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READ BEFORE POSTING - Politics Forum Rules 3wyl
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
This era's ideological war? Valzeras
1d 21h ago
36 RobStrand
30m 45s ago
According to Hillary, businesses don't create jobs TBSchemer
5d 3h ago
290 Holt5
42m 10s ago
How come most people are tired of Obama EV9295
3d 2m ago
32 Novuso
48m 55s ago
Texas: Anti-Abortion for the "right to life" but babies can die. EbolaBearVomit
1d 6h ago
230 KorukiKonaru
53m 33s ago
Ebola vs West country tokatun
1w 3d ago
52 tokatun
1h 43m ago
Gay Rights? madgerman123
Sep 22, 2014
298 GenocidalAlchemy
2h 13m ago
An alternative to the prison system. infinitetolerance
10h 59s ago
15 Green-EyedTiger
2h 20m ago
Best Political Leader? BritanniaLoyalist
2w 3d ago
121 Ragerancher
2h 23m ago
Obama: quarantine soldiers but not aid workers Ironhold
13h 40m ago
17 Saffireprowler
2h 56m ago
Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice Debate Anyone? MangekyoMarie
Aug 11, 2014
1,630 Valzeras
2h 58m ago
Why does the Middle East hate the West? Adelaidejohn1967
6d 5h ago
58 Valzeras
3h 1m ago
Voting in Florida... JustinMLindner
4d 12m ago
4 Redfoxbennaton
3h 30m ago
Feminist say White Womens is Oppressed.. Meanwhile Black Girls forced to be sex objects! PsychopathGod1984
Sep 24, 2014
360 GenocidalAlchemy
5h 9m ago
Hatred Video Game TBSchemer
1w 3d ago
99 GenocidalAlchemy
5h 16m ago
The Kansas 'Experiment' EbolaBearVomit
1w 8h ago
79 kitsumekat
5h 16m ago
Legalise Prostitution? (World Wide) BritanniaLoyalist
3w 5d ago
363 saxeh
7h 47m ago
What do you think of France's Burqa ban? Valzeras
3d 13h ago
157 saxeh
8h 5m ago
New Zealand flag debate madgerman123
1d 9h ago
21 madgerman123
10h 10m ago
For a few minutes media forced to admit other Genocide besides Holocaust Exist! PsychopathGod1984
Sep 26, 2014
172 Lexi247
10h 19m ago
The war on science continues Mclandis
2w 2d ago
314 Mclandis
10h 50m ago
Do Jihadists have a point? Greatest-I-am
4d 8h ago
23 AgentA122
11h 20m ago
You guys worried about the escalation of the new cold war? Valzeras
2d 17h ago
12 ZeroBelow00
1d 3h ago
What issues do you disagree with the rest of your political party about? LizzyChrome
1w 2d ago
84 SaintSeptuagint
1d 7h ago
So...which country do you think has done the most screwing to other countries/peoples? Eraezr
3w 3d ago
316 Basement-Aviator
1d 9h ago
Australia joins the Burqa banning business Valzeras
2d 15h ago
19 CouchyCreature
1d 10h ago
10 Viruses Deadlier Than Ebola JustinMLindner
2w 1d ago
107 neurotype
2d 3h ago
Legalize All Drugs? Keikari86
2w 6d ago
426 madnessmountains
2d 4h ago
Queen on my money ! madnessmountains
Jul 6, 2014
138 madnessmountains
2d 4h ago
The reason America is different from other Countries Josh-the-Cyborg-Cat
1w 16h ago
145 American-Sock-Puppet
2d 5h ago
Terror attack at Seattle high school CouchyCreature
6d 10h ago
93 61021376
2d 8h ago
ISIS declares revenge. evilwraith666
2w 4h ago
81 CouchyCreature
2d 10h ago
is there some racism directed against Obama? evilwraith666
3w 2d ago
115 TortelliniPen
2d 12h ago
I don't like western cosplayers, they always ruining Anime characters & being racist towards Asians SuperiorAsian
2d 20h ago
18 Somnusvorus
2d 14h ago
obama is a libertarian anarchintheuke
3w 2d ago
37 DeborahPPadilla
2d 22h ago
Anti western cosplayers, don't let them to keep on ruining the Anime you love! SuperiorAsian
3d 7h ago
66 namenotrequired
3d 47m ago
America, fuck yeah! ChubbyDoomBunny
1w 22h ago
36 Rhapsodna
3d 9h ago
The NSA did 911- Vote Nov 4 EbolaBearVomit
5d 10h ago
31 EbolaBearVomit
3d 11h ago
To the Turkish (Or really anyone else) mayadaloves87
1w 3d ago
24 Valzeras
3d 17h ago
Separation of Commerce and State TBSchemer
3w 1d ago
171 hannoth
3d 18h ago