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December 9, 2012


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Burning bridges

MooingMoe Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No I am not going to take gasoline and tie a leaky bucket filled with it to my car and throw matches.. No..

So basically their is a couple of girls invovled in the catfight that will probably happen.

Me- I am Moo, dealing with my crazy life
The bitch- Lets call her Carrot
The Wanted- Lets call her Kitty
The Sidekick- Lets call her Bailey
The Partner in Crime- Lets call her Killer
The anime Character- Lets call her Hobkin
The Honest one- Lets call her Kiwi

DISCLAIMER: I know, I have personally have made many mistakes- I am basically seeking advice

The background:

So All of people in my cast have been my friend for 3-7 years, Some Ive met in high school and others in middle school. Everyone know who each other is.

Basically in middle school, Kitty, Carrot and I were good friends. Kitty is an amazing friend, She really nice and weird. We hit it off instantly..

Bailey and Killer have been 2 people that I can rant to and give ne comepletely different perspectives on how to do things. Bailey is more introverted, But really sweet. Killer is more outgoing, my partner is murdeur (Not literal killings- Mental one) and is a fashionista with a morbid take on things.

Hobkin and kiwi are different but give good advice. Hobkin is always very postive and smiley and kiwi is honest and loyal.

The rant:

Because kitty is fabulous and amazing, I have put up with carrot and pretended to be her friend for years now. This is not my brightest descion I have made. For a while, it was small things she copyed off of me. Like small hints on my obsessively morbidness. I have always said shit like that and it was nice to have someone around to be morbid with.

Then I started to notice how attached to kitty she was. Not a problem for me, I have other friends.

Every single class teachers always partnered her up with me. She is a D student thats lazy and has had the daddy complex (The daddy complex is without a father figure you get married young and don't have any own original ideas.) and I am a B+ student who wants to maintain that. Because of this- all of our prodject I have had to mainly do while she named it and I am minutes away from strangling her.

Now I am in an art school. I do go to the same place as she volenteers to adudition for movies. She and hobkin go through acting and I am doing animation and figure drawing while kitty does some of everything.

And I still have to work with her, Around 6:30 everyday, Kiwi, Bailey, Killer, kitty and I go through anatomy classes where we draw naked people for 1.5 hours.

Everyone goes for a different reason.

I go because I am an art teacher and if I cant draw people- Then what kind of art teacher am I?
Kitty goes as she is working on comic and uses her own drawings as a reference. Killer goes Because she wants to go into fashion and design.
Kiwi goes because she wants to write how to draw books that are serious and funny at the same time.
Bailey goes because she's into art- I respect that.

Carrot then joins our art class and I asked why she joined. "So I could hang out with you guys."

Now this pisses me off because everyone in the room with our class pay much money for this, and it is effective. (300$ per month!)
I would understand this if its because we usually get dinner together afterwards once a week and usually split the bill between us, but once a month we invite her and never make her pay.
Now we went yesturday night and this was the situation:

Kitty: Were getting sushi tonight!

So all of us cheer because this means she paying partially tonight and she choosing 2-4 more to help out.

We eat our sushi and we get the bill. 212 dollars for the 5 of us to eat. I offer 50 bucks to pay because I hadn't for a while. Killer Puts down 22.30$ and ever else follows suit except for Carrot.

So we ask her to put down a nice tip of 26 bucks because our waiter was amazing. I told her 20-40 times to bring money and she didn't bring any.

This morning because I am carless- I asked Kitty to take me to my eye appointment and Carrot came along. When we got to the place, Kitty and I were creepen on the dude and staring at his butt. We whispered jokes and Carrot came up and hugged kitty and would not let her go at all.. It was really annoying.

So, I was ranting to bailey, Killer, Kitty and Blue. And these are my options on how to break loose end and no longer hang around her:

1. Stab her
2. Talk to her flat out
3. Give her the cold shoulder
4. Ignore her
5. Shun her
6. text her

I would really appreciate some advice, tell me where I went wrong and how to deal with it.


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Devious Comments

FIRSTxAIDxKIT Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
When you started referring to your friends with stupid cat names, I stopped caring and realized this is just petty bullshit drama that's not worth anyone's time to waste fretting over, including you.
MooingMoe Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Actually, that is her name.
FIRSTxAIDxKIT Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
You have a friends named Carrot, Kiwi, and Killer? :lmao:
JubalBarca Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012   Writer
Don't stab people. Stabbing people is wrong. Basically don't use violence and don't argue where you don't need to, just ignore people if you can't deal with them.
EbolaBearSoda Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012
I think it would be best if you did everything you can to splash as much emotional fuel onto the conflict as possible that way everyone loses:P

Or stop with kiddie drama and just move on.
ThISoMessedUp Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Welcome to life. Population: 7 Billion.
siantjudas Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012   Digital Artist
Tl;dr. Based on what I did though, I'm pretty sure you could have cut more than half of that out and left us only the really relevant parts, which would've made getting to the point that much easier.
OrangeKrissy Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012
Too much drama to bother with. Good luck.
KorukiKonaru Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012
Based on what I can gather from this, "Carrot" just seems like the kind of person that gets on your nerves. Unfortunately there's not much you can do to "train" yourself to tolerate her, that's just how it is. Out of all the options you've listed, I would definitely recommend talking to her since the others are either illegal or unnecessarily harsh. Tell her that you don't think her behaviour is acceptable, and that if she's not willing to get her act together you'll cut her off. Word it nicely if you so desire, but leave no room for misinterpretation.
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