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READ BEFORE POSTING - Philosophy & Religion Forum Rules 3wyl
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
Why can't you let people be happy? silversongwriter
2w 5d ago
581 Bobbelebien
3m 50s ago
Is comparing homophobia to racism offensive? Kurosantchi
18h 3m ago
50 divine--apathia
28m 47s ago
How many men here actually believe women belong in the kitchen? mayadaloves87
6d 5h ago
69 Atlantech
29m 34s ago
Is Christianity compatible with Nationalism? intermetal
20h 23m ago
16 intermetal
2h 38m ago
Is it foolish to call God, “Father”? Greatest-I-am
Jul 22, 2014
237 hannoth
3h 3m ago
What\'s your BEST argument? jayceeknight
May 30, 2014
1,171 hannoth
3h 7m ago
We now have walking fish, creationists going to hate #godarwin wraithsith
1d 17h ago
21 Smkiller
3h 12m ago
It is two or one? ReptillianSP2011
1w 9h ago
25 kaikaku
3h 29m ago
Wisdom: no more, it is :yoda: wraithsith
Jun 19, 2014
100 LBAMagic
4h 56m ago
If christians don't really follow the old testament, why do so many still hate gays? wraithsith
3w 2d ago
411 lockdownthemoodyone
5h 32m ago
Religious books in school? AdventuresOfMimi
2d 8h ago
105 CommanderGordon
5h 58m ago
What is the point of praying? Adelaidejohn1967
5d 1h ago
48 Adelaidejohn1967
7h 5m ago
I Want To Answer Your Questions About Islam HananWasHere
3w 5h ago
234 lyndentr33
7h 12m ago
Women. Religion’s longest running victims. Greatest-I-am
3w 1d ago
423 lyndentr33
7h 39m ago
Is it wrong to wanna be another person? silversongwriter
3w 4d ago
113 Irishfury97
8h 14m ago
Christianity : Did God Come to Save the World, or a Privileged Minority? LuranRabbit
1w 1d ago
40 TheEvergreenShadow
8h 26m ago
Do you agree with this statement? I will not let my schooling interfer with my education... AmandaNerdBot
1d 15h ago
9 lindentr33
8h 54m ago
Heaven and Hell are in the same place. lyndentr33
1w 1d ago
72 lindentr33
9h 9m ago
where .what ,who, why (ISIS) is. how do you look towards it? eissaDsenator
6d 18h ago
36 lockdownthemoodyone
12h 3m ago
is the noah's ark story a tale of genocide/eugenics? evilwraith666
Aug 1, 2014
677 lockdownthemoodyone
12h 10m ago
Who tempted Eve? Satan or the serpent? Why did God punish the serpent? Greatest-I-am
Jun 28, 2014
229 lockdownthemoodyone
12h 16m ago
the surprising pagen-ness of European Christianity wraithsith
May 11, 2014
257 lockdownthemoodyone
12h 18m ago
Have you investigated Gnostic Christianity? Greatest-I-am
Jun 26, 2014
133 lockdownthemoodyone
12h 22m ago
near-death experiences DaemonicWraith
1w 4d ago
28 lockdownthemoodyone
12h 25m ago
is okay to be homophobic/heterosexist? drawitbig
1w 6d ago
643 MaskedDeviantReturns
13h 14m ago
The future macker33
1w 3d ago
81 Pingk-NC
13h 23m ago
The Most Beautiful Things In The Universe Mindkiller1989
1d 5h ago
10 Mindkiller1989
14h 29m ago
God is love? SamDelaTorre
2w 2d ago
319 KillianSeraphim
14h 39m ago
JUGGALO hte-1-hsaman
1d 15h ago
20 Chiminix
18h 25m ago
Misogyny ZeroElements
3d 2h ago
40 Totally-dead
18h 27m ago
Gods and Mythology? kazraia
2w 1d ago
77 kazraia
18h 41m ago
Which would you prefer, immortality or reincarnation? Underdell
6d 6h ago
106 Underdell
18h 54m ago
Why are things the way they are? ProudTortoise
1d 10h ago
13 Werewolfferret96
19h 54m ago
Arguments, what are they really? KillersNight
1w 2d ago
54 Werewolfferret96
20h 51m ago
hypothetical question about abuse JJWsmith
1d 18h ago
30 ItsNotFilia
21h 48m ago
what is you or me This-is-no-name
5d 16h ago
90 siantjudas
1d 37m ago
can a male be a "slut"? evilwraith666
2w 10h ago
65 siegeonthorstadt
1d 8h ago
should sociopaths be euthanized? evilwraith666
1w 1d ago
34 Koeskull
1d 9h ago
Are you afraid of muslims? HimechiKaori
3w 4d ago
488 VictorianExcentric
1d 10h ago