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READ BEFORE POSTING - Philosophy and Religion Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
what if everything you thought about the world and religion is wrong flutteringstutters
2d 13h ago
62 Cyanide-6v6
4m 44s ago
Lie madnessmountains
1d 4h ago
43 kaikaku
10m 11s ago
Homosexuality techincally a mental illness? LoltaKid
1w 23h ago
97 LoltaKid
13m 17s ago
Religious habits with lost meaning orochibi
Jan 5, 2016
28 ZacharyTC
27m 32s ago
Your Christian purpose MaskedDeviantReturns
3d 6m ago
55 KaizenKitty
27m 35s ago
How do you know if you're truly in love JJWsmith
7h 31m ago
28 LazyBoneArtist
40m 3s ago
When will the Christian Fuckboys go Silent on Gay Marriage as they did with Interracial Marriage... AspiePie
1d 9h ago
121 SugaryAshes
45m 29s ago
Jewish and Christian Terrorism and why doesn't it get covered AspiePie
11h 54m ago
44 Lytrigian
1h 23m ago
Do you believe that there's life on other planets ? Maybe even humans on other planets? Moltenkitty
1w 2d ago
134 garblobia
1h 28m ago
Why is Holocaust Denial wrong but Holocaust Justification isn't.... AspiePie
5d 8h ago
138 Maxi-Moran
1h 28m ago
Heterosexuality techincally a mental illness? AspiePie
9h 44m ago
27 KaizenKitty
1h 38m ago
Athiesm... why its wrong. Thissideoftown
Dec 29, 2015
1,506 Jafar-AsSaleem
1h 40m ago
Science SirBurgerKat
1d 23h ago
8 KaizenKitty
1h 45m ago
LGBT+, Pro-choice, and Christianity RainbowStriked
3d 23h ago
186 Saeter
1h 54m ago
My cat died madnessmountains
1d 3h ago
22 LBAMagic
2h 38m ago
God for a Day Feast4daBeast
6d 3h ago
162 CrimsonMagpie
2h 47m ago
Is being black a simply a sin madnessmountains
Jan 1, 2016
180 mayr1994
4h 16m ago
Godís decree. No punishment after death for men. Greatest-I-am
2w 6d ago
71 Mr-Jamaul
5h 13m ago
Is everyone from the UK Gay? BernieSandersFarted
20h 9m ago
13 AspiePie
7h 58m ago
Abraham Lincoln was never shot! MaskedDeviantReturns
Jan 9, 2016
50 AspiePie
8h 5m ago
Transhumanism? Our future or our destruction? N7Lancelot
1w 3d ago
140 EbolaBearSoda
8h 11m ago
Is it normal to want to eat small children? LizzyChrome
22h 5m ago
32 LizzyChrome
9h 10m ago
The Eternal Jihad infinitetolerance
1w 1d ago
133 Kamal-Q
10h 40m ago
I have proof evolution is a lie! ComplaintElitism
Dec 23, 2015
431 lyndentr33
11h 18m ago
Should we ban the indoctrination and brainwashing of children by religions? Is it child abuse? Greatest-I-am
Dec 17, 2015
415 Hussein--Ali
11h 27m ago
MAXIMALLY GR8 PIECE OF POOP!!! flibberdedodah
2d 48m ago
17 AspiePie
11h 48m ago
i have proof evolution exists!!! flibberdedodah
3d 5h ago
24 Darkestsix
14h 31m ago
Everyone Answer Please! What would you expect? tatlntael
2d 1h ago
31 tatlntael
22h 44m ago
How likely is evolution to be true JJWsmith
5d 2h ago
95 Syn99
23h 33m ago
The book of Daniel and Biblical Literalism... AspiePie
3w 1d ago
23h 51m ago
science vs religion flibberdedodah
2d 11h ago
43 Koshej
1d 3h ago
What are dreams? fuzzybunnie-bun
Jan 9, 2016
49 RainbowStriked
1d 5h ago
a few questions directed towards atheists. TalonsOfRuin
3w 6d ago
208 WallyThorson
1d 5h ago
Any Arian church? AlexHofstadter
1w 23h ago
70 AlexHofstadter
1d 8h ago
Has anyone read who Satan really is... AspiePie
2w 5d ago
18 AspiePie
1d 9h ago
Are rich people really worse than poor people? MiffArte
1d 13h ago
12 MiffArte
1d 10h ago
The more you know >>> madnessmountains
4w 1d ago
36 spiderdroid
1d 14h ago
What if God wasn't around to save/help you? Dastyni
2w 1d ago
68 LizzyChrome
1d 20h ago
Best way to convince people to leave gay people alone? Algiark
2w 1h ago
84 LizzyChrome
1d 20h ago