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January 22, 2013


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Free Us From Ignorance

DigitalRipple Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013  Professional General Artist
In this life we have many questions. Some are answered, some are left unanswered, but sometimes there are some answers that you may or may not believe you should know the answers to.


1. Is there a God?
2. Will there ever be unity in humanity?
3. Is there even a meaning to life?

This is not a religious debate. It is more of a philosophical one. I am a strong believer in the desire to know everything, however I also do not believe I will ever get to know everything.

The question for the discussion I would like to raise is:

Do you believe one can know too much and there is a limit to how much one should attempt to learn before it becomes more harm than good, or do you believe that knowledge is out there for us to take in the palm of our hands and there is no such thing as knowing too much?

I would like to believe that there is no limit, because there is so much wonder in this world and I would love to be able to live my life unrestrained when it comes to knowing. However, lately I'm beginning to doubt whether or not it is good to know so much. I don't know if I've become arrogant, (I would like to believe I'm not) but I get so tired of uninteligent, ignorant people. Of course I understand it is their choice to live how they please and what they learn, but I believe that the world is capable of so much and we the people of earth are holding ourselves back.

Imagine a world where ignorance is something everyone aspired to escape and community is something that everyone dreams to achieve. A world where people work for the end result, not the monetary gains they acquire. Money is a thing of the past and people work together, not just for themselves, but for the betterment of all humanity. Of course people should be compensated for their work, but I think that it shouldn't be money. I believe that the end result should be "THE DREAM" to see their hard work come to fruition and THAT is compensation enough.

Community isn't predominant anymore and is close to none existent and that is sad, but I see it EVERYWHERE. Just... not in the way it benefits man kind. What I mean by this is that everyone still works together (somewhat) but only for selfish self-serving purposes. It is this stupid tug of war where everyone is tugging at everything for what they feel they are entitled to, and you know what happens if two people of equal strength try to pull against each other: they go no where.

The internet is the biggest community the world has ever invented, but you know how most of it is known for... Porn and a Gate Way to laugh at dumb people on Youtube... sigh... I'm not saying I don't find some of these things enticing to laugh at silly people doing idiotic things videos but it's not so funny anymore (Rather, it is harder to laugh at it now a days). I truly believe man kind is capable of more but we can never see this happen while the few remain rich and wealthy leaders, and the majority become mindless ignorant followers who cannot wait for their next paycheck so that they can spend it on something quick and useless.

Now... if you are wondering how this relates to the question, it has everything to do with it.

I used to be ignorant about my ignorance (I know and accept that I can never not-be-ignorant) and I know I don't know everything. However at a price I might know so much that it came at the cost of my happiness. I used to be so happy and I used to look at people with such wide-eyed brightness, but now (although I always give people the benefit of the doubt that they aren't mindless ignorant followers), it's hard not to get pissed off when I meet one that is.

I fume behind a fake smile always trying to be understanding, always trying to forgive people for their ignorant behaviours. (Forgive might be too arrogant, but I can't find a better word) It isn't their fault that they don't know what you know, but more of mine for not being able to relate or accept them for who they are.

Please do not take this as arrogance, although I know it sounds that way, I just want to talk about this with people who are interested in what I'm saying, or are like minded, or people who used to think like this but have become enlightened above the state that I currently am. I know that I can very well be wrong for my way of thinking, which is why I lay it out so plainly. I want to change the way I think and become free from this burden I've allowed myself to bare. If anyone can discuss this with me, I would highly appreciate it.

So I return to the question: Could it be that I know too much, or I know way more than I can handle and that I am not ready to know what I know because of my immaturity or irresponsible responses to certain "ignorances"?

These are things I battle with internally everyday. Do you feel the same way? or Do you think you have an answer/response to it?

Thank You for reading up to here. If you plan to comment, please read the conditions below.


1. I am here to discuss, NOT ARGUE.
My response to someone who just wants to argue is to ignore them. I will try to keep discussing with you on your points, but if it gets too angry, I will just say goodbye. I don't anger easy, but only because I don't allow it to escalate to that point. So I would appreciate if you do the same for me. You may find that it is I that is ignorant so please be patient with me and try to explain this without treating me like a fool and I will do the same for you.

2. Make sure that you read EVERYTHING that was written here.
Nothing is more aggrivating than someone who replies to only one thing from a long comment and what they said completely misunderstands what was intended. I would request that you give a benefit of a doubt that whatever someone says, no matter how you understood it, to see it from the way they said it. Just because you believe someone is wrong doesn't mean that what they said was ACTUALLY wrong. You might have misread it. So please re-read if necessary. People get hot headed too fast and end up making a fool of themselves so please try not to make this into a thread of fools.

3. Respect is given before received.
No matter how stupid or ignorant someone may appear, they may not ACTUALLY be ignorant. (I know this contradicts what I said above, but I do respect everything anyone says, even if I don't agree with it.) It may be that you misunderstood was said, so please maintain coolness and respect, and even if you never receive respect in the end, the one that stays calm in the end is the most respectable of all. Never stoop to someone elses level, because even if you aren't dumb/ignorant/disrespectful in real life, you still displayed that you are very capable of it, and it's better to never show this side of you to anyone but yourself.

