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November 10, 2012


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Where can I get funding for cute shine-and-shaded character artwork for my own personal use?

Hello. I would like some cute shine and shaded artwork of my characters for my own personal use that I have the rights to but I do not have enough money to hire freelancers to do the character artwork nor do I have money to spend it on the appropriate software for creating such character artwork with that amount of detail due to student loan payments coming up.

In addition, open-source software may not do because it lacks features that allow me to create cute character artwork that has shading and tones like the character artwork for the covers of most kids software and videos, but I could be wrong. Plus I also have autism and I have an unsteady gait so trying to draw it myself would be unsuccessful without any assistive drawing technology. People have pointed me to funding platforms such as Kickstarter but in the process you have to set yourself up as a small business and be willing to change how you do income taxes and be subject to other regulations. Plus I am still a dependent under my mom and my stepfather's taxes so that would not work.

I am currently working part time with another part time job/work experience in something related to my field in the works but it will not produce enough because of student loan payments coming up. Therefore, if anyone could help me obtain money that I can reserve for cute shine-and-shaded artwork of my characters for my own personal use instead of declaring me as not needing them that would be great.

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3wyl Nov 10, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
I'll lock this then as you don't need help any more. :)

Never mind. I really thought about it and it seems that I already have enough cute character artwork for my own personal use that I have the ownership to.
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