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Help with Life Forum

Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Help with Life Forum Rules 3wyl
Mar 19, 2013
0 N/A
Useful helplines and resources fourteenthstar
Feb 7, 2007
1 madnessism
132w 46m from now
Tips on dealing with panic attacks? YourVampricPonysaur
3d 8h ago
60 YourVampricPonysaur
3m 3s ago
How do you make peace with your past/past self? AquarianHorse
18h 37m ago
17 BetterthanBeans
3m 33s ago
Cat being bullied :/ any ideas T-Rissy
1d 3h ago
15 T-Rissy
14m 16s ago
I'm a bit..Friendless. Prawlette
Apr 29, 2014
2,757 SundaySunny
28m 39s ago
Death phobia Explosion245
3d 14h ago
47 SundaySunny
29m 59s ago
I really, really need to talk ninick-the-demon
16h 8m ago
16 Lizzillustrations
3h 22m ago
Again, Im not sure what sexuality I am. Kitsunefireball
1w 5d ago
40 Riftress
5h 47m ago
Lonely Aiciel
1d 7h ago
13 Aiciel
8h 28m ago
Killing myself because MY ART SUCKS and I have no other skills and talents. DannimonDesigns
4d 20h ago
32 VomitBear
9h 1m ago
How do I forgive myself? dorashouldprint
6d 13m ago
18 thecomatosekitty
10h 55m ago
To tell your crush u like them or to not, that is the question KIRSCHTElN
1d 4h ago
44 thecomatosekitty
11h 8m ago
Any way to ease my cat? RansLove
12h 3m ago
11h 48m ago
how can i get emancipated at 15 in the state of georgia? darkstar11111
1w 4d ago
149 darkstar11111
12h 31m ago
Is cutting a mental illness? HallowpointPaws
1w 1d ago
129 systemshock23
15h 46m ago
I'm just so lonely vampiremitsuki
May 14, 2014
132 vampiremitsuki
16h 48m ago
Mother. Kitsunefireball
2d 5h ago
23 CaptainCassieArt
17h 17m ago
2w 3d ago
37 Cynderthedragon5768
17h 18m ago
need college help. insight apreciated~ Shady-V
2d 17h ago
27 RavynneNevyrmore
17h 43m ago
another relationship thread UGH FauxMulder
1d 10h ago
21 SavageFrog
19h 17m ago
Self control and depression? verkik
Jun 22, 2014
16 kyukakitty
19h 44m ago
Boyfriend troubles ArtemisLasair
2d 15h ago
47 VomitBear
20h 24m ago
today ....I am really depressed and don't know what to do ... Hanetful
3d 17h ago
34 PaintedFeline
20h 37m ago
Help me... PLEASE. Shammiee
3w 1d ago
41 chika365
22h 53m ago
Overcoming Shyness ezlafroyo
Jun 24, 2014
175 partyboy3543
23h 7m ago
Art and losing friends aimeefritz
1w 1d ago
25 lightning-13
23h 47m ago
Desperately needing friends in dA :( chadevil
Mar 16, 2014
471 Kira-22
1d 1h ago
Imsomia emergency (need help asap) Blaize-Eternal
1d 10h ago
20 Blaize-Eternal
1d 1h ago
This month kellytheturtle18
6d 3h ago
32 Prawlette
1d 6h ago
I just feel gloomy.... Drawing-24-7
5d 16m ago
36 Drawing-24-7
1d 7h ago
I don't have friends and this series is my last chance to succeed trisbee
1d 13h ago
16 trisbee
1d 10h ago
Scared as Hell UltraRaccoon
4d 19h ago
7 KnightonWorks
1d 15h ago
Really need some help Galaxy-x-stars
1d 16h ago
10 3wyl
1d 15h ago
(╯︵╰ ,) feeling really lonely Pawsome-pawz
1w 3d ago
71 Pawsome-pawz
1d 17h ago
An update, and need advice on this matter. AsiaOneMoon
3w 3d ago
63 AsiaOneMoon
1d 21h ago
To be, or not to be, the asshole? Atlantech
1w 4d ago
31 Atlantech
1d 22h ago
Maybe one day... EnzoLuciano93
4d 9h ago
26 EnzoLuciano93
1d 23h ago
I want to quit... HiddenWorlds
2d 15h ago
19 3wyl
2d 33m ago
Sensations Emoloveless-555
1w 13h ago
27 nosugarjustanger
2d 2h ago