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Philosophy & Religion Forum

Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Philosophy & Religion Forum Rules 3wyl
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
Why do people think Satanists are so evil? 22tabby
3w 12h ago
197 Gray-philosophy
2m 4s ago
Peace, is it necessary? PhabiannThePoet
26m 36s ago
2 Chiminix
8m 4s ago
The Illuminati...a Hoax? RyterTheWriter
1w 6h ago
56 UnknownSingularity
10m 32s ago
Do you believe in christmas? Chispacho
4h 40m ago
39 Chispacho
30m 38s ago
water (and) fetishism doolhoofd
17h 48m ago
25 doolhoofd
36m 37s ago
What\'s your BEST argument? jayceeknight
May 30, 2014
933 avih1
1h 1m ago
Origin of energy CHEWisME
1d 10h ago
16 ItsNotFilia
2h 18m ago
Satan Rhapsodna
1d 21h ago
31 SpiritAlric
4h 23m ago
Do you believe in Magic? Vapolord
20h 38m ago
23 siantjudas
5h 3m ago
Human Sexuality (science/philosophy) ZeroElements
1w 2d ago
87 ZeroElements
6h 17m ago
why is the devil a punching bag? Senjikurasagaw
3w 4d ago
330 EricThomasStudios
7h 40m ago
Does anyone here practice Satanism, witchcraft, or Wicca? TheOuterDarkness
6d 8h ago
75 skulkey
7h 43m ago
Do you Believe in God? Beatles24
14h 27m ago
57 Smkiller
8h 6m ago
Why do some people believe in God while others do not? Mizery61636Clayton
May 19, 2014
504 Senjikurasagaw
8h 22m ago
Are you a physicalist or a dualist Senjikurasagaw
1w 3d ago
93 Senjikurasagaw
8h 36m ago
Even aliens will go to hell....... Adelaidejohn1967
2d 12h ago
80 WakkoDemonBoy
9h 18m ago
What's soo offensive? UltraRaccoon
1w 5d ago
352 Smkiller
9h 55m ago
Human Knowledge hte-1-hsaman
2d 14h ago
50 KnightonWorks
9h 55m ago
do animals have souls? wraithsith
Apr 19, 2014
467 Inemiset
11h 55m ago
why people hate gays silversongwriter
Jun 11, 2014
428 KurtiePox
13h 51m ago
Interpret: The Life is a Sword LauriJ
1w 5d ago
44 KurtiePox
13h 58m ago
Is it foolish to call God, “Father”? Greatest-I-am
2d 20h ago
42 KillianSeraphim
14h 2m ago
Is Christianity a religion? ReptillianSP2011
2w 2d ago
153 qattle
14h 17m ago
What Is The Value Of Life.............. JFGreyHeart
2d 41m ago
20 UncleGargy
16h 25m ago
Christianity: Most picked on religion? Princess-Num-Nums
2w 3d ago
483 unluckyth13teen
18h 22m ago
Love and War ZeroElements
2w 3h ago
59 ZeroElements
19h 38m ago
The Social Geography of the Digital Age, and What The Internet Has Taught Me Elijah-Berryman
1w 1d ago
13 JFGreyHeart
20h 35m ago
Ramadan fasting on other planets Algiark
3d 24m ago
35 Kamal-Q
20h 38m ago
The Philosophy of Art: your opinion? toomuch89
Jun 20, 2014
66 JFGreyHeart
20h 56m ago
what are your beliefes? darthodiumnoire
1d 9h ago
84 skulkey
21h 35m ago
Why do religious types use "secularist" as if it is bad? Ragerancher
1d 16h ago
16 TenshiHime7
23h 22m ago
no god people. darthodiumnoire
1d 15h ago
35 WakkoDemonBoy
1d 12h ago
no god people. darthodiumnoire
1d 15h ago
5 CaptainCassieArt
1d 12h ago
ghosts just may be real............................................................................. darthodiumnoire
1d 16h ago
8 darthodiumnoire
1d 13h ago
Freedom of speech/expression and Fundamental Islam Prophet-PornHamEgg
2d 4h ago
7 UnknownSingularity
1d 13h ago
Hm. hte-1-hsaman
2d 3h ago
20 Florian-K
1d 14h ago
satanism darthodiumnoire
2d 16h ago
57 darthodiumnoire
1d 15h ago
To my dear athiests and agnostics. I want to know more about you. SolidDreamz
4d 10h ago
51 darthodiumnoire
1d 15h ago
god evil? darthodiumnoire
1d 15h ago
0 N/A