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January 16, 2013


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Farm Bill-2013

Just cause I have yet to see a thread discussing the much needed US Federal Farm Bill revision/extension.
([link] 'quick' pdf document that somewhat sums up the current farm bill, set to expire 9 months from the third)

So, just do as you always do, come at it from every angle, bring up all the facts you find, discuss, flame, whatever.
Things like cons/pros of farm bill in the first place, what could make it better/worse, implications, long/short term impacts, what happens if nothing is done, just anything you can think of.
Ready, GO!

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Devious Comments


I had a milk related topic not too long ago that addressed part of the extension.
1940's bullshit legislation that forces the government to buy milk is bullshit legislation.
Not getting into the details all over again.:rage:
The farm bill doesn't just make the government buy milk :o just look at page 5 of the dang link and it covers everything the bill covers. If you still think that's bullshit, then okedoke, but at least know the whole story first.
Yeah I know about the milk not being THE ONLY item in the bill. Duh.. I am just saying the 1940s bullshit that costs tax payer money over stupid fucking milk is a disgrace.
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