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READ BEFORE POSTING - Politics Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Is the term "Racism" being overused? StreitzHusky
1w 4d ago
75 Crotale
7m 43s ago
The Military Culture and Female soldiers: Should women be in the military? DrawPlzForum
5d 16h ago
77 SavageFrog
14m 33s ago
I said marijuana decreases your chances of dying in a car accident. Here is the proof. infinitetolerance
May 18, 2015
158 HimitsuUK
14m 43s ago
No Obama. No Sharpton. Charleston rejects racial hatemongers with #GoHomeDeray campaign FlipswitchMANDERING
1w 5d ago
46 Crotale
22m 29s ago
Oooooooooooooooops - Crime down just because of MML infinitetolerance
5d 8h ago
59 Crotale
24m 45s ago
Should the US military withdraw from Japan? intermetal
1d 22h ago
99 Endeavor-To-Freefall
34m 6s ago
To Grexit or not to Grexit? maltron66
2w 3d ago
189 DefineDeviancyDown
52m 4s ago
1w 1d ago
755 XMegantronX
1h 15m ago
what are your recent thoughts about tpp cpopc
2d 23m ago
19 cpopc
1h 32m ago
American Freedom and Democracy afterthedream
22h 43m ago
18 61021376
2h 48m ago
America going back to the 1930s? Valzeras
10h 56m ago
18 Coffee--Pot
2h 54m ago
Liberals? sdragon1984
5d 11h ago
75 LizzyChrome
4h 39m ago
what was the sole nation founded on the enslavement of one race and the genocide of another? evilwraith666
2d 20h ago
66 61021376
5h 34m ago
Why are right wingers such cowards? AbCat
1w 3d ago
400 CouchyCreature
6h 12m ago
Prime Minister Tony Abbott Despot with Executive Power Lib-Discriminate
2w 5d ago
13 CouchyCreature
8h 5m ago
revenge porn and harassment anunnaki888
1w 6d ago
380 Internetexplorer968
8h 58m ago
Republican Nominees AdmiralDoenitz
2w 5d ago
423 kitsumekat
9h 19m ago
marijuana and the hippocratic oath toomuch89
1d 23h ago
24 BirdhouseIYS
10h 42m ago
Culture appropriation? Nadia116
1w 1d ago
25 jpenn517
11h 55m ago
CNN pushes for gun confiscation Valzeras
2w 1d ago
320 jpenn517
12h 3m ago
80% of Democrats support the legalization of cannabis for medicinal use... infinitetolerance
Mar 25, 2015
196 jpenn517
12h 4m ago
Mar 5, 2015
138 jpenn517
12h 6m ago
epilepsy and marijuana: truth toomuch89
4d 16h ago
40 Werewolfferret96
12h 21m ago
If You Could Ask 1 Country 1 Question? TTFNJinx
Apr 6, 2015
426 Saffireprowler
13h 33m ago
Happy Caesar Salad Day! PapaVicPhotography
17h 22m ago
2 PapaVicPhotography
15h 12m ago
Che Guevara Bianca-di-Palermo
2w 4d ago
118 K-Zlovetch
15h 25m ago
Should Whites get a Whites only area/reservations in the future? Valzeras
1d 1h ago
33 fuckshiru
16h 20m ago
The Long Peace CouchyCreature
2w 5d ago
64 Terrymcg
17h 8m ago
The Leftist Paradox? chickslovecats
1w 7h ago
131 intermetal
17h 10m ago
Be proud madnessmountains
1w 5d ago
87 madnessmountains
17h 35m ago
Anyone change their mind against Russia DaZimmerMan
3w 1d ago
311 shirosama1
19h 6m ago
The Confederate flag debate VorpalPen
2w 1d ago
578 MelodyMoose
1d 13h ago
why drug laws are immoral toomuch89
5d 25m ago
29 Jphyper
1d 13h ago
dont worry, the far right does have sex offenders too. Jejejeje823
6d 17h ago
30 bcrbuio3tvrbvt
1d 16h ago
Petitioning the government to ban gay marriage in the constitution WON'T work... LadyQueenBee
1w 10h ago
36 Gothic-Bunny-13
1d 19h ago
US military: limited interest for women in combat roles Ironhold
3d 17h ago
23 Kalshion
1d 19h ago
Why do people get so offended when they are called "racists" ? evilwraith666
Apr 7, 2015
60 Jafar-AsSaleem
1d 23h ago
iT [Legalizing pot would save the state hundreds of millions of dollars annually in law enforcement. infinitetolerance
1w 20h ago
17 JackMolotov3
1d 23h ago
Adding P To LGBTQ Jafar-AsSaleem
1w 9h ago
41 blackbook668
2d 1h ago