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January 24, 2013


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Birthday Invitation for You~

whttkrktrs Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013   Traditional Artist
An Invitation for The Truth of The Matter: A Birthday Wish.

It sounds like Christmas. But the old school German type of traditional Christmas. Where everyone comes together and shares in the warmth of the season. But the sound is more of a feeling, a feeling of warmth, because everyone is smiling and the smiles are real and true and bright. Genuine. Especially during the coldest and darkest times of the year, which just so happens to be right now in A-Town, Alaska – but not just here, the darkness has spread its wicked cold embrace around everyone. Being full of Thanks, like during the time of Thanksgiving like All of the Holidays that bring Love and Merry and Thanks and Giving together will fend off the darkness, the ice, the chill that has enslaved so many if not all of you.

I give thanks to All my friends and family, but even more – collective experiences and knowledge of every one and all of their written words and spoken stories – of your written words - because not only through their words - your words – can I feel and empathize and experience in the sight, but I can find the words for my own experiences – but in not knowing how to read I could listen better – and in listening I can see the world as mine own – Your reflection is your own – You play what you hear. Tweet tweet blue birds. ♥

I’ve asked for a lot from everyone in my life and I have given everything I have ever had to offer. Love and blood, tears and notes, all of my material possessions. I do not say this lightly. I have made my journey thus far an incredible path of twists and turns, much of the distance was in the dark and through a seemingly endless labyrinth no less. Almost losing myself even – if not more than a couple of times. I want everyone to know that although the darkness seems so incredibly long, maybe infinite even or painful - there is a light at the end of the tunnel, that the grass really is greener over the troll bridge should you dare to cross it after butting heads with the three billy goat brothers gruff.

My 21st birthday is fast approaching. As Americans know, this is the Age or Gateway of Adullscience coming into the age of freedom. So it has been decided that it is an important year in A child’s life. Well as we all know, our futuristic times have deemed dances and royal balls a bit outdated and in some cases even outlandish. They are rare to say the least. But I-pods are not, so cast aside the phones. And listen to the here and now, what you want to hear. Headphones, skull- candy, even walk men. Anything you can use to turn the world off and tune everybody else out to. So you can hear and feel and see as You do.
For my birthday what I want is for everyone. A Masquerade Ball from Anytime February 10 to All day February 11 and 12 until Midnight February 14, St. Valentine’s Day, According to the suns dial. A Birthday for All, a Life Celebration to remind us All that we are Amazing and that we were born to have fun and rock the world under our feets.

Transportation will it stop because everyone will be dancing on the streets. It doesn’t matter where anyone else is and if anyone dancing shall see another dancer, let them come together and dance without a word but only smiles and hoots and hollarhs and crows for words do not matter so long as those that are dancing are dancing to what they hear and they are on the ground dancing their hearts out to what it is they hear and see and feel.
As for the costume requirements there are none, but I triple dog dare you to wear exactly what it is you’ve always dreamed of wearing regardless of opinion or potential jeering, as this is a Masquerade After All.
But you must make or pick your own mask. A lone. With no help. No references or suggestions. Only from what you know and what you feel. Your mask can be made from anything and everything. At this World Festival of Peace through Music and Smiles and Laughter You are encouraged to come alone so as to break the illusion completely. Do not show anyone your mask until whenever you pick to start dancing on the 10th. Anytime turn on the music. Skip to the beat and emerge a dancer. London bridges are falling down. And we’re gonna rock and roll wild.

Don’t tell me the time of day matters, or the day of the week, especially when you have the capability to plan the future. 4 Days, One long Timeless weekend in the middle of the week for everyone. Bring everyone together for a single Peace of mind. We’ll stop time and crime and the grim will be lifted and the spirits will be high and the warmth of the world will melt all the icy hearts away.

When you feel the time is right, should you feel the time is right, choose to remove your mask and see what there is to see. Who there is to see. And since everyone knows no one they are to share in a single 'kiss' of magic if they choose to see.

Let’s unite the World as One, through the tunnel of music. Through the Tunnel of Love.

I know you’re not supposed to tell a wish to anyone, but how will that wish ever come true if no one knows? So I wish I may, I wish I might have this birthday wish with all my might.

I’d love to have this passed on as one of those chain letters or messages, like phone tag in elementary school. Through the web, text, word of mouth, Anything, just so as to let everyone see this so that we can really make a difference in the world.

There are plenty of other great people to celebrate in the week aswell, and we should dance and celebrate for them if you can’t find the courage to dance for yourself.

