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December 30, 2012


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Talk to meeeee!!! :)

13rianne Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Welp, I hate discussing personal problems with people, but I figured this may help me out at least in the smallest quantity.
Im almost 19. Im a girl. Ive been deprived of true frendship for almost 3 years now as I have been reluctant to grasp the concept of "friendship". All of the friends I did have left for college, stopped talking to me or disowned me as a friend; acceptable as it is a natural process of life. People come and go, go and come. But Ive been struggling a lot more recently to sort of make new friends. My ideologies of this world have changed completely and I cant seem to find friends that (don't think me as boastful, or conceited as I know everyone is different in their own way; I do not judge others XD) aren't on the same "level" as me sort of thing. Im not saying im high and mighty shit, im saying that the majority of people that do talk to me all want to talk about sex. I dont. I infact hate it. Thats what most of my old friends would talk about too when I still engaged in friendship with them. It bothered me a shit tonne. This world is so fucked up is what I am basically trying to say- full of rapists, unjustfulness , lust, etc. To put it bluntly... Im looking for people who hopefully are in the same situation as I am, who share the same logic as me XD

If youre lonely and depressed like me and looking for a friend to talk to who is a die hard Zelda fan, loves drawing, cinematography, anime movies (spirited away <3333333) video games, and all that good stuff tomboys like... TALK TO ME PLOOXXXXX! I love talking to people, i dont judge anyone! I have good humor... I enjoy trolling people... So who knows. Maybe you and I will become good friends and troll the world together!

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Devious Comments

Mihaihen Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013
I get a lot of sexy time in real life. But i don't get people wanting to "cam" or whatever on line :( Makes me sick to my stomach. Like when somebody asks me: asl :( i immediately gtfo! It's so disgusting.
Any way... since you did say plox i guess we can talk :D But be warned... i am some what odd :\
Ps: best pc game ever is shadow magic!!!
Murealism Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Student General Artist
Hi! :D I dont know if its too late but im reading this today xD I never go to the Forum at all. Well if you want a friend, here I am.
TTFNJinx Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Student Interface Designer
Oh yay a teenager who doesn't like to talk about sex or say they've done it but are really virgins. Right now I'm realizing my own best friend might not be so much of one anymore after three years of loving her like she was a sister. You're two years older than me but I don't think it matters in that case. I'm still stuck in the high school la la land that I am sick of. But I could also use a new friend :) I love meeting new people :D
Dolcux Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My friend. I will talk to you. I may not be a die hard Zelda fan, but I am working my way there. I am also in need of people to talk to. All of my friends are usually too busy to talk to, so if you got Skype, hit me up because I prefer real time chat to leaving messages :D
Hi, but leave the trolling out :)
kandroid96 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013  Professional Photographer
To be completely honest about todays society. All of it is about sex. That's all it is about...seriously think about it. Advertisers use models that are the most pristine of all men and women to appeal to the target gender to buy their products. That's just on a corperate level. Men and women are hardwired in their brains to desire sex, we all talk about it because that's what we want. It's the desire to reproduce and to continue our genetics into the future to better our race. You're never going to completely remove sex from your life. If you don't like it then that is your problem.

As for your friendship problem, as long as you continue to talk to people and you make new acquaintences, then you will eventually weed out those that aren't as good as the rest until you have your core friend group. I don't know your specific situation completely, because none of us do. However I can say one thing that I know from experience. You can't mope around all day and complain about how you don't do something. Nothing in this world is ever handed to you. You have to want to have something and you want to have to do something. If you want a girlfriend or a boyfriend, then you have to want to need to do something about it. As far as I am concerned you have to have an open mindset to people and desire to be friends with someone or something more. Finding things wrong with them will never help and you will never make any friends.
declan2009supermega Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, its better to be sick of the topic of sex and get annoyed by hearing about it, than to love the topic of sex >_> and be annoyed that nobody discussing it treats the topic with respect.

PS: respect meaning, discussing the emotionial aspects passionately, rather than saying LOL SLOPPY SECONDS!! ANAL ANAL! SLUTS ARE LESSER BEINGS! LOL U R A VIRGIN U SUCK! MEN ARE KEYS AND WOMEN ARE LOCKS LOL.
TheNAUGHTicalLife Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013  Professional Writer
We could be totes friends if you commit to a Visa marriage. I want that sweet Canadaian demonym.
MMZero01 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013  Student General Artist
I can talk to you.
Why would people talk about their own sexual experiences? Do they really think other people want to hear about that...?

I can be a friend with you... Provided you can handle my obsession with dragons, and my strange online schedule...

And I like Zelda games too. I bought a 3DS just to play Ocarina of Time again. And then I actually bought an ocarina.
13rianne Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013  Student Digital Artist
thank god. i thought i was the only one.
i dont like hearing about it. soo awkward.

and thank you :) but its okay, having an obsession with dragons is okay, and whenever youre on and you wanna talk ill more than likely be here to answer :>

ohhhh my lordy, you bought an ocarina? DAMN. PLAY FOR ME SOME TIME
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