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READ BEFORE POSTING - Politics Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
anybody who opposes capitalism should be jailed goddammitbobby
3d 25m ago
352 goddammitbobby
20s ago
gun control Rhapsodna
2d 21h ago
79 Saffireprowler
1m 35s ago
trump vs bernie evilwraith666
1w 5d ago
81 khanakus111
5m 55s ago
bolsheviks vs mensheviks? goddammitbobby
1d 20h ago
13 goddammitbobby
27m 13s ago
Okay I have a question.. If I hate Race-mixers and Jews can I... TheMasterButcher999
3w 3d ago
80 MagusTheLofty
27m 34s ago
Should the US or other countries make laws to regulate activity on the internet? Internetexplorer968
1w 4d ago
78 Internetexplorer968
27m 59s ago
Native German nurse kicked out of her home to make way for refugees Valzeras
1w 1d ago
115 Internetexplorer968
29m 58s ago
Can you be Liberal and be a Republican? Can you be a Conservative Democrat? JanellaIfy
3w 5d ago
48 MagusTheLofty
36m 19s ago
Does it matter if Obama is a Muslim? intermetal
1w 3d ago
103 MagusTheLofty
39m 31s ago
Socialism for the USA jke1974
3w 2d ago
253 BFTU
54m 53s ago
USA to accept Syrian refugees Rhapsodna
2w 1h ago
135 Ravennatheblackqueen
1h 5m ago
Denmark: "Refugees" Fleeing Due to Cuts in Welfare Benefits RochambeauFR
3w 6h ago
439 RochambeauFR
1h 8m ago
I am proud of Germany.... TheMasterButcher999
6d 1h ago
166 Ravennatheblackqueen
1h 9m ago
Comparing abotion to guns intermetal
1d 2h ago
53 Saffireprowler
1h 44m ago
Should 4chan be taken down? Taran13573794
2d 18h ago
86 Chopsuey9444
2h 18m ago
Radical islam specific types of terror activities in the west Valzeras
3d 16h ago
56 joedunphy
2h 35m ago
Dawkins attacked for telling the truth. intermetal
1w 6d ago
99 Valzeras
3h 28m ago
OTC active NBA five suction gold king cnjosephine
1w 6d ago
3 morbidman187
4h 23m ago
The Indian Connect dancingduchess
3d 12h ago
42 joedunphy
4h 59m ago
Donald Trump KoreanWhale
2d 20h ago
32 joedunphy
5h 2m ago
fix it Rhapsodna
2w 6d ago
31 Doc-Skitz
5h 5m ago
Why is Trump the person to vote for? infinitetolerance
1w 6d ago
103 N7Lancelot
5h 12m ago
Birthright Citizenship - Anchor Babies awake1
Aug 21, 2015
244 awake1
5h 42m ago
Femen disrupt Muslim confederence in France Valzeras
2w 6d ago
46 DefineDeviancyDown
7h 14m ago
17h 12m ago
19 morbidman187
7h 15m ago
Common sense- Obama has Mt. McKinley's name be reverted back to Mt. Denali hooded-wanderer
Aug 31, 2015
84 DefineDeviancyDown
7h 16m ago
Austalia's got a new prime minister. divine--apathia
2w 6d ago
34 DefineDeviancyDown
7h 17m ago
what was the sole nation founded on the enslavement of one race and the genocide of another? evilwraith666
Jul 2, 2015
160 DefineDeviancyDown
7h 18m ago
the first amendment gives me the right to say that the 2nd amendment sucks. here's why evilwraith666
21h 7m ago
13 DefineDeviancyDown
7h 18m ago
stupid Turkey is ruining everything!!!! evilwraith666
Aug 1, 2015
115 DefineDeviancyDown
7h 18m ago
Another mass shooting - inside job/fake? Valzeras
2d 14h ago
58 DoctorV23
7h 50m ago
Some fact checking on the Syrian refugee crisis hooded-wanderer
2w 1d ago
329 IstvanSzaboIfj
8h 6m ago
Hungary on the spotlight again for 'concentration camp' Valzeras
3w 2d ago
364 IstvanSzaboIfj
13h 20m ago
Israel to execute stone throwers on the spot with sniper fire Valzeras
2w 2d ago
322 Koshej
14h 30m ago
Does the term "libtard" refer to liberals or libertarians? Taran13573794
2w 2d ago
26 kitsumekat
16h 13m ago
The real reason why blacks get murdered more by cops. infinitetolerance
6d 6h ago
72 RedWingsDragon
19h 2m ago
Presidential candidates poisonenemy
1w 4h ago
9 Saffireprowler
19h 28m ago
Israel, yay or nay Aquaticbaby
1w 1d ago
48 thegreatamphibian
19h 39m ago
USA airstrikes leaves 3 dead and 30 missing. These were Doctors Without Borders. Skye4all
1d 8h ago
26 Legio-X
19h 47m ago