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READ BEFORE POSTING - Politics Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Sanders Won New Hampishere FlipswitchMANDERING
9m 5s ago
5 Saffireprowler
59s ago
The War begins PresidentTrump
1d 3h ago
79 kitsumekat
12m 8s ago
Arab Jews and Israeli Eugenics... AspiePie
10h 33m ago
8 Lytrigian
17m 1s ago
US is a racist country blakk
19h 43m ago
20 SlimT
41m 7s ago
Gay Adoptions MagicFool64
3d 1h ago
55 BlissClouds
43m 51s ago
France ... Freedom of Speech! Dead ... greensap
1d 13h ago
83 kitsumekat
46m 25s ago
Bernie Sanders policy about Minimum wage increase LeAvrilSoleil
2w 2d ago
115 kitsumekat
47m 1s ago
The US prison industry Ragerancher
1w 3d ago
64 Ragerancher
53m 21s ago
I will make our country great again! ComplaintElitism
Dec 26, 2015
412 Saffireprowler
53m 35s ago
should whites pay reparations for slavery BernieSandersFarted
2w 6d ago
127 chickslovecats
59m 45s ago
So, how is requiring an ID to vote "racist"? Badgercheese1994
2w 3h ago
259 SlimT
1h 4m ago
UBI SomeStrangeMan
1d 3h ago
19 SomeStrangeMan
1h 12m ago
Christian terrorists take over government building? Eman333
1w 5d ago
248 chickslovecats
1h 23m ago
Making a Murderer - The Steven Avery case (spoiler alert) AbCat
19h 15m ago
2 selfishlyconscious
1h 48m ago
17 year old Danish girl fined for self defense and increase in violent vigilante justice Valzeras
6d 17h ago
80 RobStrand
2h 16m ago
A return to white Europe? Valzeras
Sep 21, 2015
727 dw7stillrules
2h 50m ago
Black People Love Trump FlipswitchMANDERING
3w 5d ago
106 VorpalPen
3h 32m ago
State-independence madnessmountains
4d 18h ago
9 Totally-dead
3h 47m ago
Catholic School Board LoltaKid
1w 5d ago
109 DarkRiderDLMC
3h 59m ago
Iraqi migrant rapes a 10-year-old boy at a swimming pool in Vienna FlipswitchMANDERING
15h 7m ago
16 dw7stillrules
4h 25m ago
Holocaust Revisionism? AspiePie
1d 6h ago
52 CouchyCreature
4h 52m ago
Your 2nd Amendment in Action! EbolaBearSoda
2w 1d ago
250 RobStrand
4h 58m ago
What can we do to prevent rape? infinitetolerance
Jan 10, 2016
195 Aenea-Jones
7h 26m ago
ISIL- Please read this HermeaNyx
1w 6d ago
30 61021376
7h 48m ago
Which would you prefer; A New World Order or a World Caliphate? Greatest-I-am
3w 3d ago
53 SmoothieJuice
9h 29m ago
Israel is doing it right once again on the refugee issue Valzeras
5d 21h ago
32 SmoothieJuice
9h 49m ago
Donald Trump wants to bang his daughter(serious) evilwraith666
Jan 4, 2016
50 BernieSandersFarted
23h 45m ago
So apparently there is a Muslim Prince claiming to have bailed out Trump twice... AspiePie
6d 3h ago
31 kitsumekat
1d 1h ago
Prostitution infinitetolerance
Jan 2, 2016
129 SomeStrangeMan
1d 2h ago
This age defying process is fabricated from limonreddywm
1d 13h ago
1 AspiePie
1d 7h ago
Castrating my husband for Jesus HillaryHead
2w 2h ago
28 AspiePie
1d 7h ago
PC'ers...they got you all hoodwinked. Ilovemycam
4d 11h ago
4 AspiePie
1d 8h ago
2d 50m ago
6 pulbern
1d 9h ago
Why do blacks get arrested more? infinitetolerance
Jan 2, 2016
283 ninebark
1d 11h ago
Would reproducing later in life help prevent overpopulation? Taran13573794
Jan 5, 2016
135 Taran13573794
1d 12h ago
1 Child Law/Rule infinitetolerance
Jan 4, 2016
97 MrBlitzie
1d 19h ago
I once saw a propaganda pic that said, "It's hard to see racism if you're white." infinitetolerance
Jan 6, 2016
222 LizzyChrome
1d 21h ago
Does the U.S. want Trumpís Muslim solution or the vigilantism the E. U. is moving to? Greatest-I-am
1w 4d ago
21 Greatest-I-am
1d 21h ago
Should cloning humans be considered for any useful purposes? Cyanide-6v6
4d 3h ago
88 MrCarnyfex
1d 23h ago