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Help with Life Forum

Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Help with Life Forum Rules 3wyl
Mar 19, 2013
0 N/A
Useful helplines and resources fourteenthstar
Feb 7, 2007
1 madnessism
127w 1d from now
Again, Im not sure what sexuality I am. Kitsunefireball
Jul 13, 2014
105 RatchetInsomniac
2m 53s ago
I'm a bit..Friendless. Prawlette
Apr 29, 2014
3,022 Prawlette
3m 21s ago
Social Anxiety RatchetInsomniac
7h 13m ago
7 RatchetInsomniac
14m 13s ago
Have you ever felt so depressed that you even can't stand it? G0795
5h 32m ago
12 terors
40m 55s ago
How can I grow thicker skin? XeonartOmega
16h 15m ago
32 DutchConnaisseur
1h 12m ago
my mom wants me to get married immediately what to do? GreyCircle
23h 44m ago
11 siantjudas
1h 41m ago
Bullied for 12 years, how to deal with it? xBiggers
3w 3d ago
78 terors
2h 2s ago
10 Months Later...And Nothing Is Changed UmbraCrux
1d 8h ago
40 siantjudas
2h 22s ago
Drawing confidence/ anxiety Miss-Cutie-Crabcakes
1d 11h ago
51 siantjudas
2h 1m ago
How was it trying to "find" yourself? kochiyourin
6h 48m ago
2 terors
2h 36m ago
Is social anxiety part of General Anxiety or are they different? AquarianHorse
7h 12m ago
4 Origami-Mad
3h 35m ago
She hates me for no reason? Yuinori
5d 11h ago
26 PMMurphy
3h 55m ago
Repressed anger Pianocanival
2d 6h ago
8 PMMurphy
4h 53m ago
I feel I have ruined my life... UmbrellaFighter
2w 2d ago
53 UmbrellaFighter
5h 5m ago
Desperately needing friends in dA :( chadevil
Mar 16, 2014
496 chadevil
6h 19m ago
Going into my first year of college/Super Nervous LunarEternity
4d 11h ago
97 WhiskyOmega
7h 3m ago
Should we ask out women? Wesmeadow
Jun 9, 2014
785 witwitch
8h 43m ago
In need of physical strength. Any ways? Vilecannon13
1d 10h ago
92 Vilecannon13
9h 3m ago
Not sure where to post this, is anyone a car expert? *fender bender question* CosmicAcorn
1d 6h ago
11 Lytrigian
9h 4m ago
Inadequacy Irishfury97
1d 9h ago
13 shininginthedarkness
9h 13m ago
Since when did that happen? rocketslugrockscp
15h 1m ago
10 rocketslugrockscp
10h 56s ago
Questions about getting a car bleachxfan
6d 18h ago
29 Lady-RyuuXX87
10h 16m ago
Problems with dad and his fiance seiyalove
3w 1d ago
58 seiyalove
11h 46m ago
Stop breathing when I fall asleep? Cynderthedragon5768
4d 5h ago
36 PMMurphy
12h 20m ago
Where do I go IndigoArtistX3
13h 44m ago
5 PMMurphy
13h 35s ago
Wants to fall asleep without OTC Melatonin but can't -.- AquarianHorse
1d 5h ago
15 AquarianHorse
13h 17m ago
Art block... mondmadlin
2d 11h ago
9 mondmadlin
13h 46m ago
Overcoming Shyness ezlafroyo
Jun 24, 2014
230 ezlafroyo
13h 56m ago
Fellow artists with depression - how do you stay inspired? thepartymartyr
2d 8h ago
33 Time-013
14h 30m ago
Helping with contest :) arnet
21h 51m ago
2 3wyl
16h 40m ago
The Future... reptilia321
1d 8h ago
12 DutchConnaisseur
16h 50m ago
Family problem Sarnja
1w 2d ago
20 PMMurphy
16h 51m ago
Meet new people chaosqueen122
3w 4d ago
96 PMMurphy
17h 14m ago
Using Nootropics to increase creativity? ZenPit
1w 6d ago
44 PMMurphy
17h 29m ago
How to cope with a break up? AkuBubbles
1w 5d ago
53 PMMurphy
17h 48m ago
Jobs issues ShadowNinjaBudgie
1d 23h ago
17 MasterPlanner
18h 2m ago
anxiety about driving kittycommunism
1w 4d ago
27 PMMurphy
18h 12m ago
Sucidal friend..? TheRaiderInside
3d 11m ago
20 PMMurphy
19h 23m ago