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September 22, 2010


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Poem asking a girl to be my girlfriend

I know she would want something cute and would be disapointed if I justed asked, so I figure I should write a poem but its harder then I thought so I need help. Please...

All I could come up with is this-

I'm sorry this took so long to say,
But I think about you every day.
I love you more than you may know,
sometimes I just dont let it show.
your the only person I want to see,
will you go out with me?

It needs more? It sucks? let me know what you think :/

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Devious Comments

it could work but why dont you just ask her like a normal person
if you want to be romantic think of the perfect place to take her not how you are going to ask her
plus if she doesnt say yes that would just be very awkward
Personally, I think the whole poem aspect is creepy as fuck.
Personally, I think the whole poem aspect is creepy as fuck.
ILoveBigCats Sep 25, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Um. No.
CantiRockits Sep 24, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
I think it's really sweet and cute because it's simple. Keep it the way it is :)

This is coming from a girl, by the way. If it seems like you're trying to hard to make it seem epic and romantic it'll just be cheesy.
Gotta go with 'Aret' and 'TheNecco' change that scary thing to like.
ninick-the-demon Sep 24, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
It's so cute ^^ I wish a guy would write me poems like that =(
The idea is cute!
Though if you think it would be awkward,
just try to say it with swag and don't monotone. Be expressive, act cool about it.

I think a good idea would be to pretend to be making it up on the spot xP
that way, if she thinks it's lame or something, you can just play it off like 'hayyy i made it up in like 5 seconds'

It makes you look like a poetic genius AND you get the girl (:
fleetingspirit Sep 23, 2010   General Artist
I think that the poem's actually really cute. It shows that you really like her if you're willing to write a poem to her asking for her to be your girlfriend.

I think you should leave out the "I love you more than you may know," part.
Instead, I think you should write something along the lines of "I care about you more than you may know".

Because if you tell her you love her right now, it won't mean as much as you do when you are together and you tell her that you love her.

Try not to rush into things.

But... If you still feel like keeping the "I love you" part in, it's completely fine too since it's your poem to her.

Best of luck :hug:
technoparade Sep 23, 2010   Digital Artist

It's adorable but I think you should just ask her out in person. I think it would be cuter if you asked her face to face anyway <:
good luck!
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