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Help with Life Forum

Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Help with Life Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Useful helplines and resources fourteenthstar
Feb 7, 2007
1 madnessism
69w 2d from now
a conversation with your inner friend.... focusmon
3d 6h ago
39 signsofortune
8m 54s ago
Is it possible to feel depressed in the morning after a week of anxiety? iShineKNECT
9h 27m ago
5 signsofortune
16m 38s ago
I feel useless SadBiscuit
3d 12h ago
40 signsofortune
19m 30s ago
Should I still be a vegetarian despite trolling and bullying? archwings99
Sep 6, 2015
122 TheCatsTales
20m 17s ago
Pressure at job explodingapple
1h 6m ago
3 Trafal-the-Law
21m 46s ago
My mom's illness and inevitable death are affecting me more than I'd ever thought they would. FallOutWoman
20h 44m ago
8 signsofortune
23m 56s ago
Advice for incoming college freshmen? Kitsune0Jester
2w 5d ago
53 Kitsune0Jester
28m 22s ago
Almost 2 years later since my mom died. Angelgirl10
2d 21h ago
57 signsofortune
36m 14s ago
a little insight from fellow deviants please rickyd12
19h 25s ago
9 signsofortune
37m 53s ago
I want to start something new! Help please? pikminAAA
2w 1d ago
18 Vane--Chan
42m 6s ago
Negative feelings arrrhghgh Nakook-Olkoth
1d 2h ago
15 signsofortune
42m 42s ago
making me crazy HELP!!!! ChatterShock
5h 8m ago
21 morbidman187
2h 29m ago
How do I get boys to like me? Stormfeather01
2d 14h ago
56 Nakook-Olkoth
2h 32m ago
Is it possible for a 15 year old girl to get a job. ewolf20
19h 34m ago
16 Nakook-Olkoth
2h 35m ago
Is poundworld good for dog leads? PaddlySwagglyArt
20h 1m ago
10 SolarLunix
4h 59m ago
Does warm milk help you sleep ALL night long? iShineKNECT
13h 7m ago
10 lightning-13
5h 53m ago
Anxiety Messenger-Pigeon
1w 1d ago
39 Valashi
8h 20m ago
Do you ever feel like? gamespeaker13
18h 23m ago
7 gamespeaker13
9h 20m ago
shut UP MONGREL aatanoodle
9h 21m ago
-1 N/A
shut UP MONGREL aatanoodle
9h 21m ago
-1 N/A
OK ma'ams :) aatanoodle
10h 59m ago
2 morbidman187
9h 29m ago
Lost fate in art? Nheblue
4d 23h ago
16 Lucky978
13h 7m ago
When you feel depressed for no reason... artofdroth
1w 1h ago
45 Tevarro
13h 20m ago
Is Transgender a gender? littleshotaboy
2w 2d ago
146 sapphire-belle
13h 28m ago
ugly PaddlySwagglyArt
5d 19h ago
25 xclaux
14h 41m ago
I hate my dad Amber2002161
3w 4d ago
18 Amber2002161
16h 15m ago
i'm scared ewolf20
16h 21m ago
0 N/A
Can't fucking sleep. gamessence
1w 11h ago
38 gamessence
17h 32m ago
Feeling down with rejection AuroraStardust13
5d 13h ago
26 Lilly-of-the-Valley1
17h 45m ago
Locked up in myself Eyecelphil
Aug 14, 2015
79 Arasteia
17h 49m ago
My work needs critiquing JJWsmith
19h 1m ago
4 JJWsmith
17h 57m ago
Solitude Recovery RenamonMega
4d 15h ago
18 RenamonMega
18h 21m ago
change for the worse aLittleGlowstick
2w 6d ago
12 aLittleGlowstick
19h 9m ago
I want drawing to be fun again! AClockworkKitten
1w 2d ago
13 BCHolbrook
21h 46m ago
I'm infatuated with a girl living at the other side of the world dimentiochaser
6d 20h ago
18 dimentiochaser
23h 6m ago
please give me justice and life cyanidebegger
1d 31m ago
2 JenFruzz
1d 19m ago
Being a shut in sucks. AClockworkKitten
1d 14h ago
6 CuriousLolita
1d 1h ago
I'm getting frustrated... yoakechi
1d 5h ago
14 CuriousLolita
1d 1h ago