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READ BEFORE POSTING - Philosophy and Religion Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
What is the meaning of life? WingDongs
Aug 6, 2015
365 CommanderEVE
4m 39s ago
The fall of the Atheist has come at last!!! JusticeReturnsAgain
2h 29m ago
10 TojiX
20m 36s ago
Aliens:Fake or ??????? olivepattycakes
7h 12m ago
31 Masked-Guy
34m 53s ago
is Christianity popular with you people AspiePie
2w 3d ago
128 ozzi82
39m 59s ago
Conversion by corrective rape has never been a Christian Doctrine HillaryHead
2d 8h ago
31 N7Lancelot
45m 57s ago
Who Has Impacted Your Life the Most lykosonette
7h 55m ago
10 Shly-san
52m 26s ago
Could our imagination be a doorway to the multiverse? Underdell
8h 24m ago
14 Florian-K
1h 10m ago
#BringYourBible Smkiller
1d 13h ago
122 HillaryHead
1h 20m ago
So... the world ends today. skulkey
3d 1h ago
250 CoyoDesign
1h 42m ago
God created evolution FiatNox
2w 5d ago
669 TheGrigoriAnime
1h 52m ago
Corrective Rape? AspiePie
3d 18h ago
129 da1withdalongestname
2h 9m ago
This forum is sick, disturbed, and just downright fucked. WhitestAsian
1d 9h ago
60 Shly-san
2h 39m ago
'Abort it and try again' HillaryHead
3w 5d ago
68 HillaryHead
3h 30m ago
Okay the Bible viewed as Myth... AspiePie
Sep 2, 2015
214 TimeHasAnEnd
3h 32m ago
Was there a beginning? 14iv19
6d 10h ago
113 TimeHasAnEnd
4h 22m ago
The world is how you see it: if the world is horrible, then you are. PHangman
3d 9h ago
84 LazyBoneArtist
4h 45m ago
Jesus is going to kill you yaldabaothtzedvaot
4d 12h ago
24 olivepattycakes
7h 16m ago
Are people born Gay? Davidtcg
Jul 17, 2015
470 olivepattycakes
7h 19m ago
Would an omnipotent God be restricted to doing Good? Greatest-I-am
Jul 27, 2015
153 Jafar-AsSaleem
8h 45m ago
Please Christians explain why homosexuality is wrong? AspiePie
Aug 26, 2015
540 ozzi82
9h 50m ago
Woohoo ... we survived Doom (again) edchr
1d 2h ago
35 NativeWolfie
10h 4m ago
Are Jews Actually Atheists? JusticeReturnsAgain
2d 3h ago
70 ArcaneBelleza
10h 50m ago
Christian sibling-incest couple murders and eats their parents siegeonthorstadt
1w 16h ago
63 darkcarol9
11h 49m ago
Jewess teaches the Pope about how to lead Christendom intermetal
2w 10h ago
77 kitsumekat
11h 50m ago
What do you think of Islam? artlover20012001
1w 2d ago
295 kitsumekat
11h 51m ago
Islam is not a religion of peace Rhapsodna
Aug 24, 2015
391 kitsumekat
11h 58m ago
What Comes To Mind When You Think Of The Word 'Atheist'? SomeoneWhoCanDraw
1w 1d ago
490 cake-fiend
12h 37m ago
bible equal for atheists to swear on KdaAnimefan
1w 1d ago
171 KdaAnimefan
13h 6m ago
Mars has water! skulkey
1w 4d ago
355 skulkey
13h 46m ago
cisexual scum? BurntOwl
1w 6d ago
131 Ravennatheblackqueen
14h 18m ago
are opinion and fact technically the same? BurntOwl
Sep 7, 2015
106 Ravennatheblackqueen
14h 19m ago
Eternity: The one similarity between Heaven and Hell willtommo
1w 13h ago
63 Underdell
16h 59m ago
Christians are more moral than God. So why do you worship him? Greatest-I-am
Jul 13, 2015
754 Underdell
17h 9m ago
Children with severe disabilities Rhapsodna
3w 3d ago
105 theBlackWolff
18h 45m ago
Religion is like a penis... bunnielol
3w 4d ago
75 Ferres
18h 57m ago
Buddhism? Taegri
1w 6d ago
57 LBAMagic
1d 7h ago
The bible verse game. N7Lancelot
2w 5d ago
142 ash-clouds
1d 8h ago
Are you vegan? Why? Smilechaos
Sep 8, 2015
100 AdrianaBitesYou
1d 9h ago
This is the end of an age not the end of the world... AspiePie
2d 17h ago
29 MatRou
1d 12h ago