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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Help with Life Forum Rules 3wyl
Mar 19, 2013
0 N/A
Useful helplines and resources fourteenthstar
Feb 7, 2007
1 madnessism
119w 2d from now
Diet Help lldReAmEr01ll
3d 59m ago
24 EbolaBearVomit
2m 6s ago
how would you react if your friend said this? silversongwriter
1w 14h ago
212 silversongwriter
5m ago
Sexual Orientation?... Deaththealchemist
26m 50s ago
0 N/A
Job interview questions WanderingSketchPad
6h 11m ago
28 WanderingSketchPad
1h 53m ago
Boys please answer! My crush knows i like him... He acts like he hates me, and then hes nice to me? starfire24
3d 8h ago
26 LalienX
2h 6m ago
I need to purge my hostility and hate LalienX
2d 9h ago
7 LalienX
2h 17m ago
Sleep problems UsagiToxic
3d 5h ago
26 ginokami428
2h 23m ago
I need a bit of advice about a certain guy FabulousEmma
3d 22h ago
12 r0binVI
2h 49m ago
Lesbians/bi not into female parts? RansLove
1w 3d ago
108 r0binVI
2h 54m ago
Food advice for an unhealthy idiot ElithianFox
3d 10h ago
41 EbolaBearVomit
3h 45m ago
Transgender...? Sydney-Smith
1d 2h ago
20 saintartaud
5h 34m ago
Creative Educations? Abmot
8h 36m ago
3 Nocturn0wl
5h 43m ago
Too far gone? mr-comissions
3d 9h ago
4 Nocturn0wl
5h 49m ago
I suck at everything... ThunderZkull
2d 9h ago
14 color-freak1
5h 49m ago
Should I leave my job? Advice please! JacquelineBarkla
1d 8h ago
19 ArtAdmirer1-75th
6h 13m ago
Why was I born a girl? SweetCandyCyanide
2w 4d ago
75 Caenor
6h 52m ago
Running low on money - need advice gracedragon1
10h 50m ago
19 kadomaru
6h 54m ago
I just don't even know anymore @_@; WanderingSketchPad
21h 16m ago
10 WanderingSketchPad
6h 58m ago
I kinda want to do something that's probably impossible.... That1MegaLeaFan
1d 5h ago
30 That1MegaLeaFan
8h 45m ago
enjoy a lot of money with the Company yacineangel
10h 59s ago
2 3wyl
9h 57m ago
I have no friends in real life? National-Horse
3d 3h ago
38 princeofallsofas
10h 23m ago
Raging thoughts of ending it... skater4life509
16h 1m ago
10 Ebonsong
10h 44m ago
How to control your appetite? Tips on losing weight LovelyIcePrincess
3d 14h ago
37 dekka-chan
11h 55m ago
I'm boned tzrd1
2d 23h ago
11 tzrd1
22h 28m ago
Trouble Deciding for my Major AbyssalSerpent
2w 6d ago
26 AbyssalSerpent
1d 1h ago
How can I be sure I didn't goof? Arzator-Vanator
2d 23h ago
10 Arzator-Vanator
1d 2h ago
Babysitting Problems gothdra
1d 12h ago
2 gothdra
1d 4h ago
Depressed?? or selfish?? lauraoz11
5d 1h ago
15 lauraoz11
1d 5h ago
How can I forget my crush? LaNici
5d 14h ago
8 NPavusa
1d 7h ago
Incredibly Frustrated With Myself lilydoodles
6d 21h ago
29 dekka-chan
1d 8h ago
1d 10h ago
1 3wyl
1d 10h ago
My dad died SmallSauce
1w 2d ago
55 Autistic4CatGirl
1d 11h ago
Advice? cb-shippochan
2w 3d ago
14 Glori305
1d 14h ago
Friendship problems Rainbowdash5995
2d 6h ago
16 CrispyLettuce
1d 15h ago
Help: What To Do When A Good Friend Apparently Hates You Now Prussia-Hungary
5d 23h ago
5 kafine
1d 17h ago
How Can Anyone be Proud to be Gay? InvaderKimmy
3w 3d ago
178 SaintSeptuagint
1d 23h ago
How do I make friends? DarkShadow2000
1w 2h ago
14 DarkShadow2000
2d 2h ago
Some days are just so hard Cindybrown
2w 2d ago
26 RueTris
2d 7h ago