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November 15, 2012


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American Anti Corruption Act

[link] The answer to Citizens United. Get money out of politics!

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Devious Comments

I'm always thinking and saying to fellow Cambodian friends that our
country(The Kingdom of Cambodia) will be under the Vietnamese control
and sooner becomes Kampuchear Krom today. Friends said to me that
Cambodia will not disappear from the world map no matter how
Vietnamese trying to shape our country. That may be true but look at
their history in the past hundreds of years. They expand their
territory from way up north to where they're at right now. Why don't
Khmer politicians learn that lesson? come on misters. Even the three
years old American kids can do politic better than you guys. Stop
greedy and begin to rebuild Cambodia. Put your mistresses on your
behind and your country atop of your heads. Don't beg the Vietnamese
for our independence, fight them for our country or we will face the
Svenler Nov 15, 2012  Professional Photographer
They had that discussion on RT last night and while the guests are usually quite diverse in opinion, I was quite amazed that no one mentioned that the best way to limit the influence of money on politics is to limit the power of government to skew the market.
That would be a lot like fighting crime by decimating the legal system - technically valid, but ultimately meaningless.
Svenler Nov 16, 2012  Professional Photographer
As per usual, you have no idea what you are talking about.

Limiting the power of government to skew the market in favor of interest groups is not even close to not prosecuting criminals, but nonetheless, I'd like to see you make a case how it is.
I shouldn't need to explain a simple simile. Do you honestly believe that people who would buy off the government for an advantage in the marketplace would suddenly become honest businessmen once the government weren't there to be bought off?People don't cheat because it's possible, they cheat because it pays off.
Svenler Nov 16, 2012  Professional Photographer
Yes, if you try to compare apples to oranges, you need to explain (which you incidentally still haven't done).

"Do you honestly believe that people who would buy off the government for an advantage in the marketplace would suddenly become honest businessmen once the government weren't there to be bought off?"

That's not the question, the question is how to get money out of politics and the easiest solution is to limit the power of the government to skew the market.

If you have a better solution, please do tell.
First, we need to dislodge root sources. Like religion.
snuffles11 Nov 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
There are obviously only two choices here...

Either chain up all the money so it can't work it's devious evil on people, or castrate government (and cut off it's limbs, and gouge it's eyes out).

Yes, both seem perfectly reasonable to me.

...*sighs* Either extreme, every time. Always. Never gets old.
The reason your proposal won't work is because there's far too many different ways for politicians and political activists to bribe each other. Buying votes with taxpayer money is just as corrupt as buying monetary donations with taxpayer money.

Also, the proposal to "end secret money" is basically an invitation for political retribution against people for expressing their opinions. This is completely unconstitutional, and very unethical.

Finally, voters don't need added incentives to put more of their own money into the political process. These sort of tax incentives always backfire in some way, resulting in reduced revenue for the state without much gain for the prosperity of the people. If you really want people to have more money available to them under their own control, then you should favor eliminations of deductions and incentives like this, couple with major reductions in the income tax rates. That way people can spend that money on whatever interests they feel are most valuable, rather than being forced to spend that money on supporting political candidates.
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