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November 28, 2012


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Do you think Polygamous Marriages could become acceptable sometime in the future?

With growing tolerance and openness to the idea of SAME-SEX marriage, I wonder if the world could sometime soon be open to the idea of polygamous marriages UNDER THE FOLLOWING CONDITION that BOTH parties are AWARE AND AGREE TO IT?

Any thought?


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Hmm, tricky.

Average humans are serially monogamous, with actual marriage-type polygamy exhibited more by high status males, with one rare culture having women marry brothers. The problem of polygamy is that it becomes a status issue, UNLESS you have an even number of males and females going into it, because otherwise a lot of polygamous marriages are going to unbalance the gender ratio of free males to females. The higher status individuals are going to gather the more valuable sex like a resource; they already do so in every society, just illegitimately, since the cost of getting caught is so low compared to the genetic reward. You almost never hear of a women getting caught for secretly having multiple husbands though.

If women married multiple males as often as males married multiple women, it could work nicely, but you'd need a lessening of the double standard against women as much as you'd need legal marriage freedom for this to occur. And possibly a change in human nature; human females evolutionarily speaking have less incentive to collect multiple male mates, although it is not a nonexistent incentive.
I don't see why not, though there will probably be some legal issues regarding child custody, house ownership, etc. However, once those issues are dealt with there shouldn't be much of a problem.
angelxxuan Dec 29, 2012  Professional Writer
as long as we're approaching it with both genders here, females having more than one husband and males having more than one wife. in most cases Polygamous has been male with several wives. since some are feeling they are being forced things, others are accepting this and others still it's always been a way of life, I feel this could come eventually. but I'm drawing the line when it comes to jumping species. people should NOT marry their farm animals, I'm sorry I guess I'm still closed minded when it comes to this sort of thing. but hey, who knows, they might have this come about as well, anything is possible once you open that door and walk threw it.
der-freishutz Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
der-freishutz Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
It would be confusing for the children, and you would always be wondering about who was the favourite partner.
Perhaps. As long as all parties are willing, it is a definite possibility. People can always argue that love is love and it shouldn't matter who you love. and that's a very valid argument. I'm all for same sex marriage (: some may go farther and say it shouldn't matter how much you love. certain people already have open relationships. I would never want a polygamous relationship, but I am somewhat tired of the government telling us how to feel and who to feel it with. to each his own, I say!
Maaayyyybe. It's kind of too early to say. People have to get through the Gay Rights Movement, first. They're too busy arguing on whether or not gay marriage should be legal to think of polygamous marriage. That's probably the last thing on their minds right now. Next to bestiality. They're more worried about bestiality right now than polygamy. That being said, you can probably have polygamous relationships and get plum away with it, provided there's no homosexual relationships involved. But marrying more than one person? Eeeehhhh. Too soon to say. Everyone has to figure out what sexuality even is, first. And that's what the Gay Rights Movement is doing, helping people, both opposed and for homosexuality, do. Figure out what sexuality is and what it means for the human individual. Feminism started it, Gay Rights is broadening it...maybe Polygamy will finish it. But again. Too soon to say.
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