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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Philosophy and Religion Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Being a holebi is a disease?! PhoebeBang
1w 9h ago
81 SkyFire33
2m 6s ago
Holiday Lies & Appropriations in the States SADz2323
6h 44m ago
21 SADz2323
3m 12s ago
You all got the bible wrong. Blu-the-FabBag
1h 19m ago
33 brycem900
4m 3s ago
A thread for Christians... Why are young people fleeing Christianity? AspiePie
1w 6d ago
285 SkyFire33
14m 40s ago
is Satanism popular with you people Haggisbrain
Sep 19, 2015
146 Haggisbrain
20m 49s ago
Baby killing ...God works in mysterious ways. rich-incel-quan-boy
3d 1h ago
48 Underdell
36m 6s ago
Study reveals religion ruins children EbolaBearSoda
1w 6d ago
201 KittyNocturna
53m 36s ago
For all of you Christians Moltenkitty
4d 17h ago
21 14iv19
1h 41m ago
How do you pray? skygal333
Oct 16, 2015
48 KillianSeraphim
1h 58m ago
Don't be fooled Jesus is just as evil as the Muslims rich-incel-quan-boy
1w 5d ago
206 CorailJay
2h 28m ago
Hegel VS Marx gekkodimoria
15h 30m ago
10 Terrymcg
2h 59m ago
Are you ever jealous of geniuses? lykosonette
1d 23h ago
18 TheFlawedOne
3h 19m ago
Immortality daritha42
1w 4d ago
173 AlytheFairy
4h 8m ago
People are either good or evil from a young age.. AspiePie
2w 5d ago
56 yummyMoose
5h 5m ago
Experimental question... Tamagotchy
2d 21h ago
133 EbolaBearSoda
5h 15m ago
should it be illegal to say mean things artlooker69
1w 1d ago
75 M1n1dr10d-Y0D0
6h 1m ago
Simple sample and the Falabalas. skulkey
1w 4d ago
40 qattle
6h 2m ago
The story of Noah Rhapsodna
3w 1d ago
196 Lytrigian
7h 3m ago
Is religion a stumbling block to human compassion? AspiePie
5d 5h ago
123 VictoireFuguos
7h 16m ago
Do you have a fetish or strange habit/thing that you like to do? lykosonette
6d 21h ago
83 LazyBoneArtist
8h 19m ago
Get Ready to Enjoy Big Discount for Thanksgiving and Black Friday kuustar
19h 20m ago
4 morbidman187
13h 37m ago
Is it morally justified to kill all the Africans and take their land when climate change is involved Valzeras
16h 39m ago
13 skulkey
14h 53m ago
Multiple Supreme Beings hte-1-hsaman
Aug 27, 2015
178 skulkey
17h 4m ago
should pope Francis declare a crusade on ISIS evilwraith666
Jul 29, 2015
72 skulkey
17h 6m ago
Do feminine pads go to Heaven? LizzyChrome
4d 1h ago
50 Totally-dead
20h 3s ago
Why do pedophiles exist JJWsmith
Sep 25, 2015
47 Ultopic
23h 5m ago
Help me find the perfect religion LizzyChrome
1w 6d ago
165 ixoraceae
23h 21m ago
Consensual cannibalism? evilwraith666
Mar 29, 2015
182 SkyBluer
1d 11m ago
gender Brickgenius27
1w 1d ago
118 xclaux
1d 2h ago
You think you are smart in regards to the Bible? Here's a test. ZacharyTC
2w 3d ago
224 ZacharyTC
1d 2h ago
Why there are no aliens yummyMoose
2w 1d ago
95 LBAMagic
1d 2h ago
Mind vs. Heart 0dd--Ball
4w 1d ago
47 Snowbristle
1d 3h ago
How long until religion is gone for good? goddammitbobby
1w 6d ago
211 Aiontot
1d 3h ago
Please Christians explain why homosexuality is wrong? AspiePie
Aug 26, 2015
615 CaptainPaperfox
1d 7h ago
is it morally wrong to give a Jew a ham sandwich evilwraith666
1w 1d ago
129 Koshej
1d 8h ago
September 23rd Dragonnerd445
Sep 22, 2015
136 evilwraith666
1d 9h ago
#BringYourBible Smkiller
Oct 8, 2015
407 evilwraith666
1d 12h ago
Born in the Wrong Era? Dragonnerd445
Oct 21, 2015
115 renriin
1d 17h ago
Question MissLadyGrim
3d 14h ago
68 Xadrik-Xu
1d 19h ago