things, you are welcome to arbitrarily decide that anything is or is not one of those things. I, for example, don't consider bananas to be a fruit, since in order for a thing to be a fruit I believe it must be generally spherical. Therefore bananas are not fruit.

Also: [link]

If you're going to start getting as picky as you want to be about how exclusive the "First World Country" sorority is, you're going to have to break those distinctions down into way, way more than three groups, 'cause I'm afraid we're still pretty damn attractive compared to most of the campus even with that zit on our nose.
I agree. I'm sick of Americans trying to prove that they are the center of the universe.
RestInMotion Apr 27, 2013
That has nothing to do with being a first world country.
WiffleBall Apr 14, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Why does this thread have over 800 posts? OP is trolling and not even doing that good of a job. WHY ARE YOU ALL STILL HERE.
qwertywithak Apr 14, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
But, first world, second world, third world, all of that deals with the economy. We have a first world economy.
Ew, who would eat smelly, rotten mutated American food? Only Americans. Nobody in the East with a brain would dare touch your disgusting genetically modified food. The only advantage that Americans have is that they put 90% of their economy and wealth into their military.
binarystep Apr 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, cause I'd like to eat that good old rotting, bug-infested nat-u-ral food!
LilMalygos Apr 11, 2013  Student
>I don't consider America a first world country.

Of course, lol.

But, Colorado is a nice place. I want to go there.
JohnnieMorgan Mar 23, 2013   Traditional Artist
...but at least we're not the Middle East.
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