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September 3, 2011


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Gang Stalking/Electronic Harassment/Mind Control/Voice to Skull Technology


Read up on that.

Google the subject.

I get tortured everyday.

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Panpanther Sep 12, 2011
The level of language used in that link was too low so I stopped reading.

However, I am interested in the theoretical end of privacy, when we can be monitored by mosquito-sized cameras and when people can beam audio signals directly into our inner ears, when anything you say or do can and will be recorded by someone, somewhere, and when there are no strangers because your contact lenses will scan faces, license plates, fingerprints, etc. and link the information to an online database.

David D. Friedman is interested in this as well, so much so that he wrote a book on it called "Future Imperfect." Somewhat poetically, he put it online so it can be read for free: [link]
Hyenaworks Sep 7, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Craaaaaawling in my skiiiiiiinnnnn
these wounds they cannot heal
Get that icon shit out of here.
You could've turned it off when you made the thread.
What is it that you wished to discuss/debate? :lock::lock:
IDK, mind reading technology.
brimax Sep 3, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Yes Virginia, there is a Gangstalking.

Facts: Gangstalking has been on the news 3 times in three different states. It appears to be a growing problem.

San Antonio, Texas Kens5

Santa Cruz, California KION Fox 35-can be seen on youtube (original page on the news site is gone)

Louisville, Kentucky WKLY news

There has been 1 documented case of a man (James Walbert) suing for electronic harrassment. The good news is he won the case!

Wired Magazine Article on Electronic Harrassment below

Those who scoff need to take heed. Everyone who challenges the status quo may be in danger of community-based harassment.
See DEVART political thread about the atheist student that opposed opposed the school prayer.

Note to thread creator: -Link to the main stuff first before going all tin foil on em! You left no room for debate on the subject and the thread may get closed quick on this very important topic. Linking to a wall of text isn't helping!
it's just immature asshattery, no arguing against that. I just find it extremely amusing that adults resort to that.
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