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READ BEFORE POSTING - Philosophy and Religion Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Whats so bad about the Abyss? Dastyni
1d 4h ago
11 SGT-Conley
2m 56s ago
Norse Peganism LacyRibbons
6h 42m ago
57 RochambeauFR
12m 6s ago
Is there a true God behind all religions? bagginos
1w 6d ago
275 Draggah-N
15m 44s ago
Chipmunks prove there's no god? Aspiringtroll22
2h 21m ago
12 Lytrigian
16m 37s ago
Could you Christians just get over it.... OctiJew
2w 4d ago
91 Draggah-N
1h 3m ago
Paul Harvey's 51 year old Warning SuperEvangelist
1d 14h ago
16 h-irsch
1h 3m ago
Technology VS Society VioletHive
3w 6d ago
169 h-irsch
1h 4m ago
Yahweh and Allah. Are they moral and ethical Gods? Greatest-I-am
1w 3d ago
113 h-irsch
1h 6m ago
There is no hell... jayceeknight
2w 6d ago
344 h-irsch
1h 9m ago
Just how offensive is using the word "Faggot" Aspiringtroll22
20h 17m ago
48 h-irsch
1h 25m ago
Can I haz a Universe pleaze? LBAMagic
22h 18m ago
6 LBAMagic
1h 39m ago
Deconstructing God HinemiNeko
Mar 25, 2016
184 YouthSpring
2h 6m ago
justice doesnt exist FandomWorldsLove
3d 13h ago
19 bitteryetsweet
4h 14m ago
This should be interesting... SilverScheemer
2d 3h ago
66 YouthSpring
5h 3m ago
Proof of Judaism being true in a nutshell. Koshej
3w 4d ago
871 MaskedDeviantReturns
5h 3m ago
Does "gender preference" exist? Aspiringtroll22
1d 14m ago
15 LacyRibbons
6h 39m ago
The definition of the Christian God LoltaKid
Mar 16, 2016
168 Legio-X
7h 1m ago
I Believe This List of Clothing Should Be Banned From The World Unwritten-Lyrics
Mar 15, 2016
239 Unwritten-Lyrics
8h 6m ago
Bestiality evilwraith666
Mar 20, 2015
446 THEblackPEA
9h 37m ago
ALIENS crackerpattiez
3d 22h ago
46 VioletHive
10h 15m ago
Confess your sins! Rhapsodna
2w 1d ago
122 Underdell
11h 5m ago
What's your religion? NaveahAdelaine
Mar 21, 2016
384 KillianSeraphim
14h 34m ago
Pagan Respect for Jesus Christ? AspiePie
Feb 19, 2016
321 UnicronWars
14h 42m ago
How can you help someone who is on drugs? LadyLoth
1d 15h ago
22 HeartsOfCoal
14h 49m ago
All cispeople are transphobic Aspiringtroll22
5d 7h ago
26 Aspiringtroll22
20h 44m ago
Why do some Christians obsess so much over The Bible.... LadyLoth
2d 4h ago
37 foxtain
22h 11m ago
Why is there so much hate towards Christians? Pilulu
2w 4d ago
116 KittyNocturna
22h 59m ago
Ugh, I don't get this. Someone PLEASE help me. Am I a satanist or not? ImFromTheDarkSide666
3d 3h ago
144 ImFromTheDarkSide666
23h 1m ago
Consensual cannibalism? evilwraith666
Mar 29, 2015
239 THEblackPEA
23h 10m ago
Why the trinity still madnessmountains
Mar 27, 2016
47 Draggah-N
1d 53m ago
Psychological effects of Calvinism Aspiringtroll22
1d 10h ago
14 Lytrigian
1d 1h ago
The truth of the African AIDS epidemic Valzeras
1d 20h ago
18 Valzeras
1d 1h ago
Alien abduction Dastyni
1d 5h ago
2 Dastyni
1d 3h ago
The Book of Enoch Dastyni
1d 5h ago
4 Dastyni
1d 4h ago
April 16th through April 19th is the most evil day of the year. Novuso
2w 6d ago
95 h-irsch
1d 5h ago
What is the illuminati? Cyprind
3d 5h ago
3 ItsSuyash
1d 5h ago
The sociopath dosent exist? madnessmountains
1w 5d ago
74 UnicronWars
1d 6h ago
Atheism SuperEvangelist
Mar 20, 2016
186 Wolfslicht
1d 13h ago
An atheist's conversion. SuperEvangelist
2w 6d ago
120 Famiel
1d 13h ago