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READ BEFORE POSTING - Philosophy and Religion Forum Rules 3wyl
Oct 9, 2014
0 N/A
Your Opinion on Sexuality Syn99
1w 1d ago
164 Internetexplorer968
1m 56s ago
Explain the Quran to me PatternVSUser
4d 12h ago
260 abdushakur
20m 5s ago
Possible to be both Athiest and Anti thiest? Internetexplorer968
1w 9h ago
81 Internetexplorer968
33m 45s ago
Can you "prove" Athiesm/Deism to someone? Internetexplorer968
3d 8h ago
415 Internetexplorer968
35m 2s ago
Is everyone too sensitive? Adelaidejohn1967
1d 22h ago
42 Adelaidejohn1967
35m 54s ago
Heaven and Hell are in the same place. lyndentr33
Aug 23, 2014
157 lindentr33
44m 55s ago
Internet Addiction: The Greatest Social Crisis of the 21st Century? ellielza
17h 1m ago
27 thetaoofchaos
47m 58s ago
Explain it to me like I'm 5: Genders Telelia
5d 22m ago
82 Werewolfferret96
1h 9s ago
Sexism in my school game project?? Sobuu
1w 3d ago
42 Werewolfferret96
1h 10m ago
why are Christians obsessed with the theory of evolution? MaskedDeviantReturns
Oct 26, 2014
766 i-stamp
1h 33m ago
Islam has cancer. Abstract-Mindser
1w 2d ago
170 Werewolfferret96
2h 1m ago
Whats your religion Rhapsodna
1w 3d ago
206 crazyjbl
4h 3m ago
Your thoughts about meditation? pokecat
6d 5h ago
71 AlixOTMA18
4h 8m ago
Phor Philosophy infinitetolerance
3d 16h ago
23 Florian-K
5h 24m ago
Is everything, including fact and falsity , a matter of perspective? TheMisterMan2
5d 14h ago
84 TheMisterMan2
6h 8m ago
What if mankind was just God's boredom? TheMisterMan2
6d 5h ago
81 Internetexplorer968
6h 20m ago
sell your soul Rhapsodna
6d 7h ago
41 EbolaBearVomit
6h 21m ago
Atheist graveyards macker33
Sep 5, 2014
1,354 MaskedDeviantReturns
6h 27m ago
Paganism and Witchcraft AutumnalEssence
4d 6h ago
29 RussianWarlock
6h 35m ago
Angel or Demon? JunoStevens
1w 5d ago
30 CriogenReptyle
6h 50m ago
Females and LGBT in video games. Kenny-White-Lion
2w 2d ago
275 Kenny-White-Lion
7h 57m ago
My arguments against christianity (debate thread) JJWsmith
3d 12h ago
105 lyndentr33
10h 20m ago
Buddhism has different views on what happens after death on sudden death and slow death? GreyCircle
1d 3h ago
9 lyndentr33
11h 16m ago
why is the Christian symbol a cross? MaskedDeviantReturns
2w 5h ago
291 lyndentr33
11h 39m ago
Should people marry? It seems that God would forbid it. Greatest-I-am
2d 13h ago
10 DrawPlzForum
14h 1m ago
Did the Jews bring on the Holocaust and the Pogroms by themselves? bugmenot300
17h 42m ago
19 DrawPlzForum
14h 3m ago
evolution... again wquon
2w 4d ago
65 DarthJ1
15h 33m ago
Admitting you believe things which are convenient to you. EnuoCale
2d 11h ago
61 skulkey
17h 22m ago
Represent me!! Pt.2 Movies and Media Kenny-White-Lion
2d 7h ago
41 skulkey
17h 28m ago
What does Atheist really mean to you? Luppi7
1w 6d ago
257 Smkiller
23h 37m ago
Some deep philosophical crap about Characters(of the literary kind) Green-EyedTiger
1d 9h ago
12 WolfySpice
1d 59m ago
Christians: Why do you believe what the Bible says? Dragonuv10
3w 1d ago
202 VenneccaBlind
1d 3h ago
What is real? doolhoofd
2w 3d ago
108 cakeroll
1d 15h ago
would self aware machines have the RIGHT to rebel agaisnt humans? MethusulaComics
2w 15h ago
45 MethusulaComics
1d 17h ago
do new age ideas make people better or worse JJWsmith
5d 6h ago
65 skulkey
1d 18h ago
A question for the Buddhist(s) IcePowers
1w 6d ago
22 LBAMagic
2d 1h ago
I am circumsized fot YOU yaldabaothtzedvaot
2d 7h ago
18 Mrs-Durden
2d 2h ago
Ahem! SmileRocker
1w 5d ago
374 Dragonflae
2d 2h ago
Suicide shaming RyanPowers
1w 1d ago
65 Eraezr
2d 3h ago