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READ BEFORE POSTING - Politics Forum Rules 3wyl
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
are liberals the view of the future and conservatives the view of the past? wraithsith
5d 13h ago
32 PotatoOni
12m 46s ago
Is Al Sharpton on his way to Texas? maddmatt
1d 16h ago
36 maddmatt
28m 37s ago
Rick Perry indicted on charges of abuse of power and coercion. hooded-wanderer
6d 7h ago
100 maddmatt
32m 54s ago
Michael Brown's death and the ensuing chaos Xadrea
1w 22h ago
237 Xadrea
38m 52s ago
Should America bomb Britain? intermetal
1d 3h ago
14 intermetal
43m 28s ago
Can the media please stop calling them 'Britons'. intermetal
1d 21h ago
91 intermetal
46m 4s ago
Truths I've seen with men's activism movements. Eraezr
1w 5d ago
133 myname1z4xs
51m 45s ago
Powell shooting by cops caught on tape, refutes the police official report Underdell
2h 33m ago
6 Gidrog
56m 38s ago
All anti-militarians gather here! organist1989
2w 1d ago
84 esalian9
1h 9m ago
Why do Western 'leaders' tell pretty lies about Islam? intermetal
14h 37m ago
45 intermetal
1h 24m ago
Justice for Dillion Taylor Black cop killing a white 20 year old? DryBonesReborn
22h 53m ago
11 Ragerancher
1h 24m ago
should Andrew Jackson be removed from the twenty dollar bill due to his treatment of native american wraithsith
Jun 10, 2014
416 Ed5421
1h 46m ago
Women are smarter then men according to Michelle Obama ProjectCornDog
2w 1d ago
134 Ed5421
1h 47m ago
Scottish Independance: Yay or Nay? megasean3000
1w 5d ago
152 intermetal
2h 22m ago
scientific proof our way of life is almost dead JJWsmith
13h 59s ago
104 3wyl
2h 27m ago
Could World of Warcraft be used as an economic model to find solutions? Eraezr
8h 38m ago
12 TristanCody
2h 55m ago
Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice Debate Anyone? MangekyoMarie
1w 4d ago
795 Underdell
3h 9m ago
Another Promised Land ? BlackBloodedEdward11
21h 49m ago
27 intermetal
3h 50m ago
Nobody's brought up Ferguson, MO yet? scythepuppet
1w 22h ago
239 RobStrand
4h 40m ago
Unintended side-effects of the US' 2nd Amendment ChakatBlackstar
1w 1h ago
270 RobStrand
4h 53m ago
$41.8 million and still going strong... LeiLaniOtter
1d 1h ago
9 Novuso
5h 15m ago
Should we send special forces against ISIS in Iraq? wraithsith
1w 2d ago
74 Cenaris
6h 53m ago
Should Gaza be made a UN territory? Ragerancher
3w 1d ago
210 xAlalax
9h 43m ago
Is there any real explanation for why liberals favor cats, and conservatives favor dogs?(serious) wraithsith
3w 18h ago
103 Bella-ran
11h 18m ago
We have the capability to make the USA fueled by 100% renewable energy, why aren't we doing so? wraithsith
2w 1d ago
31 Bella-ran
11h 23m ago
Should we just f*** over Darren Wilson( the cop that murdered michael brown) and call it a day? evilwraith666
6d 18h ago
116 AJGlass
12h 57s ago
you could be unknowingly funding your political opponents!!! evilwraith666
17h 19m ago
9 Novuso
13h 5m ago
I'm starting to wonder if technology isn't a measure of the advancement of a particular society wraithsith
3w 2d ago
51 PutresVigil
13h 7m ago
environmentalism meets with sex... vut the hell! wraithsith
Jul 10, 2014
38 xRixt
16h 26m ago
Why do we ignore the basic human rights of palestinians in the name of "fighting terrorism'? wraithsith
2w 2d ago
165 wraithsith
18h 54m ago
Does it matter now that half of congress are millionaries?( USA) wraithsith
Jun 2, 2014
130 wraithsith
20h 20m ago
World War I ppgrainbow
3w 3d ago
65 ppgrainbow
21h 23m ago
Don't throw rocks at me, I'm a good self-hating liberal white! intermetal
21h 36m ago
1 3wyl
21h 24m ago
"america", "Caucasians"& "semetic" - politically incorrect/misused wraithsith
Apr 18, 2014
396 wraithsith
1d 1h ago
Can there be a country where Islam is banned? intermetal
1d 23h ago
61 3wyl
1d 2h ago
Clive Palmer rants against 'Chinese Mongrels' badeyedeers
1d 8h ago
5 badeyedeers
1d 5h ago
Impressions of America Irishfury97
2d 14h ago
34 siantjudas
1d 6h ago
Religious Exemptions? drawitbig
1w 6d ago
69 JamieAgathaRose
1d 6h ago
Israel compared to Native Americans Dastgah
3w 13h ago
173 badeyedeers
1d 8h ago