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August 13, 2006


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Pre-teen Attention Whores

its disturbing to see a thirteen year old girl baking brownies for highschool guys and sitting on their laps, or showing off her tan lines that are under her bra to everyone, or taking her strawberry flavored condoms out of her bra.

Some preteen twin girls thought they were so hot that they filmed themselves eating twinkies in slow motion and put it on myspace and youtube. i think they were nakes too :o
another pair of preteen twins that took photos of them licking each others' asses :|

what makes them crave for such attention? is it because they know that they are such fucking stupid worthless people that the only way they can get it is by fucking everything in sight?

and to the parents: jesus fucking christ, what have you been teaching your kids?

i know parents arent responsible for every little thing their children do, but they play a vital role....They should discourage such behavior at the very least, and keep an eye on what their children do every night and where they go.

and to the parents who let their kids fail in school and dont give a shit: fuck you. You assholes shouldnt even be allowed to breed.


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Devious Comments

.... D8
i feel ashamed to be pre-teen.
though i never knew girls
my age were like that.
> >
well, actually my suspicision for
the girls at my school sure have risen.

they have... odd myspaces and
wore underwear in one of there pictures. ...:((
Fob Aug 15, 2006   Photographer
As long as I can get a good bj I don't really care. *que crickets* Seriously folks, I hate preteen whores and the like as much as the next guy, but I've found a magical solution to not having to deal with them: Don't fucking visit myspace! The ones that go out in public are even harder to avoid, but I stay in my basement all day playing Splinter Cell, so I'm safe.
theyre out in public,, unfortunately Dx

and yes, never again shall I visit myspace :salute:
Kids these days are quite disturbing.
Preteens thinking sex is a must.
Thinking they're going to be with their bf/gf of the week for forever.

Just odd. And parents do play a part in it.
They tend to be delusional and think that their kids don't know what they as adults know now. :shrug:

bf/gf of the week...thats a good one :lol:

I recall fifth grade where i walked into the bathroom where some girls were moaning about "still being single".

Honestly, whats the rush?
Lol, well thanks!

I don't know... Being single isn't the worst thing out there. I mean... You could be stuck in an abusive relationship. I'd like to see them whine about being single after getting out of one of those!

I think it's still bad when 16 year olds do the whole "I love you!! We'll get married some day! I know we will! So let's go to my room!!" But with a little less spelling/grammar. :XD:
'you could be stuck in an abusive relationship. I'd like to see them whine about being single after getting out of one of those!'

:giggle: I would too, actually.
Oh no! Really?! o.O
Hahah! Wow.
ah. fuck italics :hmm:
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