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READ BEFORE POSTING - Philosophy & Religion Forum Rules 3wyl
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
is okay to be homophobic/heterosexist? drawitbig
2d 1h ago
284 ProudTortoise
16s ago
if humans have souls, do neanderthals? wraithsith
42m 33s ago
10 ScottaHemi
1m 50s ago
Are you afraid of muslims? HimechiKaori
2w 8h ago
447 theMaskedDeviant
5m 20s ago
Truth KillianSeraphim
13h 31s ago
16 StripedPower
5m 59s ago
If christians don't really follow the old testament, why do so many still hate gays? wraithsith
1w 5d ago
369 Fontaine99
9m 8s ago
Can I like Pagan music without being Pagan? angel-sopova
1h 12m ago
27 angel-sopova
14m 30s ago
Most humans have Neanderthal dna... So are neanderthals "human"? wraithsith
1w 2d ago
48 Smkiller
45m 39s ago
Soul of humanity. The meme. badeyedeers
1d 17h ago
1h 8m ago
God is love? SamDelaTorre
5d 5h ago
246 myname1z4xs
1h 25m ago
Atheists, ever considered that you might be ignostic? bearfighter
1w 5d ago
68 Florian-K
1h 44m ago
is concentual cannibalism morally wrong? your thoughts? evilwraith666
Jul 2, 2014
148 The-Lucifer
2h 34m ago
I am worried that people will be mean to me because of my religion (I am Christian-Baptist) artandgames
2d 12h ago
37 3Ravens98
2h 45m ago
Women. Religionís longest running victims. Greatest-I-am
1w 4d ago
280 Smkiller
3h 2m ago
What\'s your BEST argument? jayceeknight
May 30, 2014
1,128 Underdell
4h 23m ago
I Want To Answer Your Questions About Islam HananWasHere
1w 2d ago
191 Lytrigian
5h 1m ago
is the noah's ark story a tale of genocide/eugenics? evilwraith666
2w 5d ago
649 Gidrog
5h 3m ago
Human Sexuality (science/philosophy) ZeroElements
Jul 16, 2014
186 KittyTheNekoAlien
6h 6m ago
Have you ever had experiences with ghosts/spirits? drawitbig
2w 3d ago
192 drawitbig
7h 47m ago
what draws spirits to people? drawitbig
6d 16h ago
57 drawitbig
7h 49m ago
Symbolism in Stephen Kings 'The Dome' badeyedeers
18h 47m ago
6 intermetal
8h 11m ago
We live in a world of perception, not reality! AquarianHorse
2d 21h ago
34 PeKj
8h 21m ago
are all people TRULY equal? evilwraith666
1d 7h ago
30 darkcarol9
10h 13m ago
God makes Hitler look adorable. evilwraith666
1d 7h ago
49 3wyl
12h 58m ago
Religion vs. God? Does God exist? RapidSloth
4d 14h ago
101 jayceeknight
14h 24m ago
can a male be a "slut"? evilwraith666
2d 23h ago
45 skulkey
14h 28m ago
Swearing? RapidSloth
3d 22h ago
61 Gidrog
15h 2m ago
Why do religious types use "secularist" as if it is bad? Ragerancher
4w 3h ago
53 Gidrog
17h 22m ago
Wealth Breeds Narcissism ZeroElements
2w 1d ago
14 ZeroElements
17h 45m ago
Does God exist? HimechiKaori
2w 9h ago
263 Nocturn0wl
23h 8m ago
What if God can talk? LeonFoxwings
1w 5h ago
148 Saeter
1d 10m ago
Did monkeys have an impact on (the spread of monotheistic) religion? wraithsith
Jun 29, 2014
90 wraithsith
1d 53m ago
Does anyone here practice Satanism, witchcraft, or Wicca? TheOuterDarkness
Jul 18, 2014
129 puppy-dangerous
1d 1h ago
Feminism? RapidSloth
4d 19h ago
40 impossible-fox
1d 2h ago
You are god Rhapsodna
2d 23h ago
49 AgentA122
1d 3h ago
Hijab HimechiKaori
2w 6h ago
110 Malintra-Shadowmoon
1d 3h ago
Gays? Lolliihime
1w 4d ago
520 TheOuterDarkness
1d 3h ago
What is strength exactly? UGot2B
5d 2h ago
53 UGot2B
1d 4h ago
Why is it that we believe that a women "deserves" to be raped if she is not dressed properly? evilwraith666
1w 2d ago
129 siegeonthorstadt
1d 4h ago
Gods and Mythology? kazraia
4d 1h ago
62 siegeonthorstadt
1d 5h ago