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READ BEFORE POSTING - Politics Forum Rules 3wyl
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
Rogan SirCassie
2h 38m ago
2 CommanderGordon
8m 34s ago
Burgers and Bullets DoctorV23
3d 17m ago
56 DoctorV23
17m 48s ago
A New Union Jack? madgerman123
10h 57m ago
15 CommanderGordon
19m 17s ago
Republicans plan to attract women by treating them like idiots EbolaBearVomit
3d 4h ago
154 CommanderGordon
20m 55s ago
NATO releases satellite imagery showing Russian combat troops inside Ukraine TheRedSnifit
2d 7h ago
100 CommanderGordon
21m 31s ago
Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice Debate Anyone? MangekyoMarie
2w 6d ago
1,032 CommanderGordon
47m 57s ago
Why do we ignore the basic human rights of palestinians in the name of "fighting terrorism'? wraithsith
3w 5d ago
178 kimberleyblackstar
1h 3m ago
World War II ppgrainbow
3h 4m ago
6 ppgrainbow
1h 37m ago
Scottish Independance: Yay or Nay? megasean3000
3w 1d ago
199 megasean3000
2h 35m ago
Political Affiliation? owls-and-tea
10h 42m ago
15 DelSolTormenta
3h 3m ago
The Anti-British 'Labour Party' and the Rotherham Horror. intermetal
1d 37m ago
31 intermetal
3h 5m ago
Is America the Greatest Country in the World? madgerman123
21h 11m ago
53 mondu
3h 31m ago
California Democrats moving to ban body armor TBSchemer
1d 15h ago
37 hunterN05
4h 13m ago
BK has it their way, moves to Canada to dodge taxes VorpalPen
5d 17h ago
118 VorpalPen
6h 9m ago
We have the capability to make the USA fueled by 100% renewable energy, why aren't we doing so? wraithsith
3w 4d ago
53 Valzeras
6h 15m ago
How to Ensure the Safety of Unborn Children ZevTheClusterLizard
3w 6d ago
66 Kinola14
7h 8m ago
Monarchists? madgerman123
6d 8h ago
64 Horus2299
8h 46m ago
Truths I've seen with men's activism movements. Eraezr
3w 1d ago
220 Totally-dead
9h 6m ago
California Democrats ban consensual, non-verbal sex TBSchemer
1d 16h ago
22 TBSchemer
9h 42m ago
World War I ppgrainbow
Jul 28, 2014
94 ppgrainbow
10h 16m ago
Should we send special forces against ISIS in Iraq? wraithsith
2w 5d ago
88 afterthedream
11h 56m ago
Should we extend more protection/legislation/rights to animals? wraithsith
16h 16m ago
9 Squad1rox
12h 49m ago
Israel compared to Native Americans Dastgah
Jul 31, 2014
198 pockytae
14h 43m ago
Who is the Greatest US President of the United States of America? madgerman123
5d 12h ago
179 Saffireprowler
15h 1m ago
should Andrew Jackson be removed from the twenty dollar bill due to his treatment of native american wraithsith
Jun 10, 2014
423 wraithsith
15h 21m ago
Is there any real explanation for why liberals favor cats, and conservatives favor dogs?(serious) wraithsith
Jul 31, 2014
109 wraithsith
16h 10m ago
Culture!!! TimLavey
4d 40m ago
62 Underdell
16h 51m ago
where were u when the towers fell JJWsmith
6d 11h ago
52 afterthedream
18h 6m ago
Justice for Dillion Taylor Black cop killing a white 20 year old? DryBonesReborn
1w 3d ago
34 TheDayTripper
18h 11m ago
Why do people worship reagan? wraithsith
Jul 2, 2014
158 TheDayTripper
18h 12m ago
Hilary Clintons War Hawking FlipswitchMANDERING
4d 16h ago
47 DefineDeviancyDown
21h 47m ago
US non-interventionism. intermetal
2d 19h ago
31 UnknownSingularity
1d 2m ago
Could World of Warcraft be used as an economic model to find solutions? Eraezr
1w 3d ago
38 optimusprime22
1d 1h ago Lagi Promo Besar-Besaran Untuk Casino Online mrbid
1d 5h ago
7 rockstar1009
1d 1h ago
Unintended side-effects of the US' 2nd Amendment ChakatBlackstar
2w 2d ago
381 CommanderGordon
1d 6h ago
Who will win 2016? madgerman123
1d 20h ago
18 OhKelseyYou
1d 8h ago
Rick Perry indicted on charges of abuse of power and coercion. hooded-wanderer
2w 2d ago
109 TBSchemer
2d 7h ago
are liberals the view of the future and conservatives the view of the past? wraithsith
2w 1d ago
38 61021376
2d 12h ago
Thanks to obummer lobbyists have more power, now hollywood has more power over TPP ihatedeviantart11
5d 12h ago
10 NemesisAuthority
2d 14h ago