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READ BEFORE POSTING - Politics Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
If you had to vote Republican TBSchemer
1h 10m ago
9 TBSchemer
38s ago
The Rand Paul Budget TBSchemer
4d 15h ago
200 TBSchemer
7m 17s ago
Is it time yet to take action against Islam? DadofKids
1w 4d ago
108 TRbox
34m 2s ago
Anti white institutional racism Valzeras
3d 10h ago
142 skulkey
1h 42m ago
Should Iran become a Nuclear state? Allocer2009
22h 1m ago
67 Endeavor-To-Freefall
1h 53m ago
IS TimLavey
Feb 18, 2015
95 718-4
3h 23m ago
about Oceania countries' position KunYKA
1d 1h ago
26 DoctorV23
3h 48m ago
Germanwings plane crash Adelaidejohn1967
3d 16h ago
77 skulkey
6h 40m ago
Armed gang violently invade a mans home, shooting him in the face.... Eman333
3w 3d ago
61 infinitetolerance
8h 57m ago
Black people, mexicans, and Chinese people should be given reparations. LalaChola
3w 13h ago
189 Black-Sun-Frau
9h 14m ago
Idiocracy, FGM and intimate piercings. intermetal
1d 14h ago
30 Black-Sun-Frau
9h 21m ago
Is alcohol worse than weed? infinitetolerance
3w 5d ago
150 Black-Sun-Frau
9h 27m ago
Elite Pedophiles afterthedream
2w 4d ago
55 AviKohl
10h 45m ago
3w 4d ago
54 CrimeRoyale
14h 18m ago
thoughts on women in war? SlimT
1w 3d ago
421 lillywhitelillith
15h 24m ago
80% of Democrats support the legalization of cannabis for medicinal use... infinitetolerance
5d 17h ago
25 Mrgreen36
21h 37m ago
What can we do to stop the rich from destroying our planet? Underdell
1w 4d ago
173 Mclandis
22h 41m ago
"Anti-science" is a dangerous and misused term. Underdell
2w 6d ago
129 Mclandis
22h 46m ago
ISIS Vs Rome DadofKids
Feb 23, 2015
78 Cenaris
23h 35m ago
Israel NadavsART
1w 5d ago
119 Werewolfferret96
1d 2h ago
Is the classical depiction of Santa & his elves based off of racism? evilwraith666
Nov 30, 2014
135 Werewolfferret96
1d 2h ago
What is more important baby seals or anti-austerity demonstrations? UnknownSingularity
2d 19h ago
79 skulkey
1d 2h ago
Does race exists? PatternVSUser
Feb 12, 2015
419 Parth1212
1d 5h ago
Have all rights with very weak government or have the minimum rights and very strong government? Internetexplorer968
2w 3d ago
118 Basement-Aviator
1d 13h ago
What can I do about "Islamophobia"? iinkh
Feb 14, 2015
501 MrBeholder
1d 17h ago
'Diversity means chasing down the last white person' sign removed following death threats. intermetal
1w 19h ago
341 sootyjared
1d 19h ago
Nationalism in the USA? Mouselemur
4d 23h ago
40 Diacraft
2d 2h ago
Native American in poverty Rhapsodna
2w 2d ago
41 evilwraith666
2d 11h ago
In your opinion, do we need a world scale revolution? Underdell
4w 15h ago
111 Underdell
2d 15h ago
Political Youtube Channels intermetal
3d 1h ago
10 Mrs-Durden
2d 17h ago
"Let's drop the first I in ISIS" MoltenChromium
3w 1d ago
140 Abstract-Mindser
2d 18h ago
Does racism exist against African Americans in the 21st century United States of America? evilwraith666
Dec 5, 2014
370 evilwraith666
2d 19h ago
GOP takes over the senate, the depravity of the world has increased evilwraith666
Nov 5, 2014
184 evilwraith666
2d 19h ago
Political Transitions (Plus: Am I Right?) intermetal
1w 2d ago
29 SlimT
2d 21h ago
Obama is the greatest president since F.D.R. evilwraith666
Dec 11, 2014
195 EdenianPrince
3d 1h ago
Who is the King of the U.S.A.? Greatest-I-am
3w 1d ago
53 Filanwizard
3d 10h ago
1w 2d ago
42 SpaniardWithKnives
3d 15h ago
Euthanasia already exists as suicide by cop. infinitetolerance
1w 2d ago
40 AJGlass
3d 18h ago
There is no problem with racism in America. infinitetolerance
3w 3d ago
137 Sol9000
3d 20h ago