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Help with Life Forum

Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Help with Life Forum Rules 3wyl
Mar 19, 2013
0 N/A
Useful helplines and resources fourteenthstar
Feb 7, 2007
1 madnessism
122w 3d from now
Dying of cancer, would like book/film recommendations Empfmil
1w 3d ago
56 Danger-Broad
6m 40s ago
How Can Anyone be Proud to be Gay? InvaderKimmy
2d 15h ago
47 Kell0x
27m 8s ago
Highschool NinjaWonders
5h 56m ago
3 thomasVanDijk
42m 5s ago
I need just a bit of support and friends AsiaOneMoon
1w 14h ago
21 AsiaOneMoon
47m 30s ago
Going into my first year of college/Super Nervous LunarEternity
Aug 24, 2014
176 BMfartz
50m 4s ago
Spot treatment. Kasimere
2d 16h ago
24 CrimsonMagpie
57m 37s ago
I can't find the inspiration... sorroweagle
13h 42m ago
14 terors
1h 21m ago
Wisdom Teeth Removal Scare FairyGal11
6d 5h ago
86 KairiCat7
1h 31m ago
Need Anyone's Thoughts On My Issue Which I Had, Feel now Depressed About it GamerCommandoWolf
1d 1h ago
7 RavynneNevyrmore
4h 21m ago
I feel like a Screw-up...I need some advice. Leaves-from-the-Vine
5h 44m ago
19 guardianarchangel
4h 21m ago
Have Aspergers, Want Cure JJWsmith
16h 26m ago
20 silversongwriter
4h 57m ago
any experienced rat owners out there? can really use your help pogoqueen
1d 4h ago
31 Ebonsong
5h 35m ago
What is the transition from SSRI to Natural Anti Depressant/Anxiety like? AquarianHorse
1d 14h ago
48 Ebonsong
5h 49m ago
mumble mumble itt0ryu
5d 17h ago
45 Lolliihime
12h 10m ago
I feel Like an asshole... Hiffy3
5d 6h ago
116 Hiffy3
12h 30m ago
Kinda bored with Job laurentiusmark93
3d 12h ago
30 nosugarjustanger
12h 45m ago
is niacin or vitamin b3 a cure for depression? GreyCircle
1d 19h ago
12 Welanga
15h 3m ago
Is this too girly for a guy? hankypanky2
15h 30m ago
3 3wyl
15h 6m ago
Can I join the military with a scar? skullgirls123
1w 3d ago
28 terors
16h 42m ago
Fear of the dead. SW-bd501
6d 19h ago
32 ViiiRoko
17h 28m ago
I have an awful temper? Please help? laopokia
2d 22h ago
12 Firozart
17h 42m ago
Sad because of monies Kurosantchi
2d 18h ago
15 terors
18h 5m ago
I need some film/Tv suggestions to help get over my heart being destroyed LovinaYavari
5d 43m ago
41 Trafal-the-Law
20h 8m ago
Is it ok to lock your pain away and never tell anyone? Silent-winterland
1d 16h ago
38 Silent-winterland
1d 6h ago
What was your hardest day/week/month stopping a habit? AquarianHorse
4d 17h ago
37 Fuyuko7
1d 9h ago
Shy about my body venom34
1w 4h ago
67 venom34
1d 9h ago
Self-confidence drops winkinglynx
1d 16h ago
2 winkinglynx
1d 13h ago
Doubtful. KotOR-MSTR
Jul 10, 2014
1d 19h ago
Which animation school in Canada should I go to???? Grimm-Dream
2d 14h ago
6 Grimm-Dream
2d 3h ago
I feel I have ruined my life... UmbrellaFighter
Aug 12, 2014
81 GrendalUnleashed
2d 5h ago
Problems with dad and his fiance seiyalove
Aug 6, 2014
187 seiyalove
2d 9h ago
Told my girlfriend we should break up, but I'm so torn... wuran
2d 22h ago
13 EbolaBearVomit
2d 9h ago
relationship problems. Kitten--Mittens
Aug 22, 2014
22 nyanko-dono
2d 11h ago
Sleepless nights IWubChoco94
2d 20h ago
5 IWubChoco94
2d 11h ago
A Horrible Person? JK-Kino
5d 16h ago
17 SundaySunny
2d 11h ago
'Small' situation... FishScales4812
2w 9h ago
15 RavynneNevyrmore
2d 14h ago
What to do now after high school? Advice and helpful tips. Please? snape4ever
4d 1h ago
12 phyxor
2d 15h ago
Social Phobia 3838dot
3d 12h ago
12 SandoraAme
2d 15h ago