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Help with Life Forum

Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Help with Life Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Useful helplines and resources fourteenthstar
Feb 7, 2007
1 madnessism
61w 6d from now
Parents' Behaviour aatanoodle
6h 50m ago
31 Abstract-Mindser
12m 59s ago
uh. I want to draw. duswipahoger
15h 9m ago
16 lightning-13
15m 44s ago
How do you report someone online for animal abuse? Cynderthedragon5768
1d 4h ago
19 Cynderthedragon5768
22m 38s ago
Working in Australia sinnelius
2w 16h ago
16 sinnelius
50m 49s ago
How can I tell this guy I am truly, honestly, sorry??? AgentVenus
1w 2d ago
110 Moltenkitty
1h 57m ago
Stuck At Home In Remission :/ SparklingPencil15
1w 4d ago
58 Andy813
3h 14m ago
I need reassurance tiernans
1d 13h ago
31 Lady-Teen-Cat
3h 32m ago
My true love story. :( nobody care dkdivyak0
3d 11h ago
43 dkdivyak0
5h 21m ago
Dealing with the hurt of an LDR Autumns-Adopts
3w 6h ago
65 Autumns-Adopts
6h 8m ago
I need more LGBT friends. RoarinStar
Jun 23, 2015
970 HizukiNoriega
7h 54m ago
I'm screwed, aren't I? Someone help.. yuukeievening
4d 7h ago
17 EbolaBearSoda
9h 27m ago
The Rosewood Massacre: White people destroying a could-be great Black community Mixideath
17h 10m ago
12 JenFruzz
9h 30m ago
Feel Lonely because I have crippled legs mlar2001
2d 9h ago
17 Titiany
9h 41m ago
Don't know why I'm asking dA users for help Insanity130
11h 55m ago
19 Insanity130
9h 47m ago
Dealing with a stalker-turned-bully. Kassandra-Cat2
2d 14h ago
51 tijd001
10h 24m ago
Get out of the friendzone? Orion161
5d 22h ago
23 Chocolatechilla
13h 44m ago
Crystal Cleansing/care (Rods) monsterownage
15h 23m ago
0 N/A
Does maturity help in making friends DeltaSicle
6d 9m ago
10 Andy813
16h 22m ago
Weird person lovingkitten29
1d 7h ago
35 lovingkitten29
16h 27m ago
Groups CalicoGriffin
20h 51m ago
3 CalicoGriffin
19h 52m ago
Someone to talk to Keight8
1w 3d ago
25 HoneyCone701
22h 13m ago
Dream help? Saika1
5d 17h ago
4 ToaOfAwesomness
22h 44m ago
I feel alone and would like someone to talk to Some-Random-Android
1d 10h ago
2 BabaKinkin
23h 49m ago
Anxiety and depression Yaoiwriter25
1w 6d ago
31 RightAtria
1d 4m ago
Needing more friends to talk to...Feeling very isolated and alone. Vampiress-Stocking
1w 2d ago
42 TabbyWantsFriends
1d 5h ago
In need of a bit of encouragement Lady-WynterFyre
3w 4d ago
69 Gale-OneOfMany
1d 6h ago
Tips for the future? lykosonette
4d 4h ago
19 PoetBrony
1d 6h ago
Scared to talk about my opinions of my friends FF-VXhatred
1d 21h ago
25 Titiany
1d 8h ago
Out of the closet terrofriginmorphous
2d 4h ago
14 JBaulmont
1d 12h ago
my dad doesn't want me to take meds? FlosculousFox
6d 1h ago
24 Saffireprowler
1d 15h ago
Advice for incoming college freshmen? Kitsune0Jester
Sep 18, 2015
159 Agona-d
1d 15h ago
I need help with self esteem Pilulu
2d 22h ago
14 gamespeaker13
2d 1h ago
How do I practice? WaniLeviathan
2w 2d ago
27 WaniLeviathan
2d 5h ago
I feel like such a freak Taran13573794
3w 3d ago
37 SkyFire33
2d 8h ago
Antipsychotics and Pregnancy AnonymousKSZ08
3d 14h ago
6 TheFlawedOne
2d 10h ago
Should I change my major to business? moonrainbowxoxo
5d 6h ago
7 Steve-C2
2d 11h ago
Dealing with General Anxiety and Social Anxiety at Work DewLaddenTree
4d 19h ago
15 saintartaud
2d 13h ago
Having Nightmares/Paranoia Lilly7854
2d 15h ago
4 CheckeredPanda
2d 14h ago