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November 15, 2012


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Operation Pillar defence and the Middle east in general.

Okay, so for the last few years I have most ignored the goings on in the middle east, except for Americas war on terror including Their latest conquests, Iran's supposed pursuit of Nuclear arms and the general mapping of the area, where the countries are and who's who etc.

...But I have mostly ignored the middle east it self as in The fighting between Israel and various "terror" organisations, their agression towards the Gaza strip . Now I have picked up bits and pieces and pieced some information together from that but If anyone could take the time to explain in detail what all this fuss in the middle east over the last few decades has all been about and providing links to articles I could research would be great.

A complete general over view of the last few decades would be much appreciated and any links, articles or videos you could recommend would be fantastic. I'm mainly interested in Israel, Egypt, What the deal with the west bank, the background of Humas and other terror organisation and their motives etc. and that whole general area and the people who live in it.

The reason I ask, Is with things in the middle east reaching boiling point as of late I would feel much better knowing my shit instead of just watching the news and only grasping the general goings on. I would love to be able to stick on the news and understand every detail of what's being said.

Anyone who replies. Thank you in advance. :D

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Devious Comments

I forgot to mention, I would like this information from someone who know what they are talking about but is unbiased! Unless of course you are directing me to an unbiased article from a good source.

Please & thank you :)
Vel-drawings Nov 15, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That's what is going on over and over again [link]
Thanks but not what I was looking for. And I don't believe that guy as a reliable source with his Jew hat on.
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