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December 2, 2012


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CookieCakePotatoShoe Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello everyone,
I know most of the job problems teenagers here on DA have are something along the lines "I want to do art as carrer but my parents won't let me."
Mine isn't, but it's something similar.
I'm a fifteen year old, but I slowly have to decide what I'll do in the future so I can choose my subjects for next year accordingly and finally study.

For over one year now, it is my dream to become a teacher for chemistry and biology, but my parents don't approve.
See, I have three citizenships and the whole world is open to me, as they put it, but I'd rather stay in Germany and be a teacher instead of going to the US or Australia.
My parents rather had that I become a diplomat or something, because I'm so international and my family even has the connections to bring me in that sort of jobs.
But I don't want that because my talents are clearly in chemistry and biology and nothing like writing or public work or whatever.
Plus, they could handle me not doing that, but they still don't want me to be a teacher because you don't earn enough!

Secondly, I've had that dream for over a year, but if everything works smoothly I'll start junior studies in a university next year (in Chemistry). And then I'll finish school, start studying teaching, then I'll get a job and marry and whatever...
And I really get the feeling I'll be missing out on something.
I don't know if it reall will be that way or if I'm just scared.
It's just... I'll never have to write an application, I'll never have my own office somewhere where I'll just sit for a few days and think hard over a problem until I suddenly get an epiphany or something. I don't really have promotin prospects.
You get what I mean.

I'd still love to do that, but i'm just a little worried now and I don't know what to do.

I hope that was understandable, my main language is german.

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Devious Comments

Avenvia Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012  Student Writer
I'm in the UK, so I can't say how applicable my advice is to German (and other countries') university systems.

With that in mind, I would say that you shouldn't do a degree in education. Do a degree in another subject and then you can take a teaching course afterwards if you still want to be a teacher. It keeps your options open for longer and if you ultimately decide that your fears over teaching as a career aren't worth the job, you'll have plenty of other paths open to you. I'd also recommend getting work experience in teaching (most schools would be happy for the help, I imagine; try asking ones that you haven't been a student at) to see if it's a good choice for you.

It's also not your parents' business what career you want to do, but that's not to say you should disregard their advice (they do have your best interests at heart, after all). Don't disregard anyone's advice, really; ask teachers, family and universities for help.
FIRSTxAIDxKIT Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
I'm not sure how it works in Germany, but you can get a degree in Chemistry or Bio and then get your teaching certificate (that's basically how it works in the US, unless you're studying something specific like art education or special education).

Do what makes you happy, not your parents. Sure, their opinion may matter a lot right now while you live under their roof, but when you go off to university and live your own life, you'll either be happy with your decision of following your dreams, or you'll regret your decision if you follow their dreams.

I commend you for studying the sciences, because there seems to be a decline in people that are motivated enough to go through with it. I was in a similar situation as you, but it was that my parents wanted me to be an engineer (because I'm really good at math and science), but I chose to study design (and after my parents actually saw my work, they put a lot of faith and trust in my decision). I am so much happier studying design because even though I'm good at academic courses, I just wouldn't be happy feeling like I'm doing homework for the rest of my life.

One of my good friends is a history and english teacher at a local high school and has her Masters in both areas. Sure she doesn't make as much money as her banker friends, but she's very happy where she is and the money doesn't matter as much.
Narkya Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Well, if you really like Chemistry and Biology, go for it. Maybe, to keep things a little broader, don't go into the teaching course right away, it should be possible to switch between Chemistry (Chemie) and Chemistry for teaching (Chemie auf Lehramt). If you get the chance to go for open days at university, go and ask questions. Really.

Oh, and sometimes it is nice to go study a little further away than the next town. Not only because the course might be better, but also because it directly takes you out of your environment.
CookieCakePotatoShoe Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
That sounds like a really great suggestion.
I'm actually in Munich and I'm pretty sure LMU and TUM are the some best Universities in Germany, but I'll see.
LMU has a open day for chemistry in March so I'll definately go there.
Thank you very much for your help :) :huggle:
Narkya Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Oh, keep in mind you need a doctorate at least if you want to go into research in Chemistry. You don't need that long of studies for teaching.
Another thing with studying teaching in Germany: try to study in the Land you want to teach in. It's difficult to switch afterwards. That's what you get with the system of decentralised schools...
Glori305 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012
Getting a degree in chemistry or biology does not rule out international careers.
JericaWinters Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012
It sounds like your parents care more about your social status then about you. :disbelief:
Teachers make very good money in my opinion (in my country the pay for them is good).
CookieCakePotatoShoe Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Ugh I know...
I hope they'll get my point sometime, I'll do it anyway ...
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