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November 21, 2012


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Is this humane?

After--Life Nov 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Tell me if this is humane, a moral thing to do.

Forming groups and persecuting people based on their religious views, even though these religious victims are greatly stereotyped and misunderstood by the general media.

The persecutors, running around, murdering, killing, raping, innocent people, BRUTALLY.

Taking spears and hanging dead babied, blood shed is all they want.

Would YOU live in a society like THAT?

Is this a MORAL thing to do?

If you said YES, then you can leave this thread.
If you said NO, continue reading.

Have you heard what is going on in Burma?

Simple, Buddhists killing Muslims. Now of course, I am not blaming Buddhists here, but this is what is going on. These radical Buddhists are doing complete IMMORAL things to these INNOCENT and poor Islamic victims, they are helpless, and they are being treated like Jews in concentration camps. Yet, the world ignores it.

If you were of those people who said NO, this is not humane, but now you're opinion has suddenly changed because I mentioned 'Muslims', you are officially a biased hypocrite.

If you still think this is an immoral act in a nation, then GOOD, you are a type of person that needs to live a LONG life in this world to help correct all this corruption. People like you I and many others respect.

On towards the two-faced people who think this is justifiable, you are simply close-minded.

If you support the persecution in Burma, saying things like "All Muslims are terrorists anyway, go BURMA! KILL THOSE BASTARDS!" or something similar, go take a trip over to NASA and fly yourself to outer space and skydive over the sun please, thank you.

Anyway, I am seeing a lot of people like this, supporting the killings in Burma.

If these Muslims were Christians or Jews or other Buddhists, then nobody would be supporting Burma, they will be HATING the people of Burma and probably the Buddhists there.

Talk about hypocrites. *sigh*.

The point that I am trying to get across is that. A lot of people hate on Muslims because they call US terrorists, violent, untruthful people, you can insert all negative adjectives here.

And yet, these same people are willing to support anyone who commits these atrocities for their own personal victories, including the destruction of Islam, which will never happen.

Mark my words, children of Adam (as), that day will come, when every human being that existed will be lined up before God and we will all witness who is gonna take a dip in some divine wrath.

Excuse my frustrations.

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Devious Comments

hanciong Nov 23, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I am a Buddhist, and this is embarrassing. however, let me tell you once again that what they are doing has no basis in Buddhism, because in Buddhism scripture, there is nothing which could even remotely be used to justify violence toward other living beings (not only humans). for example, take a look at this: the sutta of universal love for all living beings: [link]

peace and wassalam
MatthewMatters Nov 23, 2012  Professional General Artist
Do understand that no actual Buddhist is actually capable of such act if he wishes to hold on to his faith. In Buddhism there could be no worse act than harming another living being.
Untrue. Yes there is no worse act by their understanding but they are to be punished accordingly within the concepts of their faith. Their actions are somewhat independent of their beliefs. Technically you can do whatever the hell you want in Buddhism it's just not recommended due to the idea that you get what you give. Either in this life or the next.
MatthewMatters Nov 23, 2012  Professional General Artist
Our understanding when you're talking to me, actually.

To murder anything is to work against all Dharma there is. Practicing such an act disturbs zen in just about any way possible imaginable. Again, no man willing to murder is actually a Buddhist at heart.
Most samurai were Buddhists. They believed their punishment was to be reincarnated as samurai. So in a sense their path to enlightenment is lengthened substantially.
That said I thought that only through experiencing everything was a requirement to reach enlightenment?

"If you meet the Buddha, kill the Buddha." - Meaning no man has the same path to enlightenment.
MatthewMatters Nov 23, 2012  Professional General Artist
The Bushido is a whole different deal, though in fairness it is another code I follow. Of course the Bushido itself does not exactly go into the matter of killing apart from suicide.

The Bushido and Buddhism go hand in hand with many things, but killing is the only major contradiction -- and extremely major at that. However, as all Samurai in fact pursued total piece of mind, they were also constantly pursuing Buddhist ideals. Indeed, if a Samurai could kill without the slightest negative emotion but perfect clarity of mind, then it could be argued he still had the potential to reach Nirvana: however, from a truly Buddhist point of view, killing remains simply unacceptable for the very five precepts forbid the act of destroying life.

Reaching Nirvana - or enlightenment if you would - is to no more feel desire towards anything: to have utter mind peace free of want. To have experienced everything is hardly a necessity. In Buddhist beliefs, a soul after all does not exist by it's western meaning: reincarnation is not your soul moving on to live another life, but more your life energy moving on instead of settling down and being at peace.
angelxxuan Nov 23, 2012  Professional Writer
once upon a time, Buddhists killed Christians, so it's probably not much different now. certain countries "wants" their religion to be the dominate one and don't allow any others to reside. all of those things people do now, creating groups to ridicule many people of many walks of life, size, height, appearance, age and so forth. only "humans" can break the change and "do the right thing" and since there is really "no line" dedicated to this fine line it's all over the charts !
Totally-dead Nov 22, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Welcome to the world. The mildest major religion on the planet has members capable of that.

But I seriously hope this is only based on the acts committed. You are not avoiding the fact that Muslims elsewhere are no better in their own actions? That as far as the general view on both religions, those actions are extremely strange to Buddhism compared with more commonly seen actions of equal magnitude done in the name of Islam?
Except for the Jains. (possibly?)
Totally-dead Nov 23, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I am not sure if I can classify that as major on the scale we are talking about, but I would guess you are right.
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