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READ BEFORE POSTING - Politics Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Turkey 3 Russia/Assad 0 EbolaBearSoda
2d 12h ago
104 CoyoDesign
38m 36s ago
A return to white Europe? Valzeras
Sep 21, 2015
551 IstvanSzaboIfj
1h 5m ago
Millennials Want To Ban Offensive Speech Valzeras
1d 17h ago
52 TimLavey
1h 23m ago
Anti Islam protest in parts of EU and USA Valzeras
3d 16h ago
81 DiseasedDoll
2h 6m ago
Is Bombing ISIS Really the Answer? Crecious
1w 1d ago
215 Underdell
2h 35m ago
Hate crimes against Muslims increase by 300% in Britain Valzeras
2d 16h ago
72 kitsumekat
2h 35m ago
The contradictory arguments for Multiculturalism. intermetal
6d 14h ago
89 kitsumekat
3h 1m ago
france bombed ISIS elementary school and killed 28 children tetrazene
1d 16h ago
21 RochambeauFR
3h 9m ago
So if Race is a social construct... rich-incel-quan-boy
1d 8h ago
37 nonoseknows
3h 28m ago
Russia winning hearts and mind in the West. Torran08
16h 2m ago
8 LazyBoneArtist
3h 48m ago
Turkey just moved it's borders without anyone knowing...really? bcrbuio3tvrbvt
10h 45m ago
15 UnknownSingularity
5h 11m ago
People who say all liberals hate guns ChillSamurai
14h 40m ago
18 JamesQLewis
6h 27s ago
Weaboo skinheads ChillSamurai
3d 11h ago
112 DragonQuestWes
6h 24m ago
Have We Earned Our Anger? JamesQLewis
4d 14h ago
39 RobStrand
8h 21m ago
Tired of staying quiet Dooodlebug3000
1w 2d ago
139 Zeitgeist-1984
8h 32m ago
'Diversity drives' contribute to white genocide? intermetal
2w 5d ago
289 thatwierdmusician
8h 41m ago
Do you think a massive deportation is going to happen? Rhapsodna
1w 3d ago
245 Skvaderflight
8h 54m ago
The best way to end free trade deals and outsorucing is to boycott local made/brand goods Valzeras
1d 20h ago
20 Valzeras
10h 53m ago
Irony: Turkey starts WW3 on Thanksgiving Novuso
2d 22h ago
115 blackbook668
13h 34m ago
Why does the Left try to be disgusting and degenerate ? RochambeauFR
3w 6d ago
392 bcrbuio3tvrbvt
13h 49m ago
So... Processed meat causes cancer? Cyraina
3w 6d ago
124 Underdell
14h 41m ago
Ben Carson idiocy... Ragerancher
3w 17h ago
407 Ragerancher
17h 44m ago
Donald Trump says he would not rule out a Muslim database Ragerancher
1w 9h ago
217 Saffireprowler
18h 55m ago
What do you think about Warren Mosler? gekkodimoria
1d 14h ago
13 Valzeras
22h 26m ago
The Muslim Problem JamesQLewis
1w 4d ago
318 DiseasedDoll
1d 1m ago
Liberals Think Halloween is racist FlipswitchMANDERING
3w 6d ago
216 Sol9000
1d 2h ago
How retarded is this place ? ChillSamurai
1w 3d ago
233 Ikran
1d 5h ago
Black Lives Matter? JamesQLewis
4d 15h ago
61 Saidryian
1d 6h ago
stupid Turkey is ruining everything!!!! evilwraith666
Aug 1, 2015
124 evilwraith666
1d 6h ago
Is Turkey aiding & abetting terrorism? evilwraith666
1w 2d ago
6 evilwraith666
1d 6h ago
Should Turkey be kicked out of Nato? evilwraith666
2d 11h ago
61 evilwraith666
1d 6h ago
trump vs bernie evilwraith666
Sep 21, 2015
129 Maxi-Moran
1d 7h ago
Tired of STUPID Governments who are Clueless on how to run a country. RaphLuna
2d 4h ago
28 Maxi-Moran
1d 7h ago
Will Bashar Al Assads goverment fall ?? ChillSamurai
4w 1d ago
55 ChillSamurai
1d 8h ago
is Putin right-wing/conservative or left-wing/liberal? evilwraith666
Sep 30, 2015
23 YamaTheSpaceFish
1d 9h ago
France - the terorrists have won Valzeras
1w 4d ago
72 Koshej
1d 10h ago
Where ISIS gets money semilaiska
5d 16h ago
42 RobStrand
1d 11h ago
Mohammedan Mayhem and Meaningless Memes. intermetal
1w 5d ago
21 Saffireprowler
1d 12h ago
Can republican cuts/ conservative push for austerity be deadly? ( the legacy of ebola) evilwraith666
Sep 17, 2015
14 Saffireprowler
1d 12h ago