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Help with Life Forum

Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Help with Life Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Useful helplines and resources fourteenthstar
Feb 7, 2007
1 madnessism
74w 1d from now
How do I deal with the breaking of a best friendship that I've had for 15 years Kaitorubel
6d 10h ago
68 Kaitorubel
4m 12s ago
Parents Katsunuke
49m 17s ago
2 Werewolfferret96
28m 28s ago
why do a lot of older women give me a difficult time EV9295
1d 8h ago
17 used-rugs
39m 57s ago
How to find a job that is ACTUALLY hiring sapphirewyren
7h 40m ago
8 Brownez-Koekoez
1h 8m ago
In need of assistance with a breakup TheLastGunstar
Aug 1, 2015
114 CetaSoul
1h 30m ago
Help with motivation. Rag-Rappy
2h 8m ago
2 Rag-Rappy
1h 47m ago
Breakups and Revenge 1stworldview
16h 27m ago
6 Werewolfferret96
2h 3m ago
Help with College, please Angeltsuki-Chan
1w 4d ago
46 Angeltsuki-Chan
2h 5m ago
So... There's this one girl... PinkyPie25800
1d 7h ago
14 PinkyPie25800
3h 57m ago
My Birthday has a gray tint and Sadness. BronyGorefiend
2d 19h ago
23 BronyGorefiend
4h 12m ago
I think I might have cancer and now I'm worried EV9295
1d 7h ago
54 EV9295
4h 56m ago
Looking for help, be it artist, or someone with advise! DeeNation
10h 39m ago
8 thegreatamphibian
5h 26m ago
Help me to get some views :) Lynashi
9h 14m ago
13 HimitsuUK
6h 7m ago
Female muscularity Artoffbb2
1d 19h ago
11 Artoffbb2
7h 1m ago
Not sure how to change Neocmiri
5d 9h ago
23 Rag-Rappy
7h 34m ago
My neighbours daughter and her three dogs XxNonam3xX
1d 17h ago
15 XxNonam3xX
8h 46m ago
New life, new place, new high school MissBlackNails
15h 56m ago
16 LockheedTheDragon
9h 11m ago
Anxiety induced nausea? Josephine-frays
3d 17h ago
25 Josephine-frays
9h 20m ago
Is Autism Worse Than Pestilence? YeroSenpai
1w 5d ago
156 Blue-Anima
10h 39m ago
Short Courses after college? which one? PaulSG08
3d 15h ago
8 thegreatamphibian
11h 39m ago
Ever had a crush on someone you should hate? Orion161
2d 8h ago
16 caseyparker
13h 17m ago
how I feel and am I alone on this WARNING THIS MIGHT OFFEND SOME OF YOU READ WITH CAUTION Cartoon16fan
2d 17h ago
94 Cartoon16fan
15h 13m ago
Concerned asexual Quinstiff
3w 15h ago
162 Quinstiff
15h 31m ago
Did You Ever Suffered in a Tinnitus? Ayacchiiin
1d 17h ago
16 Midorizou
15h 57m ago
I am bully material. MrThinkaLott
1d 7h ago
7 adamBomb123
16h 16m ago
Dumb question. EnemyDesign
21h 56m ago
7 Mrs-Durden
17h 47m ago
I'm ugly UsagiLollipop
2w 1d ago
24 squid-sisters
22h 14m ago
My Dad. Kitsune0Jester
1w 1d ago
76 Werewolfferret96
1d 55m ago
Give me some ideas please? alioverafantasia
6d 7h ago
14 alioverafantasia
1d 3h ago
any creative ideas on asking a girl out? Pencil--Pony
2d 2h ago
11 PrairieLily
1d 3h ago
Locked up in myself Eyecelphil
2w 6d ago
52 BurnFairy
1d 4h ago
Is it bad to want to know about my parents? KotOR-MSTR
Aug 1, 2015
1d 6h ago
Dumped. EDIT Kyndiaa
2w 3d ago
14 signsofortune
1d 6h ago
Pls help problems... Harajuju030
1d 11h ago
5 signsofortune
1d 7h ago
help me (love problem, girl opinion if possible) part 2 eadgear
1d 20h ago
18 SavageFrog
1d 9h ago
I need help with college PsionicsKnight
4d 13h ago
57 PsionicsKnight
1d 10h ago
Seeking to not be afraid of oral repitition sidetrack1
1d 10h ago
0 N/A
I'm giving up BirdhouseIYS
Jul 12, 2015
83 Shammiee
1d 10h ago