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READ BEFORE POSTING - Philosophy & Religion Forum Rules 3wyl
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
Have you investigated Gnostic Christianity? Greatest-I-am
Jun 26, 2014
109 silentline26
2m 44s ago
the surprising pagen-ness of European Christianity wraithsith
May 11, 2014
244 Werewolfferret96
19m 55s ago
Jesus is FUCKED! Unwritten-Lyrics
10h 33m ago
21 DutchConnaisseur
32m 31s ago
The Wall... Kenny-White-Lion
1d 10h ago
79 TheArtOfCBYoung
1h 30m ago
What's soo offensive? UltraRaccoon
2w 5d ago
388 Saeter
2h 5m ago
is concentual cannibalism morally wrong? your thoughts? evilwraith666
4w 1d ago
75 AsheWednesday
2h 8m ago
Would Jesus go to Hell? Unwritten-Lyrics
10h 22m ago
20 PuzzledHeartBox
2h 43m ago
Is it foolish to call God, “Father”? Greatest-I-am
1w 2d ago
82 Andy813
2h 45m ago
Human Sexuality (science/philosophy) ZeroElements
2w 1d ago
111 Solum-Ipsum
3h 31m ago
What\'s your BEST argument? jayceeknight
May 30, 2014
975 After--Life
3h 51m ago
Robots and Us Mindkiller1989
5d 6h ago
44 Abstract-Mindser
4h 52m ago
Should prison be punitive or rehabilitative? wraithsith
1w 2d ago
32 Abstract-Mindser
4h 54m ago
If you could ask God one thing tonight, what would it be? Andy813
Jun 25, 2014
227 Andy813
4h 55m ago
WHY? do people get "offended" so easy? Adelaidejohn1967
1d 7h ago
31 aillin1
5h 42m ago
why people hate gays silversongwriter
Jun 11, 2014
462 KannonKloud
6h 24m ago
Even aliens will go to hell....... Adelaidejohn1967
1w 2d ago
85 Adelaidejohn1967
8h 8m ago
What drives you to continue living? milkteafairy
6d 8h ago
75 JanJayOK
8h 46m ago
Who tempted Eve? Satan or the serpent? Why did God punish the serpent? Greatest-I-am
Jun 28, 2014
130 Unwritten-Lyrics
10h 18m ago
Christianity: Most picked on religion? Princess-Num-Nums
3w 3d ago
486 Unwritten-Lyrics
10h 19m ago
If Christianity Never Happened.... Dragonflae
Jun 25, 2014
504 Unwritten-Lyrics
10h 30m ago
do animals have souls? wraithsith
Apr 19, 2014
500 Autistic4CatGirl
10h 43m ago
Wisdom: no more, it is :yoda: wraithsith
Jun 19, 2014
79 wraithsith
11h 3m ago
"the future is behind us, and the past is ahead of us" wraithsith
3d 10h ago
17 wraithsith
11h 16m ago
The Philosophy of Art: your opinion? toomuch89
Jun 20, 2014
67 Florian-K
11h 45m ago
Do you believe in the Paranormal? DjYumisa
5d 18h ago
74 DjYumisa
15h 29m ago
Are you a physicalist or a dualist Senjikurasagaw
2w 3d ago
103 Totally-dead
17h 47m ago
Did monkeys have an impact on (the spread of monotheistic) religion? wraithsith
Jun 29, 2014
67 wraithsith
18h 6m ago
If parrots can dance, does that show their spiritual closeness to humans? wraithsith
1d 14h ago
9 wraithsith
18h 19m ago
Where and how do you seek God? Or are you an idol worshiper? Greatest-I-am
3w 1d ago
71 hannoth
18h 28m ago
Why do religious types use "secularist" as if it is bad? Ragerancher
1w 1d ago
42 siegeonthorstadt
1d 2h ago
Why repealing DADT was a mistake? (kind of) silversongwriter
2w 1d ago
102 ChakatBlackstar
1d 8h ago
why are people being very mean when it comes to religion? darthodiumnoire
1d 18h ago
62 darthodiumnoire
1d 8h ago
Pride Amana07
2d 9h ago
6 darthodiumnoire
1d 10h ago
Why do you hate/dislike Christianity/Atheism? RansLove
Jul 1, 2014
184 ZacharyTC
1d 11h ago
Is sexism,racism,homophobia, orientalism,or any other form of bigotry morally wrong? wraithsith
Jun 23, 2014
85 wraithsith
2d 16m ago
Is Christianity a religion? ReptillianSP2011
3w 2d ago
171 qattle
2d 3h ago
why does jesus kill me in my dreams? darthodiumnoire
2d 9h ago
26 darthodiumnoire
2d 7h ago
Why do some people believe in God while others do not? Mizery61636Clayton
May 19, 2014
513 Ihsomiet
2d 8h ago
why jesus why!!?? darthodiumnoire
5d 16h ago
65 darthodiumnoire
2d 8h ago