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READ BEFORE POSTING - Politics Forum Rules 3wyl
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
liberals cant debate their failed politics so they block you instead meanus
3d 1h ago
90 FlipswitchMANDERING
2m 25s ago
Muh freedoms blackbook668
6h 9m ago
36 blackbook668
6m 5s ago
Prostitution infinitetolerance
3w 1d ago
71 Diacraft
16m 9s ago
The War on Men Unvalanced
Mar 12, 2014
1,241 Diacraft
19m 51s ago
Should mein kampf be taught in schools GRIME-GOA
12h 40m ago
21 Ragerancher
21m 53s ago
Why is Southern Culture Treated as Being Equivalent to "American Culture"? Jeysie
2d 19h ago
230 Diacraft
32m 34s ago
I'd put a chip in my kid. infinitetolerance
2d 23h ago
37 Diacraft
1h 4m ago
Why don't the oppressed fight? LogicalWomen
Mar 19, 2014
248 Diacraft
1h 13m ago
Freedom of Religion MattVoscinar
1w 1d ago
72 Diacraft
1h 50m ago
22h 3m ago
1h 56m ago
why is socialism such a horrble failure for most meanus
Mar 20, 2014
178 This-is-no-name
2h 44m ago
Reverse Racism infinitetolerance
3w 21h ago
171 FaisalOrb
2h 52m ago
What. The. Fuck. Governments... I'm so frustrated. StrandedTal
1w 1d ago
95 organiccumshot
2h 54m ago
How do you define liberal and conservative? ninjawolfleader
Mar 15, 2014
110 DefineDeviancyDown
2h 58m ago
Did Hitler shake hands with Jesse Owen GRIME-GOA
1w 19h ago
52 Doc-Skitz
5h 28m ago
Mysterious cancers prove nuclear demolition? Politically-Correct
2d 16h ago
111 aillin1
5h 42m ago
Wage Discrimination And Exploitation Of The Youth By Corporations FlipswitchMANDERING
2d 13h ago
163 siantjudas
5h 46m ago
Guaranteed Basic Income? Hopesick
6d 1h ago
161 formatela
11h 13m ago
Raising the Minimum Wage in America Dastgah
3w 5d ago
273 Mclandis
12h 30m ago
How do you guys determine a political party? TwinPhoton
4d 12h ago
49 TheImpossiblePast
15h 39m ago
What makes an American, an American? Jeysie
4w 22h ago
686 picturefragments
19h 58m ago
Rand Paul is positioning himself to be president TBSchemer
Mar 8, 2014
303 AvSkyggene
21h 43m ago
BLM should be disbanded (Like most federal agencies) silversongwriter
1w 5d ago
122 Doc-Skitz
1d 1h ago
Myths About Child Abuse LogicalWomen
1w 6d ago
386 HerosandZeros
1d 4h ago
IQ doesn't mean shit? infinitetolerance
3w 1d ago
137 Z-Pikachu
1d 5h ago
"america", "Caucasians"& "semetic" - politically incorrect/misused wraithsith
5d 21h ago
204 Please-Not-Last
1d 13h ago
Ukrainian Jew Registration traced as ADL Hoax Politically-Correct
3d 21h ago
51 Politically-Correct
1d 19h ago
Discrimination laws silversongwriter
1w 17h ago
104 silversongwriter
2d 3h ago
Just a thought shehrozeameen
Mar 21, 2014
166 shehrozeameen
2d 7h ago
Cabins on the moon Afrobo
6d 15h ago
98 Afrobo
2d 8h ago
Its confirmed, America is not a democracy. lvt123
6d 11h ago
102 siantjudas
2d 10h ago
Writing Comissions Open RasendesenRudusi
2d 16h ago
1 RasendesenRudusi
2d 16h ago
Protecting Birth Control Coverage for Young People Pin-eye
3w 2h ago
232 Mclandis
2d 22h ago
Beauty and Self-Perceived Beauty of Different Races infinitetolerance
5d 18h ago
10 infinitetolerance
2d 23h ago
Rapist Millionaire Spared Prison scythepuppet
3w 2d ago
242 Diacraft
3d 2h ago
Should the fast food industry even exist? TurkEvulture
1w 1d ago
27 Ragerancher
3d 4h ago
Thoughts on the Russia/Ukraine Crisis? TheMidnightWhisp
Mar 16, 2014
236 TheMidnightWhisp
3d 5h ago
Capitalism TheRavenousRaven
4d 4h ago
16 UnknownSingularity
3d 8h ago
Should lesser developed countries reduce carbon emissions as part of a global initiative? mgonzales041090
1w 15h ago
26 ArtisticAxis
3d 17h ago