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February 17, 2013


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Real complaint is Real.

My neighbour, or more accurately, neighbours, are fast becoming the bane of my existence. Here's the skinny - I live in a four unit home, and I work nights at a Walmart, which should be explanation enough for those who have shopped/worked/been around a Walmart ever, but I digress. I arrive home in the wee hours of the morn quite tired and looking to get maybe an inkling of sleep before I need to go and do it all over again. But it seems as though my bedclothes hardly have a chance to flutter down over me before my neighbours start tuning up their bullshit.

Neighbour numero uno, is an older gentlemen with not much left to do in life who is awake very early in the morning, and keeps a Pomeranian. Now, I have nothing against older gentlemen, or Pomeranians for that matter, but this particular set together is like whiskey and milk. For whatever reasons, he feels the need to have the dog outdoors for extended periods of time, around the general area of my bedroom window, and this hound will bark INCESSANTLY for hours on end. I am not shitting, hours of the most grating, irritating barks I've heard in all my born fucking days. I don't know if he forgets about the thing, or what, but this guy is certainly well on his way to suffering an unfortunate and unforeseen accident at this rate, if you get me. But it gets better.

Insert neighbour numero dos, an older woman of seemingly frail and lithe build, who didn't seem to be much of a threat when she moved in, but don't let that fool you. Between the hours of 6-9am, she will engage in activities that I can describe in no other way but furniture moving. It sounds as though she's dragging her refrigerator and dining set about the lower floors, with sharp clunks and bangs being the normal board of fare. So. I don't know what the deal is with that either, but since she just moved in recently, I've rather given her the benefit of the doubt, but after a week of this, my patience is wearing thin, and so is my sleep. I mean, how many times a day does one really need to move their fucking kitchen table? Or duvet? Or insert some other ridiculously loud-to-move large piece of home furnishing.

It's now to the point where I'm going to have a bitch of a time not shouting obscenities at elderly people and coming off as a cold, callous twat, but I will if need be. Oh, and I've spoken with both of them about said noises, and the fact that I work nights, and if anything, I think it may have gotten worse. I may as well have just kept my fucking mouth shut. :iconfuuuplz:

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vi0letdream Feb 18, 2013  Student General Artist
These headphones may help [link]
hippo-rim-job Feb 17, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
1. Go onto Youtube and find the video of the goats screaming.

2. Play video at full volume.

3. Set to play on a loop while you are at work.
Always the possibility they're both light sleepers and you're waking them up ungodly early when you get home, so they're exacting their revenge.

Maybe spray the area all around outside your window with some of that citrus dog repellant stuff... Spray the lady upstairs with it too and see what happens :dummy:

Course, it might just make the dog go nuts and bark more.
I thought of that possibility, really, but it's like a tomb in here when I'm home as it is. I don't crash around, extra quiet on the stairs, and I use headphones whenever watching film or listening to music. So I can't really feature that one.

Yah, right. Though I can't see how the damn thing could bark any more than it already does, since it will already bark itself hoarse. That's when I finally get reprieve. ;_;
Good call. Though I'm skeptical about just how much sleep I may get in prison as well.
Hurricaneclaw Feb 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Play heavy metal at max volume at inconvenient times of the day, and when they ask you to turn it down tell them to shut up first.
That's what my father suggested. XD He actually offered to lend me some high-powered audio equipment and some rather offensive albums to play on it. It was tempting.
Get some noise cancelling headphones. Softly play some music you like and not hear any of that in the process.
Oh, I tried that. The problem is that they're big and ungainly, and I can't go the earbud route because of how my ear canals are shaped. They just don't stay in. Otherwise, this would be my saving grace. :/
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