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READ BEFORE POSTING - Politics Forum Rules 3wyl
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
Ferguson yellowhoodie5
1d 7h ago
204 maddmatt
1m 13s ago
Obamacaregate TBSchemer
1w 2d ago
198 CommanderGordon
14m 47s ago
Legalize Cannabis? Really? MrTaxiSock
Sep 15, 2014
150 maddmatt
45m 35s ago
The mike brown trial results are in FabulousEmma
1d 6h ago
188 SirCassie
50m 58s ago
Treatment for schizophrenia, bipolar.. Bullshit..?? acid252
4h 41m ago
2 KorukiKonaru
1h 46m ago
Turkey's president is against feminism Valzeras
1d 17h ago
55 UnknownSingularity
1h 46m ago
if a woman is a republican, is she a traitor? evilwraith666
Sep 4, 2014
207 DragonQuestWes
1h 46m ago
war on climate change hustlerdu
1d 6h ago
25 UnknownSingularity
1h 52m ago
Decriminalization of all drugs in Portugal a success. infinitetolerance
1w 6d ago
25 Filanwizard
5h 28m ago
Two year Investigation confirms Republicans most responsible for Benghazi Hoax Saidryian
2d 18h ago
63 Saidryian
5h 57m ago
Gay Rights? madgerman123
Sep 22, 2014
389 Internetexplorer968
5h 57m ago
FTP? Not for me! JK-Kino
7h 23m ago
2 JK-Kino
6h 52m ago
Amnesty: Did Obama do the right thing? Novuso
4d 15h ago
255 Crotale
6h 57m ago
Benghazi report clears Obama administration Ragerancher
9h 27m ago
2 EbolaBearVomit
7h 36m ago
The Ferguson Thugs Burn Their Own City Down FlipswitchMANDERING
11h 41m ago
12 esalian9
7h 42m ago
Homeowner Shoots Two Female Burglars SwordOfScotland
3w 4d ago
210 SwordOfScotland
8h 26m ago
Why was revolution OK back in the past but not now? Adelaidejohn1967
3d 8h ago
55 TheArtOfCBYoung
8h 54m ago
The war on science continues Mclandis
Oct 14, 2014
334 Doc-Skitz
12h 29m ago
Thanks Jihadists. You have made us forget that this is a drug war. Greatest-I-am
3w 16h ago
31 Greatest-I-am
12h 33m ago
Do Jihadists have a point? Greatest-I-am
Oct 26, 2014
61 Greatest-I-am
12h 44m ago
World War 2 and the holocaust ....... Adelaidejohn1967
3d 5h ago
58 Kell0x
13h 12m ago
First Anti-Corruption Act Passes hustlerdu
2w 1d ago
10 hannoth
14h 47m ago
Noam Chomsky reveals the Holocuast Double Standard Against Germany! PsychopathGod1984
5d 18h ago
185 Karinta
17h 26m ago
Why do White people spaz out about beheadings? kyrtuck
1w 2d ago
117 kyrtuck
19h 6m ago
Marijuana is less harmful than alcohol. infinitetolerance
2w 1d ago
103 infinitetolerance
19h 32m ago
Phil Roberts wants to fight ISIS by being just like them! PsychopathGod1984
1w 2d ago
273 DefineDeviancyDown
19h 47m ago
A new political party evildarkseid
1d 11h ago
13 3wyl
21h 9m ago
Save the wild tigers! Luckyducky12
1d 5h ago
3 3wyl
21h 13m ago
Killers Maxi-Moran
1w 1d ago
27 KyteGlory
22h 6m ago
Mandatory Voting in the USA! Yea or yea? Abstract-Mindser
3w 12h ago
241 intermetal
22h 31m ago
Sexism against Men. hte-1-hsaman
2w 3d ago
271 whatonearth
1d 2h ago
Sarah Palin: Send Immigrants ‘Back Across Ocean’ to Mexico JustinMLindner
3d 10h ago
133 JustinMLindner
1d 3h ago
Cop rapes and tortures pregnant woman Valzeras
6d 18h ago
35 Diacraft
1d 3h ago
An alternative to the prison system. infinitetolerance
3w 5d ago
120 Diacraft
1d 5h ago
Why abortion must be safe and legal Mclandis
2w 1d ago
91 Diacraft
1d 5h ago
Lax gun laws make the country better able to defend against infinitetolerance
3d 4h ago
49 Saffireprowler
1d 7h ago
Gun Control In The United Kingdom BritanniaLoyalist
2w 4d ago
105 OrangeStripeyLlama
1d 11h ago
The GOP wins the Senate, and America is still losing TortelliniPen
2w 6d ago
190 hustlerdu
1d 11h ago
Blacks fighting against the system - A fight for freedom or terrorism? Valzeras
1d 16h ago
35 3wyl
1d 11h ago