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Help with Life Forum

Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Help with Life Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Useful helplines and resources fourteenthstar
Feb 7, 2007
1 madnessism
88w 1d from now
Debating if I should maintain this friendship Bobby-Studio
1h 17m ago
9 siantjudas
10m 12s ago
Moral Dilemma: Crowd Funding = Begging? NiceMechano
47m 47s ago
4 PuzzledHeartBox
15m 29s ago
how early until someone is important enough to hurt you Krisrar
12h 24m ago
10 siantjudas
18m 49s ago
How Do I Fix This? Haileyks
6d 7h ago
29 siantjudas
26m 19s ago
So depressed... help me out of it? ManiacalRemedies
5d 10h ago
77 siantjudas
32m 10s ago
Sister and friend saw my nude photos! What do I do?! austinbarington
1w 17h ago
49 Krazzt
39m 13s ago
Lonely FierceBabydoll
1h 18m ago
1 Bobby-Studio
1h 14m ago
Thinking of running away? Vilification
8h 43m ago
21 Monique--Renee
2h 2m ago
Complicated situations segaco
21h 1m ago
9 Dokien
2h 44m ago
I feel like I am dead EV9295
5h 31m ago
5 mondu
3h 56m ago
no kindness Painless2
2w 2d ago
59 Painless2
3h 57m ago
I want to drop out of medcine school GreenOga
2d 12h ago
31 GreenOga
4h 3m ago
Cats Cethlenn
3d 20h ago
36 Cethlenn
4h 37m ago
So today my dog passed away... LittleCakeCrumbs
3d 9h ago
49 ClockworkKnight
5h 16m ago
How...? UniqueJasmyn
1d 6h ago
21 InfiniteGears
5h 57m ago
With social anxiety, do you experience jealousy,insecurity,etc? LilPhantomHorse
2d 8h ago
31 LilPhantomHorse
7h 27s ago
I'm a narcissist Shawnlabomb
1w 2d ago
29 neinkat
8h 53m ago
I feel alone with my ocd Hell-Diva
6d 7h ago
17 Hell-Diva
9h 18m ago
Chose the wrong major DrawPlzForum
1d 10h ago
35 creusa
11h 39m ago
Friend troubles lunareclipse46
12h 35m ago
1 PrairieLily
12h 23m ago
Anyone here with Hashimoto's disease? DJ-Uni-Mekaju
19h 6m ago
14 Lytrigian
13h 9m ago
Repeating Things And Choosing Some Words Over Others. Is This OCD? Ozarkas
1w 15h ago
7 ShenaniBOOM
14h 9m ago
i'm of my family not giving a shit about their own suicidal son. Inspired-Galaxy
1d 19h ago
24 kappamagic
18h 42m ago
I almost feel completely numb cosmickittencat
6d 1h ago
5 VisualMarauder
19h 21m ago
My sister died JiomeTheGnome
6d 13h ago
39 JiomeTheGnome
20h 8m ago
I can't draw anymore pteroisvolitans
3d 4h ago
23 pteroisvolitans
20h 30m ago
Classmates are unmotivated? Xenvel
1w 1d ago
28 creusa
21h 12m ago
School deprivention . . . QueenMimi011
3d 5h ago
12 creusa
21h 20m ago
Dealing with a robbery BlackAlice207
6d 16h ago
5 KaizenKitty
21h 24m ago
School, stress boredom.. I'm really starting to break myself down here. Khanie
3d 18h ago
5 KaizenKitty
21h 26m ago
Am I right? yurian-miku
3d 16h ago
36 RookieBlue23
22h 40m ago
My best friend is suicidal Caticornia
2d 10h ago
60 LacyBlueMaxi
23h 24m ago
I want to stop feeling so damn hopeless. AClockworkKitten
1d 8h ago
7 siantjudas
1d 1h ago
Asperger's, autism etc. - Trying to understand it... TheEvilHadrosaur
Apr 26, 2015
81 chickslovecats
1d 2h ago
What would you do? Answer him or not to answer him. That's the question. (much to read) MrTaxiSock
3d 16h ago
21 MrTaxiSock
1d 3h ago
Need an opinion.. LilPhantomHorse
6d 17h ago
51 Zaralith
1d 4h ago
Where Should I Keep My Personal Information? Ozarkas
2d 7h ago
10 Zaralith
1d 4h ago
Depressed and anxious, feel trapped :( benotnobody15
1w 1d ago
40 Dyrinda
1d 6h ago