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November 22, 2012


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self harm, depression stuff and its not just me

i dont know what to do
my sister always wears long sleeve shirts and i didnt think that she cut until i felt them while grabbing onto her sleeve, i really want to help her but i dont know she wont talk to me about it in any way and it makes me so worried, i want her to be more open about her feelings so i can at least try to help but.
really though me and my sister are pretty close and she really never talks about her feelings and i want her to, i want her to know that she wouldnt look like some attention whore if she said anything about her feelings and yes, it would worry people, but theyre just there to help and its better whenever you do get better.
and my other friend, i want her to stop saying shes fat and worthless when shes not, shes actually really skinny and underweight and she needs to gain weight and she knows that and i dont know whats happening because she says that shes skinny and then she says that shes fat and shes also really picky about foods, not in calories but in taste and. uhg and she always talks about how little she eats when everyone else eats that much too and she just takes in less calories than everyone else.
and then heres me being a terrible friend and ranting over the internet but i just want to help them and i cant change their thinking path but i can try to help them but my sister wont open up and im just kind of frustrated. i thought i was doing really good this month by not cutting at all but i just feel like i need to because i cant handle this and i dont have any more pills. i really dont want to and i just wish there was someone that would listen to me and tell me its okay. im just seriously lost please dont make things any worse, i just want attention to get help when i cant get it anywhere else. since my parents treat this kind of thing as a joke and i can never tell them how i really feel its just so aggravating and i almost cant take it. i want to stay strong i really do.

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djdanilly Dec 14, 2012  Professional Artisan Crafter
contact me, my hours are 9am to 6pm.
workoutprogress Dec 10, 2012   Photographer
Hug her.

Hug the shit out of her.

Hug her TO DEATH.

And then figure out what's really bothering her (not just what she says) and make her face it.

Good luck.
You're not a terrible friend. I'm sure you've done all you can to help them change their destructive thinking. But, it's really hard to change people that don't want to listen or be changed. The parents in both cases need to be is pretty sick if they are treating it like a joke. Maybe a school councellor could help them (but getting them to see a councellor sounds like it wouldn't work). The most you can do is hang out with them and do activities that are fun, this will get their minds off their problems at least for a little while, and maybe it can become a habit for them to seek out fun stuff.
yeahyehah i think im throwing a party next weekend??? i guess that will help!!
A party? Sounds like fun!
it is!!! I'm co-hosting so this will be fun
TheMarcher Dec 8, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
It is very hard to share feeling about self harm to people who are so close.
It might be a better idea to have your sister talk to someone else. Perhaps not a doctor but just a friend.

I know I could never have told my mom or my sister about what I felt back in the days when I self harmed. But I could talk about it with strangers. I did not feel the need to keep a facade when I did not know the person well.

And you are strong, you can be strong enough to face anything. Even if it does not feel like it you are always able to take another step. Just one at the time, and then you take one more and repeat until you are done.
And you don't have to do it alone. There is plenty of good people who can help!
wowow thank you so much, im saving this comment in my folder so i can look back on it thanks! omg i dont know what to say really
wait,,,, so u cut urself too???
used to??
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