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January 13, 2013


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Here's your real "What's wrong with Complaints"

bohobella Jan 13, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
And no, the answer (for once) is not the massive amount of what's wrong with complaints threads!

But really, my fellow regs, take a look at our statistics: [link]

Half of our most popular threads are troll threads.

4/5 of those are by the same idiot.

I can't help but feel like we're the idiots if we've been reduced to troll food, really.

And I might be being generous, because I really don't want to believe that our #1 most popular thread, "I'm 17 and I don't have a car", is serious. But I have no evidence to suggest she's a troll.

For shame, complaints. We should be a proud race that ignores the trolls! Quite frankly I'm terrified of how much worse this will get when the popular threads widget goes public.

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Devious Comments

CrimsonMagpie Jan 19, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Have you blocked the people most guilty of what you're complaining about, or are they just too coward to post here? :laughing:
bohobella Jan 19, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Too coward, apparently. I actually have not. Kind of surprising, but I guess since they're troll accounts they don't really check the threads if their name isn't in all caps in the title.
CrimsonMagpie Jan 23, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Poor darlings, can't handle any rain on their little parade. :lol: I also find it amusing how this thread isn't very popular; people here don't like criticism unless it's of the nonsensical variety.
GreenEyedYoshika Jan 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
In all honesty, people shouldn't buy routers and internet subscriptions.
The vast majority of the folks here are bitch-made.

Its true that trolls generally gathered here, but there used to be more discussion, because the people that used to be here couldn't be trolled. They fucking knew better, and most of them knew they weren't special because they liked the taste of the same genitals they were born with, or because they can draw a somewhat pretty picture. So what does that leave us with? Actually decent threads, and I'm talking about before that Complaintopia bullshit.

Now its more about attention whoring pity parties than its ever been, and I wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for like the 3 of you assholes that keep making threads here!
bohobella Jan 18, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
I never really fully believed the whole "it used to be better" crap until the thumbwhoring became common place on any and all threads, it really hit home for me. I realize people said the same thing about plz accounts, but those were one thing - glorified emoticons or whatever - this is just blatantly being a whore in an attempt to be "ironic" or whatever the fuck, that isn't ironic at all.

I realize, of course, that shit was shitty well before that... But I was generally optimistic.
neurotype Jan 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm agreeing with this just to bump your thread back onto the front page :P
I am definitely not saying better. The difference to me between then and now is the difference between a fresh pile of dog shit on the sidewalk on a winter day, and a fresh pile of dog shit on the sidewalk on a summer day. It really comes down to preference.

Personally, I liked old complaints, but that's more because I didn't have my shit together, and I'm an asshole with balls. So it was fun for me. Bitch made, attention whoring internet hipsters? Not so much.
WizardOfUnseen Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
RockLou Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This is terrible! The complaints forum was always known for its quality! :nuu:
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