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READ BEFORE POSTING - Philosophy and Religion Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Unconditional love yaldabaothtzedvaot
2h 17m ago
15 yaldabaothtzedvaot
1m 36s ago
Christians!: Gays/lesbians are maybe God's plan? realnewerthmattana
1w 3d ago
242 theBlackWolff
6m 49s ago
Islam creates hatred towards the gentile yaldabaothtzedvaot
51m 8s ago
6 yaldabaothtzedvaot
8m 23s ago
what is the meaning of pink yaldabaothtzedvaot
17h 54m ago
21 yaldabaothtzedvaot
10m 8s ago
United States Rules in Favor of Gay Marriage Nationwide!? WhitestAsian
1w 2d ago
587 theBlackWolff
22m 4s ago
Why do people still believe in god? RoseOfADifferentKind
1w 6d ago
339 theBlackWolff
26m 31s ago
why would god care? Jackharney1
Apr 19, 2015
588 Jackharney1
27m 37s ago
{ ask a muslim } underseagalaxies
2w 8h ago
196 yaldabaothtzedvaot
55m 4s ago
What do you think is the meaning of life? tinselswan
4w 12h ago
268 Elijah-Berryman
57m 57s ago
Equality for gays. What's next? NovemberFoxtrot
5d 8h ago
293 LazyBoneArtist
1h 55m ago
Can you oppose gay marriage without sounding like a homophobe? natetheninja23
5d 3h ago
103 macker33
2h 4m ago
Atheism is a Religion DeathNoteLighto
2w 15h ago
1,548 ReptillianSP2011
2h 40m ago
Evolution vs Creationism Wheats-cat
2w 2d ago
363 WingDongs
3h 12m ago
Fundamental Nature of Goodness crapsh0ot
2d 21h ago
79 crapsh0ot
3h 19m ago
Get off my moon base yaldabaothtzedvaot
10h 31m ago
5 PHangman
3h 24m ago
George Takei on the expanding definition of American... TheMasterButcher999
6d 12h ago
7 macker33
3h 25m ago
Old Testament No Longer Valid? jayceeknight
2w 6d ago
234 HerbalDrink
3h 40m ago
Can you prove the bible Rhapsodna
3d 11h ago
126 Rhapsodna
3h 41m ago
Okay prove to me Social Marxism exist? TheMasterButcher999
2d 9h ago
6 yaldabaothtzedvaot
3h 42m ago
Light: quantum spin, evanescence, duality, and other news... skulkey
14h 35m ago
23 LazyBoneArtist
4h 11m ago
Super space babies yaldabaothtzedvaot
10h 1m ago
11 macker33
4h 14m ago
Remote Viewing yaldabaothtzedvaot
10h 11m ago
24 yaldabaothtzedvaot
4h 22m ago
State of rapture yaldabaothtzedvaot
5h 18m ago
4 yaldabaothtzedvaot
4h 38m ago
Everything is based off faith.... TheMasterButcher999
1d 9h ago
52 LazyBoneArtist
4h 41m ago
Driving under the influence of weed SADz2323
1d 59m ago
18 DruidPeter
5h 48m ago
Are you religious or non-religious? DyloonyArtz
5d 3h ago
192 DruidPeter
5h 57m ago
Jehovah witnesses Rhapsodna
8h 56m ago
18 WingDongs
6h 54m ago
ASTRAL BEAST ACTIVATE!!! yaldabaothtzedvaot
8h 42m ago
8 FaolanEternal
7h 37m ago
Em..Hi? Soirema-pl
6d 18h ago
39 TheMasterButcher999
10h 6m ago
Roof it appears is mentally ill? what now? TheMasterButcher999
1w 1d ago
54 TheMasterButcher999
10h 21m ago
Scientology yaldabaothtzedvaot
10h 41m ago
0 N/A
can some explain this bowel movement to me yaldabaothtzedvaot
16h 16m ago
1 morbidman187
11h 30s ago
Mental Internet hte-1-hsaman
1d 1h ago
36 lindentr33
11h 13m ago
Are "Good" and "Evil" useful constructs? WuYiXiang
2w 5d ago
349 ALMEIDA-paintings
14h 48m ago
the ongoing stubborness between both religious and nonreligious people marinaissowaddell
May 12, 2015
253 Koshej
15h 10m ago
Can someone explain the new age movement to me? Wheats-cat
4d 6h ago
49 lyndentr33
17h 2m ago
philosophy yaldabaothtzedvaot
17h 10m ago
0 N/A
Is Art Whoring a Sin? LizzyChrome
May 6, 2015
112 yaldabaothtzedvaot
18h 5m ago
i make a post now yaldabaothtzedvaot
21h 34m ago
8 morbidman187
19h 5m ago