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READ BEFORE POSTING - Politics Forum Rules 3wyl
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
referendum tokatun
14h 5m ago
17 DutchConnaisseur
2m 1s ago
Should Vladimir Putin be awarded the Nobel Peace prize? intermetal
1d 4h ago
13 Gallery-of-Art
2m 42s ago
Queen on my money ! madnessmountains
Jul 6, 2014
101 Kakashi95fan
5m 28s ago
Happy belated Christopher Columbus Day, everyone! baseball777
20h 49m ago
47 Ozai-Fanatic
24m 28s ago
Legalize Cannabis? Really? MrTaxiSock
4d 6h ago
48 TBSchemer
25m 3s ago
Scottish Independence. madgerman123
2d 7h ago
141 Badgercheese1994
32m 28s ago
Talk about it - Terrorist KaxArt
2d 22h ago
96 Atobis
33m 37s ago
Republican in Georgia dislikes Blacks voting. Shocking. EbolaBearVomit
1w 2d ago
136 Zigholtul88
1h 26m ago
Senate Democrats Are Trying to Repeal the Freedom of Speech TBSchemer
1w 2d ago
224 maddmatt
2h 3m ago
How to convince conservative Islamic society that Feminism is a Good Thing. intermetal
23h 6m ago
24 your-first-boyfriend
3h 11m ago
point to money hillskull
4h 37m ago
6 3wyl
3h 23m ago
Are whites the only people who can be liberals? intermetal
4d 12h ago
25 intermetal
3h 25m ago
Scottish Independance: Yay or Nay? megasean3000
Aug 9, 2014
227 TartanBalls
3h 49m ago
13 years after 9/11: Do you believe or do you question? afterthedream
1w 1d ago
291 alphamale1980
5h 33m ago
if a woman is a republican, is she a traitor? evilwraith666
2w 22h ago
45 bedroom-inc
5h 39m ago
Some food labels need changing due to being ethnically offensive. evilwraith666
Aug 4, 2014
104 MoltenChromium
6h 54m ago
Legalize drugs in sports? Valzeras
15h 9m ago
3 Gray-philosophy
12h 24m ago
what nation was founded on the enslavement of one race and the genocide of another? evilwraith666
Jul 2, 2014
498 Stormofshadows
18h 28m ago
you could be unknowingly funding your political opponents!!! evilwraith666
4w 21h ago
37 evilwraith666
22h 25m ago
Should lethal force be made legal to defend one's property everywhere? Eraezr
2w 2d ago
51 siegeonthorstadt
22h 30m ago
why do people get so offended when they get called "racist" evilwraith666
1w 1h ago
49 evilwraith666
22h 44m ago
Should we just f*** over Darren Wilson( the cop that murdered michael brown) and call it a day? evilwraith666
Aug 15, 2014
146 evilwraith666
23h 2m ago
What feminism topics would you like to see on youtube? LogicalWomen
2w 1d ago
120 Princess-Amy
23h 26m ago
Republicans plan to attract women by treating them like idiots EbolaBearVomit
3w 12h ago
239 EbolaBearVomit
1d 5s ago
Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice Debate Anyone? MangekyoMarie
Aug 11, 2014
1,345 i-stamp
1d 2h ago
Aaaannnnddd...... we're fucked. ZeroElements
1w 5d ago
180 Doc-Skitz
1d 3h ago
Dual Citizenship intermetal
3d 1h ago
55 Cenaris
1d 4h ago
Where Can America Improve? madgerman123
2w 18h ago
97 Valzeras
1d 13h ago
Memo to Feminists intermetal
1w 6d ago
340 Redfoxbennaton
1d 16h ago
are you on the Israel or Muslim's side? tekkoontan
2w 1d ago
159 ZacharyTC
1d 16h ago
'Multiculturalism' is Colonisation? intermetal
1w 1d ago
60 siegeonthorstadt
1d 21h ago
A 'British Hero'? 'Not Muslims but Monsters'? intermetal
4d 2h ago
41 siegeonthorstadt
1d 21h ago
Are 'hate speech' and 'holocaust denial' laws a form of tyranny? intermetal
5d 21h ago
74 Valzeras
2d 33m ago
Male Birth Control skygal333
1w 1d ago
136 CouchyCreature
2d 18h ago
"Trigger warnings." RavynneNevyrmore
1w 6d ago
86 Dickywebster
2d 22h ago
Which would you rather be legal? NightmaresDreaming
1w 3d ago
54 Trafal-the-Law
3d 3h ago
General selection in Sweden. WeenySparrow
4d 18m ago
0 N/A
We have the capability to make the USA fueled by 100% renewable energy, why aren't we doing so? wraithsith
Aug 6, 2014
65 Ferres
4d 1h ago
Donald Trump's pathetic offer miletich2
5d 17h ago
31 DefineDeviancyDown
4d 2h ago