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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
You get an infection! and you get an infection! everyone gets an infection!! SirCassie
1w 2d ago
140 3wyl
1d 16h ago
My buddy got banned. AshKetchumOfficial
1d 17h ago
25 3wyl
1d 16h ago
????? AnVirgin
2d 57m ago
51 3wyl
1d 16h ago
Ughhh... Pokey-Bunny
1w 1d ago
98 Pokey-Bunny
1d 18h ago
Big Hero 6??? ;-; ScribbleScrab
1w 2d ago
130 Xannijn
1d 21h ago
Bitch Rhapsodna
4d 16h ago
46 PikachuOffical
1d 21h ago
Screw you summer! And your mugginess too!!! Cethlenn
2w 1d ago
386 zxcraous
1d 22h ago
2015 SadistSkunk
2w 6d ago
510 SadistSkunk
2d 56m ago
Cop sexually assaults 4 year old girl AnVirgin
Jan 3, 2015
473 AuronTsubaki1985
2d 6h ago
Mom, you have no room to talk Hashae
2d 17h ago
575 Hashae
2d 6h ago
Birthday Mil-Misty
2d 11h ago
30 Mil-Misty
2d 7h ago
50 Shades of--Oh my. PrairieLily
2w 4d ago
583 PrairieLily
2d 10h ago
Abortion and Pro-Choicers! Soapy-Duckling
2w 2h ago
242 Iggster-von-Burai
2d 11h ago
Ugh, this autoformatting is really making me buttbothered Patt-Ytto
4d 4h ago
44 Patt-Ytto
2d 11h ago
All men are potential rapists. Katcam007
Dec 24, 2014
486 city-of-chicago
2d 12h ago
Yo, you're an adult already! SprinkleKrisKris
1w 4d ago
210 city-of-chicago
2d 12h ago
Jesus, you still owe me money! QueenOfTheSilence
1w 1d ago
98 PsychopathGod1984
2d 13h ago
The Oscars JZLobo
1w 2d ago
151 Bluetabbycat
2d 15h ago
Uninspired Original Characters RyuuKyuzo
4w 6h ago
1,392 RainyPug
2d 16h ago
The Ponies have got to go IvanaCumalot
4d 6h ago
352 AClockworkKitten
2d 16h ago
Annoying SJWs! Mini tumblr rant! GoodGirl666
2d 17h ago
20 Laika-chan
2d 16h ago
You are wrong about the dress homerfan55
3d 11h ago
79 morbidman187
2d 18h ago
The return of... ProudTortoise
3d 9h ago
55 morbidman187
2d 18h ago
Dead horses theshinylarvesta
2w 12h ago
194 Valzeras
2d 18h ago
Because no one complained about it. SirCassie
1w 5h ago
258 Libayne
2d 19h ago
Misuse of magical titles CallMeARCHER
4d 18h ago
108 zxcraous
2d 21h ago
I Am So Done With Winter moon-light-kit
1w 5d ago
184 Rhapsodna
2d 23h ago
Blocking can only do so much. TheCunningCondor
1w 6d ago
247 StarsThatSing
3d 33m ago
TIMMY! Timmy2Thousand
3d 4h ago
18 3wyl
3d 2h ago
Hiding from the problem doesn't solve it. TheCunningCondor
4d 10h ago
180 TheCunningCondor
3d 7h ago
kinda sad Sobuu
3d 11h ago
22 renosangel
3d 8h ago
I wanted all the flavors. ZirStrika
4d 11h ago
31 HamburgerHelperPlz
3d 11h ago
No, I don't want tea! DannyMechanist
2w 2h ago
638 DannyMechanist
3d 15h ago
Mega droughts are coming AnVirgin
2w 2d ago
281 DannyMechanist
3d 15h ago
... I'm bright pink. ReThinkable
4d 11h ago
51 ReThinkable
3d 16h ago
I dislike it when someone makes another persons death all about them. zive
1w 5d ago
83 zive
3d 17h ago
My body hurts :( Coffee--Pot
1w 2d ago
155 StarsThatSing
3d 18h ago
Excessive Favorites for Self-Promotion? MMD-Sheep
5d 16h ago
75 puppy-dangerous
3d 18h ago
Why am I banned? supersdf185
3d 20h ago
2 3wyl
3d 20h ago
The whole ISIS has popular support nonsense! PsychopathGod1984
5d 10h ago
28 SprinkleKrisKris
3d 20h ago