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Help with Life Forum

Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Help with Life Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Useful helplines and resources fourteenthstar
Feb 7, 2007
1 madnessism
92w 6d from now
Does making tutorials help with getting popular? spartanx118
2h 39m ago
4 spartanx118
57m 14s ago
How do you deal with metal problems? yurian-miku
2d 1h ago
98 tomboytsundere
1h 2m ago
Wacom Cintiq or an alternative? HadesPixels
1w 3d ago
39 HadesPixels
2h 15m ago
I love art but... kanamemochii
2d 11h ago
29 Reokii
2h 48m ago
France or Japan? JonnyAltezza
4h 34m ago
6 Coffee--Pot
2h 54m ago
How Can I Be Less Socially Awkward? LadyVirtuoso
7h 32m ago
5 CrispyLettuce
2h 56m ago
My friend hates me.. ShadowFang53
1d 20h ago
1 Katie-Bass
6h 58m ago
Loosing the ability of draw with joy shindianaify
1w 2h ago
55 Katie-Bass
7h 2m ago
Work versus Life and Art Guardian-of-the-Six
1d 13h ago
4 Greybook
7h 52m ago
I need some friends! Greybook
8h 34m ago
0 N/A
Are there anti depressants that doesn't make you gain weight? LilPhantomHorse
5d 9m ago
28 MysterNiceGuy
9h 5m ago
Am I a bad person for thinking someone should die? ArynChris
1w 2d ago
10 ArynChris
13h 21m ago
Feelings hurt MJLauren
2d 11h ago
14 MJLauren
13h 34m ago
what is the best sleeping bag to buy? morphsuitslave
21h 13m ago
2 morphsuitslave
13h 53m ago
Switching gears and don't know what to do LennyDotDotDot
1d 1h ago
19 LennyDotDotDot
14h 6m ago
Experiences with herbal/natural medicines? (for depression and anxiety) LilPhantomHorse
2d 14h ago
44 LilPhantomHorse
14h 32m ago
Fellow Bostonians, I NEED YOUR HELP! kh27s
1w 2d ago
45 raymix1000
14h 42m ago
Metal Allergy kolson98
Mar 25, 2015
22 kolson98
14h 43m ago
How do I deal with this depression A-M-A-P
1w 3d ago
270 Nuw-LegoMan
15h 26m ago
Stressful Job Situation DTKinetic
1d 17h ago
7 Aret
16h 32m ago
No Desire to Draw (even though I'd like to improve) Kishkoosh
2d 19h ago
9 Kishkoosh
16h 47m ago
Frustrated with Wacom Fershade
1d 14h ago
8 Trafal-the-Law
17h 7m ago
21h 3m ago
16 morbidman187
17h 28m ago
Advice on career goals Lady-RyuuXX87
1d 20h ago
12 Lady-RyuuXX87
18h 23m ago
I am not asking for donations, I am asking for prayers EV9295
Mar 6, 2015
45 morphsuitslave
21h 12m ago
Need help! CareersNow21
1d 11m ago
2 Mrs-Durden
22h 47m ago
giving up on drawing Acording
4d 4h ago
160 xyloz
1d 51m ago
Experiences with counseling? MissMaddox
1w 1d ago
101 MissMaddox
1d 55m ago
Is being gay permanent? DeathArcanaXIII
2d 22h ago
26 UltraRaccoon
1d 1h ago
I wanted to be a manga artist :( KaworuSakurada98
1d 7h ago
48 morbidman187
1d 2h ago
fuck your-first-boyfriend
1w 5d ago
74 Darkfireangel99
1d 8h ago
Should I be angry or should I be there for her? renstalker
1w 7h ago
62 Darkfireangel99
1d 8h ago
Down siccabitur
5d 9h ago
9 dragonsangel
1d 10h ago
First Job Fears cottoncritter
5d 13h ago
36 dragonsangel
1d 11h ago
My art sucks , but I feel happy and alive only when I'm drawing. LoveChristi-Chan
1d 21h ago
7 dragonsangel
1d 11h ago
dental phobia divine--apathia
2d 22m ago
13 CrimeRoyale
1d 12h ago
I am constantly hungry, but when I eat I feel disgusted Xosonu
2d 11h ago
9 Galaxy-Traxs
1d 16h ago
Post Grad depression. All motivation lost Kara-tails
2d 9h ago
11 SlytherinsHeiress
1d 19h ago