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Help with Life Forum

Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Help with Life Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Useful helplines and resources fourteenthstar
Feb 7, 2007
1 madnessism
78w 5d from now
No, I don't want a goddamn kid. 525600-Midgets
2d 16h ago
64 lightning-13
15m 16s ago
Is this normal? moonrainbowxoxo
10h 5m ago
6 zxcraous
38m 2s ago
What's the best way to tell my dad that I'm an artist/indie? Pix3M
5d 3h ago
29 Wolfypaints
1h 1m ago
Ever feel like your not a good enough owner for your pets? ChantellyHeart
2d 9h ago
7 Viorp
1h 8m ago
Got health problems scorpafied
1d 22h ago
12 scorpafied
1h 16m ago
Panic attacks CuriousLolita
14h 24m ago
11 miz-inthesky
1h 48m ago
I feel so old JJWsmith
17h 52m ago
15 Smrgle
1h 58m ago
What's your first phobia? Skull-gum
2d 15h ago
37 Adoptables-Hoe
3h 5m ago
Heartbreak AshleighFay
4d 23h ago
24 borschtplz
5h 26m ago
How to kindly tell someone you don't feel comfortable sharing medical information? divine--apathia
2d 3h ago
35 borschtplz
5h 27m ago
I hate my job... BOINK-BONK
3d 15h ago
30 AnguisPoetica
5h 47m ago
No motivation Misspinklady77
2d 12h ago
3 smashfold
5h 54m ago
Easiest way with dealing with this? LadyRans
16h 59m ago
56 Sapphire-Ashesx
6h 49m ago
feelings zuko-agni
9h 7m ago
13 RyanTheGreat777
7h 7m ago
Part 2; my mom again S-parki
1d 10h ago
37 Werewolfferret96
7h 50m ago
help with my dog zuko-agni
13h 44m ago
19 RyanTheGreat777
9h 28m ago
I'm so painfully depressed Cynlife
Jun 14, 2015
22 shiniXIII
10h 5m ago
Increasing sense of self-worth? FierceBabydoll
2d 20h ago
30 used-rugs
10h 14m ago
Annoyance from what people say BridalWreath
23h 25m ago
22 BridalWreath
10h 16m ago
I did something mean and now I feel bad... metalhartrockandroll
1w 6d ago
57 TheTrollOfDeviantart
13h 8m ago
Help with Depression PhantomPizza
2d 4h ago
21 CetaSoul
13h 21m ago
Hickeys catsglade
1d 17h ago
27 kafine
16h 9m ago
Triggers catsglade
1d 17h ago
59 LadyRans
17h 41m ago
In need of assistance with a breakup TheLastGunstar
1d 18h ago
4 TheLastGunstar
17h 52m ago
Lonely. Need Friends. DupleSnowflake
Jun 19, 2015
113 Ifrit62
18h 9m ago
I'm so ANGRY CodeofSpoken
19h 29m ago
2 bluefoxycat
18h 49m ago
Worrying about the future is normal right? Danielle-chan
2d 15h ago
41 CuriousLolita
18h 54m ago
Any hypotheticals allowed? TheMisterMan2
3d 12h ago
21 da1withdalongestname
19h 20m ago
Is it bad to want to know about my parents? KotOR-MSTR
1d 23h ago
6 bardic-fire
21h 55m ago
Anyone felt like life is boring and pointless? Silent-winterland
1d 4h ago
50 Silent-winterland
23h 20m ago
So, I decided to vent.... Light-x-Kiyomi
1w 3d ago
36 days-be-strange
1d 6m ago
I do not know what to do FFF13
3d 3h ago
3 Unam-et-solum
1d 2h ago
Got a Health Problem :( nocturnalgeek10
1d 17h ago
9 nocturnalgeek10
1d 4h ago
Not dealing with meds LadyRans
1d 16h ago
9 Sapphire-Ashesx
1d 8h ago
I need help S-parki
4d 15h ago
48 S-parki
1d 8h ago
Feeling Like a Failure. ReapoftheWorld
1w 1d ago
25 ReapoftheWorld
1d 10h ago
Feelings for coworker iihamachii
1w 4d ago
21 Smrgle
1d 16h ago
What's wrong with self-confidence? NintendoLover105
4d 10h ago
9 TheTrollOfDeviantart
1d 16h ago