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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Philosophy and Religion Forum Rules 3wyl
2w 13h ago
0 N/A
Polytheism ChubbyDoomBunny
7h 25m ago
10 Dark-Cynder117
2m 33s ago
Not believing in Evolution Lolliihime
Sep 13, 2014
1,392 MechaKiryu
32m 20s ago
Most humans have Neanderthal dna... So are neanderthals "human"? wraithsith
Aug 11, 2014
118 Werewolfferret96
33m 59s ago
What is your opinion about... American-Sock-Puppet
1d 9h ago
69 JustinMLindner
1h 5m ago
is the noah's ark story a tale of genocide/eugenics? evilwraith666
Aug 1, 2014
778 American-Sock-Puppet
2h 12m ago
Is it ethical for one religion to steal ideas from another? American-Sock-Puppet
4d 5h ago
275 American-Sock-Puppet
2h 17m ago
Ask me about Catholicism II TESM
3d 3h ago
3h 9m ago
I have no problem with Satan JustinMLindner
1d 21h ago
224 narutokunobessed
3h 17m ago
Misogyny ZeroElements
Aug 29, 2014
151 kaleeborn
3h 30m ago
Preach it! Lolliihime
1w 1d ago
193 narutokunobessed
3h 32m ago
Gays? Lolliihime
Aug 9, 2014
666 kaleeborn
3h 34m ago
Hot "non-sexualized" female expression. silversongwriter
5d 8h ago
118 JustinMLindner
3h 54m ago
Thoughts on ManChild Types Wesmeadow
Sep 17, 2014
206 American-Sock-Puppet
4h 5m ago
Creationism isn't biblical silversongwriter
Sep 6, 2014
379 maddmatt
4h 31m ago
since Christians know that the earth is round, then why do they deny evolution? evilwraith666
Sep 9, 2014
762 maddmatt
4h 32m ago
What would it take? -elly-
2d 22h ago
28 MaskedDeviantReturns
4h 43m ago
Immoral Acts of Humanity x-KunoichiLee-x
1d 8h ago
21 Saeter
5h 12m ago
Are people really reading and understanding the bible correctly? ember-flame-wolf
1w 3d ago
159 amberhelf
6h 19m ago
Anything Is As True As You Believe It To Be QueenMimi011
1w 4h ago
109 Eraezr
6h 45m ago
Where and how do you seek God? Or are you an idol worshiper? Greatest-I-am
Jul 9, 2014
216 NightDreamer831
8h 58m ago
Only man is fit to be God. Greatest-I-am
Sep 2, 2014
191 yummyMoose
9h 11m ago
Truth vs Ideals Rhapsodna
2d 10h ago
22 amberhelf
9h 28m ago
If parrots can dance, does that show their spiritual closeness to humans? wraithsith
Jul 30, 2014
57 wraithsith
10h 35s ago
Heaven and Hell are in the same place. lyndentr33
Aug 23, 2014
89 AgentA122
10h 51m ago
Jewish mysticism qattle
2d 9h ago
19 Rhapsodna
13h 45m ago
Why, believer or not, you seek a Monotheistic God. Greatest-I-am
1d 8h ago
24 3wyl
14h 27m ago
What Muslims believe is complex and hard to understand... PsychopathGod1984
1w 2d ago
58 skulkey
14h 35m ago
Atheist Evangelism TheOuterDarkness
3w 1d ago
449 Dragonflae
14h 57m ago
25% U.S. christians believe their prayers are answered "all of the time"!? Saeter
1w 3d ago
433 maddmatt
15h 14m ago
Do you think everyone has the right to have children? ella-ablaze
5d 16h ago
116 American-Sock-Puppet
18h 58m ago
Evolutionists do not understand the origin of life Chiminix
1w 3d ago
237 Andrew-YM
23h 5m ago
Are you created in God's image? Greatest-I-am
2w 1d ago
90 TimeHasAnEnd
23h 48m ago
Being selfish is the way to go?! FoxyPika
6d 16h ago
85 F0Ximatosis
1d 1h ago
Can i make fun of fat peaople if im fat? terors
1w 1d ago
44 amberhelf
1d 4h ago
freedom can not exist with purpose evilwraith666
Aug 4, 2014
133 amberhelf
1d 5h ago
Space and "Time" is a line or a circle Umbrayl-and-Paynx
2d 6h ago
30 rockstar1009
1d 5h ago
Are we as the human race ready for the Internet? EnvyTalks
6d 13h ago
47 r0binVI
1d 5h ago
Is masturbating a sin? (CHRISTIANS ONLY!!) color-freak1
3w 3d ago
292 mmv303
1d 6h ago
If only women are allowed to have a stance on abortion... Kurosantchi
2w 3d ago
53 American-Sock-Puppet
1d 9h ago