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November 26, 2012


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My life is a fucking mess!

ChibiBlu Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012
I'm 16 years old right now. I can't even talk as I was born a mute, so I've never really been able to communicate with anyone around me very well. People hate me, actually. I heard this was a good community... I have a couple classmates who once had a Deviantart account till they got banned or something. I don't know their usernames. Took me a while but I decided
So why is my life a mess? I have no friends, a lot of people hate me, and three years ago my father tried to sell me off as a prostitute! I was raped by 2 guys, and my dad and those two guys are now in jail. Daddy used to beat me too when he was drunk, which was often... My mom is the only one who loves me on this planet, but She's a bit mentally unstable, and I fear protective services may catch on and separate us. Technically she is in no condition to take care of me, she needs help, but she knows if she does get help I'll be all alone.
I feel so pathetic asking you complete strangers for some sympathy and compassion, but I don't know where else to go... If real life isn't kind to me, maybe the internet will be a better place

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Devious Comments

Omi-Arisu Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
I hope life gets better for you Blu, and that you and your mother stay together. try to stay positive. *gives you compassion and hugs* :hug::heart:
OrangeKrissy Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012
Sounds like a troll posting, especially when they just joined today.
Zero587 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012
Well, at least you came to the right place. I love the people here. :D
drewzor Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012
Well, that is a trying past, it must be hard to draw confidence and inspiration from such an environment.
Sometimes these events can ear mark your thoughts and behavior, you must remain future orientated and not past driven.
Learn from mistakes others have made, recognize THEIR bad judgement and contribute your better choices to help yourself and others as best you can.
I have observed that people who are focused, working toward something and remain genuinely interested in you are strong, good people.
You can communicate, you are at no disadvantage. People see "difference" and don't understand it. Any negative expression is from insecurity, your difference reminds them that their difference could be exposed. so you have control over them. You should be humble that you can see through it and let it go.
Because you are mute, you should focus on others details, what they say, wear, body language and build in your mind the perspective of how they are feeling.
Take a genuine interest in people and remain focused on your work.
you will become confident because you master a topic,
interesting because you know the details about a topic,
and valuable because you care about others and how they are going.
ChibiBlu Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012
I never once thought about that... I fear I may not have much of a good future if my mom and I are separated.
TokyoV Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012
"maybe the internet will be a better place"
This often isn't the case, but when real life's been crummy, it can be a great place to retreat.

There's nothing wrong with asking for compassion and you've got some from me as well as others here, I'm sure. My advice to you is to realize that high school will be far from the best part of your life, and you should focus your energy on doing well academically. Once you graduate, you'll have a much bigger world of opportunities. Being a mute will be an obstacle, but there is still way more than enough in life for you to be able to find something that makes you happy.

Best of luck. If you ever need to talk to someone, feel free to send me a message.
ChibiBlu Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012
Okay, thanks ^^
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