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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Weeaboos Sylviagoesmeow
2d 9h ago
2 Sylviagoesmeow
2d 8h ago
my leg kinda hurts hustlerdu
3d 7h ago
27 PuzzledHeartBox
2d 10h ago
Bruises Aret
5d 1h ago
72 PuzzledHeartBox
2d 12h ago
The Evolution of Shitty Parenting Totoka
1w 6d ago
87 Somnusvorus
2d 15h ago
hate typing on my iPad MyLittleSchool
2w 6d ago
181 MyLittleSchool
2d 15h ago
Need for Speed Rivals PS4 REQUIRES PS Plus Membership Didj
1w 3d ago
25 Didj
2d 16h ago
AMD, I hate you. HappyHauntMike
3d 19h ago
19 HappyHauntMike
2d 20h ago
Thrown away a drawing Nightlightxx
1w 2d ago
34 MagicBirdie
2d 21h ago
I hate you, spring. Eternal-II
1w 22h ago
114 Eternal-II
2d 22h ago
Adobe Flash Player PopularBeing
3d 21h ago
47 PopularBeing
3d 1h ago
29 states in the U.S. can still fire you for being gay. Trafal-the-Law
1w 3h ago
197 3wyl
3d 2h ago
Draw my fetish! SadistSkunk
Jan 29, 2014
1,164 SadistSkunk
3d 7h ago
Spam favers and watchers RyanPowers
1w 2d ago
62 Slinkgirl95
3d 8h ago
Rant on Hetalia OC haters Clev3r
1w 2d ago
157 PuzzledHeartBox
3d 9h ago
Moral Cowardliness and Irresponsibility LogicalWomen
1w 1d ago
320 PuzzledHeartBox
3d 10h ago
UGH Eternal-II
2w 3d ago
58 Eternal-II
3d 10h ago
Semen Trees Corvalian
1w 1d ago
304 Corvalian
3d 11h ago
"DRAW MAI OCEE!!" ihateads2
1w 3d ago
202 Essence-of-Triumph
3d 11h ago
No I don't want to cosplay your Mary Sue JZLobo
Mar 16, 2014
513 JZLobo
3d 12h ago
"I'll pray for you" TyrannicalStubs
1w 2d ago
373 PuzzledHeartBox
3d 12h ago
The movie frozen SUCKED!!! HappyDuckFace
Dec 14, 2013
592 FantaDrinker89
3d 13h ago
Humans Cryophase
6d 19h ago
184 MyLittleSchool
3d 14h ago
Stereotyping! moonrainbowxoxo
1w 8h ago
96 Imnurhest
3d 16h ago
Dickheads who don't know when to shut the fuck up. xracecar
1w 1d ago
116 HorrificSensation
3d 18h ago
if you can't take constructive criticism, please gtfo DruDrewDraws
3w 6d ago
371 fateofthepride
3d 22h ago
Oh my fucking god, stop making babies. SweetNspooky
1w 5d ago
228 FruitRiver
4d 2h ago
Our primal form of the restroom ImaginativeNightmare
6d 2h ago
68 3wyl
4d 2h ago
my parents are being bitches as usual thelonelywolf123
6d 20h ago
381 3wyl
4d 2h ago
Cows are annoying kodakwithlakely
1w 1d ago
80 igloo9201
4d 4h ago
“Ever felt like you’ve been had?” ClarkeJ
6d 22h ago
29 ClarkeJ
4d 4h ago
I'm going to cry like a little bitch. RansArt
Mar 11, 2014
182 PuzzledHeartBox
4d 9h ago
Unauthorized manipulation of art erdo-dp
2w 1d ago
336 theclassybutler
4d 11h ago map descriptions frolof
4d 15h ago
22 frolof
4d 15h ago
I am so pissed that I can't read Tsukubane
6d 22h ago
113 IngloriousBunny
4d 21h ago
I hate this season RansArt
6d 14h ago
121 RansArt
5d 28m ago
OK, what in the heck is the point over being a complete jerk to your parents over not getting a frea DFX4509B
5d 1h ago
1 3wyl
5d 1h ago
I hate the Romans wraithsith
5d 4h ago
6 3wyl
5d 3h ago
I hate orientalists and latin stiff-backs -_- :( wraithsith
5d 18h ago
72 3wyl
5d 4h ago
DeviantART these invasive ads have got to stop Ironriots
5d 11h ago
35 3wyl
5d 5h ago
Seriously? pinkishbloo
6d 4h ago
20 MarkushAvalone
5d 7h ago