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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Ok... what the hell is going on here? Dzonatan
1d 10h ago
15 Mrs-Durden
1d 7h ago
The Scary! AClockworkKitten
2d 7h ago
25 EbolaBearVomit
1d 9h ago
So, just HOW fucked are we? MissMaddox
5d 14h ago
80 MissMaddox
1d 11h ago
Another Useless Thread About Politics - So Have Some Beer And Cake On The Side! Zigholtul88
6d 21h ago
75 angelishi
1d 13h ago
People who make negative jokes about autism TheNekoNextDoor
2w 1d ago
788 Internetexplorer968
1d 14h ago
Forums are getting boring Z-Pikachu
Sep 16, 2014
634 Z-Pikachu
1d 14h ago
Animal abuse double-standards. igloo9201
1w 3d ago
250 Internetexplorer968
1d 15h ago
Bitches who dish it but can't take it. EDSHEERANILOVEYOU
5d 3h ago
1d 16h ago
Slept Wrong Aret
2d 19h ago
27 Sapphire-Ashesx
1d 16h ago
The Real Reasons It Sucks To Be White LizzyChrome
1w 3d ago
348 Internetexplorer968
1d 19h ago
Stupid ass art program Harokiti-Chan
2w 4d ago
124 SadistSkunk
1d 23h ago
Shut the fuck up! Operia
1w 4d ago
66 theGman0
2d 4h ago
Could you be any more manipulative? grygon
1w 1d ago
52 red130
2d 5h ago
Orca sails Didj
3d 5h ago
17 SavageFrog
2d 7h ago
4d 11h ago
70 CrispyLettuce
2d 7h ago
Thanksgiving Drama Aret
4d 9h ago
27 Sapphire-Ashesx
2d 9h ago
A dog is not a toy! CoyoDesign
1w 16h ago
113 cake-fiend
2d 10h ago
Stop Snitchin' (y'all little young kids need to read this) silversongwriter
1w 3d ago
367 silversongwriter
2d 11h ago
WTF Subconscious!?! Caution: Expletives Schemozzle
3d 11h ago
24 Trafal-the-Law
2d 11h ago
Art theft. PoweredByCokeZero
4d 3h ago
52 bedroom-inc
2d 18h ago
Thank you for warning me neurotype
1w 2d ago
174 CrimeRoyale
2d 20h ago
Messages Problem MrBlitzie
2d 21h ago
6 Somnusvorus
2d 20h ago
2d 21h ago
12 Somnusvorus
2d 21h ago
Loon vs. Roommate: The Saga Continues! Crazylittleloon
1w 5d ago
254 Crazylittleloon
2d 21h ago
So now you're going to harass the disabled kid? Crazylittleloon
3w 4d ago
544 Crazylittleloon
2d 21h ago
Where's Daily Deviations? CloudchaserShaconage
3d 4h ago
13 3wyl
3d 3h ago
change is scary rockettreverie
Sep 15, 2014
287 PurpleAmharicCoffee
3d 4h ago
sociopath empiredice
1w 1d ago
81 empiredice
3d 5h ago
It's been a while Maj0rMareMolester
1w 1d ago
116 Eternal-II
3d 6h ago
But I want more..... QueenOfTheSilence
5d 19h ago
78 Pandazilla
3d 6h ago
I'm about to make a stupid decision and I'm ok with it... why? Morning-Mars-Chick
3d 18h ago
31 Mrs-Durden
3d 7h ago
u wot m8 your-first-boyfriend
6d 17h ago
86 BootyPatrol
3d 8h ago
WTF Has deviantArt done with my profile page???? Blacksand459
3d 10h ago
7 namenotrequired
3d 9h ago
Fake-ass Pop-ups on Safe Mode xracecar
3w 13h ago
48 xracecar
3d 9h ago
When people... bunnyb133
6d 14h ago
114 bunnyb133
3d 10h ago
Stupid Cold and Laryngitis PoultryChamp
2w 13h ago
23 KagamineLink
3d 11h ago
The classic "Digital Art is Fake Art" argument. IceLaws
2w 2d ago
200 IceLaws
3d 11h ago
Go to hill! benji-0
Sep 12, 2014
195 benji-0
3d 14h ago
I am fucking livid. I could come very close to hurting someone right now. divine--apathia
1w 1h ago
92 pamixx
3d 15h ago
People who leave gum under everything sega31098
1w 10h ago
33 Libayne
3d 17h ago