On February 10th:

EMMA ROBERTS 21, Nickelodeon “Unfabulous” star, niece of actress Julia Roberts

VIC FUENTES 29, Post-hard core singer and guitarist for the band Pierce the Veil.

CHLOE MORETZ 15 American teen actress known for her starring roles in Kick Ass, Hugo, and Let Me In

ELIZABETH BANKS 38 Emmy nominee notable for roles in Seabiscuit and 40-Year-Old Virgin.

CLIFF BURTON (1962-1986) Metallica bass player, killed in a tragic bus accident

HOLLY WILLOUGHBY 31 English television host of The Voice UK, This Morning and Celebrity Juice.

ROBERT WAGNER 82 Actor in TV's 'Hart to Hart,' once married to Natalie Wood

JIMMY DURANTE (1893-1980) Big-nosed comedian who said 'Good night, Mrs. Calabash!'

ROBERTA FLACK 75 Clear-voiced singer of 'Killing Me Softly with His Song'

LANCE BERKMAN 36 Power-hitting center fielder for the Houston Astros

LAURA DERN 45 Actress in 'October Sky,' daughter of Bruce Dern

GLENN BECK 48 Conservative talk show host, critical of President Obama

BOB IGER 61 American businessman, known for being the Chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Company.

LON CHANEY JR. (1906-1973) Appeared in horror films, especially 'The Wolf Man' (1941)

MISHA BRYAN 20 Singer who was featured on The X-Factor.

BRANDY NORWOOD 33 The singer/actress starred in 'Moesha' and released her first album 'Brandy' in 1994

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS 51 Senior advisor to President Clinton became a news anchor

JOHN CALIPARI 53 NCAA head coach, lead the University of Kentucky to a Division I Championship in 2012.

JIM CRAMER 57 Best known as the host of 'Mad Money' on CNBC

LEONTYNE PRICE 85 African-American opera star won international acclaim

DR. ALEX COMFORT (1920-2000)British pop psychologist, medical professional, gerontologist, and writer.

ALEXIS THOMPSON 17 Professional golfer who is the youngest to win an LPGA tournament.

RADAMEL FALCAO GARCIA 26 Colombian striker started playing for Chelsea F.C. in 2013.

JUSTIN GATLIN 30 Sprinter who won the bronze medal at the 2012 summer Olympics.

DON OMAR 34 Nickname El Ray; Reggaeton rapper and singer best known for King of Kings (2006).

DARYL JOHNSTON 46 Football league fullback who played for the Dallas Cowboys, an unfortunate neck injury ultimately ended his football career.

DAVID ALDRIDGE 47 Worked as a reporter for the Washington Post, covered the NBA on ESPN and TNT's Inside the NBA.

PHILIP GLENISTER 49 British actor who plays the role of corrupt Gene Hunt on the sci-fi drama Life on Mars.

ALEXANDER PAYNE 51 U.S. director, best known for the movie 'Sideways,' for which he won the Director of the Year award at the Palm Springs Film Festival

GREG NORMAN 57 Championship golfer nicknamed The Great White Shark

MARK SPITZ 62 Swimmer won seven gold medals in the 1972 Olympics

BEN OGLIVIE 63 Became famous as a slugging right fielder for the Milwaukee Brewers during the late 1970s and 1980s.

NIGEL OLSSON 63 Former drummer for Elton John.

PETER ALLEN (1944-1992) Australian songwriter and entertainer; his song Arthur's Theme won an Academy Award in 1981.

JERRY GOLDSMITH (1929-2004) US composer and conductor; received an Oscar for The Omen.

LARRY ADLER (1914-2001) American harmonica player.

JOYCE GRENFELL (1910-1979) English comic, actor; 'Progress everywhere today does seem to come so very heavily disguised as Chaos.'

MAX BAER (1909-1959) Heavyweight boxer fought with the greats

CHICK WEBB (1905-1939) Jazz and swing music drummer who was part of the Chick Webb band with a then unknown Ella Fitzgerald.

BERTOLT BRECHT (1898-1956) Daring German playwright of 'The Threepenny Opera'

HAROLD MACMILLAN (1894-1986) 44th Conservative British Prime Minister.

HERB PENNOCK (1894-1948) The great left-hander was once sold by legendary Connie Mack, a mistake he later regretted.

BORIS PASTERNAK (1890-1960) Russian novelist of 'Doctor Zhivago' (1958)

FRANK MOORE COLBY (1865-1926) US encyclopedia editor and essayist; 'Every improvement in communication makes the bore more terrible.'

