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Help with Life Forum

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READ BEFORE POSTING - Help with Life Forum Rules 3wyl
Mar 19, 2013
0 N/A
Useful helplines and resources fourteenthstar
Feb 7, 2007
1 madnessism
118w 5h from now
Yeah... UpbeatZombie
2h 40m ago
1 your-first-boyfriend
27m 43s ago
Bullying. BubblyBunnyBash
2d 10h ago
26 your-first-boyfriend
43m 36s ago
How do you approach female strangers silversongwriter
3w 2d ago
61 your-first-boyfriend
47m 29s ago
I'm considering quitting Yashiradraws
2h 18m ago
1 lightning-13
1h 49m ago
I'm going to cry my eyes out. Please cheer me up.? sagethethird
1d 7h ago
16 Yashiradraws
2h 5m ago
Not sure where I belong NicanorJourney
7h 21m ago
2 Yashiradraws
2h 14m ago
School Stress because of terrible school faculty D:< xXTerribleArtistXx
5h 5m ago
9 randomguy2812
2h 31m ago
How do you commute on a kick scooter? drawitbig
6h 53m ago
10 -kron
2h 52m ago
Is This Normal? DethklokxKamelot
12h 15m ago
2 Ebonsong
4h 44m ago
Love Kitsunefireball
8h 50m ago
5 xXTerribleArtistXx
5h 4m ago
Metronome Brand Suggestions? Auravio
2d 9h ago
5h 8m ago
lookinh for help PMMurphy
3d 7h ago
28 TheArtOfCBYoung
7h 12m ago
How do you date online anyway? BrandonSPilcher
1d 18h ago
38 Refugee97
8h 1m ago
Don't know what to do...! LocustaPhobia
14h 44m ago
3 PrairieLily
9h 17m ago
I'm Basically Friendless to a Degree (and it sucks) L3310
1d 21h ago
39 L3310
10h 49m ago
I have no friends in real life? National-Horse
1w 5d ago
66 Ohne68
10h 53m ago
how do people deal with loneliness? AlmostButNotQuite
6d 16h ago
21 DethklokxKamelot
11h 57m ago
What should I do? OminousHaze
2d 7h ago
9 OminousHaze
12h 4m ago
Bottling up feelings? fuwafuwamarshmellow
2d 16h ago
7 DethklokxKamelot
13h 32m ago
My entire life, constant stress sadness anger shame since childhood. StellarPaint
6d 23h ago
44 StellarPaint
16h 24m ago
Quick costume ideas for work! skater4life509
22h 32m ago
2 3wyl
16h 36m ago
Too far gone? mr-comissions
1w 5d ago
13 Nocturn0wl
17h 15m ago
Forever alone in this world? Like really. totally. Silent-winterland
19h 45m ago
10 Silent-winterland
18h 20m ago
Failing a college class? fireflyshywishes
2w 2d ago
31 JotePaine
22h 12m ago
having nocturnal panic attacks JJWsmith
1d 8h ago
8 Healer-and-protecter
23h 2m ago
Any advice, please? GusRadner
2d 22h ago
15 GusRadner
1d 2h ago
Breaking Up? Prussia-Hungary
1d 19h ago
8 LacrimosaR6
1d 5h ago
Problems with dad and his fiance seiyalove
Aug 6, 2014
196 seiyalove
1d 6h ago
Shaky Hands, More Difficult To Draw Shily666
1d 19h ago
4 EbolaBearVomit
1d 6h ago
Something has been bugging me....... invertqueen7
2d 2h ago
8 StrixVanAllen
1d 9h ago
I feel kind of harassed by an other artist! :/ Morraey
6d 20h ago
70 Ebonsong
1d 12h ago
muscular twiches and vitimans silversongwriter
1d 13h ago
6 silversongwriter
1d 12h ago
muscular twiches and vitimans silversongwriter
1d 12h ago
0 N/A
Gathering Research Data! DesignsByKittn
1d 13h ago
3 3wyl
1d 12h ago
how would you react if your friend said this? silversongwriter
2w 2d ago
266 silversongwriter
1d 13h ago
Help! Need market research data! princessmoony
1d 14h ago
2 3wyl
1d 13h ago
Food advice for an unhealthy idiot ElithianFox
1w 5d ago
60 Debit
1d 15h ago
Someone convince me why university is a good idea... Snapperz
5d 14h ago
35 GavinMichelli
1d 20h ago