4. Do not respond with single comments.
I took time to type this and carefully word it so that I don't sound stupid (so I hope:)). If you have something to say, please explain why you said what you said and why you believe what you said is valid. Please do your best to explain what you want to say as clearly as you can so to prevent misunderstandings. If a misunderstanding occurs, please ask first before attacking someone for something that you ended up misreading something, you might end up learning something rather than looking like a fool.

5. Benefit of a Doubt.
If something looks wrong or insulting to your principles, read and re-read again. If you still don't understand ask for clarification before responding. If you cannot come to an understanding or common ground, please do your best to come to a peaceful resolution. Fighting on the internet is dumb and a waste of time.

6. Comment to Discuss not to Win your argument.
You may win the argument with smarter or wittier remarks but in the end you don't really achieve anything. Worst of all, you might have held yourself back learning something from someone that might have actually had something real to say, just because you were too proud to allow yourself to be

Hopefully that is everything.

Point is Peaceful is the name of the game.

Thank you for reading this far.

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Devious Comments

carusmm Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Justice is blind, Ignorance is all-seeing.
DigitalRipple Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013  Professional General Artist
That is awesome! :D

That should be a quote.

I think I'll remember that quote for the rest of me life. ^____^

Thank you.
BrownBoxStudio Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
I think you might be rewarded from doing at least one of two thing.

1. Have you even tried asking yourself, when your in a weird situation where your feeling your ignorance has made you unrelated, "What could I be doing to make this situation better?"

2. Have you thought of sharing with those who you see ignorance in and explaining to them?

Ignorance can hold us back and your post makes me feel that your at the stage of understanding that you were ignorant and now that you are not you don't understand what to do with that knowledge. I don't think it is that you know to much but it is that you might not know what to do with all that knowledge. I think it could help you to spend time looking at why your doing what your currently doing.

Instead of asking yourself, "Why do I feel this way?" go ahead and ask yourself, "What doors and possibilities has this new thinking opened up for me?", "What can I do with this new knowledge?". Maybe your life will be headed in a new direction due to your change in thinking? Only you can decide that one.

One final thought, instead of focusing on all of the things that you might not enjoy now because of your new thinking why not focus on all of the positive effects of this new thought process? I feel you have opened up a world of possibilities for yourself but I wouldn't want you to weigh yourself down with negative side of things because in the end the negatives are not what matter and it is the positives that can get you moving forward.
BenkeArt Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I understand what you mean. You have an interesting way of thinking. I think our humans have too short life for to know all about universe, at least for one single human. However, all the knowledge accumulated we have now seem to be a mere base. Maybe if all of us work for the same objective, thinking like a unity, like specie and not like an isolated being, we can reach a reason to be here.
Well, personally I try to reduce my ignorance through reading books, studying science and art. I know I can't be perfect, but if I can at least collaborate for human society with any study, any effort of thinking I will be more satisfied than I would have a normal life toward my greed.
This is my opinion. Thank you for read my reply!
DigitalRipple Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013  Professional General Artist
Thank you for sharing :)

Life is too short that's for sure, I wish that people are able to work together.

I think, if people can start learning to change their negative thoughts and learn to keep positive ones in it's place. Not just selfish positive thoughts, but thoughts that are geared on improving human relations. If that happens the world will become a better place naturally.

Of course there is no such thing as a utopia, but is it really impossible to happen? I think it's only impossible because the greater majority of people don't believe it's possible. So if they think like that, it's no surprise that it is.

I believe it is possible :) people just need a reason to believe in it.
narutokunobessed Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Student General Artist
This is not a religious debate. It is more of a philosophical one. I am a strong believer in the desire to know everything, however I also do not believe I will ever get to know everything.

Im sorry, but does it just say philosophy forums, or that its philosophy and religion.

And argue and dicussion can mean about the same thing.
DigitalRipple Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Professional General Artist
Well, you misunderstand me then.

(The following definitions are by my personal definition.)

Arguing to me = A conversation that goes nowhere, where one and/or the other is speaking only to "MAKE" the other listen but nobody is listening. In other words, a waste of time. That what I meant by arguement.

Discussion to me = A conversation where one says one thing the other listens and the other says a response then the other listens. An understanding is created between the parties involved in 'said discussion' and everyone gets to learn something new. Which hopefully ends up re-enforcing what they originally believed in or demolishing old views to replace it with new and fresh sets of beliefs.

(The Following are by websters definition)

Arguing - Aimed to "persuade" someone to share one's view. (So that means the goal is to get the other to agree with you)

Discussion - Aimed for consideration or examination by comment, response, etc., especially to explore solutions. (So that means the goal is to come to an answer "together".)

I think discussion is better, simply because it doesn't aim to force one's beliefs down another's throat. Although an argument if handled well can be positive, it can get nasty when you aren't able to get the other to agree with you. So if you enter into a discussion without expecting to convince the other to agree with you but instead allow the person to come to their own decision, it typically ends positively.

