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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Ramblings of a supermarket employee Safyran
1w 3d ago
49 Safyran
2d 3h ago
"So, what's the difference between 2D-Animation and 3D-Animation anyways?" Ayior
6d 1h ago
58 Ayior
2d 4h ago
I'm Not Your Lawyer Aret
4d 1h ago
19 CrimeRoyale
2d 6h ago
can i haz request??? MarcoEmma
4d 7h ago
136 MarcoEmma
2d 6h ago
Day Three martypunker
4d 3h ago
67 CrimeRoyale
2d 6h ago
Fuck you brownie! QueenOfTheSilence
4d 5h ago
32 xracecar
2d 7h ago
'You're practising your religion wrong!!' divine--apathia
5d 18h ago
126 Goatlactic
2d 11h ago
Emotional blackmail. SmileOfMalevolence
1w 10h ago
177 SmileOfMalevolence
2d 11h ago
Cursed anxiety. Apricots-from-Nara
2w 12h ago
64 Flicher
2d 13h ago
I need to be loved not locked ObamasSon
2d 20h ago
46 Flicher
2d 13h ago
Someone just cut down my tree! WTF?! Ebonsong
Oct 3, 2014
286 Rad-Puppeteer
2d 14h ago
apparently, model kits are figures and figures are model kits Didj
4d 17h ago
30 nightcrawlerfan19
2d 15h ago
sociopath empiredice
Oct 11, 2014
83 pinkandpurple13
2d 15h ago
Racist Grandma 2: The Electric Boogaloo andlighet
4d 15h ago
94 andlighet
2d 18h ago
Anyone having problems with commission page? SweetCandyCyanide
2d 20h ago
32 Mrs-Durden
2d 18h ago
A short rant about my lack of artistic taste by DA standards... Angiechan13
2w 4d ago
176 SirCassie
2d 19h ago
1w 5d ago
174 kingofdreams12
2d 20h ago
Shitty recolors, unknown fandoms, and other stupid shit. Yumetaro
2w 6d ago
214 SirCassie
3d 1h ago
My father abandoned me in Kenya ObamasSon
3d 1h ago
9 ObamasSon
3d 1h ago
Well fuck you too, brain. neurotype
3w 3d ago
146 neurotype
3d 1h ago
Yes, they cost fifty grand! DoctorEBAY
3d 1h ago
4 3wyl
3d 1h ago
Get over it! You only need one! DoctorEBAY
3d 6h ago
40 3wyl
3d 2h ago
NEED HELP! SO MAD DanaePhotography
3d 12h ago
16 3wyl
3d 2h ago
not a troll anarchintheuke
3d 18h ago
244 3wyl
3d 2h ago
Customers leafyloo
5d 18h ago
51 LadyDeven
3d 3h ago
Braindead mofos in my college class cosmicspider
6d 4m ago
137 DoctorEBAY
3d 5h ago
assholes in the job forum SaEun
2w 6d ago
62 DeeNation
3d 5h ago
dude im not wasted DudeImWasted
4d 10h ago
20 JepoJ
3d 6h ago
I freaking hate weeaboos! MechaKiryu
2w 2d ago
569 CaninePrince
3d 11h ago
Hey kid with a tablet! Want another one? xracecar
Oct 8, 2014
435 pinkmako
3d 12h ago
Damn purfektionist Werewolfferret96
1w 4d ago
87 JepoJ
3d 13h ago
I Want My Wubs! Z-Pikachu
5d 15h ago
272 Corvalian
3d 13h ago
Hey older generations, QUIT YOUR BITCHING! JustinMLindner
1w 5d ago
342 Z-Pikachu
3d 15h ago
Soap in my Spaghetti LizzyChrome
6d 21h ago
100 LizzyChrome
3d 15h ago
Respect your elders... Dark-Kadabra
1w 2d ago
68 Flicher
3d 16h ago
This FUCKING Cold Sucks... Also, Snow ClassySecretAgent
4d 14h ago
41 Libayne
3d 17h ago
Fuck you and your noodles! SirCassie
1w 1d ago
140 Sapphire-Ashesx
3d 17h ago
Cisphobia and Heterophobia? Sydney-Smith
4w 1d ago
2,821 Sydney-Smith
3d 17h ago
Good work, you're a walking thesaurus Mattyohh
1w 3h ago
36 EbolaBearVomit
3d 18h ago
Unfair Youtube Reviewers Astilbe-Cervas
1w 4d ago
357 kingofdreams12
3d 19h ago