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READ BEFORE POSTING - Philosophy and Religion Forum Rules 3wyl
Oct 9, 2014
0 N/A
Evolution guided by God not scientific? jayceeknight
2w 5d ago
434 TimeHasAnEnd
2m 30s ago
Hey creationists... infinitetolerance
9h 59m ago
39 hannoth
7m 56s ago
why are Christians obsessed with the theory of evolution? MaskedDeviantReturns
4w 12h ago
612 TimeHasAnEnd
9m 49s ago
Why do some people think that Christians are dictated by God? TVandFilmWriter
1d 12h ago
90 hannoth
12m 13s ago
God causes schizophrenia badeyedeers
21h 21m ago
43 ReptillianSP2011
1h 46m ago
Male Rape Leviathanthropy
2d 16h ago
133 Smkiller
3h 12m ago
Why do people believe in the supernatural/paranormal? drawitbig
2d 4h ago
180 bryosgirl
3h 45m ago
abortion anarchintheuke
5d 3h ago
99 Gray-philosophy
3h 53m ago
Can't we all just believe what we want? TVandFilmWriter
2d 7h ago
125 Zigholtul88
4h 2m ago
How Does Christianity... Make Sense? Syn99
Oct 7, 2014
744 Mclandis
5h 8m ago
Why does God allow suffering to happen? Is everything subjective? AngelKite
1w 3d ago
238 Lily10110
5h 40m ago
Why is there so much discussion on objective/subjective morality? DragonsNapalm
5d 13h ago
46 DragonsNapalm
5h 41m ago
If we had time machines. Adelaidejohn1967
3d 19h ago
41 Adelaidejohn1967
6h 4m ago
New religion spread! LostbunniesofWendy
Oct 24, 2014
100 color-freak1
6h 10m ago
Ethical Treatment of Robots JK-Kino
4d 9h ago
74 JK-Kino
6h 45m ago
Find the verses, if you can, and don't cheat! ZacharyTC
6d 8h ago
47 SweetCandyCyanide
6h 54m ago
How do you justify etrnal hell JJWsmith
4d 9h ago
349 KyteGlory
10h 3m ago
if Christians abandoned large parts of the old testament, why haven't they abandoned genesis? wraithsith
Sep 13, 2014
126 skulkey
10h 35m ago
Proof the LGBT movement is a disgrace to the original civil rights movement. silversongwriter
2w 10h ago
690 silversongwriter
10h 42m ago
Reformed/Souther Baptists? Godsgirl4444
13h 11m ago
4 Driftwood-Thrones
10h 51m ago
was it monotheism/abrahamic religion that made human-centricism? wraithsith
Oct 12, 2014
21 Notorius-Quack
11h 50m ago
What about the neanderthal? Rhapsodna
2d 11h ago
17 wraithsith
16h 19m ago
discuss whether Matthew Stafford is most baristade3
18h 9m ago
1 Hurricaneclaw
16h 27m ago
Why are we entitled to only good things and zero suffering? RoleBlock
5d 14h ago
17 CrimeRoyale
18h 42m ago
Ask me about Catholicism II TESM
Oct 20, 2014
238 lyndentr33
19h 33m ago
Corrupt a bible berse Rhapsodna
1w 6d ago
320 skulkey
19h 48m ago
Past Lives, Reincarnation,OBE,NDE SpiritofColors
6d 9h ago
100 skulkey
21h 8m ago
Makeup! RedvioletStorm
1w 3d ago
126 SweetCandyCyanide
1d 6h ago
Witches Rhapsodna
2w 5d ago
275 DeadOnTheHorizon
1d 7h ago
Afterlife? MaskedWannabee
2d 15h ago
50 Novuso
1d 9h ago
The Perfect Sex or Love Life? Feast4daBeast
3d 17h ago
66 RobynMcLaughlin
1d 11h ago
Invisible Bridges Saeter
1w 3d ago
259 Saeter
1d 11h ago
Opinions on organ donation? TheJourneyTaker
3w 1d ago
105 TheJourneyTaker
1d 12h ago
heaven and hell, who's really avoiding MaskedDeviantReturns
2d 15h ago
19 MaskedDeviantReturns
1d 13h ago
What does God look like to you? OdeToMiniatures
3w 6d ago
356 OdeToMiniatures
1d 15h ago
Atheist Evangelism TheOuterDarkness
Oct 1, 2014
687 hannoth
1d 15h ago
I've become a Nihilist. ZeroBelow00
1d 23h ago
14 3wyl
1d 15h ago
Most badass god? Rhapsodna
1w 6d ago
164 4eyesneko
1d 17h ago
Stay away from evil acts such as listening to music and encourage others to do the same too! intermetal
1w 4d ago
50 4eyesneko
1d 17h ago