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Help with Life Forum

Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Help with Life Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
2w 1d ago
0 N/A
Useful helplines and resources fourteenthstar
Feb 7, 2007
1 madnessism
105w 10h from now
Pet Loss Pharaoh-Ink
1d 31m ago
39 Pharaoh-Ink
7m 26s ago
Asking All You Guys..... color-freak1
1w 3d ago
63 JZLobo
17m 2s ago
Taking hours to get to sleep. charlie733
7h 27m ago
5 Yuinori
47m 8s ago
Help with mom CaptainofNames
3h 20m ago
4 Yuinori
49m 15s ago
My Biological Mother May Drive us Out of a Home... ClassySecretAgent
3d 20h ago
10 Libayne
2h 1m ago
mental malaise for 6 years; what to do? birdlikebones
1d 3h ago
9 Kitsunefireball
2h 45m ago
Chest Binding? A-Little-Monster
1d 3h ago
70 A-Little-Monster
2h 48m ago
Griefshare TommyGK
4d 16h ago
41 ThetaSigmaIV
3h 6m ago
I need help. I just made a terrible mess InuCloud96
1d 4h ago
9 InuCloud96
3h 6m ago
Somewhat Anorexic zxcraous
6d 5h ago
198 zxcraous
3h 38m ago
Why am I always single on Valentines day. JennaveveRayenstone
6d 8h ago
30 JennaveveRayenstone
3h 53m ago
Helpless while belongings are stolen/mistreated (long) cottoncritter
4d 23h ago
33 FrostedCow
4h 18m ago
Is 6 stone too low for 15 years old? TerribleTiffany
1d 3h ago
32 InayatWasHere
5h 15m ago
Positive Mindset 0-Eos-0
1w 1d ago
38 wquon
6h 52m ago
Weight loss help? reapingmedusa
3d 8h ago
71 wquon
6h 53m ago
Losing Weight Operia
3d 22h ago
93 wquon
6h 56m ago
What is the point of working hard at something when you know you're going to fail? SisterHipster
13h 16m ago
8 wquon
6h 59m ago
Anxiety Disorders CreativeDemi64
1w 2d ago
70 Phaerissa
8h 33m ago
How do I tell her? The-Zombie-Hunter
1w 6d ago
73 marcusmcbrad
9h 40m ago
How Do You Cope With Traumatic Past Events? YourPlagueDoctor
3d 9h ago
38 Callbox
19h 33m ago
my dad died FisterSister
3d 14h ago
10 THEnamesLAURA
20h 50m ago
Art is Dead TheCunningCondor
23h 6m ago
10 3wyl
21h 32m ago
No friends Batbabe03
1w 5d ago
67 TerribleTiffany
23h 23m ago
I hate myself DexterAnodyne
5d 2h ago
8 Sonrie-mucho
1d 17m ago
Sleep deprivation pixelperf3ct
1w 2d ago
10 purdypoetry
1d 24m ago
I'm shy, afraid of failure and boring, I want to change. whispersandshouts
2d 10h ago
18 soreen
1d 44m ago
Allergy Help magnifulouschicken
1w 3d ago
20 alalampone
1d 2h ago
1d 6h ago
1d 4h ago
My mother is serious pushing my buttons... Cloudpow
2d 2h ago
11 xXTheBlackSheepXx
1d 6h ago
Fed up! LooseAdvocate
3w 2d ago
13 InsanityHearts
1d 7h ago
Anyone Feel Like Chatting On Relationships? TristenCoy
4d 3h ago
8 charlie733
1d 11h ago
Homophobic friends StitchyReedus
1w 2d ago
7 blekimaru
1d 11h ago
What should I do with a secret? metalhartrockandroll
1w 6d ago
84 daylillies72
1d 13h ago
How do you pick yourself up again? alinamiie
5d 4h ago
15 Andy813
1d 19h ago
Is this considered stealing? rii-alreirav
4d 17h ago
23 waynemountan
1d 20h ago
people telling me to die when i say i have depression GreyCircle
1w 2d ago
19 GreyCircle
1d 21h ago
How do I prepare for real life? How do I do this? (REALLY Long Post) FuzzyPanduh
5d 1h ago
16 Nocturn0wl
2d 1h ago
Help and advice please! THEnamesLAURA
3d 8h ago
10 Suixere
2d 9h ago