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Help with Life Forum

Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Help with Life Forum Rules 3wyl
Mar 19, 2013
0 N/A
Useful helplines and resources fourteenthstar
Feb 7, 2007
1 madnessism
119w 1h from now
Tips on living in 2 homes- or summer/winter homes Lady-RyuuXX87
10s ago
0 N/A
I feel kind of harassed by an other artist! :/ Morraey
1h 6m ago
13 Morraey
8m 22s ago
Running low on money - need advice gracedragon1
2d 20h ago
46 T-Rissy
14m 12s ago
My entire life, constant stress sadness anger shame since childhood. StellarPaint
3h 10m ago
13 StellarPaint
14m 49s ago
I have no friends in real life? National-Horse
5d 13h ago
54 Colt3n
21m 15s ago
Need help - How to make logos, banners and headers! Colt3n
35m 27s ago
0 N/A
how would you react if your friend said this? silversongwriter
1w 3d ago
231 silversongwriter
1h 39m ago
Transgender...? Sydney-Smith
3d 12h ago
31 Sydney-Smith
1h 46m ago
I kinda want to do something that's probably impossible.... That1MegaLeaFan
3d 15h ago
39 That1MegaLeaFan
1h 46m ago
Who else hates customers? Trafal-the-Law
3h 6m ago
8 Gidrog
1h 56m ago
Raging thoughts of ending it... skater4life509
3d 2h ago
11 TheWildWillShow
2h 26m ago
How do you handle wanting to careers? bumblebeegirl15
5h 44m ago
6 pyrohmstr
3h 5m ago
Mouse Death - Why did my mouse die? Xosonu
10h 23m ago
5 Xosonu
3h 23m ago
Stressed pretty much every second of the day Clueful
16h 38m ago
5h 54m ago
Do I have to vocalize what I know too? Is there a point? I feel underestimated Heineka
2d 7h ago
7 Heineka
5h 55m ago
I'm afraid my brother will commit suicide or hurt other people xXTheBlackSheepXx
1d 12h ago
39 Umbravita
6h 12m ago
Get your story out there, and the past off your chest! KristenNoelle
17h 24m ago
4 3wyl
6h 26m ago
Food advice for an unhealthy idiot ElithianFox
5d 20h ago
48 ElithianFox
6h 44m ago
I Don't Care About Art Anymore and I Feel Conflicted Over the "New" and "Old" Me. Ozarkas
1w 6d ago
9 lightning-13
6h 48m ago
How Can Anyone be Proud to be Gay? InvaderKimmy
3w 5d ago
184 LostbunniesofWendy
9h 10m ago
Any Advice for a Christian Getting through the rest of Art College? StudioUAC
1d 10h ago
30 CrispyLettuce
9h 18m ago
Managing depression and art block PuniPuniPrincess
22h 30m ago
12 bupaje
9h 37m ago
Boys please answer! My crush knows i like him... He acts like he hates me, and then hes nice to me? starfire24
5d 19h ago
31 Ikran
10h 24m ago
Incredibly Frustrated With Myself lilydoodles
1w 2d ago
35 jesus-at-art
12h 20m ago
Too far gone? mr-comissions
5d 19h ago
8 Nocturn0wl
12h 58m ago
My mood is terrible this entire week... [and lots of rambling] douglas5005
20h 10m ago
2 douglas5005
15h 22m ago
Low blood pressure woes. Kasimere
1d 2h ago
9 RansLove
15h 59m ago
I feel offended because my adviser called me needy and "stalkish" kimikitn
2d 7h ago
11 AfricanAmericanAnime
16h 13m ago
Looking for a certain Potplayer skin KethusNadroev
1d 2h ago
1 3wyl
21h 49m ago
Should i take a class during winter course? RZ-desu
1d 19h ago
10 kiri-no-tanuki
22h 26m ago
Why was I born a girl? SweetCandyCyanide
2w 6d ago
82 kiri-no-tanuki
22h 43m ago
Moneyless hobby ideas for my interests skater4life509
1w 3d ago
27 jaleel
23h 7m ago
Diet Help lldReAmEr01ll
5d 11h ago
34 AnnDreamy
1d 25m ago
Should I leave my job? Advice please! JacquelineBarkla
3d 18h ago
24 lightning-13
1d 34m ago
What if you could move to Japan but... dafrek
1d 5h ago
9 DutchConnaisseur
1d 48m ago
Sexual Orientation?... Deaththealchemist
2d 10h ago
15 Deaththealchemist
1d 1h ago
How do you approach female strangers silversongwriter
2w 2d ago
57 Princess-Amy
1d 7h ago
The love I offer isn't instantly gratifying. LalienX
1d 9h ago
4 rockstar1009
1d 7h ago