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READ BEFORE POSTING - Philosophy and Religion Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
witchcraft does not exist SlimT
2d 8h ago
205 BurnFairy
6m 58s ago
A thought. Abstract-Mindser
1h 20m ago
13 Abstract-Mindser
14m 22s ago
Reptilians? Dragonnerd445
19h 31m ago
40 BurnFairy
19m 4s ago
Angels Rhapsodna
5h 53m ago
8 BurnFairy
22m 35s ago
Multiple Supreme Beings hte-1-hsaman
1w 12h ago
119 Dragonflae
27m 18s ago
Christians: Calling the bible absolute truth is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS - please read on SCGK
1h 9m ago
8 Jphyper
29m 16s ago
A New World Order can not be avoided. Underdell
6d 6h ago
97 Jphyper
45m 13s ago
do you believe in Dog? VelvetFish
2d 17h ago
27 BurnFairy
49m 30s ago
Fellow Atheists, when did you lose faith? Dragonnerd445
Aug 4, 2015
618 Dragonnerd445
1h 13m ago
Are people born Gay? Davidtcg
Jul 17, 2015
447 TeraStormTAS
1h 48m ago
The End Of This World! Jeedii
2d 7h ago
54 TeraStormTAS
1h 51m ago
Sex Is Evil!!! NotTheLastChristian
1w 5d ago
2h 12m ago
Are There Any Sci-Fi That's Pro-Religion and/or Satirizes Secularism? Hethalos
1d 9h ago
22 hippo-rim-job
2h 18m ago
The worst God has done Rhapsodna
4d 5h ago
135 yummyMoose
2h 19m ago
WHAT?! Jafar-AsSaleem
2h 56m ago
1 Jafar-AsSaleem
2h 56m ago
God and women Wheats-cat
Jul 18, 2015
164 ActsofArt
4h 21m ago
Okay the Bible viewed as Myth... TheMasterButcher999
1d 4h ago
53 blackbook668
4h 26m ago
Two things i dont get macker33
Jul 30, 2015
283 Rhapsodna
5h 57m ago
Please Christians explain why homosexuality is wrong? TheMasterButcher999
1w 1d ago
189 caseyparker
9h 58m ago
I wonder why.. Rhapsodna
1w 9h ago
57 Rhapsodna
9h 59m ago
Locker room genders NovemberFoxtrot
2d 14h ago
42 SlimT
10h 23m ago
Homosexual Rhapsodna
1w 4d ago
508 AvneetUB
10h 30m ago
Pale Blue Dot Lee-Fazzani
1w 9h ago
60 Lee-Fazzani
11h 39m ago
do you believe in ghosts, demons and other paranormal? EV9295
4d 2h ago
29 SuperCrappyArtist
12h 49m ago
Why this section at all? Valadix
2w 11h ago
171 AnthonyJamesRich
18h 13m ago
Its just a theory! Wheats-cat
1w 3d ago
103 Underdell
19h 55m ago
Why do people think like this? Rhapsodna
2w 4d ago
127 MaskedDeviantReturns
21h 36m ago
Book of Revelation shiromushiichika
1w 6d ago
68 Cethlenn
22h 28m ago
Spinoza's God Underdell
1w 2d ago
82 macker33
23h 33m ago
To every religious person! America--Hetalia
1w 2d ago
283 macker33
23h 39m ago
What's the craziest thing you've heard about Mormons? TheWaffleEatingT-Rex
1w 1h ago
221 Ironhold
23h 57m ago
What is the meaning of life? WingDongs
4w 9h ago
248 WingDongs
1d 35m ago
Can Atheism rid itself of misogyny HillaryHead
2w 3d ago
92 goldensongwriter
1d 44m ago
Why do people think evil to be a problem when it is good? Greatest-I-am
Jul 8, 2015
103 DragonsNapalm
1d 58m ago
myths and folklore Rhapsodna
1d 23h ago
20 Rhapsodna
1d 1h ago
Wiccans WingDongs
3w 2d ago
166 WingDongs
1d 1h ago
Islam is not a religion of peace Rhapsodna
1w 3d ago
167 RochambeauFR
1d 5h ago
What if we are all reincarnations? JustSnilloc
3d 4h ago
52 N7Lancelot
1d 6h ago
Can God make a rock so big he cannot lift it? HillaryHead
4w 23h ago
154 Koshej
1d 7h ago