LORD CHARLES BERESFORD (1846-1919) English admiral and Member of Parliament; his trademark was a bulldog.

February 11

TAYLOR LAUTNER 20 'Shark Boy and Lava Girl' actor grew up to 'Twilight: New Moon'

JENNIFER ANISTON 43 Actress best known as Rachel Green on TV's 'Friends'

KELLY ROWLAND 31 Original member of superstar girl group Destiny's Child

BRANDY 33 TV's 'Moesha' also a singer and model

THOMAS ALVA EDISON (1847-1931) Invented a working light bulb, phonograph, and movies

MIKE SHINODA 35 Musician, vocalist, and songwriter for Linkin Park

CHRISTOFER DREW INGLE 21 Lead singer of the band Never Shout Never, starting in 2007

SARAH PALIN 48 Republican candidate for the U.S. vice president with John McCain in 2008, lost to Obama and Biden

SHERYL CROW 50 Rock guitarist and singer of 'All I Wanna Do' (1993)

GEORGIA GROOME 20 English film actress known for films, Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging (2008) and London to Brighton (2006).

BURT REYNOLDS 76 Handsome actor in movies such as 'Smokey and the Bandit'

EVA GABOR (1919-1995) Sister of Zsa Zsa, star of TV's 'Green Acres'

LESLIE NIELSEN (1926-2010) Comic actor in 'Naked Gun' and 'Airplane!' movies

Q'ORIANKA KILCHER 22 Big-screen debut as Pocahontas in 'The New World' (2005)

MATT LAWRENCE 32 With brothers Andy and Joey on 'Brotherly Love'

ALEX JONES 38 Talk radio host of 'The Alex Jones Show.', got into a famous argument with Piers Morgan on his CNN show

DAMIAN LEWIS 41 Starred in The Forsyte Saga where he played a solicitor named Soames Forsyte.

TINA LOUISE 78 Actress forever typecast as Ginger from 'Gilligan's Island'

MARY QUANT 78 English fashion designer and British fashion icon; 'A woman is as young as her knees.'

SIDNEY SHELDON (1917-2007) Author with more than 300 million books in print

ISAIAH MUSTAFA 38 Played the role of Calvin in Madea's Big Happy Family, is known for being the main character in the Old Spice commercials.

CAREY LOWELL 51 Portrayed Assistant DA Jamie Ross on 'Law and Order' and Bond girl Pam Bouvier in the 1989 film, 'License to Kill'

BARRY WEISS 53 Executive, chairman and CEO of The Island Def Jam Music Group.

BOBBY BORIS PICKETT (1938-2007) Every Halloween we remember his hit, 'Monster Mash'

LLOYD BENTSEN (1921-2006) US Democratic Representative from Texas.

FLORYNCE KENNEDY (1916-2000) US lawyer, activist; 'If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.'

JOSEPH L. MANKIEWICZ (1909-1993) Polish-American director; 'All playwrights should be dead for three hundred years.'

MIKE RICHARDS 27 Canadian Centre was traded to the Los Angeles Kings in 2011.

AUDREY O'DAY 28 American singer, model and reality star, first introduced to audiences a member of the all-girl group Danity Kane.

NATALIE DORMER 30 English actress had her breakout role as Anne Boleyn on Showtime series The Tudors.

MISHAL HUSAIN 39 British TV newsreader and journalist for BBC

KELLY SLATER 40 Renowned pro surfer ranked 1st on the ASP World Tour for much of the 90s and 2000s

MICHAEL THOMPSON 58 Rock and blues guitarist, best known for performances with the Michael Thompson Band.

SEGIO MENDES 71 Bandleader who popularized the Brazilian sound

PAUL BOCUSE 86 French chef known for his innovation of classic French style cooking.

LEO SZILARD (1898-1964) Hungarian-US scientist; in 1993 he invented the nuclear chain reaction,
February 12

ABRAHAM LINCOLN (1809-1865) Served as the 16th U.S. President (1861-1865), led the country through the horrific American Civil War, also known as Abe Lincoln

ROBERT GRIFFIN III 22 2011 Heisman Trophy winner was selected second by the Washington Redskins in the NFL draft, excelled during his rookie season with the Redskins

JENNIFER STONE 19 'Wizards of Waverly Place' star's career began at age 6.

