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Help with Life Forum

Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Help with Life Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Useful helplines and resources fourteenthstar
Feb 7, 2007
1 madnessism
31w 4d from now
I can't practice drawing because I get too frustrated! Please help me! AudaciousMudcrab
1w 5d ago
35 AudaciousMudcrab
5m 24s ago
Gym Advice? BlackSwanMasquerade
1h 58m ago
9 Spudfuzz
15m 48s ago
Looking for some new friends PencilTales
1d 18h ago
30 PencilTales
19m 20s ago
Wow I'm struggling Liteblue-L13
22h 13m ago
9 GeneralJist1
1h 13m ago
Feeling of Failure in Art. ProjectAwesomes
2h 39m ago
2 Vineris
1h 15m ago
Art gift for a best friend who is moving away HELP melanamobes
14h 13m ago
14 melanamobes
1h 52m ago
How do you face your fears? CheshireMoonHime
4d 20h ago
19 ProjectAwesomes
2h 34m ago
Is it wrong to want friends? Pix3M
1d 3h ago
40 ProjectAwesomes
2h 38m ago
Is it time for a name change? BlissClouds
1d 11h ago
13 BlissClouds
3h 10m ago
I'm so confused and people call me crazy starforceten
4h 8m ago
2 ensoul
3h 15m ago
Should Artists date Artists? kenyawright
2d 4h ago
24 MissMaddox
4h 55m ago
Help Choose A Dress Please! ZhengjiuYishu
1w 1d ago
23 whianem
5h 5m ago
Trapped/Human Guinea Pig Sinister-Sweet
1w 5d ago
64 Sinister-Sweet
5h 19m ago
GIRLS: would you fuck this guy? Jellyfever
6h 29m ago
8 morbidman187
6h 4m ago
Help Dealwithitdewott
6h 55m ago
1 Greatgodofmineworld
6h 22m ago
New friends to talk to on a daily-ish basis? ^^ Izagar
1d 11h ago
58 Izagar
8h 24m ago
Chronic illness Julieanna-Rae
4d 22h ago
14 Julieanna-Rae
8h 28m ago
Socializing is Too Exhausting terrorchean
1d 2h ago
7 lightning-13
9h 20m ago
I feel unloved ClockworkMultiverse
3w 23h ago
66 Wertyla
13h 13m ago
Gender concerns among my friends Remember-the-Rules
21h 12m ago
3 Elgrig
14h 19m ago
Musical Incarceration Flobbicus
2d 2h ago
27 Skvaderflight
14h 39m ago
My parents are hella racist... Aminas-Derpy-Art
2w 1d ago
14h 40m ago
Are people meant to lose friends? PKDsm
1w 23h ago
112 lsangelina14
18h 4m ago
is anyone good at interpreting dreams? HallowpointPaws
6d 3h ago
36 rheannafire317
1d 19m ago
I don't have many friends (IRL)... WuYiXiang
1w 4d ago
48 sunshinegladiator
1d 45m ago
I feel like crap and have no one to talk Leie
1d 4h ago
5 Vivyi
1d 1h ago
Does anyone like reading creepypastas? Blucatt1k
4d 14h ago
16 Natureaddict68
1d 1h ago
Hopeless! Empty-Heart-Forever
2d 7h ago
7 dragonsangel
1d 3h ago
That moment on the freeway jameycakeshotty
4d 12h ago
3 jameycakeshotty
1d 3h ago
Bestfriend's Abusive Boyfriend? ZhengjiuYishu
2w 4d ago
90 GunSlingerpro59
1d 3h ago
Becoming More Flexible? Cr1chton
1d 9h ago
3 signsofortune
1d 5h ago
So, I witnessed Malevolence in Disguise Yesterday... Cr1chton
1d 9h ago
2 Levalier
1d 6h ago
Going trough break up, need to get this off my chest BambooBears
3d 17h ago
12 Levalier
1d 7h ago
Females please help? KiyoshiLynn
1w 2m ago
108 Skvaderflight
1d 10h ago
hey lets twitter add each other?? MortyzZzomby
2d 2h ago
3 AmalaAzula
1d 10h ago
Can't go to sleep Hotheart123
2d 7h ago
10 GraceMeister
1d 17h ago
I have high blood pressure. Taran13573794
1w 5d ago
32 whianem
1d 18h ago
Wanna Talk to Someone KaifukuNoke
2d 19h ago
4 datcookaburra
1d 19h ago