Your statement, "And argue and dicussion can mean about the same thing." is about right, but if the two words mean exactly the same thing, they wouldn't need to be coined in the first place. The context is different, so therefore there is a reason why two different words are needed because each represents a purpose for different situations, even though they have similar meanings. (mouthful... >___>)

You began this conversation with a topic that is outside the subject of this thread, but because I'm more interested discussion, I will answer your questions as respectful as possible. So I would hope you would do the same for me.

So now that I answered one, I will now answer the other. I'm sure I haven't broken any rules when I said that I wanted to make a Philosophical one. I gave you the benefit of the doubt that you are informing me that I'm stepping off the rules, so I read the rules over and it doesn't say that I'm not allowed to choose which side I'd like to have a discussion about in a tread called "Philosophy and Religion".

However I'm not a bigot. So if you want to make a religious debate I will gladly have a discussion with you, but if you do or say anything that starts to turn it into an ugly argument, I'm afraid that I will have to end it.

I don't have the energy or attention span long enough to maintain a heated argument. (I really don't) So on that note; so that we don't end up wasting time each others time starting one. I'll save you the trouble and let you know in advance that, "Whatever you argue against me in the future I accept and agree with everything you are going to say, that you are smarter than me and you definitely are right no matter what I say or do. Even when I try my best to turn it back to a peaceful discussion."

So hopefully you understand that I'm peaceful. :)
Ironhold Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013
For the bit about learning -

There's a difference between "learning" and "applying what one has learned to practice in the real world."

It does no good for a person to sit and "learn" if all they do each day is sit.

Speaking as someone who's been through academia (I have an MBA), I'd rather keep company with an "uneducated" man that is possessed of desire and common sense than an "educated" man who is too busy holding his nose up at the world to do anything about it.
DigitalRipple Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Professional General Artist
Do you really learn if you all you do is study and sit all day? If you do not apply what you know, are you really learning?

I know that right now I'm unable to do much about the things I'd like to see happen in this world, but I'm still trying to figure out how I can be useful for this world before I die.

I agree that I would much rather company an uneducated man than a stuck up, because one can be uneducated but not ignorant and visa versa another can be educated but still ignorant.

I know a lot of the things I said makes me sound arrogant and stuck up, but I really mean to correct this. I don't believe I'm being arrogant, just having a thought doesn't make someone arrogant. It's just introspective thoughts that concern me (A LOT). I think I would be arrogant if I believed that I'm more enlightened than everyone in this whole world. In fact I believe the opposite. I truly believe that I have so much to learn before I'm ready to face the world with my concerns, but what I'm trying to find out is, how do I go about achieving this?

Is it arrogance that I want to help the world because I'm concerned about it? I mean even I ask myself that question every single day of my life, who the hell do I think I am that I want to help encourage new ways of positive thinking to people of earth? I'm not Ghandi, but I think it's irresponsible to see an elephant in the room and choose to ignore it.

I don't actually believe that everyone I meet are ignorant. I know people are deeper than the surface they present themselves and even sometimes they really aren't as bad as you perceived them. It's just that at that time and at that confrontation the people involved are the ones who act ignorant and bigotted because of a misunderstanding. I don't even believe that the people I end up having an argument with are ignorant. I don't confuse the results of an interaction with who they are as a whole, but I do think that it could have ended differently. It could have been more peaceful, and it could have ended with both people learning something and bettering themselves, or at least I wish it would end that way...

That is the tragedy that troubles me.

I've seen so many things in this world that troubles me greatly, hate, violence, bigotry, greed, fear mongers... the list goes on... these are my definitions of what stirs the pot of ignorance. I'd like to contribute to this world the idea of believing that the goal of ending most of it is possible. I'm not naive to believe that these things will permanently go away (for now), but what's the harm in trying right? The problem is that most people believe that it's impossible to make these things go away, but isn't that the problem?

They "BELIEVE" it is "IMPOSSIBLE" these keywords are soooo important, I truly believe this, but I opened this thread because, how better to challenge those thoughts than to throw it into the lions den of Deviantart, right? :D I might learn something new that supports my thoughts, or even better I might learn something that changes the way I think. This is my process of learning, and I don't just sit down and do nothing. I plan a lot of this everyday, and I really want to do something for the world. Just not yet because I'm just not ready. :) (I mean look at me from my posts, the world will EAT ME ALIVE. Hahaha!)

So I leave you with this thought:

"If people keep thinking that it's impossible, do you think these things will ever go away?" However flip that thought and say, "What would happen if most of humanity (if not everyone) believes that they can contribute to help create the enviroment necessary to allow for the possibility of it actually going away?" and final thought is, they don't stop at believing, they actually act upon that dream and then maybe some day, at some future, it will happen.

Anyway, I ramble too much... I try not to but it's hard to compress everything I want to say in a few words. Especially when I'm so passionate about it. I hope I was clear and I didn't offend you. I really hate conflicts and I always try to talk in a manner that doesn't invite it. (Hopefully...)
Ironhold Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013
You presume that only certain people can ever do anything, correct?

If so, then you really ought to go and take a look around.

Everyone can do something to make the world a better place, even if it's just in their own little circle.
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