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December 3, 2012


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It is not uncommon to meet a person who wishes to have a fame and fortune for something successful they've done. It is like a biggest dream, large salaries, very fashionable outfits to own, invitation to best party to see other famous people, ridiculously large amount of admire letters shown up in your mailbox, huge fanbase looking up on YOU, and many more other wonderful things. Unfortunately, many of us are not really aware of about the hidden dangers behind those two rich-qualified traits.

Once a person become famous for whatever reason it was. This person is being entrusted by many medias and million of eyes, and this may result them to be under an unbearable amount of pressure to do their exceptions. It can be very annoying when you only want to get out there to shop in peace. With all of those overly enthusiastic fans chasing after you for an autograph, paparazzi, blog updates, and many things that media strive for such materials. That is one biggest and main reason why those people with fame in their hand have to go somewhere else in such disguise and have a bodyguard nearby.

There are some people who adored the spotlight beaming on them, however some of them can not handle the spotlight. Let take a look at both of those iconic famous people such as Kurt Cobain and Marilyn Monroe. The similarity between those two are that they both were overwhelmed by fame and aborted their own life in sad ways. As a research said, famous people are often more unhappier than the one without fame. Those famous people had no privacy at all and it can impact their life in bad ways big time. Not everyone is meant to be famous.

Many people who happen to take a grasp upon fame have a tendency to show a very foolish level of narcissism. Justin Bieber is a very decent example of negative aspect on being famous. With that narcissistic side of his, he become more easily angered-- Thus making himself look like a fool. Not only him, but also when a celebrity's attention drop by few. They would usually find a way to to make us go all, "Wow!" in the disgusted tone and is also in an awe, because of the fact that s/he steered it's stupidity. Sadly, our society are more attracted to negativity, thus their foolishness is a big success just to gain onto media attention.

To sum it all up, fame may not be as great as many of us think. Fame equals to great life is not always true, because they would be under a lot of pressure and frustration. It is not a good experience to be in their position to become famous. Not to mention, fame are very hard to avoid. It may take them many years to reduce all of those attentions.

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KovoWolf Dec 3, 2012  Professional General Artist
:lock: Requested by OP
Badgercheese1994 Dec 3, 2012  Student General Artist
You get a C-..
Then come to my school, you will understand why I rarely get low grade in writing class. Majority of student in my school has MUCH worse writing skill than you think. :B

Quotes by students of my school, I could send you few more as if you like to. :nod:

"I wish my family always will be on my side not SCHOOL SIDE, think about your daughter and she need to be happy because that what I'm deserve it. If you agree and take school side, then FORGET YOU FOR MY LIFE! I MEANT IT. LOOK AT YOUR DAUGHTER, SHE NEED WELCOME TO REAL WORLD AND HAPPY! Think twice. [:"

"I am so care about you! Because You were so alone! If you need my help? Then I will be happy help you for everything... ok love you! I don't wanna about us will frogot each other in future! You know that right! because I am miss you lot! You are my so close friend! and You are my family too!"

"Got home from my big sister's baby shower!! I'm so exciting to became to be aunt soon!!"
Don't worry, I like you :petting:
Why, thank you sweetie. :U
Redfoxbennaton Dec 3, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I figured out something. I don't like you.
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