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READ BEFORE POSTING - Philosophy & Religion Forum Rules 3wyl
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
No such thing as sexual orientation. silversongwriter
2d 3h ago
315 CrimeRoyale
4m 55s ago
So tell me? GeorgeGordonSchulte
22h 25m ago
24 CrimeRoyale
5m 17s ago
animal cruelty vs. cultural differences silversongwriter
5h 3m ago
31 Submit-to-Metallica
6m 56s ago
is okay to be homophobic/heterosexist? drawitbig
Aug 18, 2014
897 LostbunniesofWendy
14m 18s ago
Not believing in Evolution Lolliihime
1w 1d ago
301 MarqsT
37m 18s ago
Is religion just a placebo? iDJPanda
1d 9h ago
79 LBAMagic
1h 8m ago
Who invented religion? Adelaidejohn1967
3d 14h ago
95 Nolamom3507
1h 17m ago
Is Racism in America Coming Back? Sora200
1w 5d ago
126 Sora200
4h 5m ago
Why is it that we believe that a women "deserves" to be raped if she is not dressed properly? evilwraith666
Aug 10, 2014
260 TheOuterDarkness
4h 26m ago
do neurotypicals have privilege? evilwraith666
8h 23m ago
14 skulkey
4h 46m ago
Only man is fit to be God. Greatest-I-am
2w 5d ago
141 SherbertTCat
4h 57m ago
Atheist graveyards macker33
2w 2d ago
843 MK-R
5h 18m ago
since Christians know that the earth is round, then why do they deny evolution? evilwraith666
1w 5d ago
343 MarginalSanity
5h 59m ago
where .what ,who, why (ISIS) is. how do you look towards it? eissaDsenator
3w 6d ago
45 darkcarol9
6h 16m ago
Kicking around an idea. effigytormented
4d 3h ago
25 effigytormented
7h 19m ago
On acceptable behaviors in clubs... Lulabys-Melody
2d 2h ago
13 your-first-boyfriend
7h 32m ago
What\'s your BEST argument? jayceeknight
May 30, 2014
1,286 jayceeknight
7h 35m ago
Women. Religion’s longest running victims. Greatest-I-am
Aug 9, 2014
446 silversongwriter
8h 30m ago
Gays? Lolliihime
Aug 9, 2014
604 Lolliihime
8h 59m ago
Does speaking English harm your wallet? Eraezr
12h 7m ago
4 SleinadFlar
9h 39m ago
No religion is correct Lolliihime
1w 1d ago
78 UtopianWhisper
9h 40m ago
Shift my beliefs? MACKLEM0RE
1d 9h ago
35 Abstract-Mindser
10h 58m ago
Can you love on command? Greatest-I-am
2w 5d ago
83 Greatest-I-am
11h 7m ago
Why religious organizations target Public Schooling Saeter
14h 32m ago
4 Saeter
11h 17m ago
Why was Adam exempt from the transgression when the transgression was disobedience? Greatest-I-am
1w 5d ago
13 Greatest-I-am
11h 49m ago
Where and how do you seek God? Or are you an idol worshiper? Greatest-I-am
Jul 9, 2014
148 Greatest-I-am
12h 3m ago
What comes into your mind? Malintra-Shadowmoon
4d 8h ago
66 Jenny42
13h 12m ago
Are feminists degrading? macker33
1w 3d ago
116 Anoriax
13h 24m ago
Two Sins in One ZevTheClusterLizard
2d 23h ago
75 Eraezr
14h 36m ago
Argumentum ad Populum (a Logical Fallacy) in relation to of the Belief in any form of a creator 7h476uy
6d 13h ago
91 skulkey
19h 44m ago
If Greek, norse or Egyptian gods were real... Rhapsodna
2w 3d ago
89 gattsby
23h 26m ago
Does sex exist in heaven? TheOuterDarkness
2w 23h ago
147 TheOuterDarkness
1d 2m ago
We now have walking fish, creationists going to hate #godarwin wraithsith
3w 1d ago
74 skulkey
1d 3h ago
Equality of the sexes among ancient cultures skulkey
2w 15h ago
65 evilwraith666
1d 3h ago
opinion on omniverse JJWsmith
1d 9h ago
9 Lytrigian
1d 5h ago
How the fuck does love work? silversongwriter
1d 20h ago
35 Gray-philosophy
1d 6h ago
Creationism isn't biblical silversongwriter
2w 1d ago
247 qattle
1d 6h ago
is concentual cannibalism morally wrong? your thoughts? evilwraith666
Jul 2, 2014
186 hailmust
1d 6h ago
can a male be a "slut"? evilwraith666
Aug 17, 2014
85 NicaRox
1d 6h ago