CHARLES DARWIN (1809-1882) Evolutionary author of 'Origin of Species' (1859)

CHRISTINA RICCI 32 Movie actress in 'The Addams Family' and 'The Ice Storm'

BILL RUSSELL 78 NBA center led the Boston Celtics to 11 championships

ELLE VARNER 23R&B and soul singer that released her first album, Perfectly Imperfect, in 2012.

TARA STRONG 39 Canadian voice actress, that has voiced dozens of memorable characters, including Timmy on The Fairly Odd Parents.

JOSH BROLIN 44 Actor known for his rugged facial features, played the protagonist Llewelyn Moss in 'No Country for Old Men'

ARSENIO HALL 56 For five years, host of his own late-night talk show

JUDY BLUME 74 Popular novels include 'Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing'

RAY MANZAREK 73 Keyboardist with The Doors, also a producer and solo artist

LORNE GREENE (1915-1987) Unforgettable as Ben Cartwright on TV's 'Bonanza'

CASEY ABRAMS 21 American blues singer known for being a finalist in the 10th season of American Idol.

SARAH LANCASTER 32 American television actress known for roles on Saved by the Bell and Chuck.

ALEX MENESES 47 Had the role of Teresa Morales in the series 'Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman'

RAPHAEL SBARGE 48 Actor who has been in films such as the historical Pearl Harbor, has done various voice over work.

MICHAEL MCDONALD 60 Singer/songwriter with Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan

JOE GARAGIOLA 86 Baseball player-turned-broadcaster with NBC for 27 years

DOM DIMAGGIO (1917-2009) Center fielder for the Boston Red Sox, brother of Joe

ANNA PAVLOVA (1881-1931) World renown classical ballerina who was known for her role as The Dying Swan.

MIKE POSNER 24 Singer songwriter who released the album 31 Minutes to Takeoff in 2010.

JESSE SPENCER 33 Australian actor, played Dr. Robert Chase in the medical drama House.

NASEEM HAMED 38 British featherweight boxing champ was nicknamed Prince

CHYNNA PHILLIPS 44 Member of the singing group Wilson Phillips

JOANNA KERNS 59 Played Maggie Seaver, the mother on TV's 'Growing Pains'

STEVE HACKETT 62 Genesis bassist, born a day before singer Peter Gabriel

FRANCO ZEFFIRELLI 89 Italian director of the classic 'Romeo and Juliet' (1968)

TED MACK (1904-1976) Host of TV's 'Original Amateur Hour' from 1948 to 1952

OMAR BRADLEY (1893-1981) General commanded U.S. Army in North Africa during WWII

ALICE ROOSEVELT LONGWORTH (1884-1980) US royalty; 'If you haven't got anything nice to say about anybody, come sit next to me.'

DEMARCO MURRAY 24 Starting NFL running back for the Dallas Cowboys since 2011.

JEREMY CHARDY 25 French tennis player who has competed at the Australian Open.

LISA HANNIGAN 31 Irish indie singer released the 10x Platinum hit 'O' with Damien Rice in 2002.

GETHIN JONES 34 Welsh TV presenter of the children's program Blue Peter.

DARREN ARONOFSKY 43 Director known for his dark, subdued and intense dramas such as Requiem for a Dream, Black Swan and The Fighter.

DEBORAH GARRISON 47 Poet who has worked for The New Yorker wrote A Working Girl Can't Win.

TRACY REESE 48 Designer who concentrates in women's ready-to-wear clothing.

BRIAN HALEY 49 Has appeared in movies such as 'Gran Torino' and 'Baby's Day Out'

OMAR HAKIM 53 Jazz drummer who has worked with Mariah Carey.

LARRY NANCE 53 A tremendously gifted defensive power forward who was selected to three All-Star teams during his 13-year career.

CORY MARCUS 56 CEO of Sacramento based radio station Hot Mix 106, took over the station after founder Goran Sarjos retired in 2008

CHET LEMON 57 Played for 16 seasons and won a World Series with the Detroit Tigers in 1984.

ZACH GRENIER 58 Plays the role of David Lee on the TV show The Good Wife, has also appeared on Law & Order and 24.

MICHAEL IRONSIDE 62 Acclaimed for his tough roles in films like Total Recall (1990) and X-Men: First Class (2011)

ROBIN THOMAS 63 Actor who played the role of Mark Singleton on the soap opera Another World.

JIM DURHAM (1947-2012) Play-by-play announcer for the Chicago Bulls, Houston Astros, and Chicago White Sox.

DON WILSON (1945-1975) MLB baseball pitcher for the Houston Astros who pitched two career no-hitters.

