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December 23, 2012


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i just dont get these "witches"

heaven-spawn Dec 23, 2012
Seriously. Someone pointed out to me that my complaints thread would probably be better here in religon forum.

so i made this thread

AND anyways. can any of you actually respect someone who calls themself a "witch" or a "pagan"?

its like dude. your religion was proven wrong like a thousand years ago. get with the time man!

i think theyre just doing it for attention imho

What do you guys think?

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seth2012chaos Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
But a jew, a christian or a muslim qualifies to not to be an attention whore? If you can't respect a pagan but can respect a christion, jew or whatever that's hypocrisy.
I like them Wicca chicks :3 they smear hallucinogenic ointments all over theyr bodies and i can lick it of (om non nom), they also do other stuff to me and me to them, bla bla bla. Love them gurls xD
I think you're a dumbass. You think we were proven wrong? History lesson, Pagan beliefs were prominant until Christian scum decided that they were right. Check your facts next time.
RomanticNostalgia Jan 13, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How can you say it was 'proven wrong'? Paganism and the like was almost eradicated out of ignorance and prejudice, not because it was 'wrong'. I can relate with the part where you talk about respect however. I am a pagan, but I do not go around telling everyone, there are too many people out there that call themselves 'witches' for attention and to look like something they're not, which is extremely insulting for those of us who are the real deal. Paganism has moved on, and has adapted to modern day society :)
alalampone Jan 13, 2013  Student General Artist
the only witch/pagan I've met was a very quiet girl that goes to my school and when I asked her about it she didn't tell me a whole lot
but I think that they should be free to practice their religion without judgement so long as they aren't harming anybody or anything
I don't know a whole lot about them but it seems like a legitimate religion to me
Wotansvogel Jan 12, 2013  Professional General Artist
1. Yes I can respect them. As much as I can respect a sane christian (emphasis on sane) or an atheist.
2. What do you mean with "proven wrong"? There is no wrong or right religion. Yeah, the old Norse got slaughtered by christians, so the Norse religion is wrong? Wtf?
3. Why would someone take on a religion to get attention? :o I'm pagan because it gives me peace, because I love mother nature, because I am. But I guess some people are just bound to be close-minded and stereotyping.
I11I1111I Jan 9, 2013  Professional Artist
1.AND anyways. can any of you actually respect someone who calls themself a "witch" or a "pagan"?

i can respect anyone so long as they deserve respect.

2.its like dude. your religion was proven wrong like a thousand years ago. get with the time man!

what evidence is there that magik dosen't exist? maybe not the magiks of old but definitely newer energies that emerge all of the time?

3.i think theyre just doing it for attention imho

no more than muslims, satinists, jehovas witness, scientologists, or athiests are just doing it for the attention.
KingStephenArthur Jan 8, 2013  Student Photographer
I hate to call someone stupid. But if you really think you are a witch then you are just stupid. that is all. It is no different than a child pretending to be a super hero. Except they are adults and they believe it.
PippinTookoftheShire Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I feel the same way about every religion ever.
xtinyheartx Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I could be whenever these people are casting their spells they "see" results and put faith into it. Hey, as long as it works for them...

What i don't understand is...if they know what they are doing...don't they realize what they are doing could really dangerous? You could only cast good spells, but if you cast anything negative or related to a negative god/goddess you will have all the negativity come back at you in 3 fold or something.

I don't believe in it...but I was thinking somewhat hypothetically.
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