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READ BEFORE POSTING - Politics Forum Rules 3wyl
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
Should the fast food industry even exist? TurkEvulture
1h 59m ago
4 Kimihro
1m 26s ago
How did ww2 start GRIME-GOA
2m 56s ago
0 N/A
Blonde hair blue eyed my ass GRIME-GOA
47m 35s ago
4m 43s ago
What does everybody think about the new black panther party compared to the original movement? GRIME-GOA
4d 3m ago
8m 11s ago
Reverse Racism infinitetolerance
1w 6d ago
117 Diacraft
8m 36s ago
Legalizing drugs would lower the homicide rate and overall crime rate. infinitetolerance
Feb 22, 2014
1h 7m ago
Protecting Birth Control Coverage for Young People Pin-eye
1w 6d ago
174 Holt5
1h 17m ago
Freedom of Religion MattVoscinar
8h 16m ago
11 EeviSoranen
1h 34m ago
What. The. Fuck. Governments... I'm so frustrated. StrandedTal
19h 24m ago
44 StrandedTal
1h 34m ago
Prostitution infinitetolerance
1w 6d ago
63 radical-larry
2h 52m ago
Soylent Green infinitetolerance
15h 47m ago
8 UnknownSingularity
3h 10m ago
Rand Paul is positioning himself to be president TBSchemer
Mar 8, 2014
299 Zombie-Sue
3h 24m ago
Imagine... infinitetolerance
1d 18h ago
47 rockettreverie
4h 37m ago
Anyone listen to oral arguments for Hobby Lobby case? mgonzales041090
3w 1d ago
310 Unvalanced
5h 15m ago
Gay Marriage, Global Warming, Abortion, Guns! etc MistyCascade
1w 1d ago
96 Mclandis
5h 26m ago
So the NSA disabled my internet... infinitetolerance
1w 4d ago
56 Princess-Amy
6h 21m ago
Where Democrats and Republicans come from Politically-Correct
1w 3d ago
90 yumyumcat
6h 59m ago
Patriarchy Theory: Misogyny Unvalanced
2w 6d ago
139 KagamineLink
7h 15m ago
Should Transgender people be given the right to use any bathroom they wish? faiyefire
2w 16h ago
325 KagamineLink
7h 19m ago
In Syria, turkey gasses you. Politically-Correct
1d 16h ago
28 hannoth
7h 36m ago
The USA vs. Immigration Jeysie
Mar 15, 2014
251 SwordOfScotland
7h 46m ago
You know you're government tortures, right? infinitetolerance
1w 4d ago
106 infinitetolerance
7h 53m ago
Syrian civil war ARI4PHANTINEXX
2d 19h ago
17 Andrew-YM
10h 23m ago
BLM should be disbanded (Like most federal agencies) silversongwriter
4d 52m ago
47 lmnoprq
11h 45m ago
Multiculturalism LogicalWomen
1w 3h ago
41 SwordOfScotland
13h 15m ago
The War on Men Unvalanced
Mar 12, 2014
1,185 Eraezr
15h 1m ago
The American Education System LogicalWomen
2d 2h ago
43 MattVoscinar
21h 15m ago
Raising the Minimum Wage in America Dastgah
2w 4d ago
211 silversongwriter
21h 46m ago
What makes an American, an American? Jeysie
2w 6d ago
566 Saffireprowler
22h 15m ago
Myths About Child Abuse LogicalWomen
5d 4h ago
371 LogicalWomen
1d 1h ago
5 out of 9 Supreme Court justices uphold the 1st Amendment TBSchemer
1w 6d ago
221 TBSchemer
1d 4h ago
why do democrats hate equality? meanus
5d 17h ago
49 DefineDeviancyDown
1d 6h ago
People lie about Fukushima all the time Politically-Correct
5d 8h ago
40 Politically-Correct
1d 15h ago
The game is up for climate change believers FlipswitchMANDERING
1w 16h ago
104 Saffireprowler
1d 15h ago
IQ doesn't mean shit? infinitetolerance
2w 1h ago
118 LeapingLela
1d 16h ago
Northwestern University study: On the Precipice of a "Majority-Minority" America hooded-wanderer
3d 1h ago
5 TheButtfish
1d 18h ago
Conservatives: Now You Know How the Rest of Us Feel Chronorin
1w 6d ago
219 FlipswitchMANDERING
1d 20h ago
Just a thought shehrozeameen
3w 5d ago
73 Manouilidis
2d 1h ago
Why do self-proclaimed capitalist like socialism? defense2
Mar 16, 2014
121 Crotale
2d 2h ago