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December 22, 2012


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Help designing my future tattoo :)

Daniel-Beck Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012
Hello Art lovers!

I have, maybe a somewhat unusual request and I'm not even sure if I'm in the right forum, but here it goes.

I need someone to draw my idea for a tattoo and i thought, what better place to ask than deviant art, a place filled with enthusiastic and different great artists.

First of all i would like before hand to apologize for any incorrect and hard to understand English since i'm from Denmark, and further more for taking up your time. I hope though that you will take the time it takes to read this and consider it's content.

That said, here is what i hope for you to honor me by. I am, like so many other a great Batman fan, i would say i'm fanatic but he is none the less my favorite of all "super"hero, and I am and has been greatly inspired by what he symbolizes and what he stands for. Therefore and for some reasons of my own, I've decided that i want a tattoo, not of batman per se, but since he represents everything i want the tattoo to tell, i could think of no better thing to imprint on my skin.

So here is my humble request, i thought, if anybody out there could and would and had the time to draw an outline or maybe the full sketch, that would be my tattoo. This is not something i have any kind of deadline on, and therefore, There is no time pressure or anything. So if you as an individual have some time on your hands, and feel inspired, you might even consider giving this a shot :)

If you indeed right now are considering this enormous gesture, then let me tell you my idea and it's origin.

Life is not a movie or a comic, but none the less one of the very most important things to me, is being a good person. to keep striving to be a good man. This can sometimes be a challenge and i sometimes catch myself doing something that i shouldn't be doing. This can be something small things like throwing garbage on the curb so that others have to pick it up, or something a bit bigger and so on. all aspects of life really. you know how the easiest thing to do somehow always seems to be more attractive than the right thing to do? Therefore i wanted a tattoo i could look at and always remember to be the best person i can be in all aspects of life, to be a good man, to be the man i want to be. So here is my idea!

I want Batman because of all he represents and symbolizes, and if you remember the classic angel and devil standing on characters in cartoons shoulders telling them what to do in different situations. Well this particular tattoo should cover either my entire forearm, or perhaps even the entire left arm, a sleeve if you will. (Yeah i know, a badass with a batman tattoo ^^)So my idea was to have batman illustrated, fighting off a lot of demons, shadows, dark creatures devils and so forth, whilst an angel, slightly lighter than the rest of the "picture", could be hiding behind batman for cover. Or something like that. This is kind of an idea under development, since i envision several things that could spice up the tattoo or change it, like the angel being placed so that it would look like batman was the angel with the wings and the halo, and so on. Therefore if you decide to do it, you would of course have the full power of the drawing and i guess twisting this idea and putting it on paper in your style and your in your vision is what makes you an the artist, and you could affect it, if you will, to look like you imagine. Therefore any ideas or changes your inspiration tells you to make, is cool by me.

also if you have no interest in this whatsoever, i fully understand, and wish you a long and fulfilling career, drawing dreams :)

Here is my info should you choose to accept

Daniel Beck

Devious Comments

Katy-L-Wood Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012  Student General Artist
:lock: This forum is for getting help with real life issues. If you are willing to play someone to make this design for you pleas repost in the Job Offers forum, if you are not willing to pay someone to make this design for you please repost in the Projects forum.

In the future, please be sure to read the forum descriptions found at the top of each forum section before you post to be sure you are posting in the correct area!
SpookyInk Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Go to a tattoo artist and tell them this. :no:
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