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READ BEFORE POSTING - Philosophy and Religion Forum Rules 3wyl
3w 1d ago
0 N/A
Gays? Lolliihime
Aug 9, 2014
771 h-irsch
13s ago
Atheist Evangelism TheOuterDarkness
Oct 1, 2014
491 isterini
6m 50s ago
[Christian] Why do you believe in Christ? 14iv19
1d 21h ago
214 DreamyNaria
7m 54s ago
Do Aliens exist? PuppyBitch21
2w 3d ago
188 isterini
13m 7s ago
New religion spread! LostbunniesofWendy
6d 18h ago
65 isterini
16m 24s ago
why are Christians obsessed with the theory of evolution? MaskedDeviantReturns
5d 3h ago
75 h-irsch
17m 8s ago
Why are there no Guilds like the ones in games/anime in Real Life ? Artifex-Astra
5h 8m ago
81 Artifex-Astra
29m 52s ago
What does God look like to you? OdeToMiniatures
4d 3h ago
254 CrimsonMagpie
47m 41s ago
Christianity is based on substitutionary atonement. Is it a moral religion? Greatest-I-am
6d 9h ago
133 KillianSeraphim
1h 37m ago
25% U.S. christians believe their prayers are answered "all of the time"!? Saeter
2w 4d ago
449 maddmatt
2h 30m ago
Religion Makes Another Concession to Science jayceeknight
3d 8h ago
241 jayceeknight
2h 44m ago
Historically accurate Rhapsodna
2d 7h ago
78 ensoul
4h 37m ago
The Spirit Realm exists? Or Naw? Kenny-White-Lion
2d 17h ago
21 skulkey
4h 48m ago
Satanists and satanism MrLovelessss
3d 8h ago
212 AgentA122
4h 51m ago
Hot "non-sexualized" female expression. silversongwriter
1w 6d ago
146 silversongwriter
7h 22m ago
Ethics committee says incest is OK Adelaidejohn1967
2d 16h ago
94 DreamyNaria
7h 24m ago
Skepticism & Art WestlyLaFleur
11h 7m ago
32 3wyl
7h 31m ago
I really have no idea... What are your thoughts? Art-Plus
22h 47s ago
18 pyrohmstr
8h 51m ago
Ethics avih1
3d 4h ago
25 TheStrategos
9h 15m ago
Ask me about Catholicism II TESM
1w 3d ago
208 TESM
11h 13m ago
The Catholic Church BurntOwl
2w 5d ago
240 horsiefreak
11h 50m ago
Do you think everyone has the right to have children? ella-ablaze
1w 6d ago
119 horsiefreak
11h 52m ago
Drawn towards Judaism, what to do? HighwindV
1d 15m ago
13 skulkey
12h 34m ago
Good news! greenstables
4d 11h ago
47 DOTB18
18h 42m ago
Question for Muslim Females mayadaloves87
3d 20h ago
20 maddmatt
19h 14m ago
Not believing in Evolution Lolliihime
Sep 13, 2014
1,810 thelastdirewolf
21h 19m ago
How Does Christianity... Make Sense? Syn99
3w 2d ago
591 14iv19
21h 26m ago
Misogyny ZeroElements
Aug 29, 2014
154 DOTB18
1d 7h ago
What is paganism to you? PuniPuniPrincess
1w 6h ago
54 skulkey
1d 9h ago
Can i make fun of fat peaople if im fat? terors
2w 2d ago
50 standbythebody
1d 13h ago
Heaven and Hell are in the same place. lyndentr33
Aug 23, 2014
112 Horus2299
1d 19h ago
Are you created in God's image? Greatest-I-am
3w 2d ago
122 Kenny-White-Lion
1d 19h ago
Do you think humans are the only intelligent species on Earth? metalhartrockandroll
4w 3h ago
360 LazyBoneArtist
1d 22h ago
Only man is fit to be God. Greatest-I-am
Sep 2, 2014
206 theBlackWolff
1d 22h ago
Most humans have Neanderthal dna... So are neanderthals "human"? wraithsith
Aug 11, 2014
120 Werewolfferret96
1d 22h ago
At what point does the human soul come into existence? Eraezr
5d 10h ago
143 CrispyLettuce
2d 1h ago
since Christians know that the earth is round, then why do they deny evolution? evilwraith666
Sep 9, 2014
808 MareDoWrite
2d 7h ago
is the noah's ark story a tale of genocide/eugenics? evilwraith666
Aug 1, 2014
791 Rhapsodna
2d 8h ago
What is your opinion about... American-Sock-Puppet
1w 2d ago
138 JamieAgathaRose
2d 21h ago