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Help with Life Forum

Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Help with Life Forum Rules 3wyl
Mar 19, 2013
0 N/A
Useful helplines and resources fourteenthstar
Feb 7, 2007
1 madnessism
126w 5d from now
Gender stuff Sherly97
14h 28m ago
30 KagamineLink
4m 29s ago
Confession: I envy the person I love ColectiveMind
1h 32m ago
5 T-Rissy
4m 40s ago
In need of physical strength. Any ways? Vilecannon13
4d 12h ago
125 Vilecannon13
25m ago
How Can I Make Up? Origami-Mad
4h 59m ago
3 KillersNight
29m 39s ago
Family problem Sarnja
1w 5d ago
23 Sarnja
1h 7m ago
I feel I have ruined my life... UmbrellaFighter
2w 5d ago
61 UmbrellaFighter
1h 25m ago
Drawing confidence/ anxiety Miss-Cutie-Crabcakes
4d 12h ago
65 siantjudas
1h 59m ago
Have you ever felt so depressed that you even can't stand it? G0795
3d 7h ago
45 aliantunes
2h 4m ago
How can I grow thicker skin? XeonartOmega
3d 17h ago
74 siantjudas
2h 7m ago
Relationships hurt those around you Lolliihime
21h 12m ago
77 3wyl
3h 13m ago
I feel like an awful friend Kitsunefireball
11h 46m ago
5 zummerfish
3h 25m ago
Passive Aggressive Housemate.. how to nip this in the bud? BeautifulBlueBird
1d 19h ago
112 DelSolTormenta
3h 42m ago
still feeling unloved feeling so empty? Silent-winterland
11h 43m ago
12 Silent-winterland
7h 32m ago
Want a friend, feeling lonely RZ-desu
3w 5d ago
117 RZ-desu
7h 44m ago
I'm really shy around girls samui153
2d 11h ago
26 BorderComics
11h 17m ago
1 year anniversary surprise tiggytigertime
2d 2h ago
3 BorderComics
11h 20m ago
Anyone from France? EricaDanile
22h 14m ago
12 Mrs-Durden
12h 31m ago
Bullied for 12 years, how to deal with it? xBiggers
3w 6d ago
91 Redfoxbennaton
13h 57m ago
Going into my first year of college/Super Nervous LunarEternity
1w 12h ago
109 bluemelodia
14h 1m ago
I'm a bit..Friendless. Prawlette
Apr 29, 2014
3,097 bluemelodia
14h 4m ago
I am afraid of roaches. ScouterV
May 25, 2014
267 bluemelodia
14h 14m ago
Again, Im not sure what sexuality I am. Kitsunefireball
Jul 13, 2014
120 Ooupoutto
15h 5m ago
Which carrier is right for me? Indigojetgoingtomoon
1d 55m ago
14 Ooupoutto
15h 7m ago
How was it trying to "find" yourself? kochiyourin
3d 8h ago
14 Between-the-Divine
15h 31m ago
Overcoming Shyness ezlafroyo
Jun 24, 2014
232 ezlafroyo
15h 46m ago
Stop breathing when I fall asleep? Cynderthedragon5768
1w 7h ago
46 Ebonsong
17h 2m ago
This month kellytheturtle18
Jul 20, 2014
132 kellytheturtle18
22h 32m ago
I'm alone, and pressured.... SilentLove832
Aug 1, 2014
82 TheNecco
23h 52s ago
Is it our signature is symbol of our life?@@ Drewz92
1d 6h ago
9 3wyl
1d 3h ago
Friend in a Love Crisis UmbraCrux
2d 12h ago
10 siantjudas
1d 3h ago
10 Months Later...And Nothing Is Changed UmbraCrux
4d 10h ago
52 Lanca226
1d 5h ago
I smoked my first unused cigarette today... organist1989
2w 10h ago
82 Dreamworld88
1d 7h ago
Fellow artists with depression - how do you stay inspired? thepartymartyr
5d 10h ago
43 xetobyte
1d 8h ago
Social Anxiety RatchetInsomniac
3d 8h ago
16 TheNecco
1d 9h ago
How to cope with a break up? AkuBubbles
2w 1d ago
58 TheNecco
1d 9h ago
Uninspired with life RikkiStar
1w 4d ago
17 TheNecco
1d 9h ago
Inadequacy Irishfury97
4d 11h ago
15 TheNecco
1d 9h ago
Sick of being rejected/ being friendless AstroCatastrophe
2d 21h ago
1d 14h ago