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Help with Life Forum

Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Help with Life Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Useful helplines and resources fourteenthstar
Feb 7, 2007
1 madnessism
82w 3d from now
I need more LGBT friends. RoarinStar
1w 6d ago
363 SydeBiased
1m 23s ago
1d 1h ago
130 AlaskaSnow16
9m 26s ago
I'm nothing special,,, julpes
21h 46m ago
10 julpes
22m 12s ago
How to be open with a therapist? melonsprouts
3h 2m ago
16 katsu375
44m 11s ago
Friends and relationships and stuff... chickslovecats
1d 9h ago
4 FierceBabydoll
1h 19m ago
My friends are using me for homework... I hate it. ChensArts-3008
1d 4h ago
34 FierceBabydoll
1h 37m ago
A Friend in Need prettypunkae
5d 10h ago
38 Windthin
2h 2m ago
there there there yes Painless2
4h 7m ago
15 Painless2
2h 18m ago
Lonely and feeling ignored SabineWren
1w 1d ago
39 GabbyHun
2h 44m ago
Questioning sexuality, religion, issues and crap. FOXmcloud021
1d 14h ago
18 FOXmcloud021
3h 21s ago
Need help talking to a woman I find attractive, 280077s
2d 22h ago
34 280077s
3h 7m ago
I'm so painfully depressed Cynlife
3w 1d ago
19 Cynlife
4h 11m ago
Depress.. help? mykawaiidiary
Jun 5, 2015
53 yansenwijaya
4h 22m ago
I feel like I've been traumatized and I don't know how to deal with it. Soreiya
3w 2d ago
43 tathea40814
4h 28m ago
is anyone Painless2
1d 9h ago
16 whianem
7h 56m ago
Failed to graduate, feel pretty crappy Mohegan567
6d 18h ago
39 TheNecco
8h 8m ago
Going out with someone much older than you. Gjergji-zhuka
6d 18h ago
27 TheNecco
8h 12m ago
Gur Diva, Gur Nact, Kantalrman, Kantalwaman Painless2
9h 40m ago
2 Painless2
8h 49m ago
I judge......and then I don't give aphuck DrawPlzForum
2d 22h ago
11 maltron66
11h 5m ago
I push people away and run rexleigh
2d 5h ago
8 Mebsuta
11h 27m ago
I dropped my earphones in water for the second time D: ChildOfMajora
1d 10h ago
11 ChildOfMajora
13h 7m ago
Now 5 - This is not just a woman's problem CatelfKitling
1w 15h ago
53 CatelfKitling
14h 9m ago
how you cope with mixed cultures brutalfin
21h 33m ago
26 brutalfin
15h 25m ago
Lonely. Need Friends. DupleSnowflake
2w 3d ago
62 Ripperfangs
16h 27m ago
No feedback? Help? Chu-mochi
1d 11h ago
9 TheMistressofShadows
17h 24m ago
Weight Loss Blogs TristenCoy
5d 22h ago
13 Josephine-frays
18h 22m ago
1d 22h ago
48 Twimper
18h 31m ago
I don't want to go outside.... but I want to meet new people DrawPlzForum
5d 17h ago
11 whianem
18h 39m ago
Should I cut off one of my few friends? rexleigh
1d 8h ago
30 whianem
18h 48m ago
Thinking About Dating Online... ClassySecretAgent
1w 5d ago
40 Sakura-and-Sequoia
19h 9m ago
Am I wrong? AuqaKissGrabbit
May 30, 2015
28 DutchConnaisseur
20h 27m ago
Rejection or Poor Planning? susannethenuisance
5d 19h ago
26 danalynw
21h 3m ago
Help with my cat? Spicymiller
1d 16h ago
6 Birdiemagic
22h 42m ago
I've hit a brick wall Rosesha
3d 10h ago
6 maltron66
23h 14m ago
I feel trapped and no one seems to care DistantRedemption
2d 4h ago
14 FierceBabydoll
1d 1h ago
First Date susannethenuisance
1w 1d ago
17 uxv
1d 3h ago
Love advice? Kitsunefireball
1d 15h ago
15 Kitsunefireball
1d 9h ago
Severe bullying Yukiterru
3w 2h ago
77 chickslovecats
1d 10h ago