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November 30, 2012


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jobs and stuff

water-troops Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012  Professional General Artist
I'm lost when it comes to my job. I went to school being told graphic design would be a good job choice because I like making things on a computer using Photoshop. I was also told there wouldn't be any interaction with people which is nice because I'm a loner and shy. I've been at it for 3 years and I hate every minute of it. I have fun while I'm making things but all the customers not liking anything I make, having to call and meet with people and having 5 other job titles isn't going well with me. I even took a job as a dish washer just so I can get out of working there.

Problem is, I'm happy and have fun doing my dish washing job but when I go to my graphic design job in an office I'm irritated and angry the entire day. I'm super quiet and I'm able to hide my anger but at the end of the day I can't be mad anymore because now I'm exhausted from being mad all day. The quality of my work is excellent and I've got a lot of pay raises but that doesn't change me at all.

I've tried getting another graphic design job but everyone wants "positive, outgoing, energetic, enthusiastic" all of which I'm none of those. My attitude is "stay away from me, just give me the crap you want me to do/make and a time and I'll get it done."

Is all this normal for graphic design people? I probably have anger issues but I'm not screaming or breaking things I only hide it. When I'm not at that job I'm happy all other times.

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saykha Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012  Student Writer
Ask yourself the question, "Why do I get mad?". There must be a reason. It might be that you get aggravated by the pressure of the job, or by the attitudes of the clients. When you find out what the answer is to that question, you can establish why you hate your job. From there on end, you can work on the problem.

Most of the time, it's just that we have to fix our attitude towards something. Remember, you are the only one who decides whether or not you're going to enjoy your day. You're the only one that can allow something like a lousy job to make your life miserable. Try to make your job more pleasant (stop being angry when you work) and while you're doing it, study to do something else (correspondence of part-time off course). That way, you're actually solving the problem instead of just sitting with it, not knowing what to do with it.
dorkface4 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
They lied. You need to interact with clients, co-workers, potential clients etc. The clients don't like your work, not because it's bad, but because it's not the picture that's in their mind. Communicate more with them so that you get an idea of what they want and what's in their mind.

Perhaps graphic design isn't for you.
water-troops Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012  Professional General Artist
It was the college faculty all telling me this before I entered and picked a course and I believed them. I know people aren't going to take the first thing I make for them but the endless changes feels like a waste of time. I feel that "if you're not liking anything I make then you make it yourself"
dorkface4 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
It's just something that's part of the job, that you've got to deal with. Clients don't understand how much time and effort you put into your work.
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