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February 2, 2013


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My parents were hippies. Meaning I have a horrible name. I finally convinced my parents to let me on deviant art since I'm not allowed on anything else. They're kind of against the Internet. Anyways I hate my name. Its so embarressing. Luna Starshine Davids! Ugh the name is horrible. I cant wait to change it.

Anyways as a daughter of four generations of hippies you'd expect me to be one right? Well I'm not and nobody in my family knows. They'd all die if the found out I eat meat! But who can resist a hamburger!? They're so good!

I'm also slightly weird in the head. See I'm still trying to figure out my religion too and I'm pretty sure Christianity is against seeing dead people. But I'm lonely and bored and surrounded by freaks. My only place I can find joy in is the grave yard.

So I just wanted to get my voice out there. Before I become a member of the grave yard family.

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KittyTheNekoAlien Feb 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I think Luna Starshine sounds pretty :3 But I can understand wanting a name change though, I got made fun of for my last name, and I'm waiting to change it once I get married (which is expected to be once I graduate college). My first name is interesting though, it's a fairly uncommon name, but I have never heard of anyone who has it spelled like I have it. I liked my first name because it was unusual, even if everyone spelled or pronounced it wrong XD
Kinda interesting, my mom kinda came off as somewhat hippie-ish, and I developed most of her interests, but it was still at a level where our family was mostly normal. My dad isn't exactly a hippie by any sort of the word XD
BlackestFox Feb 4, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
You think you got it bad? Try having a nickname "Luke" around a family of Star Wars fanatics who just heard Episode VII is being made. FML.
haha oh I knew a girl and her parents wanted her to be a boy so they could could call her Yoda. She received the name anyways!
SewLolita Feb 3, 2013   General Artist
Yay hippie parents :/ You got saddled with a worse moniker than I did though :D ...sounds like a my little pony character... sorry :/
Mine attempted to name me after the song, Jessamine girl.. ('butterfly child, so free and so wild' etc, etc -_-) but, I wound up as 'Jasmin' ...which gets mispelt as Jasmine, and pronounced as JaZmin or Yasmin way more often than being pronounced right :D

Still, you're not alone in the 'WHY CALL YOUR KID THAT?' category- my best friend wound up with a middle name that sounds like a mispronounced girls name, and was raised under a last name (not his real name! ...his step father's) that no one can figure out how to pronounce, so they sound it out... then it sounds like a an anti-gay slur, which is unfortunate as he is gay :/
Oy that sucks I had a friend named kayleigh pronounced "Kay -lee " but reading it no one figured that out so one day someone called her "killeh " and that was her namer ever since.
Do you know how many kids on here would kill to have your name?
TheAwesomeFaerie Feb 3, 2013   Traditional Artist
Luna is a nice name, but Starshine is a little over the edge. I have a boring name.
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