MAUD ADAMS 67 Bond girl known in James Bond films like The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)

PATRICIA FIELD 71\ Costume fashion designer who has designed clothing for Sex and the City and Miami Rhapsody.

COSTA GAVRAS 79 Greek film director that won an Oscar in 1983 for his film Missing (1982).

ARLEN SPECTER (1930-2012) Moderate politician that served as a Pennsylvania Senator from 1981 to 2011; died of Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2012.

ALAN DUGAN (1923-2003) Former winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, all of his published works were always simply title 'poems.'

LOUISA ADAMS (1775-1852) Wife of John Quincy Adams, and First Lady of the United States from 1825 to 1829

GUILDFORD DUDLEY (1535-1554) Royal prince and husband of Lady Jane Grey engineered her succession to the throne and brief rule
February 13

ASTON MERRYGOLD 24 English singer and dancer known for being a member of the boy band JLS.

ROBBIE WILLIAMS 38 British entertainer started in the boy band Take That

JERRY SPRINGER 68 Former mayor of Cincinnati, outlandish TV show host of The Jerry Spring Show

STOCKARD CHANNING 68 Memorable as 'Rizzo' the tough girl in Grease, 1978

RANDY MOSS 35 Legendary NFL wide receiver, set the record for most touchdown receptions in a season with 23 in 2007.

CHUCK YEAGER 89 Test pilot whose X-1 plane broke the sound barrier

KELLY HU 44 Asian-American actress costarred in 'The Scorpion King'

PETER GABRIEL 62 Video maker and singer of 'Sledgehammer' (1986)

MIKE KRZYZEWSKI 65 Coached Duke to 4 NCAA basketball titles, also coached the US men's Olympic basketball team to Gold in 2008.

PETER TORK 70 Guitarist, singer, and TV performer with The Monkees

MENA SUVARI 33 Impressive in 'American Beauty' and 'American Pie'

EILEEN FARRELL (1920-2002) Operatic soprano also loved singing popular music

MICHAEL TURNER 30 Running back led the NFC in rushing for the Atlanta Falcons in 2010 and 2011

HENRY ROLLINS 51 Started the Rollins Band in the late 80s, in the early 90s the band was on the Lollapalooza tour

KIM NOVAK 79 Lavender blonde star of Alfred Hitchcock's 'Vertigo' (1958)

ROBERT H. JACKSON (1892-1954) Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court; former U.S. Attorney General.

GRANT WOOD (1891-1942) Painter of the much-parodied 'American Gothic'

BESS TRUMAN (1885-1982) Wife of President Truman shared his traditional values

MALA RODRIQUEZ 33 Spanish hip hop artist that has been nominated for three Latin Grammy Awards.

DEAN LISTER 36 Mixed martial artist who competes at the middleweight division.

BEN COLLINS 37 Former race car driver and owner of Collins Autosport which provides stunt cars for films such as Casino Royale and Skyfall.

GUS HANSEN 38 Danish poker player who has won three world poker titles.

HUGH DENNIS 50 Actor and comedian who is on the satirical comedy shows Mock the Week and The Now Show.

RICHARD TYSON 51 Actor known for making appearances in several Farrelly Brother films such as There's somehting About Mary ans Kingpin.

MARC CRAWFORD 51 Former NHL Head Coach for the Colorado Avalanche, Vancouver Canucks, Los Angeles Kings and Dallas Stars.

DAVID NAUGHTON 61 Irish American actor recognized for his appearances in the horror movie An American Werewolf in London in 1981.

RICHARD BLUMENTHAL 66 Junior Senator from from Connecticut

SAL BANDO 68 The four-time All-Star third baseman won three consecutive World Series titles with the Oakland Athletics.

GEORGE SEGAL 78 Movie career began in 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?'

TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD (1919-1991) Pea-pickin' country singer of 'Sixteen Tons' (1955)

EDDIE ROBINSON (1919-2007) Coached the football team at Grambling State University for an impressive 57 years

GEORGE SIMENON (1903-1989) With over 200 novels published, Simenon is known for the creation of fictional detective, Jules Maigret.

HAL CHASE (1883-1947) 'Prince Hal' was an outstanding defensive first baseman whose career was marred by accusations of fixing games.

SAROJINI NAIDU (1879-1949) Indian independence activist, child prodigy, and poet; also known as 'The Nightingale of India'.
February 14th Saint Valentine’s Day

TIFFANY THORNTON 26Actress best known for appearing as Tawni Hart on the Disney show Sonny With a Chance alongside Demi Lovato.

