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READ BEFORE POSTING - Philosophy and Religion Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Atheists? KoreanWhale
18h 43m ago
256 KoreanWhale
1m 20s ago
Favorite story Rhapsodna
2d 14h ago
30 razdave
4m 18s ago
A man walks into a bar macker33
4d 5h ago
124 ShadowOri
6m 5s ago
Human failure siegeonthorstadt
3d 7h ago
88 razdave
7m 21s ago
What is worse, day or night? MonkeyFace77
2h 55m ago
10 ToucheElfeAphrodite
22m 1s ago
sex with extra terrestrials yaldabaothtzedvaot
Jun 23, 2015
126 Ikran
22m 34s ago
Something that bothers me about Christanity. Once again, warning at start. WhitestAsian
2d 20h ago
130 h-irsch
52m 39s ago
religion is obsolete? BurntOwl
1w 3d ago
74 h-irsch
57m 8s ago
Homophobe kills innocent people.. I guess we can blame Christianity! TheMasterButcher999
1w 7h ago
260 MaskedDeviantReturns
1h 1m ago
Bestiality evilwraith666
Mar 20, 2015
268 YourSleeplessHollow
1h 27m ago
Prove to me Homosexuality is Evil... TheMasterButcher999
3w 1d ago
380 14iv19
1h 47m ago
Christians are more moral than God. So why do you worship him? Greatest-I-am
2w 6d ago
431 Koshej
1h 50m ago
I want to be a Buddhist cassieinimikia
15h 18m ago
53 Lytrigian
1h 56m ago
How do I empty my mind? and is an empty mind able to make art? xoet
1d 23h ago
31 toomuch89
3h 8m ago
should pope Francis declare a crusade on ISIS evilwraith666
4d 3h ago
11 evilwraith666
3h 28m ago
majority of transgenders on deviantart biologically female? artlooker69
3w 2d ago
102 FaolanEternal
4h 12m ago
Are people born Gay? Davidtcg
2w 2d ago
202 wquon
4h 20m ago
Videogames are trying to kill America!!! TheLastChristian
4d 3h ago
64 Shly-san
5h 22m ago
Death: Do you think Soul survives that? Velvet-Eldar
2w 6h ago
59 myn-d
5h 44m ago
United States Rules in Favor of Gay Marriage Nationwide!? WhitestAsian
Jun 26, 2015
1,091 welfareleech
5h 47m ago
Why are you a live? Tsukuart
Apr 11, 2015
388 darkcarol9
6h 7m ago
Afterlife? YesMyMajesty
1d 7h ago
18 UncleGargy
6h 28m ago
Is it just me.. Or does no one call female to male trans "trannies?" TheMasterButcher999
1w 10h ago
58 Soloeus
6h 54m ago
Is Art Whoring a Sin? LizzyChrome
May 6, 2015
143 LizzyChrome
7h 57m ago
In your opinion, what is the afterlife? Riixinkuu
2d 4h ago
23 SiLeNtDeMoNCaT
8h 12m ago
Can you prove the bible Rhapsodna
Jul 2, 2015
281 Wheats-cat
10h 19m ago
Would an omnipotent God be restricted to doing Good? Greatest-I-am
6d 10h ago
120 KillianSeraphim
10h 55m ago
{ ask a muslim } underseagalaxies
Jun 21, 2015
338 Circe17
11h 6m ago
Two things i dont get macker33
3d 1h ago
120 MaskedDeviantReturns
13h 44m ago
Mike Huckabee claims Obama is preparing a second holocaust! TheMasterButcher999
4d 13h ago
18 61021376
15h 45m ago
What if the vikings colonized North America madnessmountains
1d 9h ago
28 h-irsch
16h 2m ago
The great black star(s) LuzienH
2d 14h ago
14 LuzienH
17h 48m ago
A pointlessness? A lose-lose situation? chickslovecats
2d 20h ago
75 kitsumekat
17h 58m ago
Old Testament No Longer Valid? jayceeknight
Jun 15, 2015
296 jayceeknight
19h 29m ago
I don't get it. Ragdoll-01
1d 57m ago
26 WingDongs
22h 4m ago
Consensual cannibalism? evilwraith666
Mar 29, 2015
156 Dragonflae
23h 11m ago
Wait, Gun is Evil but Human's can't be? Ravennatheblackqueen
2w 5d ago
132 Circe17
1d 1h ago
Hey PEOPLE yaldabaothtzedvaot
1d 7h ago
10 januaryglitterpanda
1d 2h ago
The Truth Behind (PP) Planned Parenthood!!! TheLastChristian
5d 13h ago
189 Saeter
1d 2h ago