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READ BEFORE POSTING - Politics Forum Rules 3wyl
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
Legalize All Drugs? Keikari86
1w 3d ago
407 TravisRA
32m 20s ago
Cryptocurrency JustinMLindner
11h 39m ago
27 kitsumekat
43m 6s ago
Florida votes on Medical Marijuana in less than 3 weeks! JustinMLindner
1d 5h ago
112 TrueSoprano
55m 59s ago
Will Congress reinstate the draft because of the ISIS/ISIL crisis? skullgirls123
Sep 19, 2014
112 hunterN05
1h 4m ago
Should we just f*** over Darren Wilson( the cop that murdered michael brown) and call it a day? evilwraith666
Aug 15, 2014
171 Crotale
1h 5m ago
Sad video, but idea MrS2014
3h 50m ago
2 PitLuver-47
1h 11m ago
Hatred Video Game TBSchemer
3h 59m ago
6 VorpalPen
1h 18m ago
First Gun Control, Now "Tobacco Control"? SwordOfScotland
2d 5h ago
32 CouchyCreature
2h 28m ago
Where Can America Improve? madgerman123
Sep 4, 2014
178 JustinMLindner
2h 47m ago
The war on science continues Mclandis
5d 15h ago
173 Crotale
3h 20m ago
Should We Sensor History? Zeitgeist-1984
2w 2d ago
54 Crotale
3h 37m ago
you could be unknowingly funding your political opponents!!! evilwraith666
Aug 21, 2014
56 Princess-Amy
3h 53m ago
Feminist say White Womens is Oppressed.. Meanwhile Black Girls forced to be sex objects! PsychopathGod1984
3w 5d ago
340 PsychopathGod1984
3h 56m ago
Separation of Commerce and State TBSchemer
1w 5d ago
131 hannoth
4h 12m ago
Best Political Leader? BritanniaLoyalist
1w 6h ago
108 AbCat
4h 31m ago
World War 3 JustinMLindner
3d 13h ago
202 JustinMLindner
4h 42m ago
why do people get so offended when they get called "racist" evilwraith666
Sep 12, 2014
166 Lolliihime
5h 2m ago
How did you react to 9/11 attacks as a child? Mezh-Ar-Vro
1w 3h ago
88 shaynaJreddick
5h 4m ago
Should we send special forces against ISIS in Iraq? wraithsith
Aug 12, 2014
130 your-first-boyfriend
7h 10m ago
Suspected Russian submarine in Swedish waters. Kakashi95fan
1d 12h ago
44 JustinMLindner
7h 16m ago
obama is a libertarian anarchintheuke
1w 6d ago
31 intermetal
7h 36m ago
What do you do? hunterN05
3w 6d ago
150 wquon
8h 28m ago
So...which country do you think has done the most screwing to other countries/peoples? Eraezr
1w 6d ago
249 Basement-Aviator
8h 43m ago
random thought: public information Ironhold
4d 5h ago
8 wquon
8h 48m ago
if a woman is a republican, is she a traitor? evilwraith666
Sep 4, 2014
100 wquon
8h 52m ago
Australian PM to "contront" Putin about plane shot down Adelaidejohn1967
1w 8h ago
51 lindentr33
9h 32m ago
Lets just live in a bubble everyone! SirCassie
1w 4d ago
280 PrairieLily
9h 53m ago
Kim Jong-unís Absence? (Leader Of North Korea) BritanniaLoyalist
1w 2d ago
58 Maxi-Moran
16h 25m ago
is there some racism directed against Obama? evilwraith666
1w 5d ago
105 Maxi-Moran
16h 29m ago
Communism is an evil ideology? Your Thoughts? BritanniaLoyalist
2w 20h ago
179 Maxi-Moran
16h 33m ago
should Andrew Jackson be removed from the twenty dollar bill due to his treatment of native american wraithsith
Jun 10, 2014
526 Maxi-Moran
16h 36m ago
Putin puts the nuclear option on the table Valzeras
3d 18h ago
76 CouchyCreature
22h 15m ago
I'm starting to wonder if technology isn't a measure of the advancement of a particular society wraithsith
Jul 29, 2014
76 Agent-Sarah
22h 23m ago
ISIS declares revenge. evilwraith666
3d 20h ago
61 Diacraft
22h 41m ago
Ebola and corporations Mr-JeiT
2d 4h ago
45 JamesLedgerConcepts
23h 9m ago
politics and video game MrS2014
2d 13h ago
11 Diacraft
23h 53m ago
Legalise Prostitution? (World Wide) BritanniaLoyalist
2w 2d ago
359 Internetexplorer968
1d 3h ago
Australian involvement in the fight against ISIS Valzeras
2w 3d ago
206 lindentr33
1d 8h ago
10 Viruses Deadlier Than Ebola JustinMLindner
5d 6h ago
100 michaelo9
1d 10h ago