MEG TILLY 52 Made a lasting impression in 'The Big Chill' (1983)

JACK BENNY (1894-1974)Beloved comedian on radio, TV, movies, and vaudeville

DREW BLEDSOE 40 Quarterback played 9 seasons for the New England Patriots

SIMON PEGG 42 English actor, producer, and director.

JIMMY HOFFA (1913-1982) Teamsters Union leader (1957-1971) vanished mysteriously

FREDERICK DOUGLAS (1818-1895) Former slave became a powerful abolitionist author and speaker

FREDDIE HIGHMORE 20 Known for playing the humble Charlie in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Peter in Finding Neverland.

ROB THOMAS 40 Lead singer of the rock band Matchbox Twenty, won a Grammy award for the song 'smooth,' which he and Santana collaborated on.

ALLIE GRANT 18 Was on the show 'Weeds' as character Isabelle Hodes

HAVANA BROWN 27 Australian singer, dancer and DJ who has worked with Britney Spears and Chris Brown.

MATT BARR 28 Star of the raunchy comedy 'American Pie Presents Band Camp' and the History Channel miniseries 'Hatfields & McCoys'

VALENTE RODRIGUEZ 51 Played the role of Ernie on the hilarious TV sitcom George Lopez, appeared in several other TV series' including The Mentalist.

RAYMOND TELLER 64 Part of the Magic illusionist duo Penn & Teller, he is infamous for being the silent skeptical one of the pair.

GREGORY HINES (1946-2003) Smooth tap dancer in movies like 'White Nights' (1985)

CARL BERNSTEIN 68 Washington Post reporter who broke Watergate Story

MICHAEL BLOOMBERG 70 Mayor of New York, elected for an unprecedented 3 terms.

ALAN PARKER 70 English film director, actor, writer, producer.

FLORENCE HENDERSON 78 Actress familiar as mom Carol Brady on 'The Brady Bunch'

VIC MORROW (1929-1982) Star of TV's 'Combat!' accidentally killed on a movie set

HUGH DOWNS 91 Co-anchor of ABC's '20/20' started on 'Today' (1962)

MEL ALLEN (1913-1996) The radio voice of the New York Yankees from 1939 to 1964

ELIHU ROOT (1845-1937) US lawyer, statesman; 'Men do not fail; they give up trying.'

THOMAS MALTHUS (1766-1834) English economist; 'The histories of mankind are histories only of the higher classes.'

BACARY SAGNA 29 French soccer defender, known as a member of the French national team and the English Premier League's Arsenal squad.

RHYDIAN ROBERTS 29 Achieved success on The X-Factor which launched his career, he has released four albums.

LUKE JACOBZ 31 Australian soap opera has portrayed Angelo Rossetta on Home and Away for more than 15 years.

DEAN GAFFNEY 34 English actor who plays the role of Robbie Jackson on the BBC soap opera EastEnders.

ERICA LEERHSEN 36 Gives quite the scare in many movies like The Texas chainsaw Massacre and Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2.

YUL KWON 37 Popular for winning the reality television series Survivor.

ROBERT KELLY THOMAS 40 Three time Grammy winner for co-writing and singing for 'Smooth'

JULES ASNER 44 Former model and current television personality.

SUZE DEMARCHI 48 Lead vocalist for the band, Baby Animals (1989-1994).

JIM KELLY 52 Brought the Buffalo Bills to 4 consecutive NFL super bowls, unfortunately lost them all.

MARTHA RADDATZ 59 ABC news reporter for World News with Diane Sawyer.

MARTY MARKOWITZ 67 Former New York Senator has served as the Borough President of Brooklyn since 2002.

WOODY HAYES (1913-1987) US football player coach; 'Without winners, there wouldn't be any civilization.'

GEORGE JEAN NATHAN (1882-1958) US writer, editor, and drama critic; 'Shaw writes his plays for the ages; the ages between five and twelve.'

ISRAEL ZANGWILL (1864-1926) English writer; 'The way Bernard Shaw believes in himself is very refreshing in these atheistic days when so many people believe in no God at all.'

If fear of being seen keeps you from outside and off the streets, stay and rock your home.
Don’t wish me a happy birthday, wish yourself a Happy Birthday, and lose yourself in the music. ♥

I’d also like to give a special shout out to The Rise of the Guardians, Walt Disney and Dr. Seuss. Without them, I wouldn’t be Me.

Happy Birthday Everyone~!! I Love You!

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