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READ BEFORE POSTING - Philosophy and Religion Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Dear Uptight Christians..... InfraDalek
1w 2d ago
275 macker33
1m 19s ago
Has God Answered Your Prayers? Saeter
5h 51m ago
54 macker33
2m 50s ago
Was Satan wrong to demand equal rights in heaven? Greatest-I-am
3w 1d ago
249 TheDuckParade
4m 30s ago
Abortion xXSerena-CrosseXx
4d 4h ago
276 macker33
4m 46s ago
Your definition of Jews. JDMWanganPichu
52m 10s ago
4 macker33
8m 46s ago
Debunking the Illuminati Once and for all! TheMasterButcher999
1d 4h ago
45 718-4
8m 57s ago
bruce jenner macker33
2d 7h ago
111 LazyBoneArtist
26m 40s ago
Virginity - your choice? SecretlyaSavoir
4d 22h ago
303 Chatwingsoftware
29m 15s ago
Phil Robertson- rape and murder Atheist families MaskedDeviantReturns
2w 4d ago
489 macker33
31m 28s ago
Gay Bowel Syndrome.... TheMasterButcher999
3w 6d ago
121 macker33
33m 42s ago
Jihadists must die, --- but our real enemies are the Qur’an and Bible. Greatest-I-am
Feb 27, 2015
373 Greatest-I-am
39m ago
Is creating false guilt for profit by religions a good moral tenet? Greatest-I-am
3w 1d ago
21 Greatest-I-am
46m 2s ago
Embrace Judeo-Christian culture and values! Is this politician serious? Greatest-I-am
Feb 7, 2015
134 Greatest-I-am
53m 42s ago
Anyone practice meditation? Han1977
5d 14h ago
101 qattle
58m 21s ago
Do you think God wants less for his children than what you want for yours? Greatest-I-am
3w 5d ago
24 Greatest-I-am
1h 1m ago
Why dos none talk about fetishes? unicornbunny12
2d 12h ago
78 macker33
1h 11m ago
Why God has to exist and has to be good... TheMasterButcher999
6d 13h ago
98 macker33
1h 12m ago
Lesbian teacher NovemberFoxtrot
5d 15h ago
268 LadyQueenBee
1h 12m ago
What is love? LadyQueenBee
3h 3m ago
13 BleedingSpectrum
1h 23m ago
The Best Afterlife Dragonic-Paradox
3h 30m ago
13 LadyQueenBee
1h 28m ago
If the governments knew that aliens are real, would you be mad at the government for covering it up. TrixiePooch
1w 5d ago
140 World-Hero21
1h 31m ago
Actual town were they marry little girls too old men... TheMasterButcher999
2d 6h ago
58 GoGo-T-W
1h 36m ago
why would god care? Jackharney1
1w 23h ago
136 macker33
1h 43m ago
male pregancy Rhapsodna
1w 21h ago
125 TheMasterButcher999
1h 46m ago
Imagine if the Nazis had been like this! TheMasterButcher999
4h 8m ago
10 TheMasterButcher999
1h 52m ago
A question for Christians Mrgreen36
3d 8h ago
38 Nintendo-Dreamer
1h 55m ago
Being human is suffering Rhapsodna
4d 1h ago
102 Koshej
2h 33m ago
If you support gay rights must you support other sexualities? NoviceOfArt
2w 1d ago
166 LadyQueenBee
3h 20m ago
Hosting xXSerena-CrosseXx
1d 22h ago
74 RamuneFizu
3h 56m ago
Michele Bachmann is a Radical Christian Zionist! TheMasterButcher999
3d 4h ago
56 TheMasterButcher999
4h 38m ago
What would be the best way to challenge my RE teacher on religion? SomeoneWhoCanDraw
2w 3d ago
95 theBlackWolff
4h 53m ago
French people in MMORPG Croix-de-Trefle
2w 4d ago
39 Croix-de-Trefle
5h 16m ago
what if someone took god down? Rhapsodna
1w 2d ago
135 ClarkTheMagicDragon
5h 21m ago
Demons Rhapsodna
1d 22h ago
49 Rhapsodna
5h 30m ago
Mother Teresa SimplyHoliday
2d 6h ago
25 Saeter
7h 48m ago
What religion/culture is this demon from? LizzyChrome
23h 21m ago
23 LizzyChrome
9h 10m ago
Get looked down on for listening to gospel music?... Starfiyah
2d 3h ago
26 OopsISaidItAgain
9h 48m ago
We are all unique EXCEPT... Ravennatheblackqueen
4d 1h ago
62 Ravennatheblackqueen
10h 37m ago
If evolution is true, how come there are still monkeys around? BlushingBeauty0
Mar 11, 2015
366 Han1977
22h 29m ago