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READ BEFORE POSTING - Politics Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Should the USA's 1965 Immigration Act be repealed? intermetal
9h 54m ago
24 DJ-Uni-Mekaju
Moments ago
This election won't really matter :/ Its a joke Alevan
2d 19h ago
15 alphamale1980
6m 47s ago
So why aren't senators/congressmen limited terms? Abstract-Mindser
2h 23m ago
4 Abstract-Mindser
34m 48s ago
Here's why conservatives hate immigrants TBSchemer
5d 18h ago
167 DefineDeviancyDown
54m 7s ago
Racism:Can only White People Be Racist? Answer is, No. Using Race to signify superiority VoidStalker23
4d 21h ago
92 DragonQuestWes
1h 59m ago
I'm not the person to go and try to do this, but here it goes... chickslovecats
1d 12h ago
21 awake1
2h 56m ago
Left Wing Tolerance: Trannies Are Allowed To Threaten Violence FlipswitchMANDERING
5d 19h ago
139 DefineDeviancyDown
3h 13m ago
Sandra Bland death Valzeras
5d 1h ago
41 Crotale
3h 15m ago
Are corporation cost-cutting measures an act of violence/murder? evilwraith666
Apr 1, 2015
32 evilwraith666
4h 51m ago
Should African Governments Grant Right of Return to African Americans? intermetal
1d 20h ago
83 DefineDeviancyDown
6h 18m ago
Sex, nudity, and America RyanPowers
4d 22h ago
50 codeslacker
6h 43m ago
Eh, just another shooting... DoctorV23
4d 6h ago
128 welfareleech
8h 12m ago
Want to fix poverty? Stop racism? Want to see a fresh perspective on the world's problems? Watch. xerion567
4d 10h ago
50 Crapcarp
8h 53m ago
Why do people get so offended when they are called "racists" ? evilwraith666
Apr 7, 2015
70 Crapcarp
10h 21m ago
what was the sole nation founded on the enslavement of one race and the genocide of another? evilwraith666
3w 5d ago
117 61021376
10h 45m ago
Hulk Who? intermetal
2d 7h ago
33 Jafar-AsSaleem
11h 49m ago
Liberals? sdragon1984
4w 16h ago
345 IstvanSzaboIfj
11h 54m ago
Black Mob Attack White Man In Racially Motivated Assault FlipswitchMANDERING
2w 6d ago
151 AnVirgin
16h 41m ago
Tim Wise on White previledge and racism Valzeras
6d 23h ago
167 BurnFairy
20h 21m ago
Does Trump know what he is talking about? SluttyNewandimproved
1w 4d ago
141 DefineDeviancyDown
1d 1h ago
Does racism exist against African Americans in the 21st century United States of America? evilwraith666
Dec 5, 2014
543 KuroStarSunny
1d 1h ago
How Do You Think Obama Did As President? TheSlySnake
2w 2d ago
204 Saffireprowler
1d 1h ago
GOP takes over the senate, the depravity of the world has increased evilwraith666
Nov 5, 2014
229 evilwraith666
1d 3h ago
are liberals good? and conservatives bad? evilwraith666
Dec 13, 2014
271 evilwraith666
1d 3h ago
Obama is the greatest president since F.D.R. evilwraith666
Dec 11, 2014
223 evilwraith666
1d 3h ago
Is the classical depiction of Santa & his elves based off of racism? evilwraith666
Nov 30, 2014
160 evilwraith666
1d 3h ago
Why are right wingers such cowards? AbCat
Jun 24, 2015
494 evilwraith666
1d 3h ago
80% of Democrats support the legalization of cannabis for medicinal use... infinitetolerance
Mar 25, 2015
203 5-7x28mm
1d 5h ago
Why do conservatives put quality of life before the environment? Morals2liveby
Jun 5, 2015
176 AdmiralDoenitz
1d 8h ago
Mar 5, 2015
159 WingDongs
1d 8h ago
Planned Parenthood PROFITING from selling baby parts ProjectCornDog
1w 2h ago
72 chickslovecats
1d 12h ago
KKK mural in courthouse Valzeras
2d 1h ago
12 AdmiralDoenitz
1d 19h ago
Being the greatest country in the world. And how much does it matter. . . Eraezr
2w 4d ago
416 EdenianPrince
1d 19h ago
Greek genocide Valzeras
1w 3d ago
78 kitsumekat
1d 20h ago
Planned Parenthood sells baby parts with your tax payers money ProjectCornDog
1w 5d ago
161 kitsumekat
1d 20h ago
Antifa loses ground in Brazil madnessmountains
6d 22h ago
7 DragonQuestWes
1d 21h ago
Marriage Equality Undergr0undFurry
3w 1d ago
811 DefineDeviancyDown
1d 21h ago
The most ignorant media/news channel Wheats-cat
1w 4h ago
33 5-7x28mm
2d 4h ago
Thanks for nothing, Putin WheelJackson
1w 3d ago
202 maltron66
2d 5h ago