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December 18, 2012


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train teachers to make head shots

Article by Gordon Duff, a former Marine sniper and “expert” on SWAT, kidnapping and hostage issues:

Keeping it simple, I advocate a “head shot” as a way of dealing with people who shoot children, schools or elsewhere.

In the early 70′s, Israel was faced with much greater problems of armed terrorist attacks on schools. The cry for more gun control was heard then too, but Israel very carefully analyzed all possible options before adopting the proactive position of arming and training their teachers. School shootings stopped and terrorists looked for easier targets. Gun control never has and never will stop criminals and madmen from carrying out acts of gun violence.


it seems like a practical solution for school shootings carried out by either Israeli Mossad ([link]) or a genuine lone gunman.

I also think the classrooms will be a lot quieter and students more respectful if teachers have a license to kill. What do you think?

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heaven-spawn Dec 23, 2012
That's seems to be very urgent and also very demanding because it need to be change the mind set in early age, so that next time that kind of thing never happened.
WhiskyOmega Dec 20, 2012  Professional General Artist
It would only take one student getting their hands on their teacher's weapon and harming themselves or their classmates to turn that idea on it's head.
neurotype Dec 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
This is definitely a better idea than training teachers to recognize and act on early signs of mental issues in children. :nod:
h-irsch Dec 19, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Oh, more firearms. Lovely.
I'd give it days at the most before the weapons start falling into the hands of the students. Kids are smart and get everywhere. Kids can pick locks, crack codes, hack computers. They can do all that and be incredibly stupid at the same time.

This measure will put schools in far more danger than they are now.
i agree, all it takes is one unstable kid who gets bullied and it could all go wrong.
It doesn't even need to be deliberate.
exactly, and then the finger will get pointed at whoever allowed it too happen.
Israel has a 60 day waiting period for gun purchases, you must be deemed mentally fit to own one, you are trained in its use and you get 50 bullets for the rest of your life. We should be doing all of this.

Remember when two trained police officers shot 9 bystanders while attempting to take down a man at the Empire State building last august? Doesn't really make the case for having armed teachers in a classroom, does it?[link]

The day of this (most recent) shooting, a man did the exact same thing in a school in China, except with a knife instead of a gun. 4 kids were wounded, 0 were killed. Guns are the obvious problem here.
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