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February 12, 2013


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I want a creationist!

Anyone got any spare ones left? I could use some debating to feel better about myself and am tired of the basic, boring stupid arguments that the average christian/deism/whatever apologist has, I want some real insane arguments.

I'd prefer young earth, but some good old god of the gaps watchmaker type I wouldn't mind either.

Find em, direct em to this post, lemme have fun with em, don't just keep them all to yourselfs, I know you want to keep all their crazytalk to yourself but it's no fair, us european guys get none of the fun, and they do seem to be dying out a bit lately, the more ridiculous and science illiterate they are the better.

And if you are a creationist reading this:
Evolution is true.
There is no Creator of the universe.
Faith is Bullshit.


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Devious Comments

Faith is my perspective in which I trust. How else do I get lucky with my future mrs?
Wesmeadow Mar 30, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Wesmeadow Mar 31, 2013  Student Digital Artist
^pathetic loser that will get nowhere in life:D
Am sure I'll get farther as someone proclamining themselfs artists and delivering.. err.. what you deliver.
Holt5 Mar 17, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
8-) I'll take the bait. But only because I don't like trolls.

Though I'm not by definition a Creationist (I believe both creationism and evolution are plausibilities, and I'm known to argue alternately for both.) I am a believer in God.

First off, we have to acknowledge the fact that there are two different basic kinds of evolution in biology: macro and micro. Micro-evolution (which is evolution within the confines of a species) is undoubtable fact in that it has been observed and the theory has been consistent enough with the results of analysis that it can indeed be considered a fact.

Macro-evolution is the theory which serves as the basis of the belief of those who suppose human beings evolved from other species. It operates on the assumption that living organisms can evolve into entirely different species. This phenomenon has never been observed out of the billions of animal species that walk the earth, and only a handful of sporadic "links" have been found that can assume an inter-species evolutionary process, given much scientific assumption (discluding the vast majority of "missing links" that have been proven to be false, but I'll give you the benefit of doubt beyond all ridiculous reason in your favour by saying those were all simply straw-men).

Creationism evolved (lol) from early Judeo-Christian tradition and assumes that God directly created the universe in it's working order - nothing more complex than the snap of one's fingers. In all honesty, there really isn't anything to suggest the theory is inherently wrong or right, though it does sound fantastical to people who don't understand the concept of contingency. The whole premise is that everything was created as-is at some point - therefore it's openly and honestly quite stupid to even bother trying to destroy the concept. The only way of HONESTLY leading away from such a premise is to realize that both are just theories...

God is bullshit and anyone believing in em is a moron.

Now with your introduction out of the way lets see your arguments

yes there are different kinds of evolutions, in the same day that different there are days and there are months.

To claim that there isn actua difference you see, is s stupid it should cause massive brain hemmorages on the spot.
I believe in Christ and He never ceased to be Eternal God Himself.
The reincarnation of Seth, the third son of adam, come to...

oh wait, thats one of the many ancient teachings you declared forbidden isn't it?
Holt5 Mar 20, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well it's nice to know some bigots still exist in the free world! ^_^

I'm not here to argue - I already gave you all you need. When you come face to face with a creationist who isn't a straw-man, and assuming you aren't as bull-headed at that time, you'll be surprised by what you get.

Have a nice day, stranger.
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