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READ BEFORE POSTING - Philosophy and Religion Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Why do people value "nice"? America--Hetalia
5d 13h ago
84 61021376
5m 39s ago
Who/what are you praying for? Rhapsodna
1d 7h ago
55 61021376
6m 52s ago
Do you think ghosts exist? Adelaidejohn1967
1d 7h ago
24 Adelaidejohn1967
38m 2s ago
17h 19m ago
43 skulkey
44m 54s ago
Jesus and John WrathofSlutty
2w 5d ago
21 skulkey
1h 13m ago
Bestiality evilwraith666
Mar 20, 2015
235 hunterN05
1h 44m ago
Is it ok to change the Race or Gender of an existing character? Hcps123
1d 4h ago
58 Fu-Inle
2h 55m ago
Okay I am absolutely serious... What is up with Jews and German Cars! TheMasterButcher999
2d 11h ago
53 siantjudas
2h 56m ago
why would god care? Jackharney1
Apr 19, 2015
268 BleachedJam
3h 5m ago
The Bible xXSerena-CrosseXx
1w 18h ago
284 izeqa
4h 25m ago
Is Art Whoring a Sin? LizzyChrome
2w 3d ago
87 ruinedmirage
5h 32m ago
out of body experiences? mini-i
1w 1d ago
84 OnlyTheGhosts
5h 33m ago
Ghosts and the living MechaKraken
1d 15h ago
15 Werewolfferret96
5h 34m ago
Morality does not come from God. Soloeus
1w 4h ago
139 Werewolfferret96
5h 35m ago
what are your thoughts on polygamy? izeqa
Apr 20, 2015
126 BleachedJam
5h 48m ago
Greek Mythology Simplified ArcaneUnit
10h 6m ago
8 Mrs-Durden
6h 5m ago
Anti-Islamic and Anti-Christian bigotry and Judaism? TheMasterButcher999
2w 1d ago
219 OnlyTheGhosts
6h 34m ago
스포츠토토사이트 ||【 hpp minsanstarbucksdin
7h 29m ago
2 morbidman187
6h 40m ago
What is your earliest memory? DyloonyArtz
3w 3d ago
72 OnlyTheGhosts
6h 42m ago
Artificial Intelligence Personhood Status yummyMoose
3d 9h ago
39 LazyBoneArtist
7h 13m ago
Blacks vs Jews NovemberFoxtrot
2d 7h ago
110 NovemberFoxtrot
7h 37m ago
Do you feel connected with nature? Rhapsodna
Mar 28, 2015
210 Rhapsodna
8h 5m ago
things you can say" have no regrets" about KdaAnimefan
Apr 13, 2015
126 KdaAnimefan
9h 38m ago
Has God Answered Your Prayers? Saeter
3w 5d ago
465 Saeter
9h 55m ago
Me and a Friend both had these mother's with a theory about the Palestinians,, TheMasterButcher999
1d 14h ago
21 OnlyTheGhosts
11h 59m ago
The Severely Mentally Ill And Guns ZevTheClusterLizard
5d 10h ago
62 OnlyTheGhosts
12h 21m ago
😇what if jesus was really satan in diguise?😈 elmwoodtoughsproutz
12h 45m ago
0 N/A
bruce jenner macker33
4w 16h ago
236 TheMasterButcher999
14h 19m ago
is abortion always wrong? DaZimmerMan
6d 53m ago
82 Saeter
14h 39m ago
Not allowing Christians to discriminate is discrimination against Christians skulkey
3w 3d ago
232 lyndentr33
16h 21m ago
Sacred Circle hte-1-hsaman
2d 21h ago
23 Iriastar
17h 56m ago
Did Ham castrate Noah? WrathofSlutty
3w 10h ago
27 lyndentr33
18h 18m ago
Consensual cannibalism? evilwraith666
Mar 29, 2015
141 evilwraith666
18h 36m ago
Jihadists must die, --- but our real enemies are the Qur’an and Bible. Greatest-I-am
Feb 27, 2015
419 evilwraith666
18h 53m ago
how to make animals bulletproof yummyMoose
1w 3d ago
75 evilwraith666
18h 53m ago
If each religion has its prayers answered, what makes your religion so special? wraithsith
Aug 1, 2014
326 wraithsith
18h 56m ago
On benign Zoophiles and Pedophiles! TheMasterButcher999
Apr 16, 2015
89 Internetexplorer968
19h 54m ago
Anarchy Toadadile
6d 9h ago
57 skulkey
1d 4m ago
Why do Christianity and various religions hate homosexuality and gay marriage Sparkskitty67
Feb 7, 2015
963 ahmadhokan
1d 6h ago