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January 23, 2013


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VioletSkull being cyber-bullied in deviantArt

Videth Jan 23, 2013  Student General Artist
:iconvioletskull: is being cyber-bullied through her profile page by a group of three girls.
She defends herself but she needs support through this.
Hopefully she has some people to support her, but after an experience like this, she will probably think bad about the deviantArt community.
Currently, the issue is still running. Violet is being bullied by :iconvanessa-smilez:, :iconkimmers124: and :iconanonymousbitch101:. Some friends and me already reported them, but they might as well create more accounts and continue if theirs get deleted/blocked.

Really, please show some empathy towards Violet.

Devious Comments

sTiViA Jan 23, 2013  Hobbyist
:lock: At OP's request.
Nyx-Valentine Jan 23, 2013  Professional General Artist
If you, or someone else are being harassed, please make use of the block tool:

If you continue to have issues, or your harasser attempts to evade your block, please report them using the help desk:

Why are you telling us? What are WE supposed to do about it?
UncleGargy Jan 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
All she has to do is block them and if it continues, just close her account and open another one . But then depends how much 'art' she has on there as they could find her that way.
How did this all start out anyway? I suppose ~VioletSkull isn't innocent either?
Because these "bullies" you are talking about are trolls using some girls pictures on Facebook. Two of the three accounts are five months old and the last one,~AnonymousBitch101, is four.
Probably not the ideal place to come for this. That being said, I think most of the regulars here would agree that the "3 bullies" are in fact one troll who's trying too hard. If it's bothering her that much, ~VioletSkull should just block the accounts and move on :shrug:.
ArtisticAxis Jan 23, 2013  Professional General Artist
cyber bullying.
Biggest joke ever.
Grow a spine.
zodiacgal Jan 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
News flash: We're not you personal army. She can just block them. Simple as that.
zodiacgal Jan 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
This is the reason why it should be illegal for parents to let their kids online without monitoring them. All of you guys are a bunch of moronic attention seeking whorefucks. For starters, If you guys actually rubbed what little brain cells you have, you would've known to ignore them. Also, you and your friend can be reported for harassment now since you guys did the same thing you screamed about. My word, do kids actually pay attention in class or something?
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