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Philosophy & Religion Forum

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READ BEFORE POSTING - Philosophy & Religion Forum Rules 3wyl
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
Destiny... Gothicdarkness
14h 36m ago
14 skulkey
34s ago
The God's Not Dead Challenge LogicalWomen
1d 20h ago
75 Saeter
2m 31s ago
Do not love the world yaldabaothtzedvaot
2d 12h ago
115 Saeter
15m 51s ago
Jesus wasn't the messiah, an avatar, a prophet, or a holy person of any kind (continued)... DragonsNapalm
4d 5h ago
83 Saeter
18m 2s ago
What are your religious/spiritual/ethical beliefs? TyrannicalStubs
17h 29m ago
31 skulkey
22m 41s ago
The Taboo of Self-Confidence. LogicalWomen
3d 14h ago
188 siantjudas
22m 50s ago
God: In the Sky or Omnipresent? ZephyrMaximum
17h 50m ago
60 skulkey
25m 48s ago
Spirituality Kairoze
5d 16h ago
66 siantjudas
27m 11s ago
It's all part of God's plan. LogicalWomen
Mar 10, 2014
509 Saeter
42m 18s ago
People who dont believe in Evolution still exist and thats sad. phDON
4w 22h ago
936 BellaGoBoom
42m 19s ago
Do you believe in God? Vao-K
Mar 9, 2014
116 FaolanEternal
43m 58s ago
The teachings of budda Rhapsodna
13h 29m ago
12 siantjudas
1h 7m ago
Ridiculous bible interpretations silversongwriter
Mar 4, 2014
892 megiddohill
1h 29m ago
Why do some people find it hard to believe in evolution? Algiark
Feb 20, 2014
1,075 mija22
1h 36m ago
Debate about anything with anyone MangekyoMarie
Dec 26, 2013
1,152 Mattchewbackaar
2h 13m ago
Why are there so many religions Rhapsodna
1d 16h ago
52 BellaGoBoom
2h 33m ago
Why is athieism appealing? Artdrea
1w 6d ago
284 BellaGoBoom
3h 2m ago
AHHH!!!! silversongwriter
3d 12h ago
179 blackbook668
3h 5m ago
I am tolerant silversongwriter
13h 34m ago
12 BellaGoBoom
3h 7m ago
Did Jesus Even Exist? Dragonflae
Mar 9, 2014
477 BellaGoBoom
3h 11m ago
Religions are Inherently Immoral LogicalWomen
1w 5d ago
434 Draco-94
4h 23m ago
Religious groups using tricks to convince people Ragerancher
6d 14h ago
149 Draco-94
4h 27m ago
How does one believing in a supreme being? OmeletteAvocado
2w 42m ago
193 TimLavey
5h 2m ago
is God evil JJWsmith
Mar 13, 2014
299 maddmatt
6h 12m ago
God's Not Dead trailer phDON
3w 2d ago
170 maddmatt
6h 12m ago
Consensual Incest? Your thoughts? Heineka
1w 9h ago
187 maddmatt
6h 14m ago
New Age? What is that? Fliron
1w 8h ago
24 Fliron
6h 53m ago
Who is Satan stealthfox2
2w 2d ago
93 AkatsukiAndBloodstar
6h 56m ago
crazyness and the supersticious are they linked ? rapxic
1d 1h ago
28 rapxic
6h 58m ago
Some quantum scientists believe that our reality is merely a shadow/'echoe' of a higher dimension. Eraezr
1w 20h ago
66 Eraezr
7h 11m ago
Truth about suicide silversongwriter
2w 1d ago
207 Eraezr
7h 16m ago
Time for atheists to give up macker33
Apr 29, 2013
8,842 Koogleblitz
7h 22m ago
Souls Shaylans
6d 12h ago
65 Eraezr
7h 36m ago
Hate groups silversongwriter
1w 1d ago
302 kitsumekat
8h 11m ago
Insult Wars Noremac-Demigod
3w 2d ago
192 DragonsNapalm
8h 37m ago
Saving lives Exillior
2d 23h ago
39 Exillior
9h 26m ago
Technology vs Life? LogicalWomen
1w 11h ago
109 theMaskedDeviant
11h 11m ago
what religion are you? BEYOND-Artworks
1w 6d ago
205 ZephyrMaximum
17h 49m ago
What do you think is the single biggest problem on Earth right now? TurkEvulture
1w 4d ago
306 FenRavensong
20h 28m ago