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February 15, 2013


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Homosexuality is not a choice!

Being gay is not a fucking choice. This has been refuted with solid scientific evidence time and time again, yet retards like you persist with the same god damn invalid argument. Is there like a void, a black hole, where your brain should be? Its like your IQ fell into the fucking negatives, like negative -100, and your brain collapsed in on itself from the paradox of its very existence.

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Devious Comments

Earth-Wanderer Feb 25, 2013  Student Artist
I don't understand why people like Oscar Wilde, Alan Turing and even Leonardo Da Vinci would "choose" to be gay when it could get them killed, or at least horribly discriminated against. Alan Turing was forced to have chemical castration for god's sake. And this was before being gay was "rebellious" or whatever. A lot of people died, and many still die. Why would people "choose" such a lifestyle when it means they're treated so horribly by their fellow humanity. From that, homosexuality probably isn't a choice. I'm not looking at this from a scientific perspective (i suck at science). I'm looking at it from a historic perspective, so please don't go on at me about any scientific evidence on one side or the other. You'll be wasting your breath.

I guess I just wanted to mention something here, let my voice be heard yadyada (as usual I'm late for the debate). I fully support full LGBT rights and screw anyone who would deny others happiness or contentment because it goes against their "religion", "beliefs" or other crap they've puked out as arguments throughout the years.
Everyone is different and has there own sexual preference. Gay Straight does not matter. All that matters is enjoying the act of.

Now loving a person goes hand and hand with this. Straight couples and Gay couples both run into problems and solutions with more coming down the road in short it doesn't matter. All that matters is enjoying the act of.

My point: Stop letting people get to u with there opinions. You follow what you want because it's your life and ultimately you decide ho everything goea
gays need to shut up and go back to the kitchen
Fuck off you closet-case cock-gobbler.
mapper3 Feb 20, 2013  Student General Artist
SHUT UP YOU! *Eats pizza*

Homosexuality IS a choice. *eats cake*

WHAT ISN'T A CHOICE IS BEING FAT! ITS ALL GENES, GENETICS, AND MY GLANDULAR PROBLEM! *eats whole wedding cake blended witha big mac*

*drinks a small diet coke*

Seriously its not MY fault I'm fat!

Now to watch more FOOTBAWL!!!
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