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Help with Life Forum

Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Help with Life Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Useful helplines and resources fourteenthstar
Feb 7, 2007
1 madnessism
96w 3d from now
Anxiety Help...? NeonM0NSTER
1d 8h ago
10 EquestrianStrong
11m 54s ago
I have something to confess... Rayleeman
6d 21h ago
34 Rayleeman
14m 10s ago
Need help filling the empty space DaltinBydeed
4d 16h ago
48 Ozarkas
1h 3m ago
Broke up with someone I love... Margie7487
1d 7h ago
23 Welanga
1h 11m ago
Serious inability to concentrate on anything gggdw
6h 27m ago
5 puppy-dangerous
1h 21m ago
I Have Unrelenting Anxious Energy and OCD With My Thoughts. Help? Ozarkas
1h 48m ago
3 V1zi3r
1h 23m ago
I Almost Ended It... VentiMinccino
3d 18h ago
44 Derpapigg
1h 41m ago
I'm hopeless. what's the point of trying? pierceddragonstudios
3d 2h ago
67 pierceddragonstudios
2h 6m ago
i might be a gay man trapped in a womans body? belarusian
3w 3d ago
125 belarusian
2h 21m ago
Help me please. CostaRic
2d 12h ago
32 Capt-Red
3h 56m ago
Failing at writing Greenleaf-Days
2w 3d ago
22 KaizenKitty
4h 56m ago
my father wants me to stop my arts and find a Job GreyCircle
4d 17h ago
84 VioletLynx
5h 30m ago
Absent-mindedness and awkwardness laopokia
14h 9m ago
14 Ami-Magane
6h 8m ago
How to find your visual voice developing an artistic style jpothier
19h 9m ago
9 jpothier
6h 28m ago
Help Deciding Colleges, Majors, Jobs, and Future Adulthood HeidiHassing
21h 18m ago
20 DannyMechanist
6h 42m ago
I can't take this anymore. SplashyLove
2w 3d ago
156 EbolaBears
7h 12m ago
Complete lack of confidence is destroying my art. AnguisPoetica
9h 24m ago
6 EbolaBears
7h 15m ago
Worn TheCunningCondor
3d 18h ago
18 AlaskaSnow16
7h 26m ago
Bullying intomyworldofart
2w 1h ago
25 AlaskaSnow16
7h 35m ago
I am afraid of roaches. ScouterV
May 25, 2014
390 AlaskaSnow16
7h 37m ago
I hope 1 day has 100 hours, so I can draw 90 hours/day :( QueenieKomori
1w 6d ago
46 AlaskaSnow16
7h 40m ago
I feel so shitty. Inashhi
16h 17m ago
21 AlaskaSnow16
8h 12m ago
First Crush? cimorene13
4d 12h ago
26 AlaskaSnow16
8h 13m ago
I get depressed too much RZ-desu
3d 21h ago
5 AlaskaSnow16
8h 47m ago
Job hunting desperation HellixC
2d 15h ago
10 AlaskaSnow16
9h 16m ago
Question about moving out. h2omo
1d 20h ago
15 AlaskaSnow16
9h 19m ago
I'm a student . . . QueenMimi011
2d 3h ago
7 AlaskaSnow16
9h 25m ago
Sweet 16 & Never Been Kissed... is it really that rare? HeidiHassing
Feb 21, 2015
402 rimuu
9h 38m ago
Exclusion IceAngel1234
1w 3d ago
64 AlaskaSnow16
9h 40m ago
School Issues SchizophrenicArt
1d 30m ago
6 AlaskaSnow16
9h 47m ago
Lonely and Scared Alison-Elizabeth
18h 24m ago
15 AlaskaSnow16
9h 53m ago
I don't Believe in Love at all 0% Shradis
2d 22h ago
88 Shradis
22h 40m ago
Help me find a Uni? chetom
4d 4h ago
16 chetom
23h 31m ago
Why do all of my relationships end with me getting hurt? Zethnos
1w 1d ago
72 Zethnos
1d 1h ago
Trying to go back to college, started a Gofundme Gh0stlander
1d 1h ago
2 Mrs-Durden
1d 1h ago
I want to smile again.. A-M-A-P
1d 19h ago
7 Mrs-Durden
1d 4h ago
I feel really guilty . . . Xenvel
1w 14h ago
49 Xenvel
1d 13h ago
Flames,smoke and an annoying girlfriend ..Arggghh!! shadyric
1w 6d ago
65 operaghost
1d 14h ago