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Help with Life Forum

Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Help with Life Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Useful helplines and resources fourteenthstar
Feb 7, 2007
1 madnessism
15w 8h from now
It's almost my birthday... Navarag
2h 9m ago
6 Girlfoxgirl
1h 37m ago
New zealand toy stores alexandersinnelius
1h 55m ago
0 N/A
How can I write my own novel if I keep thinking the first three sentences suck? superawesomerarity
1d 5h ago
10 Kinola14
3h 13m ago
Sick of sloth Cestarian
1d 6h ago
10 Cestarian
3h 30m ago
How Do I Polyamory? JK-Kino
6h 5m ago
8 Anemo-Noir
3h 50m ago
i really need a way to make money. social anxiety? zovielle
3d 20h ago
9 zovielle
4h 29m ago
I Almost Want To Cry!! WoodBox05
2d 5h ago
17 WoodlandDegenerate
5h 42m ago
How should I get sex with my wife? loverofcreations
21h 22m ago
16 DylanSeto
6h 5m ago
Need Help with a Teenage Boy WhiskeyDreamer
4d 13h ago
21 UltimateCluckinbell
8h 7m ago
Wonderful thing called the brain KiyoshiLynn
6d 2h ago
23 vivikv
9h 36m ago
How do people draw for so many hours? Pix3M
2w 4h ago
35 Cestarian
12h 44m ago
Tips for cheering up Formetoknow2
3d 15h ago
24 Rainbow-Skybird
12h 55m ago
I am a victim of cyber a mod of a gossip site and their friends Yumanae
1d 5h ago
46 OpaqueUsagi
14h 4m ago
How do you handle hate? CrashValentine
2w 5h ago
60 KaizenKitty
14h 49m ago
Socially Inept, Painfully Negative and Confusing Weirdo Seeks Friends escape-in-dreams
5d 11h ago
32 HimitsuUK
15h 24m ago
How am I supposed to feel? mayr1994
1d 10h ago
6 xTH3Mx
15h 36m ago
Help with interview MysteriousMissX
1d 9h ago
3 saintartaud
15h 41m ago
Dad has anger issues and I might have anxiety because of it? fireswallowtanager
2d 8h ago
8 bkiki8-photography
16h 37m ago
Language Barrier! Louise5676
3d 10h ago
13 VixVanDerLinde
17h 4m ago
My friends KobraGaming8
1d 5h ago
7 BlackSwanMasquerade
21h 28m ago
Grandmother with dementia zxcraous
Sep 1, 2016
133 zxcraous
21h 36m ago
Paypal questions GreenTeaMelody
23h 14m ago
0 N/A
Is religion real? What about the afterlife? And how did the universe came to be? xysii
3w 1d ago
58 DTKinetic
1d 3h ago
Need help ( period blood flow ) VerySpooky
1d 7h ago
3 VerySpooky
1d 7h ago
Need Some Cheering Up IkeQuasar
1d 22h ago
3 IkeQuasar
1d 9h ago
Life, no matter what, of age and culture. Asian especially. And conservatives whatnot. alexandersinnelius
1d 21h ago
6 FluffyKyubey42
1d 9h ago
Should I tell a teacher about my friend who is being bullied? pinky102368
2d 7h ago
7 littlevoz
1d 10h ago
Formal education or stick with self-education? future depends on this mere decision </3 chiruuka
1d 12h ago
4 Vineris
1d 11h ago
Not allowed to talk anymore YoshikageRa
2d 14h ago
14 YoshikageRa
1d 12h ago
Needing encouragement Umbrayl-and-Paynx
3d 5h ago
18 Umbrayl-and-Paynx
1d 13h ago
Advice for Dealing With Group Projects? pinky102368
3d 26s ago
9 something5059
1d 14h ago
ive got a really bad habit i need to stop borgiies
3d 12h ago
13 Livia-Anna
1d 16h ago
What is the best way to kill my self? SoaringWings38
5d 4h ago
43 Livia-Anna
1d 16h ago
Think I Have Asperger's Syndrome But Not Willing to Find Out Dreamer-Jewel
2w 3d ago
25 Dreamer-Jewel
1d 19h ago
Man with a burned face in love with me? (Dream interpretation)? Tambrius
3d 18h ago
16 Tambrius
1d 19h ago
seeking some guidance in a problem i'm having with a client ! SARANI1
3d 17h ago
5 IfDeathhadaCat
1d 20h ago
Parent Issues SailorOshy
3d 16h ago
15 Tambrius
1d 23h ago
I just want this to stop sunshinegladiator
3d 7h ago
15 sunshinegladiator
2d 20m ago