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Help with Life Forum

Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Help with Life Forum Rules 3wyl
Mar 19, 2013
0 N/A
Useful helplines and resources fourteenthstar
Feb 7, 2007
1 madnessism
145w 5d from now
Is really everyone good at something? mmarcsi
1d 12h ago
34 icthos
4m 4s ago
Ways to Cope with Having a Chronic Illness? RunsOnPixiStix
5d 8h ago
48 RunsOnPixiStix
14m 1s ago
Immigration- whose done it, please help me x.x Lady-RyuuXX87
16h 10m ago
7 Glori305
1h 9m ago
How can I overcome my fear of nudity/intimacy so I can do life drawing? RyanPowers
1d 13h ago
44 TheButtfish
1h 15m ago
A "Feel sorry for me please" Read if you want Visidar
20h 12m ago
11 Visidar
1h 23m ago
Investment SobohRami
7h 8m ago
7 DC4894
2h 55m ago
I shouldnt react this way to yelling... Ashley4849
1w 2d ago
39 Senna369
2h 55m ago
i need girl advice from girls plz BEYOND-Artworks
23h 45m ago
23 Senna369
3h 6m ago
Mental disorder DragonFly188
4d 1h ago
236 DragonFly188
3h 27m ago
Piano lessons..... GhostNinjaART
1d 19h ago
11 Ebonsong
3h 30m ago
Helping Kids. CaptainCassieArt
5h 25m ago
4 CaptainCassieArt
3h 54m ago
My friends? cantgotofanime
6d 1h ago
16 RianNoodlton
3h 58m ago
Family thinks I am anorexic Maerorem-Caligo
1w 23h ago
134 RianNoodlton
4h 21m ago
No confidence in anything in my drawings or my life. Kirronable
3d 17m ago
5 RianNoodlton
4h 29m ago
Suggestion for a good guardian dog? GreekStyle
6d 10h ago
133 Dastgah
4h 30m ago
My life Yas-mi-ne
1d 10h ago
18 RianNoodlton
5h 3m ago
what attracts women to men these days. Ragnorokk
Jul 27, 2013
1,726 Ragnorokk
5h 6m ago
Feeling lonely emo-panda101
5d 4h ago
234 emo-panda101
7h 5m ago
To move now or later? Cynlife
3w 6d ago
50 Vacantia
7h 49m ago
a bit concerned about taking Ambien DangerAt20000ftplz
10h 41m ago
5 DanielleIvanova
7h 52m ago
How to deal with people with aspergers autism. PeachyTwist
1w 6d ago
70 KorukiKonaru
8h 12m ago
Is a condom alone a foolproof plan? TheFuglyFuckling
1w 4d ago
83 Your-Starving-Artist
8h 36m ago
Suggestions to help raise £2,000 Self-Epidemic
1w 10h ago
140 Self-Epidemic
9h 21m ago
Advice for the future? Career advice? snape4ever
6d 9h ago
9 Dastgah
10h 18m ago
Wishing I Could Just QUIT Already! YA-YA2001
13h 24m ago
2 Dastgah
10h 37m ago
Loneliness? MaskedWannabee
4d 11h ago
20 xXTheBlackSheepXx
13h 35m ago
My cat is making me LOSE MY MIND supahcomicbro
3d 21h ago
65 supahcomicbro
13h 35m ago
Keep getting copied on EVERYTHING I do... just-a-doodler
1w 6d ago
99 just-a-doodler
13h 50m ago
People are hurting my felings ........ slushymonkie
15h 57m ago
7 3wyl
13h 57m ago
Studying (animal science) in the UK Kridah
Mar 21, 2014
13 just-a-doodler
17h 22m ago
I'm afraid I'm being exploited Tamtea
3d 22h ago
9 renstalker
17h 26m ago
so I was frustrated by callousness at my school over "nerd day" wraithsith
1d 5h ago
16 wraithsith
17h 52m ago
acting lessons, shyness, and not feeling like talking? countrystrata
3d 23h ago
12 Wolfdog10
18h 44m ago
We need help, and we don't know where to start. Adventurer-Avarina
1d 3h ago
7 siantjudas
19h 12m ago
Love distance Vilecannon13
2d 17h ago
82 Vilecannon13
20h 52m ago
Bombed an interview + can't find a job + social skills issues RiseofGreenBean
3d 1h ago
12 TheButtfish
23h 9m ago
Birthday Present Help Tea-bing
1d 23h ago
3 Andrew-YM
1d 1h ago
Any consequences to deactivating an account? KrimsonApple
1d 6h ago
5 Pakaku
1d 6h ago