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December 10, 2012


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iranians skin lolcats


Iran took another step in its plans to eradicate Western influence from its Internet, with the weekend launch of its very own, government-sanctioned, censored and monitored video-sharing site, called Mehr.

The attempt to localise the business of posting and sharing lolcat videos is a new angle for the Iranian regime, which has previously concentrated on strict censorship that includes a ban on using VPN software.


I just repeated that quote without making an assessment of whether iran views lolcats positively ([link]), and whether they are actually making efforts to censor lolcats.

I'm not even sure what an lolcat is.

That basically summarises how western journalism works. Just replace 'lolcat' with 'enriched uranium' ([link]). After the Iraq debacle, Western media has as much credibility as this site: [link]

If only the media didn't make so much money selling lies and shorting stocks: [link]


Consequently, Europeans are tuning in to an iranian media channel called press tv because it is unbiased and ethical. Or at least they were. This channel was censored by the West because it posed a threat to their monopoly on the "truth" ([link]). I can haz censorship?

Youtube also frequently censors 911 truth videos

Given censorship in the West, isn't it hypocritical to criticise Iran's new version of youtube? Do you think that Israel should have it's own little internet and keep their grubby war propaganda in that digital ghetto?

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Devious Comments

skulkey Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
if you had put "no, wait!" at the end of your thread title, it would be a perfect parody of jakouboo.
Wow, you're about four years late. What's next, a mudkipz meme?

"The zionist influence in the media is OVER NINE THOUSSAAAAAAAANNNNNNDD!"

"All your 9/11 are belong to israel"

"Yo Israelis, we heard you like to dance, so we put explosives in your van so you can drive while you drive"
And now that I just finished reading your thread... You're resorting to lolcats now to make an argument? :lol:
I thought i'd dumb it down to your level.
And you dumbed it down so much, which is an accomplishment itself, that you sound really fucking desperate.
Agent-Sarah Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
More like YOUR level.
siantjudas Dec 10, 2012   Digital Artist
You only get nine, stop it.
Yeah, my comment about desperation? This fucking proves my point. You can't even handle a little comment without totally lashing out :lol:
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