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READ BEFORE POSTING - Politics Forum Rules 3wyl
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
Is there any real explanation for why liberals favor cats, and conservatives favor dogs?(serious) wraithsith
32m 13s ago
3 Lytrigian
15s ago
what steps can the dems do to increase size of the bum class before 2016 meanus
5d 23h ago
113 JoeBostonPhotography
8m 43s ago
Are Men too Desperate for Sex? There is a Solution. TBSchemer
May 30, 2014
220 JoeBostonPhotography
10m 49s ago
Why do people worship reagan? wraithsith
4w 19h ago
83 wraithsith
26m 44s ago
Bering Straight theory might be a lie! wraithsith
3d 23h ago
16 Lytrigian
35m 4s ago
Should Gaza be made a UN territory? Ragerancher
20h 29m ago
45 UnknownSingularity
48m 20s ago
The kidnaped Israeli teenagers Sobola
Jul 1, 2014
270 Novuso
50m 38s ago
Would you pay an "Internet Tax?" Adelaidejohn1967
9h 7m ago
27 Lytrigian
1h 2m ago
Am I Still a Feminist? Are You? Chronorin
1w 2d ago
322 QueenCold
1h 6m ago
Darth Vader 2016 VomitBear
6d 17h ago
99 ChakatBlackstar
1h 25m ago
Is Geekdom something our age will be remembered for? malkafian
3d 47m ago
39 Novuso
1h 33m ago
Edward Snowden reveals leader of ISIS to be a MOSSAD agent siegeonthorstadt
11h 52m ago
13 Dayanx
1h 34m ago
Teapartier's Wet Dream Saeter
1w 2d ago
236 Dayanx
1h 43m ago
Russians shoot down Malaysian airliner in Ukraine VomitBear
2w 4h ago
303 VomitBear
2h 4m ago
what nation was founded on the enslavement of one race and the genocide of another? evilwraith666
4w 18h ago
376 evilwraith666
2h 7m ago
Just thought I'd drop this and see what happens - #feminism #debate! TheStrategos
1w 7h ago
57 otterwillow
2h 51m ago
War and chaos, poverty, despair...tyranny on the move meanus
1d 6h ago
23 meanus
4h 12m ago
USA really up themselves? Matthew-Cawthrone
2d 11h ago
26 DutchConnaisseur
5h 2m ago
Bill’s secret ‘mistress,’ the ‘Energizer’ FlipswitchMANDERING
1w 1d ago
38 alphamale1980
6h 2m ago
The War on Men Unvalanced
Mar 12, 2014
1,522 Unvalanced
6h 58m ago
Why not bring back the guillotine for capital punishment? Ragerancher
1w 10h ago
88 CaptainMisuzu
8h 10m ago
Is this the sign of a BAD Government? Adelaidejohn1967
1d 7h ago
36 Adelaidejohn1967
9h 8m ago
is pharrell Williams (the \"happy\" guy) racist? wraithsith
Jun 6, 2014
265 ryan1147
10h 5s ago
I'm starting to wonder if technology isn't a measure of the advancement of a particular society wraithsith
1d 16h ago
17 siegeonthorstadt
11h 43m ago
What do you think of the US president? Beatles24
6d 22h ago
82 lovesJohnLennon
14h 21m ago
World War I ppgrainbow
3d 2h ago
32 ppgrainbow
17h 20m ago
Was mount rushmore built on a racial premise? wraithsith
3w 2d ago
89 Diacraft
19h 42m ago
Why do a lot of people hate Republicans? Eraezr
3w 1d ago
598 Diacraft
19h 54m ago
should Andrew Jackson be removed from the twenty dollar bill due to his treatment of native american wraithsith
Jun 10, 2014
400 Diacraft
20h 3m ago
Does it matter now that half of congress are millionaries?( USA) wraithsith
Jun 2, 2014
109 wraithsith
20h 19m ago
why are muslims so desperate to kill christians, jews, hindus...etc meanus
1d 5h ago
36 3wyl
21h 31m ago
Should we employ cats as agents against terrorists? wraithsith
1d 4m ago
14 3wyl
21h 33m ago
Obama Funding Terrorists Lead To Current Iraqi Violence FlipswitchMANDERING
Jun 15, 2014
148 FlipswitchMANDERING
23h 19m ago
Marijuana does kill afterall. Eman333
1w 4d ago
124 gamera68
1d 1h ago
"america", "Caucasians"& "semetic" - politically incorrect/misused wraithsith
Apr 18, 2014
388 wraithsith
1d 5h ago
Do you feel safer with the new domestic army now in place in America? VorpalPen
1w 3d ago
69 maddmatt
1d 6h ago
environmentalism meets with sex... vut the hell! wraithsith
3w 23m ago
28 theBlackWolff
1d 14h ago
Chaos Everywhere, Looks LIke the Horrors of World War III are Approaching. StephenL
1w 7h ago
51 phoenixleo
1d 20h ago
why do the blue states have such a colossal debt? meanus
1w 1d ago
57 Lytrigian
1d 23h ago